When the Deadly Six threaten to destroy his world, Sonic’s new moves & power-ups are the only way to defeat them before it’s too late!
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Mixed (52 reviews) - 51% of the 52 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Mixed (907 reviews) - 67% of the 907 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 2, 2015

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About This Game

In his latest plot to defeat Sonic and rule the world, Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of menacing creatures known as the Deadly Six. However, when the Deadly Six rise up against their new master, Sonic must unite with his arch nemesis Eggman and explore the mystical Lost Hex in order to take them on head-to-head. Use Sonic’s amazing new moves & incredible Colour Powers to speed across a variety of unique terrains, racing inside, outside & upside down in every level.


Sonic moves like never before. Vault over obstacles, free run up & along walls & sky dive between islands at lightning speed. Plus the Spin Dash is back!


New & improved Colour Powers. Sonic can now fly through the air, tear up levels & explode into enemies. He’s more powerful than ever!


Speed through a variety of exhilarating levels. Explore massive mind-bending courses, vast underground tunnels & colossal structures in the sky as you run inside, outside & upside down.


Save the world one fight at a time. Take on each of the devious Deadly Six in dynamic boss battles which test all of Sonic’s moves & power-ups.


Includes NiGHTMARE Zone DLC free - featuring monsters inspired by the hit game 'NiGHTS into Dreams'

PLUS – Now with new and improved PC Features:

  • 60 FPS gameplay
  • HD resolution support
  • Full PC Gamepad + Keyboard support
  • Full Steam functionality

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 (2x2.0GHz) or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 (512MB) / ATI Radeon HD 2900 (512MB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound: 9.0c compatible.
    • Additional Notes: Memory: 2GB RAM (XP)/3GB RAM (Windows 7 / Vista)
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB) / ATI Radeon HD 5850 (1GB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound: 9.0c compatible.
Customer reviews
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Mixed (52 reviews)
Mixed (907 reviews)
Recently Posted
9.5 hrs
Posted: August 30
Not the best Sonic game, but there is enjoyment to be had. Shame they didn't go back to the boost formula of Generations/Colors/Unleashed.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: August 29
hey at least this isnt the 3ds version! this is good.....ish story isnt interesting but the gameplay is fun!
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0.2 hrs
Posted: August 29
it really fun but little buggy
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[C2GS] lifning
0.3 hrs
Posted: August 28
Controls like butt. Running on samey sky sausages to the next spring-bouncing cutscene over and over is very boring. Not being able to play the NiGHTS DLC whenever I want (which wasn't even *that* good, to be honest, but I'm a sucker for all things NiGHTS anyway) is dumb.
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Lady Maria
5.8 hrs
Posted: August 25
No thanks.
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17.3 hrs
Posted: August 25
The game is great, people only hate because is a trend to hate Sonic nowadays it seems...
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Dies On Duty
23.6 hrs
Posted: August 23
This has to be one of the hardest sonic games to play, not because difficulty but because the large ammount of flaws that exist in the game which i will explain in a pro/con list.

Easy achievements though grindy but can be 100% pretty easy.

Frame rate is broken which i mean it hangs around 10 to 15. It is playable but it just sucks visually. To add to this there are fixes but doing so will break scripts like in the 3rd world butterflys are suppose to bring life to a flower. Unlocking the frame rate cuases this script to not happen making game play hit a brick wall.

Story is not interesting, i never felt compelled to care much for the story.

Humor? This game has humor which can range between ok and cringe worthy.

Music isnt interesting.

Unfair enemy placement, yes that appears in all sonic games but there are ways to avoid getting hit. Here enemys attack even if they visually do not see you.

Lock on homing attack works a good number of times but sometimes doesnt want to lock on to enemies it should.

The introduction to kicking, sonic can now kick but why do i put it as a negative? Because reasons i will mention next.

Lack of informing how to fight some of the bosses. I dont like hand holding but here there isnt even an attempt to help understand how bosses get damaged. Some you need to kick them or an object and other times you just need to do the homming attack. Also this happens alot in the final fight with the red alien and the flying fish robot. We as the player do not know what to do specifically leading to alot of deaths due to trial and error.

