Real-time simulation of your team. A football and strategy game. Total control: manage as Head coach, Director of football, and Chairman in a fast and fun way. Try out your strategy in Interactive matches while giving orders to your players in real-time.
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Nov 3, 2017

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February 19

Mid season FCS 18 update (v3.5.1.5) includes 20 improvements suggested by the international gamers community.

We are proud to count with an international gamers community behind so committed to the continuous improvement of Football Club Simulator - FCS.

Every idea, suggestion, analisis, critic and/or experience related to the videogame is fundamental for our improvement.

Join now!!!

You can contact us by clicking on the SUGGESTIONS button on the game main menu:

Or by sending a mail directly to:

We are already working on the version v3.6.1.0. Among many updates, it includes the winter window transfers.

Changelog version FCS 18 - v3.5.1.5

Implemented Community Suggestions:

1. Quality of new players
The new players replacing the retiring ones are quite bad. These new players should have similar ratings to those who retire. Implemented

2. New age ranges in Scouting
The search function would improve if the following ranges were implemented. From 15 to 19 years / from 20 to 24 years / from 25 to 29 years / from 30 to 34 years / from 35 years onwards. Implemented.

3. Promising talents
It would be very useful to have the assistant coach informing you on a monthly basis if any of your young talents is overperforming In the Football School, Additionally, it would be great if the assistant coach could report about good players in your Youth Squad who are not yet training. Implemented.

4. More rotation
The AI does not rotate the line-ups so sometimes the stars of the rival teams are too tired and that penalises the team. This should be improved for the CPU teams. Implemented.

5. Form affecting the tiredness algorithm
Tiredness would be more realistic if not only the number of matches played consecutively and the minutes played in each of them are taking into account but also the current form of the player. This would imply that the better the player’s form is, the slower the player tires. Implemented.

6. Quick action in one-week injuries
If a player has a one-week injury, the medical team should treat him so he is fit for the next game. Implemented.

7. Adjustments of the tiredness of new signings
While it is normal that the signing of a new player implies extra tiredness, the level now is too high. It should be reduced so he can play from the first match. Implemented.

8. Winning bid
In the cases where you receive more than one bid for one of your players, it would be useful that once you accept one of them, the rest of the bids are automatically removed. The game would gain in dynamism and clarity. Implemented.

9. Form in Football School after summer break
When the new season starts, the quality loss of the young talents is too high. They are young so it should be easier for them to keep the form. Implemented.

10. Search by nationality
I’d definitely implement a new search option: nationality. It would be really useful for us Argentinians as our squads can only have 5 foreign players. It would be useful as well in leagues like the English or the German, where the squad must have a minimum of national players. Implemented.

11. More options in specific training
I’d like to have more slots for the specific training of my players. With a one-star training coach, I have six slots. This is clearly not enough. Also, with the best of the training coaches, I cannot train all my players simultaneously. I think one-star coaches should come with at least 11 slots and a five-star coach should let you train all the squad at the same time. Implemented.

12. Better end-of-the-match ratings
The ratings at the end of the match could be more realistic if it took into account the performance based on the most important skills for each position along with the quality difference between the two teams. Implemented.

13. Statistics of all leagues
I love the statistics menu. It helps me in situations like choosing the tactics for important games or making transfers based on the information of the players and teams of my league. However, I would include the statistics of all the rest of leagues. Implemented.

14. Signed player message
If a player will sign for a new team in the next transfer window, it should be reflected on his profile (for example, in the section where the button “Sign” appears now. Implemented.

15. Message when the works in the stadium are finished
Making the stadium bigger is one of my favourite options of the game. I just miss a message that informs me once the works are done. Implemented.

16. Improvement in the message “There is an interesting player”
It would be very useful if the message informing you that there is an interesting player is not removed even after you enter his profile so you can monitor him closely for the period of time you decide. The only way to close that message should be clicking the CLOSE button. Implemented.

17. New message about player wanting to get a better contract
When a player has a salary which does not correspond with his quality, the game should let you know that he wants to either renew his contract or leave the team. Logically, if there is no agreement for a new contract, his performance will not be as good as usual. Implemented.

