Based on the inhospitable frontier world of Mars, against the backdrop of a bacterial outbreak, Deadstone offers a compelling blend of frantic combat and tower defense, backed by a highly nuanced character development system and strategic elements of resource management.
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Positive (37 reviews) - 83% of the 37 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 12, 2014

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October 5

Vigilantes: Greenlight Update - Help us to the Top 100!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a good day! The Greenlight for Vigilantes is going quite well - we are now 91% of the way to the top 100 in a week. The votes are slowing down though, and we could really use your help to get into the top 100 - a couple of dozen votes should do it, so every vote counts. Thanks a lot for reading, here's the link if you'd like to check Vigilantes out!

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September 28

Vigilantes: On Greenlight and Kickstarter

Hi all,

It's the big day. After almost two years of late nights and early mornings, coffee in and code out, Vigilantes has finally made it to Greenlight and Kickstarter. Here's the release trailer, if you'd like to check it out.

And here are the links for the Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns, incase you'd like to speed us on our way with a vote, or check out the Kickstarter!

If you'd like to try out the latest release you can find the demos here.

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“The way Deadstone combines different gameplay elements is superbly done. At $10, I think it is well worth the price for just about any PC gamer.”
Steven Smith, True PC Gaming

“Is Deadstone fun? That's a big YES!”
82% – Matteo, Gaming with Matteo311

“Deadstone packs a lot of content for a very small price and is quite addictive to boot.”
80% – GameRamble

About This Game

A Planet Under Siege

Mars is under siege, and the colonists are fighting a losing battle. Assume the role of Blake, a private security operative who crash lands near the colony of Deadstone, following an outbreak on the Icarus space station. Care to guess who just landed the job of sheriff?

To survive, you’ll need to use your combat expertise and lethal firepower to overcome an unrelenting enemy, but to win, you’ll need a strategy. Every time an infected slips through your defensive net, a colonist dies. Can you save the colonists of Deadstone?

Two Distinct Game Modes

Decide the fate of Deadstone’s colonists in the story driven, 50 mission Campaign, or find out just how long death can be cheated in Survival Mode.


Deploy defences, choose your weapons and equipment, and get into the fight. Experience nerve wracking battles against the insidious infected threat across 3 mission types: Patrol, Arena, and Colonist Rescue.


Jump right into the fight with Survival Mode. Build your character, select your load out, and fight it out for the highest score until the bitter end. Death, however, does not spell defeat: it makes you stronger, gaining additional starting resources based on performance.

Bring a Friend

Experience the Campaign and Survival Mode with a pal in local co-op. Note: A control pad is required for co-op play. The Xbox 360 wired controller is officially supported, however most controllers should work.

Play Your Way

Develop the ultimate fighter with the unfortunately acronymed S.C.A.M. system, comprising 4 primary stats (Speed, Constitution, Accuracy, Mechanics), 11 secondary stats, and 70 perks.

Face an Evolving Enemy

Confront 6 different enemies, including the soldier, commander, and the fearsome phase shambler. Contend with an enemy that attacks under the cover of night and dust storm, and even burrows under the surface to ambush you.

Defensive Hardware

Deploy mines and 4 types of turret to create a defensive line. Upgrade your turrets’ stats, and research completely new abilities for them, including the Kinetic Thumper, which releases recoil energy into a shockwave to push infected back.

Tools of the Trade

Spend your hard earned credits expanding your arsenal. Choose from 16 upgradable weapons from 4 classes: pistol, shotgun, automatic, precision, and complement your selection with 6 equipment types, including flares, explosives, and armor.

Twin Tales

Experience two engaging stories, or play without if you’re just here for the action. Choose between a straight up survival narrative and a tongue-in-cheek take on events.