Boss levels, we can not simply just go straight to a boss fight no we need to go through like a 4 to 6 min level with many bottomless pits and horrible enemy placement. Again expect deaths.

Speed, what is that? Sonic runs much slower than he nomally does and it is strange.

Pixal perfect jumps over bottomless pits. This is apparent in the grinding levels so not many but they will cause trouble.

It is a sonic game without much charm and has many issues that make playing stressful due to alot of deaths. If you want to play a sonic game, play generations or any other game. They are great titles and are fast fun adventures.
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3.2 hrs
Posted: August 23
Sonic feels good when you go fast, this game dont fast very well
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9.5 hrs
Posted: August 22
A nice game overall, but starts to get dull as hell near the end. Stages too big, things get too repetitive. But still, I recommend.
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Bust La Nut
1.8 hrs
Posted: August 21
Product received for free
Pretty Slow. 0/10
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
6 of 7 people (86%) found this review helpful
29.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 7
Sonic Lost World is hard for me to review. Many people think negatively of this game, and I can see why. This game's been out for 3 years now, but I'll still try to hide spoilers when I can. Here's a list of what I liked and disliked about Sonic's most recent adventure in the main series:


  • The story is easy to understand for the most part. Most Sonic fans think this is a pro, especially since the abominations Shadow the Edgehog and Sonic '06. There were some parts I felt didn't fit, but more about that later. It's also surprisingly dark at times, like when Amy and Knuckles have the life sucked out of them and die. Or when Eggman threatens to rip out and eat the Six's hearts and have them watch the genocide of their race.
  • Interactions between characters during cutscenes have improved greatly since Generations, where Modern Sonic and both versions of Tails were pretty much the only ones talking the whole game. In Lost World, Sonic and Tails actually talk to Eggman, Orbot & Cubot, and the Deadly Six whenever they show up. I actually chuckled at a few moments in this game, and not in a bad way.
  • There are way more cutscenes than Generations (Not counting those 5 second clips from Gen. with one line from a char when you free them), and the writing seems thought out for most of the game.

  • I'm honestly surprised to say this, but these are probably my favorite controls for a 3D Sonic game since I first got into the series in 2010 when I first played Colors. They aren't perfect (more below), but they work well for how many new moves Sega introduced in this game.
  • I love the concept of the parkour system. Wallrunning seems like it'd be amazing if Sega could implement it properly into future Sonic games with gameplay similar to Sonic Colors or Generations. Maybe we could see this in Project Sonic 2017 whenever it comes out :D
  • There's a run button in this game, which lets you slow down if you need to focus more on platforming instead of speed.

  • This game's graphics are beautiful. Not at good as Generations but still amazing, and the levels really take advantage of this.
  • I thought some of the levels were really creative, like when the level intro for Desert Ruins 3 changes to Dessert Ruins 3, and the whole level is designed around food and sweets. Also in Frozen Factory 2 you turn into a giant snowball and end up playing pool with giant pool balls at multiple points in the level

This game's soundtrack is amazing, which is usually the case in a Sonic game. My personal favorite tracks are Windy Hill 1, Desert Ruin 1 & 2, Tropical Coast 2, Frozen Factory 4, Silent Forest 2, Sky Road 2, the Deadly Six theme, Eggman's boss theme, and the music during the credits.


  • First thing I'm listing right of the bat are the Deadly Six. Simply put: They are overly stereotypical. You have the Punk (Zazz), the Fat Guy (Zomom), the Kung Fu master (Master Zik), the Girl (Zeena), the Emo (Zor), and the Villian (Zavok). If you've seen any of those stereotypes in any other film or game, you'll know exactly how the Deadly Six act. I feel like Sega missed an opportunity for some clever dialogue between the Six's vastly different personalities. Instead, we rarely see any of them actually talking with one another.
  • Tails. I've seen something similar about Tails' personality in Colors, Generations and Lost World: He seems really cocky about himself, and not the charming cockiness that Sonic has. At the end of Colors he sarcastically tells Sonic "Thanks for making a translator so we wouldn't be running around like idiots." (even though Sonic was already 2/5's of the way to stopping Eggman when the translator was finished). In this game, Tails is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ because he thinks Sonic doesn't think he's good enough to shut off Eggman's machine. Also at the beginning of the game, Tails gives his Sonic his resume as a mechanic whenever he's asked if the plane is fixed. I don't really like this side of Tails, and I honestly wish they would put a little more spotlight on someone else in Sonic's gang for once.
  • The last two cutscenes feel really rushed, and the game ends with Sonic going back to Earth and falling asleep in the blocky grass next to the blocky trees.
  • The story as a whole is simple, which is good, but it feels more like I'm watching a Saturday morning cartoon aimed towards 10-year-olds. It doesn't feel like the story for a Sonic game, and it's not just the story that makes me feel that way towards this game. Buuuuttttt most people say Sonic games are more about the gameplay rather than the story, to which I agree, so it doesn't bother me too much. Speaking of gameplay...