18. New message about injuries
I would implement a new message alerting you when one of your players has suffered an injury. Implemented.

19. New message about players being fit again
Along with the previous message, the doctors should announce when the players are healthy again and ready to train and play.Implemented.

20. New rules for foreign players in Argentina
Since January 2018, there is a new rule in Argentina. The clubs can sign up to six foreign players and up to five of them can play simultaneously (before this law, only 4 could play at the same time). It would be fantastic if this could be implemented in the game. Implemented.

Reported bugs by the community already fixed:

- Sometimes some players lose their skills very early in their careers (even at 27!). At that age, I think they should be still improving and not otherwise. Fixed.

- Sometimes, during the summer transfer window, I do not receive any offer for the players from my club listed in the transfer list. However, when the summer transfer window closes, offers start to pop up. Fixed.

- I had to play Barcelona in the third match of the preseason when actually I need to play them again in the Supercopa de España days later. Fixed.

- When an “interesting player” appears, it is usually the same player and almost every time is just a free-agent player. It would be good to have more variety. Fixed.

- In 2017, currently a match is set to play on Sunday December 31st. This is not adjusted to real life where there are no matches in Italy, Spain or France. Please adjust. Fixed.

- The free-agent players are not signed instantly. Fixed.

- In the “Injuries” screen, the form level is not readable. Fixed.

- In the Highlights mode, when a player is injured, there is no message alerting you of this situation so you can not make the substitution. Fixed.

- The players being substituted off the pitch are not rated. Fixed.

- When playing this game, my computer overheats and I need to use a cooling system. Fixed.

- Something strange happened to me. I noticed that some players on loans are at the same time transfered. The game does not allow your club to sign any loaned player but CPU clubs can and this should not be possible. Fixed.

- The foreign player rule in Argentina only applies to your club. Only your club is obliged not to play 5 foreign players at the same time and not to include 6 of them in your squad. But for what I have seen, the rest of clubs can have as many foreign players as they wish. Fixed.

- The Community Shield is played in the local team’s stadium. In real life, this match is played at Wembley. Fixed.

- The two Mexican Supercopas are played in the local team’s stadium. This competition is always played in a neutral field, either in Mexico or USA with a crowd capacity of at least 20 000 people. Fixed.

- Keepers in every league are displayed correctly in the statistics screen but not yours, even if he has played 70% of the matches. Fixed.

- When playing with the manual training option on, once you get rid of one player taking part of your training plan, the AI resets the training as if the automatic training option was on. Fixed.

- The loans are not saved. If you accept a loan for a player, when you load your game, the loan is not active. Fixed.

- I played Barcelona in the first leg of the Supercopa de España and they have made their three substitutions. In the last minute of the match, Umtiti has suffered an injury and Semedo has entered the pitch, becoming the fourth substitution. This should not happen, they should have played with only 10 players for the remaining part of the match. Fixed.

- Sometimes, in the Highlight mode, the AI has made a substitution taking an injured player off the bench. Even if they are on the bench, the AI should never choose injured players. Fixed.

- You should not play twice the same team in preseason. For example, playing with Real Madrid, I have played Werder Bremen both in the first match and in Trofeo Bernabéu. Fixed.

- Sometimes, when the rival keeper is sent off, the AI replaces him with a keeper from the bench and the team keeps playing with eleven players. When a keeper or a defense in the CPU team is sent off, the team should play with 10 players using a more defensive plan and adapt the players and tactics to the new situation. Fixed.

Do not hesitate to contact me addressing your questions related to Football Club Simulator - FCS to my new mail:

Note: The mail account does not work anymore. Please, use this new mail address. Thanks!!!
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November 28, 2017

November FCS 18 Update (v3.5.1.1) made from Football Club Simulator - FCS 18 player's reports and suggestions

After the release of the new Football Club Simulator - FCS 18 on November 3rd, we keep on working for improving the videogame with the collaboration of the world community of players.