Fight to Win

Compete on online leader boards for the top spot.
Casual to Hardcore: Deadstone has 6 difficulty settings, to accommodate varying levels of skill.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo (2.0ghz or higher)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 or better
    • Storage: 370 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 430 MB available space
    • OS: 64 Bit Linux Only
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 390 MB available space
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32 of 40 people (80%) found this review helpful
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4.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 12, 2014
Deadstone looks like a top-down shooter, feels like an rpg, with all the character progression, perks and weapon upgrades, and plays like a tower defense game ;)
You are on mars and a deadly virus (called Chimera something) is spreading everywhere, converting all living creatures into monsters / zombies. Your goal is to protect the colonists from the zombies, while they drill for something and paying you for your services. The colonists are actually not visible in game, you know, that they are behind you and you're their last line of defense against the horde of incoming zombies in front of you. In other words, zombies swarm from the top of the map, if they reach the bottom, they'll kill / eat / infect your colonists. For each zombie, that you let past you, you lose 1 colonist. It's very important to keep all your colonists alive, as they are your main income - the more you have, the more you earn after each "patrol". Patrols are the standard levels in the campaign, where zombies will try to breach your base and you need to kill 'em all. Other than patrols, there are "arena" levels - where you just need to survive against the zombies, until the clock runs out, and you have none of the defenses that you have set up for your standard levels. There are also a "rescue" type levels - same as the arena one, but there is a npc and a defensive turret or two, that help you out and you need to protect the npc. If successful, the npc will increase the number of your colonists by 1, so that's always nice. In the rescue levels, you can issue commands to the npc - to stay his ground or follow you, you can give him one of your weapons to use it, and you get it back at the end of the mission with your ammo still intact, so that's pretty viable.
Most of the levels will still be a "patrol" ones, and you need to be ready for the incoming zombies. Preparing your defenses is where the tower defense gameplay comes to light. You can set up mines( the number of the mines you can use depends on your character's mechanical attribute), save the formation you set the mines in, add turrets, upgrade your existing ones, repair them and so on and so fort - being prepared is half the battle! Mines don't cost you money, but the turrets do, and they are pretty pricy. so you need to keep an eye on them in battle - to repair them, before they explode from damage, to reload them, when they run out of ammo and you haven't researched the auto-reloader yet, and stuff like that.
The character progression feels reasonable - I'm 3 hours into the campaign, I'm level 15 and have completed 20 levels / missions, but there are so much upgrades and cool things I wanna try and do - I guess the game is gonna be pretty long. If you want a faster progression you can always go try the survival mode - for highscore glory and to maybe check out one of the perks you want to try in campaign, but it's description wasn't good enough for you and you wanna see it in action (yea some of the perks could use more clarification in the description, or maybe they are intended that way).
As for the weapons types - pistol with infinite ammo is your best choice. You have shotgun, SMG and a sniper, that require you to buy / carry ammo for them. You can have one of each weapon type with you on a mission, given that your character can carry the load - I'm level 15 and usually run with 3. I think by now I have unlocked 3 tiers of weapons, the first ones are pretty bad, as you need all the dosh you can spare for buying turrets or a better pistols, instead of weapons that use expensive ammo and don't really do that much damage in battle. I haven't tried the sniper yet, but the shotgun really does feel underwhelming (the tier one at least, did not invest into another one after it). The SMG is ok, I like it, because I can just hold my mouse button pressed and spray, while for every other weapon you need to press LMB for each shot - I really wish they implement something to improve on that, or maybe a later tier weapons have that automatic fire?
The enemies could use a little more diversity - for 3 hours in I fought most of the time just 3 types of enemies - a slow walking zombie, a fast moving zombie hound and a "commander", that walks further back and buffs the other zombies randomly. Just recently a 4th type of enemy presented itself - the range shooting zombie and I've seen a zombie hounds with explosives on their back in survival mode.
The music is ok, most of the time I'm too busy to notice it though ;) The weapon sounds could be a lot better, but are still reasonable. The story is probably good, I liked the intro, but when you start the campaign you can choose to have a story, have a farce story or no story just pew pew, and I chose the latter :p . Can only imagine how much fun the local coop is, but sadly I have not had the opportunity to test it yet.
The graphics are ok - reasonable, but nothing special, its an indie title after all. There are night missions, where you vision will be reduced, but you can throw some flares around, and all your weapons and turrets have flashlight on. There are sandstorms, that obscure your vision and lightnings that mess up your electronics - all looking reasonably well.I would like to see a vsync option though, as I think I've noticed some tearing in rare occasions.
The controls are fine, but I would love to be able to assign keys to my individual weapon slots, instead of having to scroll through them. Same applies for the inventory items.
So yea, Deadstone is a pretty well rounded game, pretty easy to recommend, even when it comes off sale!