  • The parkour system is designed to only work while Sonic is running, which is great for disabling it when it's being flimsy. While running, moving into any vertical surface will cause Sonic to start running up the wall, regardless of whether you wanted to or not, and it doesn't matter if the wall is one block tall or 20. This makes the 2D sections of the game rather frustrating. If you stop running, those sections are extremely sluggish instead. Also the ice skating sections suck because you can't double jump or home attack
  • Sonic's top speed is really slow compared to what we've been used to since Sonic first moved to 3D in Sonic Adventure. It actually feels unnatural and took some time for me to get used to.
  • THE BOSS FIGHTS ARE SO PATHETIC! I swear, almost all of the Six can be taken down in one or two hits. Zavok is the only exception to this. For a GROUP called the Deadly Six, they are easier to take out than some enemies in this game. Also, you'd think they'd learn to stop fighting Sonic one at a time when he's obviously beating them all one-by-one. Also the final boss is almost an exact copy of the final boss from Sonic Colors with a different skin, easier, and not as epic. Best thing about it is the music, and fight is too short to let it play longer than a minute.
  • For the most part, the game is freaking easy, with only one or two levels that made me frustrated.
  • The game is also freaking short. Not counting the bonus levels or DLC, there are 7 zones with 4 levels each, totally 28 levels. The game compensates by bringing back those 5 red rings in each level, and by adding 100 "missions" to complete. These missions are incredibly simple and add nothing more than 7 hours of grinding rings, enemies, and lives if you wish to 100% this game.

  • This has been said many times before, but that's because it's true. Lost World feels like a Mario game, specifically Super Mario Galaxy. There are 8 worlds total: Grassland, Desert, Tropics, Ice, Jungle/Forest, Cloud/Sky, and Lava. Also a bonus world, which makes this the typical Mario formula. A lot of the time I forgot I was playing a Sonic game until a cutscene showed up and reminded me.
  • For a hedgehog who is used to hills, loops, and alternate paths, this game is lacking in most of those departments. Sure, the very first levels have a lot of that, but most of the levels afterwards felt very open, linear, or try to add some gimick to accommodate.
  • Sonic really likes going to casinos, and I think he needs to see someone about that problem.

Overall, I think Lost World is a pretty decent game by itself, just not a very good Sonic game if that makes any sense. It seems like Sega is starting to lose Sonic's identity with LW, which I'm hoping changes in Sonic '17!

7/10, I would wait until this is on sale to buy if you haven't already.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 29
it really fun but little buggy
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
39.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 2
I liked playng trough the game and finding all the secrets I was impressed with super sonic in this game the only thing that can be annoying is you can't play with your keyboard you have to use a controller. Once I got the controller I could run spindash and move in a 3D environment because of the joystick. 85/100
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3 of 6 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 4
* Astoundingly bad and confusing controls that are never actually explained.
* Bland, linear levels.
* Terrible writing.

Avoid at all costs.

