Como um arrombador de cofres profissional, você é contratado por uma rica família de um recente falecido para procurar pela mansão por seu testamento. Duncan W. Adams era um ávido colecionador de cofres e, para não dizer muito, "excêntrico". Adams escondeu a escritura das suas vastas riquezas em um dos 35 cofres.
Data de lançamento: 2 Ago 2006
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Sobre o jogo

Como um arrombador de cofres profissional, você é contratado por uma rica família de um recente falecido para procurar pela mansão por seu testamento. Duncan W. Adams era um ávido colecionador de cofres e, para não dizer muito, "excêntrico". Adams escondeu a escritura das suas vastas riquezas em um dos 35 cofres. Você deve desvendar todos usando dicas espalhadas por sua extravagante mansão. As apostas são grandes. Use sua perícia, conhecimento e habilidades em resolver enigmas para receber seu pagamento!

  • Um jogo de aventura com enigmas desafiadores e 35 cofres diferentes para arrombar.
  • Muitos enigmas criativos, espertos e realmente únicos.
  • Decifre pistas inesperadas dentro de cada cofre que lhe ajudarão a abrir os próximos, levando você, no fim, ao cofre mestre.
  • Múltiplos níveis de dificuldade para desafiar todos os tipos de entusiastas em quebra-cabeças.
  • Explore uma mansão magnífica com 30 salas intrigantes, grandiosas e ricas em detalhes.

Requisitos de sistema

    Minimum: Windows® 2000/XP, 800 MHz Pentium® III or equivalent/ faster processor, 64 MB of RAM, DirectX 9.0c or higher, 64 MB DirectX® 9.0c compliant video card, DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card, mouse, keyboard

    Recommended: Windows XP, 1 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent/faster, 128 RAM, 64 MB DirectX® 9.0c Compliant Video Card, DirectX 9.0c, 3D Compatible sound card, mouse, keyboard

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Oh puzzles how you annoy me so, but I keep coming back because you also intrigue me.

I have not beat this game so my opinion is subject to change however the premise of this game is quite nice and both hilarious at the same time. The idea a rich guy retired and went into making ridiculous puzzles to hide his fortune is quite interesting and funny.

That being said this game makes me rage quit a lot, maybe I am not good at puzzles but I generally find myself stomped on puzzles trying to figure them out. Till i recently tried taking a picture and pasting it into gimp to put trials for example of what i tried and what failed in different colors. It felt really cool planning out the path to complete the puzzle in some instances and gratifying when it worked.

The game links puzzles together in some instances where you get parts for completing some puzzles and had to piece them together to complete others to go into the rooms. I really liked how the system worked basically the locks on doors were only accessed through solving the puzzles around you and limited your freedom of movement but the more you solved puzzles and opened doors the more pathways you had to return to places you came back from.

I would defintly recommend this game to people who like puzzles and jotting down notes trying to work out what paths didn't work out or not to deduce where to go to beat it!
Publicada: 9 junho 2014
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Despite being old, it's worth its current value. Not-over-complicated puzzles with logical solutions make this game a very enjoyable experience minimizing frustration moments. It features nice pre-rendered old-school 360º scenes coupled with somewhat suitable music. It's not too long, with about 30 totally different puzzles to solve and about 5 hours of gameplay.

Due to its age, it doesn't come without technical problems:
Resolution is fixed to 1024x768 which will stretch on wide-screen monitors.
On some installations, the game flickers constantly making it unplayable. This seems to be related to FPS and nVidia adapters. I have no problems on AMD. Either way, the solution is to go windowed mode, which is covered in the forums.

In short, tacking into account its release date and current price, a very recommendable product.
Publicada: 3 maio 2014
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Great puzzle game. If you're looking for something quite challenge your brain then this game served you right. It has many kinds of puzzles so you will not bored definitely. The story is nearly nothing but the main story of this game is not based on story, it's just based on awesome puzzles in game.
Publicada: 22 junho 2014
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On Windows 7, this game is a flickering mess because apparently the double buffering failed or something. The German voiceovers are amateurish and sound American. Not sure about the gameplay, but the start of it wasn't very challenging.

Be aware that there are at least three different games called "Safe Cracker" - if you have fond memories of one, this might not be it.

[Addendum: On my old XP machine, the game runs as intended. For the first 20 minutes or so, the puzzles were mildly challenging, then a slide/rotate puzzle with far too many parts annoyed me into quitting.]
Publicada: 23 abril 2014
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3/10 buy on sale/in bundle. This game is for hardcore puzzlers only. While I was able to solve maybe 3/4 myself, some were so stupidly designed, I have no idea how people actually managed to figure them out. The music is nice and not annoying, the visuals look nice, and the voice of the player does his job well, but some cheasy moments and a handful of bad puzzles left me frusterated and made me want to complete this game to get it over with.
Publicada: 11 março 2014
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If anybody else had trouble to start up this game like me then here is what i did to fix it.

1) If steam remains stuck in preparing to launch. Make sure the game is installed on the same hard drive as steam. Usually the C drive.

2) If the game flickers. Go to your steamapps/common folder then safecracker2. In config AND STEAM_config files change bFullScreen=1 TO bFullScreen=0 and save.

3) I also had the game freeze on a black screen. To resolve this in my case i went to Nvidia control panel, manage 3d settings. Safecracker2 then manually turn Antialiasing mode to off. That solved all my issues and yes it was worth it.

I love games that put your brain to the test and Safecracker certainly did that!
The puzzles were varied enough to keep the whole experience interesting. It was nice having a subtle story behind it too, as it gave it more meaning. I would recommend this game to those who enjoy solving puzzles and feel rewarded when they finally crack a safe.

Took around 6 hours to complete and i found having a pen and paper handy helped :)
Publicada: 23 fevereiro 2014
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