A unique blend of RPG and puzzle await you in this epic adventure! Guns and magic against monsters, vampires, demons, heroes and unknown worlds.
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Mixed (72 reviews) - 48% of the 72 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 7, 2014

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“Gunspell is undeniably fun. Not often are there Match-3s that actually pit player against an enemy in a battle over resources. If a player is looking for a Match-3 with unique RPG elements that is fun, albeit a little goofy, this is probably the game for them.”

“Si vous aimez les jeux de type match 3, si vous avez un faible pour les histoires de type fantasy, vous allez aimer ce jeu. Il est bien fait.”

About This Game

Gunspell is cross-genre game, where RPG meets Puzzle.
Become a member of powerful Order that protects the Earth from creatures from the dark-side. Travel across worlds, fight monsters, complete different quests, up-grade your weapons and magic. Combine guns and magic to take on vampires and demons, heroes and monsters in this epic adventure!

• Match 3 battles with a lot of features
• Multiple strange new worlds to explore
• Hordes of enemies to fight
• Tons of different weapons, items and spells!
• No need to wait! Replenish stamina with a mini-game any time!
• Awesome graphics!

Game Awards
★ DevGAMM 2014 Award
★ MS Windows Store Staff Pick

Game Website

About Ino-Сo Plus
Based in Russia, Ino-Co Plus develops games for multiple platforms, from PC and web, to modern mobile devices. The core team consists of professionals with over 15 years of game development experience. Ino-Co aspires to make games which we would like to play ourselves. Therefore, our games are made with the soul and the attention to detail we expect of the games we play.

Company website - http://ino-co.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/inocoplus
YouTube - http://bit.ly/1suwcrA
Twitter - https://twitter.com/inocoplus
VK http://vk.com/inocoplus
VK http://vk.com/gunspell

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: Quad Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    • Processor: Quad Core CPU
    • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.10+
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.10+
    • Processor: Quad Core CPU
    • Additional Notes: Touch screen supported
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1.5 hrs
Posted: August 2
This game rather quickly convinced me it was a mobile game, and was not meant to be played on a computer.

It all went to hell when that happened.

The gameplay was a bit simplistic, but acceptable, I've played dumber games. The RPG elements didn't really appeal to me, they didn't do anything to make the game more interesting. The balance of the battles was not very consistent. There was a ticking resource for all your actions that you could recharge with a tapping minigame... An annoying minigame that was not remotely enjoyable.

Basically, this is a time waster that has been ported to PC and has not gotten the needed revamp to add fun to the game.

Unfortunately, I don't generally look for time wasters on PC, I have TeamFortress 2.
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2.3 hrs
Posted: June 22
Could of been good, if it would not be pay to win, and if the text would have been corrected. Also some vareity in the gameplay would have been cool, maybe some survival ala Neo Scavanger.
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Twisted Tak
2.2 hrs
Posted: March 18
Certainly not something you'd play for the story, but if you want to feel like a big ♥♥♥♥ G slaying all sorts of werewolves with chainsaws and cod rejects in usually one swing of your shaft, it's certainly worth it on a hefty sale. Like, a dollar or something.
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Uncle Dorky
12.6 hrs
Posted: January 17
Not impressed with this game at all, started off enjoyable, turned into a pile of bs and unbeatable enemies, don't waste your time
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Hawk Zombie
1.8 hrs
Posted: January 10
Eh...pretty basic match three game where, hilariously enough, you become rather overpowered quickly without the 'Pay2Win' enabled. It has a very mediocre story with very bad grammar (English is obviously not the first language) which kind moves at a sluggish pace.

Another thing I felt was more annoying than helpful was the meditation mini game. It's obviously built for a touch screen and using the mouse it just aggravating.