Pick a good 3D platformer instead, like Sonic Generations, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, or Poi. Or a good platformer, like the early 2D Sonic games.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
17.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 25
The game is great, people only hate because is a trend to hate Sonic nowadays it seems...
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
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0.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
Okay port, nothing great but nothing bad either.
This is the 1st Sonic game to not have a launcher that you need to change the settings, all of the graphics setting are actually in the game, which is good.
All of the new assets, like the Xbox buttons and the steam profile picture on the title screen are incredibly low quality.
The video setting are very basic, only resolution, fullscreen on/off (Borderless, no exclusive option at all), DOF on/off, Grass on/off, and shadows on/off.
The rest is all the same as the Wii U version.
Annoyingly, I couldn't get it to downsample.
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140 of 163 people (86%) found this review helpful
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50.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
The Pros:
- Graphics
- Wisps make a return
- variety of stages
- mach speed sections that actually work
- Spindash
- Parkour abilities work after a little practice
- The game is average length for a Sonic game (took me 7 hours to complete the game)

The Meh:
- The stages are great up until whenever you get to the ice stages (there's a few of them) and the ice stages are awful
- Sonic isn't fast as compard to Generations, but he also isn't slow...until you get to the 2D segments
- Your inventory only holds up to 5 items and most of the time you don't even really need them.

The Cons:
- Ice stages are simply awful
- The 2D segments are painfully PAINFULLY slow
- The grinding stages (not many grind stages honestly) are also pretty slow
- No rail jumping mechanic like in Sonic Heroes or Sonic Adventure 2
- The game runs in slow-motion if you're below 40-some frames
- Very very limited video settings
- The Rhythm Wisp is BROKEN
- No tutorial on when you're supposed to know which enemies to "kick" or use your homing attack on

It's basically a boss rush of all the bosses in Sonic Lost World that are riding ontop of bosses from "NiGHTS into Dreams" followed by Sonic chasing after Reala then Sonic running with NiGHTS to save the Nightopians (the DLC is about no more than 5-10 minutes long if you take your time)

My opinion on the game:
I like it. I definitely felt like I got my money's worth. It's not the best Sonic game, but it's an enjoyable one.
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6.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
SEGA, bring us good Sonic games like this one more often.

You know better than anyone of us that you can't mess up for Sonic's 25th anniversary. We're all eagerly waiting for the great return of Sonic.
Without further delay, a short review, based on a few gameplay hours:

Gameplay-wise it's a bit rough, but a lot more refined than past Sonic Team games. Musical arrangements are superb and really freshen the series' kind of score. Controls feel quite nice, but the lock-on system makes them a bit... uncomfortable. Overall a great game from what i've played. The port is well executed and has no dumb 30fps or resolution locks.
I'll personally be supporting every port you guys bring to Steam.
Also, as a bit of a sidenote: REVIVE SPACE CHANNEL PLS
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81 of 97 people (84%) found this review helpful
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17.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
So, for you who doesn't know, the framerate can now be unlocked! Keep in mind though, at least right now, the developers are calling it unstable. If you want to try it out yourself, sign up for the public test beta and start the game with --F. For more info, check here!

The soundtrack is now also on Spotify, so that's always nice :p

So, after playing this 7 hours the day it came out and completing it, I can finally write a full review of it.
I have not played the Wii U version, so I can't really say what's missing or changed form the PC version, but it seems like they dropped stuff like the Miiverse stuff, but also the 2 player mode, which is odd.

Also a summary at the bottom if you're interested in that instead.

The game is very different from other Sonic games or just platforming games in general, since you are mostly aren't going on a flat surface. I personally, kinda like this.
There's also a lot more precise platforming than other Sonic games, requiring you to slow down. That's mostly why there's a run button now I guess. The whole thnig with Sonic is going fast, I know, but I personally didn't mind this at all. It still has sections where you go fast and stuff, so if something, it just mixes stuff up.

One thing I really feel is missing is some sort of thing where it would tell you what to do. On some of the bosses I had no idea what I should be doing and died many times over, having to me look up what I actually needed to do.
There's also 2 different types of homing attacks, kicking and the normal homing attack. Then again, some enemies and some bosses require you to do either of them, where doing the wrong one will hurt or kill you and the game never tells you what you should be doing. Just a different icon on the homing attack icon would be enough.

I've only played this with controller. I don't even want to try it with keyboard. I know how bad Generations was with keyboard, so I'm going to guess the same for this. So if you don't have a controller, you might want to get one. If you like these kind of games, you should anyway.