TL:DR you can check my overview video - failing "day 20", showing some survival mode, and going back to beat the level.
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 17, 2015
Deadstone, a classic 2D top down shooter where you defend a base against a parasitic incursion, campaign is a bit long but the story is interesting enough to slog through. That and survival mode is good for a quick session. Also has Co-Op mode! If you are interested please read the important note located at the bottom of this review.

Game Info
Name: Deadstone
Developer: Timeslip Softworks
Genre: Lite-Rpg, Base Defense, Hoard Mode, Top Down Shooter, CO-OP
Personal Verdict: A fun enough game even if the story streches on for too long. 6/10
Official Website:

What is Deadstone?
Pretty much your decent game about defending a single line offscreen from being penetrated by hoards of the living dead that wants to eat your colonist's face off. Oh and its set on Mars with a pretty good story decent story but too bad that the amount of levels drags on for a little bit with some levels having no dialogs at all. Despite this the game is still quite fun to play through. Oh and it has survival mode, thats something. Also has co-op mode!

Short Intro
Onboard the space station Icarus man perform terrible experiment on the very human life. Now that these monsters has escaped it is up to you to protect what remain of the colony below, the colony of DEADSTONE.

The game isn't exactly pretty but considering that it is just a simple 2D top down shooter i say the graphics does its job well enough. Although the effects are somehwat underwhelming for things such as explosion. The menu interface and the rare artwork are undenieably good looking at least.

Generic sounding music for everything with zombies grunt, guns shoots and explosion fires. The music is hardly noticeably during gameplay and overall the sound exist for the sake of at least not making things feel empty.

Your character moves around a static map with a weapon status, health bar and a minimap displayed on the corner of the screen. The game objective is to shoot the zombies coming from the top of the screen and prevent them from reaching the bottom screen otherwise in standard game like this you lose a single colonist. The zombies can and will harm you and in the later levels they come in so thick you will find yourself healing, shooting and running away constantly like mad game of juggling.

Colonist serves several purposes, they act as life point where a single number of them gets deducted for every zombies that made it through and at the end of every patrol you are awarded with extra exp and money for every surviving colonist. The game does mix up the game type with 3 different mode, patrol which is the bog standard 'Don't let em come close' mode, Colonist rescue where you defend a location with a colonist for a limited amount of time to extract them and alstly arena where it is just you, no defense no turrets against an endless wave of enemies while being waiting for the timer to countdown.

EXP gained from completing patrols are used to level up your characters in several aspect like speed, accuracy, mechanical and endurance. For every 2 level up you also gain a single perk point to be spend on gaining a single perk but better perks are locked behind a high skill point requirement so planning ahead is rather important.

To aid you in defending the colony and killing zombies you have guns and turrets and mines at your disposal. You can carry up to 4 different types of weapon at a time although you must have several points in endurance first in order to carry the heavier ones with you into patrol. Mines and turret can be place before every round. New types of turrets can be researched at the lab along with weapons upgrade as well. Everything cost money though and it is a good idea to start saving up money for the later round and upgrades.

Enemies come in several different types and shapes with in order to avoid spoilers the shambler and the runner make up most of the type you will kill. Do note the game has a unique system where every spawn enemies has different stats which results in some of them being able to walk fast, take more hits but during the heat of the battle it's really quite hard to tell.

The game has campaign mode and survival mode. The campaign mode is a tad long for my taste and the survival mode is basically a strip down campaign mode where the objective is to survive for as long as humanly possible.

The game also supports local co-op mode but an Xbox controller is required for it.