Do not hesitate to write us with your ideas:

We count on you all to achieve successfully the new update FCS 18 (v3.5.1.2) scheduled at the end of December.

Suggestions from the Community

“It would be very useful if the messages of your staff shows a date to correctly evaluate the information received”

“It would be very useful when choosing team that the information about the amount of money shows the TV rights to know exactly the cash available”

“The football players over the years should have a greater progression so that the average of the skills do not get worse when playing several consecutive seasons”

“When a football player in the last year of his contract rejects an offer from your team for next season, if you want to make an offer again (option that automatically offers the notification) should appear by default an offer for the next season”

Bugs reported by the Community

“On certain occasions the videogame suffers a delay when it changes week or a game is saved / loaded”

“Once in a while a team that achieves to ascend division receive an exorbitant amount of money for TV rights”

“Occasionally a player receives two yellows cards and is not kicked out of the field”

“Sometimes playing the new Highlight mode if a player is injured you can continue playing instead of replace him”

“In some occasions, playing the new Highlights mode the CPU takes an injured player to the field”

“In the Argentine competition there is no limit of foreign players when the rules contemplate them”

“The Manchester United does not use the number 13”

“The Intercontinental Cup does not appear on the Season Final screen and therefore it is not known who won it”
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About This Game

The real-time club simulator

What is it? Simple, really…

Football Club Simulator gives you total control of your team through an elegant and powerful interface.

This means that the player gets to make all the decisions of the Club as Head Coach, Manager, and Chairman.
In addition, you can try out your strategy in the “Interactive match” while giving orders to your payers in real-time.

A football & strategy videogame

Let your inner football strategist out!

You realize in just minutes that your decisions are making the difference
and you are leading your team to glory. And all this in real-time!

1. During the Season

Make new signings to strengthen the squad or expand the stadium for more ticket sales and revenues.

2. Each week in training

Decide on what tactics to implement and choose the starting eleven…

3. Crucially

Give orders to your players in real-time during the match. You’ll love the feeling of being in control that Football Club Simulator offers you.

The “Interactive match”

Experience the game from the dug-out

In the “Interactive match” you’ll see your players doing what you’ve been working at training sesions during the week and playing to your tactics. And this it´s only the first step of your victory.

Most importantly, when the key moment arises, you can give orders to your players in real-time. They’ll instantly carry out, giving you the chance to lead your team to glory.

When you make the calls in the “Interactive match”, you will see stunning moves and incredible goals.
Enjoy them both as they happen and while watching the replays.

The “Plays chalkboard”

Football is not only about winning, its about winning in style…

We all know exactly how we’d have our teams playing if only we had the chance.
The “Plays chalkboard”, another Football Club Simulator exclusive, has put this within your reach.

Freeze the match, study the players’ positions and draw in the movements, actions, passes and shots you want them to make.

The “Command system”

Never forget… You are the Boss!!!

The “Command system” offers you a wide range of orders with which to change the flow of the match.

In defense

Tell your players to clear the lines, play the offside trap, up the intensity or keep hold of the ball as part of your strategy.

In attack
Pick the right moment to instruct your players to play the ball into the hole, open it up out wide, move it around or go route one.

“Real-Time orders” at match day

Command your team in real-time

In each half of the match; you'll have 20 seconds to run each order.
Your technical team has already got this covered.

+40', +60', +80'…
Train specifically so that you can add up minutes to carry out each order on match day. Another step towards victory.

The “Real-Time shot”. Hit It!

Do not hold back! Hit it!

We proudly present the thrilling real-time command.

When one of your players has a clean sight at goal, do not hold back, give the order "Hit it!" and he'll shoot. Rise up your chances of score!

System Requirements

    • OS: XP (SP3)/Vista (SP1)/Win 7/Win 8-8.1/Win 10
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Ati Radeon X700/ Nvidia Geforce 6600 - 256 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 650 MB available space
    • OS: Win 7/Win 8-8.1/Win 10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 CPU 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 220/Ati radeon 5450 - 512 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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