If it had steam-based achievements (there are tons in-game, so I'm unsure why the developer decided not to add them to the 'Steam Edition'...there are RPGMaker games with achievements for pete's sake) as well as cards then it would help justify the price a bit more. But honestly? The game is NOT worth 16.99. 5 bucks, MAYBE. I got mine in a bundle and I feel it's a bit of a ripoff that gets old quick. There are several other Match 3 games on steam that have better story, better gameplay, better grammar AND have achievements with cards. If they lower the price AND add achievements (cards is just a pipe dream) then I'll reverse my review.
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9.6 hrs
Posted: January 8
I like it ............... It's a puzzle/chance/rpj . It stimulates both sides of the brain and sometimes screws you over . A two player local dueling mode would be a cool addition . Anyways, I'm going to send an e-mail with a clip of this games page to a barback I worked with who likes puzzle games .
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2.2 hrs
Posted: December 15, 2015
Get it for free on your phone. No reason to spend money on this game as it is badly translated and overly simple for what it is.
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5.5 hrs
Posted: November 17, 2015
Just one more...ok, after that one...damn, I defeated, revenge...ok, but after that I am finally off to bed.
WARNING: high addiction factor. :)
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Mongoloid Mike
1.5 hrs
Posted: November 15, 2015
Repetitive with no challenge. I don't think it's possible to lose a battle in this game. Just pick any 3 block combinations, not even trying to win, and kill blocks randomly coming together when the blocks drop down will win every fight versus completely overmatched opponents. But it takes forever to get through unlosable fights becasuse the kill block skulls are so rare. The load screen that pops up for EVERY screen transition of any kind gets really irritating.
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Not Recommended
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2014
My first review on steam, just to warn you guys:

Its the worst game i ever bought. A very, very bad mobile-port. There is absolutely no challenge in this game. It dosent matter which blocks you move. You will always win by luck even if you try to lose! Because 90% of the enemies do 10-20 dmg on my 500 hp pool and i do about 180 dmg on their 100 hp pool with one simple move. In about 70% of the "epic fights" this happens at the first turn! So you just jump from one loading screen to next, clicking buttons - its nothing more than clicking buttons. Non-existent gameplay value.

It feels like its done for 5 year old kids. I highly recommend TO NOT BUY!
(I can recommend "puzzle quest" if you are looking for a rpgish puzzle game.)

And there is also this horrible stamina mechanic, which forces you to play an idiotic "click the buttons when the buttons flash up" game and it takes AGES to fill up the stamina bar. Stamina is clearly an mobile-device-mechanic used to limit the play time so you have to wait or spend money to go on. And there are so many other issues... cant believe it... its so far away from being polished, challenging and fun.
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45 of 47 people (96%) found this review helpful
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5.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2015
Gunspell is a match 3 puzzle roleplaying game developed by Ino-Co Plus and published by KISS ltd.. The player assumes the role of a police detective whose sister mysteriously goes missing. As you investigate her disappearance you quickly find yourself pulled into quite a unique situation. You become a member, codenamed Gunspell, of a powerful Order that protects the Earth against creatures from the darkside. Yeah it sounds like the plot from one of those cheezy Saturday night SyFy channel movies but bear with me it gets better. During the course of the game, your travels will take you to a number of strange yet beautiful worlds. You'll also battle a large amount of bad guys as well as monsters of legend such as vampires, succubi, ghosts and werewolves...I actually fought a werewolf who was wielding a chainsaw...how cool is that?! Battles of course take place in puzzle format as you attempt to match 3 or more gems on the battlefield to build mana and power for your chosen armaments. There are also a number of available spells, weapons and armors to further enhance your character.

Graphically this game is eyecatching. The gem battlefield looks great and is well animated. The special effects that occur when you make a match 3, cast a spell or use a weapon are vivid and look fantastic. The handrawn art of the characters, worlds and various items such as weaponry is also expertly done. Sound effects are loud and crisp just as they should be in any great match 3 game. The musical score, however, is not so memorable.