DEADSTONE, decent top down shooter game that doesn't shake up the formula but it does what it does surpisingly well enough but unfortunatedly the long campaign and lack of diverse background hurts the game slightly. Also please read the important note below.

Verdict: Buy it if you like this kind of game.

Thankfully i went over the official site and discover according to the faq that some of the game mode and mutation are not available if you chose a lower setting and testing confirms this. Here is the faq in question:

Q: Can you explain how the quality settings impact the game?
Low: Lower resolution textures, no night missions, no dust storms, limited effects.
Medium: Medium resolution textures, night missions with lower quality lighting, no dust storms, limited effects.
High: High resolution textures, night missions with high quality lighting, dust storms active, high effects.
Highest: High resolution textures, night missions with additional high quality lighting, dust storms active, maximum effects.

Keep this in mind when choosing the settings.

Specialize early on, if you chose to go with turret + gunner build you wil lsuffer late game.
You can very easily survive the first 10 days without actually buying anything but a better pistol. The first shotgun is horrible. Use this info to farm up cash.
Armor upgrade is kinda pointless for the first 20 days. Go get the bandolier instead.
For turret upgrade: Rate of fire + reload time is the most important. Also don't bother with the scatter turret because the machinegun turret is already good enough for all situation.

Once again i am Chlorique Queas and thank you for reading my review!

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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 12, 2014
Hybrid of top-down shooter mechanics with a levelling/perk system, and placement of defenses.

Pretty much hits every button for me gameplaywise. I wholeheartedly recommend it if you like the genres in question, and want some arcadey fun.

The writing is solid, the voice acting in the intro is also solid. We're not talking Bioware here, but by the standards of the indie games I've played, both stood out as better than the average Greenlight. While this sounds like faint praise, I was actually quite impressed. When I actually notice the voice acting and writing in a top-down shooter, it means they actually put some worthwhile time into both.

My two recommendations, gameplay wise:
* Provide more information on what your levelling decisions mean. When levelling various stats, or picking certain perks (Headhunter comes to mind) it's slightly harder to make an informed decision than I'd like.
* I have yet to find a use for the first starting guns other than an emergency second clip when my pistol needs reloading. My pistol and shotgun seem to take roughly the same number of shots to put something down. At least the first tier of guns feels underwhelming, especially since you need to pay for ammo.
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 19, 2015
Deadstone is a top down twin stick zombie defense game in which you protect a bunch of colonists from the rampaging horde of Martian Zombies.

The games strengths are in it's depth of strategy, there are many ways to protect your colonists and many ways to build your character. There is also a really cool UI Function where you set up ans save defense layouts before a mission adding a nice splash of tower defense to the gameplay. With that you can better cover all your zones more effectively. All the controls are really tight and responsive the game rewards you for being accurate and efficent.

The game has a good story with great characters and well written dialogue. The game also features a survival mode as well as co-op.

For the Twin Stick Enthusiast, this zombie wrecking action is totally worthwhile. :)
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
8.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
Overall a rather cute and pleasant game. The controls are smooth, the RPG elements give you interesting synergistic options (in short, are you an 80's Action Hero, Grizzled Demolitions Expert or a Tower Defense Engineer?), and the story has some well-written characters. Shooting zombies feels satisfying, and there are 3 game modes even in the story missions (Patrol, a TD-style; Arena, a survival match; Rescue, what it says on the tin) so it doesn't wear out its welcome. It even has a "Side B" story that's a parody of the main story for added replay value.

I will say I didn't like the enemies growing tougher over time (literally tougher, nothing changed except their HP went up) because it didn't make the game harder, but it DID remove any sense of progress in a lot of the RPG elements. I played on normal, and every time my damage went up, the enemies seemed to increase their HP by an equal amount so that I never felt a sense of progression, but never felt like the enemy was growing harder, either. There are only 5 enemy types; they start off mildly threatening, and thanks to HP growth, they end up mildly threatening by the end as well. I'd also say that the main campaign was wearing out its welcome a bit by the end, you could probably trim 10 days off without really losing a sense of the game's fun. Additionally, the story ended up falling a little flat as you realize it's more a first act of an arc than a complete story, and I kept waiting for a twist that never appeared.