If you have a controller, the controls are great. I feel like I full control over Sonic and that he does what I tell him to. Sometimes, the homing attack can target weird stuff or not at all, but not a big issue.
The only thing I really have to complain about here, since you don't have a whole gamepad, like the Wii U one, to play with, some of the buttons are weird. I kept pressing LS by mistake a lot to open the missions menu, but just smaller things really

Not much to say here, it's Sonic, to what to expect.
The music is really awesome. Maybe not as good as in Generations, but those were just remixes. As far as I can tell here, all tracks are new and no remixes this time.
I also just had to extract the music files from the game itself to load up in a playlist to listen to outside of the game, since I couldn't find anywhere to buy the actual soundtrack.

The port
So, alright, the port. In short, it's just ok. In many way it's worse than the Generations port.

The port still has a Wii U feel to it, there are buttons on screen which is meant to be pressed with the Wii U gamepad etc. and as usual with the Hedgehog engine, the game is capped at 60 fps. This is not a huge issue, but it's a thing.

It also feels like the game is made for Wii U and not for the PC, for example, there are plenty of popping issues, just moving forwards and backwards. It's very noticeable.
All cutscenes are in 720p, they don't look very good, but not a huge deal either really. Keeps the game smaller I guess.
Pretty much all 2D sprites and menus feel really low res. I can only guess this is because the Wii U version ran at 720p and they didn't bother to fix them for the PC port.
The performance overall is fine, I only had 2 small frame drops, but it was up to 60 fps again in less than a second.

One huge issue is the graphics options. They are terrible and very limited. You can turn on and off some thing and the resolution switch is there, finally in the game itself rather than from the launcher, but a lot of options are missing. The thing I was missing the most is AA.

So, overall, the game itself is awesome. It's different than other Sonic games, but I don't mind it too much. There isn't as much of just going fast, but more parts where you have to take your time and sometimes even solve small puzzles.

As usual with Sonic games, the soundtrack is really awesome. For me, this is a huge deal. If a game has bad soundtrack, I can just feel like not playing it.

The port is probably the biggest downside. It's just ok. It has the same issues as Generations, 60 fps lock, problems on some computers etc.
The graphics weren't changed much, if at all for the PC port. Some stuff, specially the 2D stuff, look really low resolution.

The game would get 9/10, but I'll give it 8/10 for the bad port.
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35.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 1
I was extremely hyped when Sega announced this game was getting ported to PC - this was the only major Sonic game besides Sonic 06 that I had not played at least one version of, and since I didn't have enough money to spare for a Wii U, I thought I'd never be able to play it. This, of course, changed when Sega announced this port. I waited for the Steam sales when this game was 50% off and purchased it. How was it in the end?
Well, it's pretty good.
The level design is generally interesting and open, the boss fights are fun (if quite easy), the soundtrack is SUBLIME, and the graphical quality is pretty sweet. While I'm not crazy about the wisps, I approve of the improvements made to Lazer, Drill and Rocket over their original controls in Sonic Colours. Getting extra lives also becomes increasingly easier with this game, as clusters of them can be found at reglar intervals like at Honeycomb Highway.
I can't really say if there are improvements over the Wii U version (as stated above, I've never played it), however I approve of the ability to use the mouse in-game to open hints and the item briefcase. Also, if you're like me and you're not a fan of Lost World's storyline, you can skip the cutscenes, which I'm grateful for.
I do have a couple of problems with the game itself though:
- While using the run button isn't too much of an issue, I'd much prefer Sonic to just have a naturally fast momentum as he usually does. Also turning while using the run button cuts down his momentum noticably.
- While i praised Lazer, Drill and Rocket earlier, some of the wisp controls are odd - for example, you have to hold down the run button in order for Hover to float wheras in Sonic Colours it was the jump button, wheras Eagle appears to decend if you press either of those.
- There are times when I'm running along a wall and try jumping to the one opposite, only to fall off and (usually) die. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but it confusingly works well with some walls and terribly with others.
- The red star rings. Whilst most are easy to get, others will really test your patience (case and point, the third one in Frozen Factory Act 3)
- Finally, Frozen Factory Act 2... The entire level. You play as a snowball. Enough said.

Overall though, this is still a very good game. I'd recommend Sonic Generations more, but this game certainly wouldn't be far behind it.

So, as a final request... Colours and Unleashed on PC?
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