I enjoyed Gunspell but there are some minor issues that need mentioning. There seems to be some gameplay unbalances where you find yourself easily defeating one enemy after another, some you will defeat after making only one move, only to get to a certain opponent and find yourself horribly outclassed and losing time after time again. Unbalances like that always infuriate me. Gunspell is definitely not the most polished game in the match 3 genre but it can be fun for a time if you're a match 3 fan. Worth a try but not for everyone.
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Not Recommended
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 7, 2014
It's an alright game. The puzzle aspect is pretty much what you'd expect from this kind of game.

- Extremely repetitive, even for this type of game.
- WAY to easy, you pretty much can't lose. (I'm talking about enemies hitting for 5-10 damage, I have 700 HP, even 'hard' enemies.)
- Inventory is tiny, costs a lot to upgrade, but you don't really need it.

- Lots of equipment to choose from
- Variety of ways to damage enemies, spells, weapons, artifacts, etc.

Overall, I'd say it's not worth the money. It's for sure a mobile port, and you can tell it used to have micro transaction (this version does NOT). Unless you are a super hardcore puzzle fan, and want to play all the puzzle games you can, I'd suggest you steer clear.

I myself will play for awhile longer, since I already bought it, and I'm wondering if it gets better (if it does, I'll come back and change this).
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45 of 59 people (76%) found this review helpful
38.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 9, 2014
This game is being a bit unfairly judged, while it does not have the polish of a Puzzle Quest this game does get far more challenging as you play.

The first 2-3 hours is quite easy and you can easily progress without any challenge, once you get around level 7-8 or higher quite a few enemies will hit you extremely hard, and you can die quite easily.

If you like the Puzzle Quest style of gameplay this is a decent pickup.
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Not Recommended
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2014
In short, the plot is strange/incomprehensible, it seems to have been translated by someone with an 8th grade grasp of English, and it wasnt ported to be used w/a mouse at *all*. The graphics and music are worthwhile and nice. Get it on the Android and play it with a touchscreen, which is obviously how it was meant to be played. Youd probably pay a lot less too. Itd be a great Android game. PC, not so much, especially at the price they're asking. If you're really hard up for a Match3 *and* its at least 50% off , pick it up.

EDIT: Something that annoys me the longer I play. EVERY time you switch screens theres an (admittedly only a second or so - thank god) loading screen. Want to look in your inventory? Loading screen. Meditate? Loading screen. Char sheet? Loading screen. Fight? You get the point... This is completely annoying and unneeded. Maybe the Android needed the constant loading, but this should have been one of those things that was upgraded for the PC port. Especially for $15.
Ever since I saw Puzzle Quest back in the day, Ive been a fan of match3 RPGs. I have yet to find one as good as the original PQ....and I'm still looking.
This one wouldnt be that bad, if it wasn't for some major flaws. For starters, it OBVIOUSLY was built for mobile, and there was no attempt made to port it for people who will most likely be using a mouse, at all!

For instance, it refers to "tapping" and "swiping" in the help files where it should say "clicking and "dragging". Ok, fine. Thats annoying, but its not that big of a deal.

The issue is that there was NO attempt to fix things that may not work on a mouse as easy as a touchscreen. The meditation stands out. You meditate to recover stamina, great.

Ok, so the way it works is theres 4 large circles on the bottom of the screen, two on the left and two on the right. Little colored balls fall down the screen, and when they hit this shining band on the lower part of the screen, you click on the circle on the bottom which matches the color. That would work great on a phone/tablet you were holding. Mouse, not so much at all. Basically, pick a side, and only click on those two corresponding balls. My mouse is set to very fast, and I couldnt go back and forth from side to side fast enough.

I paid 15$ for a game where its probably 3-4$ on mobile, if that. And the devs were too damn lazy to change the mechanics to work with a mouse?? Sorry, its a pet peeve of mine. If youre going to charge those prices, dont make me think "god, I could have got this on Android, paid less and used the mechanics the game was designed for".

The graphics are awesome, the puzzles are standard match3, but the plot....