I'm sandwiching my complaints between two positive paragraphs because again, overall, I am quite satisfied with this game. The leveling system was elegant, the weapons satisfying, the controls smooth, and the characters well-written. If you like twin-stick shooters with a pretty heavy RPG component (both in leveling mechanics and having a character-driven story) this game will scratch that itch quite well.
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9.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2014
This is a good game for $10. It has a passable story and fairly rewarding progression in terms of perks and upgrades. Don't expect too much depth though. It's more than worth the money if you're getting it with a discount.
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1.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 22, 2015
First Impressions:

Deadstone might not be the prettiest game out there, but I do appreciate the fact that it mixes RPG, Tower Defense, and Top-Down Zombie Shooting mechanics (and it does so well). I was also both impressed and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the voice acting and the dialogue. There are three game modes available and assuming they each take a few hours to complete a single playthru (I haven't gotten far enough to gauge that yet) then yes, $10 is worth the price of admission. Just be advised that the main campaign starts off slow and may bore you a bit, but you'll soon unlock enough stuff to the point where you'll need to choose what you'll bring with you into the next patrol. Pretty fun game, in my opinion.
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38.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 13, 2014
Amazing game!
Both the Campaign side and the Survival side are amazing, action packed, entertaining and down right amazing!
The campaign immerses you into a thrilling story line, full of action!
Campaign offers awesome features such as tower defense that spice the game up and make it that bit better!
Survival mode is where all the action constantly takes place, being able to choose guns and earn credits to buy better ones, better upgrades and much more! Survival throws you into the action straight away and rewards you with credits based on how well you have done!
There is also a very in depth character development menu where you can add STAT points to your character and give them certain perks to increase there abilities in the field!
Immersing Story, Action packed survival game, I would gladly give this game a 9/10 and I am surprised that the game is only this price, I would reccomend it to anyone!
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Not Recommended
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 4, 2015
A 50 mission game which is 20 missions too long. I was hoping for more maps/enemy models/story development/action!

The cutscene art and voice acting are fantastic, and the RPG elements are solid, but gameplay repetitive and dull and the story stretched out far too thin to make me recommend this game to anyone.
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15.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2014
Disclosure: I wrote an article for TechRaptor on this and got early access to produce a review for them.

Fans of the top-down shooter genre will like the progression system in this game and will enjoy the accuracy needed to go further in the game. Hitting zombies in the center results in more damage, and rewards accurate gameplay without being too reliant on it. The progression system makes your character really feel like your own: there are hundreds of combinations you can end up putting together from relying on sentries and the tower defense elements to protect you, to being a speedy shotgunner running around hitting everything.

The problem the game faces is a very long campaign that goes way too long, and the variety hits a very strong wall ast the environment and enemies don't have that much variety to it. The lack of guns variety hurts too, 4 base types are a little disappointing as the guns have a vast variety to them in terms of available stats. The art style isn't the greatest, and will get boring to look at.

Honestly though, it's one of those games that will be a challenge to see how far you can get, and if you like the top-down shooter genre, it's definitely worth a look. It's not a world changer, but it's a solid average shooter that definitely will appeal to fans of the genre.

I did an official review and video for TechRaptor over here:
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Recently Posted
2.2 hrs
Posted: October 6
This is a really enjoyable game! Great price, too, I recommend it if you're into both twin-stick shooters and tower defense games. It's essentially a hybrid of the two genres, done very well I'd add, with gunplay that reminds me of Teleglitch in some ways (or maybe Neon Chrome). The writing is heads and tails above most indie games, most tower defense games period, and literally every twin stick shooter I've ever played. Though it also has a goofy mode that makes the story more farcical, and a no-story mode for a much more arcade feel.

I actually get a Fallout vibe from the text exchanges in this game, and I'm not talking Bethesda's games, I mean the original. This is high praise.

