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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes permet à tous les fans de la série Star Wars, qu'ils soient jeunes ou qu'ils le soient un peu moins, de vivre les aventures galactiques de l'attaque des Clones. Pour la première fois dans un jeu vidéo, les joueurs peuvent se battre avec leur Jedi favori ou avec des Clone Troopers tout droit venus...
Date de parution: 6 oct 2009
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À propos du jeu

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes permet à tous les fans de la série Star Wars, qu'ils soient jeunes ou qu'ils le soient un peu moins, de vivre les aventures galactiques de l'attaque des Clones. Pour la première fois dans un jeu vidéo, les joueurs peuvent se battre avec leur Jedi favori ou avec des Clone Troopers tout droit venus de la série télévisée, qu'il s'agisse de personnages familiers comme Anakin Skywalker ou de nouveaux héros, comme Rex le Capitaine des Clones. Un scénario inédit qui propose une transition entre les saisons un et deux, emporte le joueur dans une aventure multifacette qui le conduira à contrecarrer les plans destructeurs d'un mystérieux assassin. Développé pour pouvoir être joué à deux joueurs en mode coopération, avec une prise en main très facile, ce jeu permet de réunir toutes les générations de fans de Star Wars pour combattre les diaboliques Séparatistes et rétablir la paix dans la galaxie.
  • Incarnez vos héros Jedi préférés, comme Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, et Kit Fisto
  • Frayez vous un chemin à travers les nombreux droïdes Séparatistes grâce aux pouvoirs de la Force et à votre Sabre laser, et utilisez votre agilité pour réaliser des sauts exceptionnels dans des niveaux où de nombreuses interactions sont possibles
  • Servez-vous de vos ennemis comme armes en prenant le contrôle de droïdes et utilisez leurs compétences uniques pour tirer sur les ennemis. En tant que Jedi, vous serez amené à résoudre des énigmes !
  • Mesurez-vous à l'un de vos amis dans des défis afin d'obtenir des points qui vous permettront d'améliorer votre personnage ou de débloquer des objets bonus

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows XP ou Windows Vista
    • Processeur : Intel P4 3.0GHz AMD XP 3000+ ou supérieure
    • Mémoire : 1Go Ram, 2Go pour Windows Vista
    • Graphismes : Nvidia 7300 GS ou meilleure, ATI X1600 ou meilleure* *Requirement of 256Mo ou plus video memory
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 8Go
    • Son : 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible audio Device
    • Controller Support: Yes
    • Other Requirements: Requires login to Games pour Windows - LIVE
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Despite being a fan of the Star Wars franchise, I never got around to watching The Clone Wars. I certainly appreciate its art style, though, and this game is faithful to it. That's the only good thing about the game, and even then it's rather subjective – some people might not enjoy its looks.

The story is the same for every piece of Star Wars material, which is to say, disposable at best.

As for characters... Anakin Skywalker's annoying padawan calling him "Skyguy" every five minutes during the dreadful cutscenes would be enough to put me off. But I persevered, as part of my quest to beat all of my Games For Windows Live titles before that system is shut down (possibly rendering them unplayable forever).

Speaking of cutscenes, they are often glitched and abruptly interrupted for no reason.

The gameplay is very, very dull. The combat is boring, especially when you're playing the role of Republic soldiers (in other words, the shooting sections). And even in the hardest difficulty setting, if you "die", you'll just respawn in the same area, without any limits. Perhaps most baffling, though, is the fact that you will face the same boss THREE times. He always uses the same attacks, and you'll always use the same method to beat him.

There are occasional "puzzles" that were clearly designed with four-year old children in mind. On top of that, Master Yoda will always show up to tell you what to do next or how to play. Like a constant tutorial throughout the game.

It also has some of the worst platforming sections I have ever gone through... and it has a lot of them. The controls are very imprecise, even when playing with a gamepad. Levels are poorly designed, and the fixed camera angles only makes matters worse. This means you'll be falling to your "death" more often than not when jumping around... but hey, at least there's that immediate respawn, right?
Posté le : 5 février 2014
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I wouldn't say that this game was a complete piece of crap and it was obviously designed with controllers in mind not keyboards, but lets just say younger children will get more out of this than anyone above the age of 13.
Posté le : 26 mars 2014
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All the reviews so far do not do this game the proper justice. This game is not just bad, it is Terribad. Capital T and all. This game is the kind of bad, that people on youtube make money off of for showing off. It is a freakshow of terribleness. The control scheme is awful and when mixed with the fixed camera angles, you have NO depth perception or sense of angles. Most of the time you are jumping off cliffs for a simple jump. Using a controller fixes this issue only slightly. This is the first game i have touched that has went so far to make a tutorial, and forgt to teach you stuff. I had to look up how to beat the tutorial boss, because i did not understand that the game requires double jumping to its tiny gun, to balance on it. Which i tried before i even looked it up. On a keyboard its REALLY hard to tell these things. Deaths in the game have LESS punishment then the Lego series. But your hud is designed for taking punishment. The design makes no sense. This game, in all of its areas is not for a small childs as claimed. No my friends, this is just really lazy craftmanship. No care or love went into this game at all. I have no clue HOW IN THE NINE LAYERS OF HELL they managed to make the game look so amazing. Its sad that its wasted on the non-existant enviroment. Nothing pretty to look at. Some cutscenes have ... decent-ish.. chit-chat. but as soon as the scene ends, your treated to the awful dialogue of the ingame banter. If you do dare touch this title, you will never want to hear the words "Skyguy" ever again, as it will only lead to memories of these horrible wretched moments. This game is one of the worst titles i have played in a very long time. I should have looked at the reviews before i threw my 5$ at this thing. I love bad games, but a lazy game is unforgiveable.
Posté le : 5 mai 2014
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The show is decent. This game however, far from that. The platforming is done horribly, combat is somehow both mindless and unfun, and almost every other word that came from this game gave my backhand an itch, one that could only be scratched if it was applied on the face of the speaker.

This game only has one redeeming factor, its assets. Even then, it seems a bit outdated. Hopefully someone will make use of them and bring them to Gmod or SFM.
Posté le : 16 juillet 2014
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I bought this to play in multiplayer with my 5 year old....she loves it..for kids who love watching the clone wars cartoon, it has all the main characters. Most importantly they can play as Ahsoka!
Controls are easy for her to use and she loves the style of the game. Its just like the cartoon. Very easy for her to navigate the screen and gameplay is simple.
If your looking for something more complex then dont buy this. If your looking for a game for a child between 5-7 then this is ideal.
Posté le : 29 juin 2014
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