Ok, so it throws you right into it. Youre a cop. You go to search your sisters house. She is missing, and her house is ransacked. You are attacked, and then the basic match 3 mechanics are explained, you find a card ledaing to a "shaman store" called strong in spirit. Which turns out to be a gun store where your sister worked. You are given a "magic gun", and then all the sudden youre attacked again, some more mechanics explained (not enough!) and are on a hex grid with skeletons(loot) and weird fantasy enemies. At this point youre on your own.

Wha??? I even looked up to make sure this wasnt some manga or anime where this plot would make sense for someone following the series. As far as I can tell, it isnt. I have no idea what the hells is going on. My character seems uniquely unconcerned about being given a magic gun and having strange enemies attack him. Or that his sister worked in a magic gun store.

The writing is incredibly stilted, seems translated. The graphics, puzzles and music are awesome, and hopefully will override the headscratching plot and failure to even make an attempt to port the game for a mouse. Might be fun if you had one of those touchscreen laptops, but they are asking way too much. I'd go $5-$8 at the most, maybe $10, if they were going to offer sales.

As it stands at this price and with the lack of porting for mouse, I cant recommend it for the PC.
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Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 31, 2015
Decent match-3 RPG, but it's a mobile port of a freemium game, which they have not managed to balance out properly when porting it to a b2p desktop game.
There are clear paywalls they haven't balanced out, the premium currency should probably have been removed completely..

The core game is not bad at all, but I cannot recommend a game that is clearly suffering from being a freemium-port.
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Not Recommended
28.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 19, 2015
I paid $2 for Gunspell as part of a bundle, and it took me around 28 hours to finish the game once. This is gonna be a long one, so strap in. CTRL+F "don't recommend" if you want to fast-forward.

Have you played Puzzle Quest? This game should come off as familiar, and I'll be mentioning it often enough. Match-3 gameplay, taking turns with the enemy in order to be the last one standing, matching skulls to deal damage, matching gems to power up special attacks, getting EXP and money through matches...it's familiar, but Gunspell does things kinda differently.

Gunspell is a mobile game that was ported to Steam, and with the pricetag comes the removal of microtransactions. You no longer can throw money at the game to get the premium currency or to restore your stamina meter. It's not entirely free of the freemium scheme, but I'll touch on that later.

I absolutely loved the setting. The Puzzle Quest series barring PQ Galactrix is set in a medieval stasis kinda world. You know, go fight some orcs with swords and magic, maybe meet some elves, visit castles and so on. Gunspell is set in the modern day, and while you're not partying through London or Tokyo blasting demons in the face with guns, you're still using a mix of high fantasy and modern gear. You can be in a suit of knight armor and have a flamethrower to fight a kobold wearing a hockey mask, or use a giant scimitar while wearing a kevlar vest to fight a dragon, and so on.

I mentioned the gameplay above, but I'll mention what Gunspell does differently. There are no character classes. You're just one guy, and you have a number of stats that affect combat performance, but no stats to affect how much mana you get from gem matches--3 mana will always be 3 mana, for both you and enemies. The game board is also a hex grid as opposed to square, so you can move pieces in six directions, just like PQ Galactrix. There are only three colors of mana; red, yellow, and blue. You still need to gather mana, but instead of powering spells, it empowers your equipment. All gear has passive bonuses, but some can use one color of mana to cause a specific effect, like a piece of armor using 6 yellow mana to boost your damage and restore your health. Effects aren't entirely tied to gear type, so you can honestly damage an enemy with every slot. All without giving up your turn.

There are still regular spells too, but they work like consumable items, and the enemies don't get any of these. There are four schools of spells between Attack, Defense, Buff, and Debuff, and for the most part, those give you an idea of what the spells will do. These have a much wider variety of effects, most of which aren't found on equipment. You can deal direct damage, or damage and destroy a column or change one color of gems to another or erase coins to damage the enemy's stats, among a variety of other things. You can buy more spells at any time on the map or get them as victory spoils, but at least you can see the descriptions of everything in the shop.