The gameplay is well balanced and there are a number of ways to succeed depending on how you develop your character and the gear you choose to bring into battle. I'm currently playing it with emphasis on the twin-stick aspect by getting my Speed and Accuracy up, but if you want to go more the TD route you can focus on your Mechanics stat to be able to deploy lots of defenses so you don't have to mop up the creeps as much yourself. I really like this particular freedom of choice for the player.

To the dev, I'm super impressed and this was money well spent. Thanks for the really cool game. To fellow Steam users considering the purchase, I'd say this is a Must Buy for fans of the two genres, even at full price - if you see a sale, nab it!
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1.1 hrs
Posted: June 8
I do not have much time to play games currently, but I def. will continue playing Deadstone as soon as I can get some time for it. I like games with a mars setting and I think the developer made a pretty good job.
+ Nice music
+ Nice menu system
+ Nice story images
+ Simple but very honest gameplay
+ mars setting (a personal favorite of mine)
+ quite cheap ;-)
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8.8 hrs
Posted: May 4
A really good game I loved the story and I really hope to see a sequal. You rarely see anyone trying to do a game that would be not simple survival horror but to fight back. So I'm really looking forward to a sequal.
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7.7 hrs
Posted: February 28
Great top down shooter, with a good story accompanying it. Loved the upgrade system and the tough choices of whether to buy the new weapon or suffer for a while with just the pistol in order to buy the even better version. I got a lot more time out of Deadstone than I expected and I still feel I can play a good deal more thanks to an endless mode, the few different level types throughout the story and replaying missions because winning isn't winning if innocents died.
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Sharp Income
10.6 hrs
Posted: February 26
Good game. Buy it on sale. See conclusion for what sets it apart from other TDS games.

It's a simple top down shooter. The main shooting gameplay is simple and repeatative as such is the typical restriction of the TDS genre, but yet also at times pretty intense and challenging. And the gameplay as a whole is a repeatative cycle of mission then prepare for the next mission but keeps the player in a comfortable flow that removes the negative feelings of repeatativeness and replaces it with anticipation. Anticipation for what new gear can I buy, or just waiting to get a break from a very tense, challenging mission. The flow and changes in action to strategy is balanced very well and keeps the player engaged. Missions are challenging so you'll actually appreciate the break from the action and also really enjoy it due to the fact that the player is given so many decisions to make regarding planning the next mission.

As for the missions, they start with an interesting, well written page of dialogue. Usually I hate having to read through sentence after sentence of character interaction (just let me get to killing something!) but the dialogue is interesting and well written such that each sentence is meaningful. I didn't want to miss any of it! Then the action begins. The enemies come from the top and you're trying to kill 'em off as fast as possible so as to not to let any get into the base (get past the bottom of the map). If they do, you'll loose a survivor and that means your research upgrades come slower. So you've got to keep an eye on your surroundings so you don't get mauled by zombies, also watch your ammo and look for the right time to reload vs switch weapon, and keep a third eye on your radar in case there are zombies elsewhere slipping through your defenses! It'll be a sigh of relief when you finish your mission and you'll definitely be looking forward to the break in the action where you can take your time to plan out your defenses for the next mission. Before I get to describing the strategic part, there are also rescue and survival type missions where you must survive for a certain amount of time. These are on separate maps/areas, where you won't have your turrets, mines to help you out. You can also seperately play survival mode apart from the campaign.

Now, for the strategic aspect. This is an rpg. You gain XP which will allow you to unlock perks for your character from a plethora of options. You also earn stat points to increase things like constitution, speed, accuracy and mechanics. Speed is for movement speed; accuracy is weapon accuracy. Constition allows you to carry more ammo (you can also buy an bandolier which will further increase your ammo capacity), but constitution also allows you to use the more advanced weapons you'll unlock through research. The research is done automatically by the survivors. You'll start the game with a set number and you can loose them if enemies get past the bottom end of the map on the missions. Through the mechanics stat you'll unlock access to mines and turrets and you'll be able to lay them out on the map and save the layout before starting your next mission. As you increase this stat you'll be able to buy and place more mines and buy upgrades for your turrets. An interesting point is that turrets initially need to be manually reloaded (by standing by them) which adds more tactical depth to the missions.