The story's there, nothing really compelling. Your sister's gone missing and you stumble upon the world of The Order and the monsters they fight against. Quests are largely "go here" or "kill this thing" or even "get these items," but each main quest typically has some side quests. I think there were a whole of two timed quests, so those might catch you off-guard if you activate the next main quest before quitting and one of those pop up.

The music and sound didn't really grab me. In fact, the game was so loud that I ended up just muting it after a while. There are only on/off toggles for both music and sound effects, no sliders.

I mentioned above that there were no microtransactions. That's true, but elements are still present. You can't buy the premium currency (gold) but you can still pay it to do things like auto-complete quests or repair your gear or refill your stamina or whatever. You have a small chance of getting gold after each battle and some quests reward you with gold, and you also get a "login bonus" of it every three days.

There's a stamina/energy system--you know, one of those "action X takes Y stamina, Z stamina restores every W minutes" kinda deals, often seen in many free-to-play mobile titles. You start with a set limit that increases when you level up, and everything from fighting monsters to moving on the map screen to refreshing the store inventory takes stamina. You can pay gold to instantly restore when you run out, or play an honestly slow minigame, or just wait. It makes sense for those free titles since they have to incentivize players to shell out some money to keep playing, but this is a paid title. Why is it here?

Every equippable item has a durability value. Your gear takes damage just by bringing it into battle, instead of it taking hits from being used. Naturally, your gear takes a bigger hit if you die wearing it. The game at least warns you when things are almost broken, but repairing them is up to you. You either pay a hefty sum of silver (non-premium currency) and resources, or a small fee in gold to fix it back to full. While you get a lot of gear from fights, valid replacements for the good gear you like may not be easily-found.

You start with a limited storage for gear and a separate backpack for spells, and you have to pay gold/silver and resources to unlock new slots. You also pay one or the other to increase your spell levels to use more spells. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since it sorta acts like progression in other games, but you're then stuck balancing your checkbook between fixing your gear, expanding your storage for gear and spells, and increasing your spell levels on top of buying new gear and spells. It makes your money count, but you get resources at such a slow trickle that it really feels like grinding.

I had a roller coaster of a time with the difficulty. I didn't really do well until I figured out "the trick" using spells, but at that point I was at the end of the game and steamrolling everything I met, so maybe that's how you're meant to play from the start? Otherwise I'd lose fights against "weak" opponents because they'd simply out-heal the damage I was dealing, or they'd wind up taking off a large portion of my health each turn. Or they'd wind up getting a bunch of extra turns while I was powerless to stop them.

RNG-swinginess is something Puzzle Quest can be guilty of, but I felt it strongly here. There are three character stats that invoke randomness in battles: Rage which doubles dealt damage no matter its source, Block which completely nullifies one instance of damage, and Luck which gives a chance for an extra turn when making any match. Your enemies have these stats too, of course. Sure, the swinginess works both ways, but it just makes battles annoyingly random, unless you spam spells to make fights effortless.

But even if I liked parts of the game, I don't recommend Gunspell. I mean, you're paying $15 for a game that tells you when you've had enough, for God's sake! And you're paying $15 for just the first part of the game with no indication if the next part will be a free patch, DLC, or an entirely new library entry (if it ever comes). I didn't play much of the actual free version, but this feels like they just changed how to get the premium currency and nothing else. You still have to wade through the free-to-play nonsense to get at what's here. If you wanna check it out, try it on mobile, but don't pay full price for this. It'll likely be bundle fodder for years to come, so you can probably pick it up on the cheap. But if you're looking for a match-3 RPG, I'd suggest you start elsewhere.
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6.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2014
Gunspell does its best to give us an experience suited for PC users, but sadly fails in doing this. Let me get one thing perfectly clear; there’s nothing wrong with the port itself, but you can clearly see that the game originates from its original platform, the mobile phone.

If you’ve ever played Puzzle Quest, or basically any match-3 game, you should exactly know what to expect. The gameplay consist of matching three or more of the same gems and where you normally score points by doing this, in Gunspell you’ll be doing damage with these gems. Or you can earn energy to execute a skill. All you have to do is match the correct gems. In this case you have gems with purple ‘hearts’ in them that will reward you with experience, silver gems that will earn you money and skulls that will damage your opponent. The other colors will be used for performing your own moves, like shooting a gun or using a shield. Nothing groundbreaking here, and it works the same way as any other match-3 game. In fact, Gunspell is pretty much a copy of Puzzle Quest and while there are subtle differences the majority plays exactly the same way.
The game starts off pretty easy and you’ll be completing quests without any trouble, but after a couple of hours things will pick up and opponents will then sometimes have twice your health, if not more. The difficulty then ramps up, because your enemies can do tons of damage if you’re unlucky.
Luck plays a big factor in this game because the gems are randomly generated and you never know what you’re going to get. Of course, this also works the other around. But your skills usually aren’t powerful enough to execute more than 200-300 damage, especially in the beginning.
Quests are generated by following the story. Playing the story usually unlocks sidequests as well, and these can all have different rewards, ranging from experience and currency to items.
When you’re not battling enemies you can use the world map to get to a different destination. There are stashes, caves and portals to find. Stashes reward you with items and portals allow you to travel to other parts of the in-game world to battle even more enemies. Caves are used to gather loot and occasionally fight some more enemies. Using in-game currency you can often banish these creatures, except if that creature is part of a (side)quest, of course.
Which brings me to the following: as you may have already read the game originates from mobile phones and it’s obvious that the can was made as some sort of free-to-play game with the option to buy more currency and items with real life money. This version is absolutely 100% free, but you can still unlock and buy things with in-game currency. Your inventory, for both normal items and magic, is limited to one slot by default. You can unlock more slots by buying them. But this just doesn’t work in a PC version and it makes the game feel cheap and, above all, repetitive.
After a couple of hours you probably don’t even feel like playing anymore, because progress is slow and you don’t want to buy every little thing you see. These things should unlock naturally, by doing and completing quests. I don’t want to perform mind-numbing tasks in order to be able to buy better gear. Quest rewards were made just for that. And while defeated enemies also drop loot these items, with the exception of a few, are most of the times worthless.
It’s actually painful to see a game like this appear, because it definitely has potential and to this day there are still plenty of people waiting for a next Puzzle Quest (PQII was a-ma-zing !). Just not like this. If it was made with PC in mind then a game like this could be awesome. I’m just saying.

The graphics are a bit blurry, and seem upscaled, but they’re created with plenty of detail; I was impressed by them. There are some small animations going on from time to time, but nothing big.
The HUD is crowded, and there’s too much going on sometimes, but overall it was designed pretty well. Same goes for the soundtrack really.

Gunspell could’ve been so much more, but instead it feels like a cheap attempt at making some money. I don’t think there’s a way to fix it now, it would need too much tinkering for that, but I just hope that their next game is made with more respect than this. That is, if it’s coming to PC. Because God knows we all need a new, proper Puzzle Quest game… even if it’s a carbon copy with a different theme.

[Rating: 69/100]
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12.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 8, 2014
If you like puzzle games, this is pretty fun. 1 thing to note. The creatures you fight get more challenging after you get to level 7 or so. They start to hit harder, have more hit points, and use items more often.

So while I wouldn't say this is the best game ever, it is still a pretty fun and entertaining game.
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8.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 9, 2014
First and the most: This game is a tablet port. Second - it's a match-3 rpg game.
The good news is that this game is a good port of a good match-3 rpg. Personally I don't play the tablet games very much, but this one - I like it.

Don't get fooled by first few easy enemies! Think of it as some sort of tutorial. When you get to level 4 the monsters will provide some challenge. And at level 9-10 you'll have to stand on your toes, use any spells you can get, acquire specific gear versus certain enemies, etc.

Pro: Stunningly good art, nice story, good character mechanics and tons of equipment.

Con: Rather short and linear campaign, too easy first monsters.
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