Next the weapons. There are four classes and I think 3 or 4 levels for each weapon class. You have pistols , an automatic type of gun (smg and ARs), a rifle (sniper rilfe/bolt action) slower rate of fire used as your precision, long range weapon, and a shotgun to complete the balanced ensamble. You can equip 4 weapons at a time, so you'll want to have one of each so you have a balanced arsenal on the battle field. But don't try to purchase each one right away. It may be better to spend your precious money on different upgrades or ammo. Instead of upgrading the weapons' individual stats, you'll unlock a more powerful version of each weapon in the class (which gives you the option of skipping an entire tier if you want to save some money). Having these 4 distinct classes keeps the weapons balanced and adds tactical depth to the gameplay as each serves their own specific purpose. Reload times are significant in this game which gives the pistol usefulness as a backup weapon (as it serves in real life), and also adds to the tension. Your move speed is also somewhat slow which makes having a precision weapon important. You can use it to take out that lone enemy on the other side of the map so you don't have to give up your current position that your holding to take out a more numerous threat. (You don't want to let even one enemy through). Then there's the automatic weapons, probably your most used weapon to mow down the hoards. And when the mobs get closer and you need to deal with them quickly pull out your powerful shotgun whose spread can hit multiple enemies at once and saves you time from having to aim precisely.

You'll also have usable items to help you in the field. A detpack (explosive, can be used to take out burrow holes where enemies spawn from), a health pack to heal yourself on the fly, and a flares you can place around the map to help you see at night.

The only negative I have with this is that it still is repeatative. You are on the same map for the majority of the game. There are a few other maps for arena/survival missions and rescue missions, but I think it'd be better if there could've been say 4 different enterances to the survivors' base that you had to defend. And if there could of been some kind of debri or something that you could take cover behind, something you could shoot over that the enemies would have to walk around, or large rocks you could use to hide behind (and not shoot over)... that would be awesome. (And rotating camera view, fixed behind the player like a third person shooter, would be cool too.) Even so, this game would keep me engaged for an hour or so at a time. I'd do maybe about 5 missions in a play session and I thoroughly enjoy it.

The excellent flow of gameplay, strategic planning before the action in each mission, the interesting story and dialogue, and the abundant choices in gear/upgrades and options for difficulty (& even choice of which story: serious or tongue in cheek!) and relatively lengthy campaign is what makes this game stand out from the rest of the TDS market. Definitely worth it on sale.
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36.1 hrs
Posted: September 16, 2015
Fun enough to play through once despite the repetition. Too repetitive to get all the achievements.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 17, 2015
This is an excellent top-down twin stick shooter, with some interesting RTS elements. I love the upgrade system, and the story mode has both a regular story and a more light-hearted funny take on the same story. It's very unique and hope to see this in future games. Multiplayer is very fun too so grab a friend!

Highly recommend!

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Four Horseman
6.2 hrs
Posted: May 11, 2015
Deadstone is a rather fun top-down shooter with RPG and mild tower defense elements thrown in. There is a campaign and survial mode, and a lot of replayability even once you complete the normal campaign. I really can't judge this style of game on graphical quality...but I have for sure seen better looking top-down shooters. I would say that my favorite aspect of Deadstone are the RPG level up your character and weapons with the xp and money you earn while completing campaign missions. Money can be pretty tight, so I always start out getting the "extra money" perks right out of the gate.
Survival mode leaves a little to be desired in my start off with a few stat points and perk points, as well as a little bit of money (emphasis on little). Maybee if you survive log enough you are given additional chances to buy weapons and upgrade your stats and perks, but I have never gotten that far. This means that the little amount of money you start out with has to be used sparingly to say the least. You are given a default pistol and 500$...but the least expensive weapon is 400, plus you have to buy ammo, med packs, explosives, etc...
I am recomending this game as I have so much fun playing it...if you can pick it up on sale it's a no loose situation.
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