This content requires the base game Half-Life on Steam in order to play.

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Release Date: Sep 24, 2014

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This content requires the base game Half-Life on Steam in order to play.

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About This Content

Half-Life Full Soundtrack and original music from the game's directory.

Track list:

1. Adrenaline Horror 02:12
2. Vague Voices 02:14
3. Klaxon Beat 01:02
4. Space Ocean 01:38
5. Cavern Ambience 01:42
6. Apprehensive 00:25
7. Bass String 00:11
8. Hurricane Strings 01:35
9. Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar 01:47
10. Valve Theme [Extended] 01:25
11. Nepal Monastery 02:10
12. Alien Shock 00:38
13. Sirens In The Distance 01:15
14. Nuclear Mission Jam 02:03
15. Scared Confused Short 00:18
16. Drums & Riffs 02:06
17. Hard Technology Rock 01:42
18. Steam In The Pipes 01:58
19. Electric Guitar Ambience 01:27
20. Dimensionless Deepness 01:27
21. Military Precision 01:23
22. Jungle Drums 01:52
23. Traveling Through Limbo 01:19
24. Credits Closing Theme 01:42
25. Threatening Short 00:40
26. Dark Piano Short 00:19
27. Sharp Fear Short 00:10

The Half-Life soundtrack will be downloaded to your computer as MP3 files. You must have Half-Life installed on your computer as well to receive the DLC content.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Storage: 85 MB available space
    • Storage: 85 MB available space
    • Storage: 85 MB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 13
Not as memorable as Half-Life 2's soundtrack yet still great. For the most part it's atmospheric/ambient tracks, with exceptions like the iconic Nuclear Mission Jam and Hazardous Environments (Full Valve theme). Comes free with the original Half-Life.
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125 of 140 people (89%) found this review helpful
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 24, 2014
The Soundtrack in all of the Half-Life games are very interesting, most so in the first game. Why? Because when you first hear "Half-Life Soundtrack" you will have a hard time remembering any soundtrack at all. I would like to call the original Half-Life Soundtrack more of a collection of Noise, because that's what it is. That does not make it any less epic though, rather the opposite.

Half-Life has always relied Extremely on the environments and creating these atmospheres that eclipses most games by miles. These ambient sounds, the soundtrack, are one of the biggest contributing factors for such Amazing atmospheres that these games have.

So when you finally play the "soundtrack" you will be met by such an enormous nostalgic hug that you will fall off your chair. Because even though this is not "Rock Anthem for Saving the World" or any of the other catchy soundtracks. Your mind will still have picked these tunes up subconsciously and they bring out these emotions related to the atmospheres you experienced so many years ago.

I am just filled with joy listening to this very odd, very satisfying "soundtrack". Love it.

Composer: Kelly Bailey

Some favorite tracks:
2. "Vague Voices"
3. "Klaxon Beat"
10. "Valve Theme [Extended]"
12. "Alien Shock"
24. "Credits Closing Theme"
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34 of 44 people (77%) found this review helpful
33 people found this review funny
Posted: October 1, 2014
Half-Life 1 has DLC.
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 13, 2014
One of the best soundtracks you will ever hear! Very memorable. and sets the vibe throughout the game very well. Makes you want to listen to the entire soundtrack outside of the game even when your done playing. Combines the feeling of action, isolation, exploring depending on the in game chapters the player is in.
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23 of 32 people (72%) found this review helpful
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Posted: September 27, 2014
This release of the Half-Life soundtrack contains all tracks present in the game endoced into MP3 at 320 kbps with a 44.1 KHz sample rate in Stereo. This is, by far, higher quality than the audio you will hear from Half-Life in-game, as that is encoded as MP3 at 48 kbps with a 22.05 KHz sample rate in Stereo. The only higher quality release than this was the original Red Book CD Audio that was present on Half-Life's retail disc, considering that it is uncompressed Stereo PCM at 44.1 KHz.

It is worth noting that this release does not include two versions of tracks that were present on the Red Book CD Audio of the 1997 press alpha. The Steam Half-Life 2 soundtrack release (which is a digital release of The Soundtrack of Half-Life 2 sold with the Gold edition of Half-Life 2 and formerly on the Valve Store) contains tracks which were unused, present in development versions of the game and press demos, and remixed. Some may consider the soundtrack incomplete without these tracks.

Unfortunately, almost all tracks have static lasting around a tenth of a second before they end. This unintentional artifact is present when played by any media player or audio editing software. The only exception is Track 27 Sharp Fear Short.

Album artwork is included as a seperate file, but is not included in the ID3 information for the tracks. While this means that each track has a lower filesize, attaching it to each file is the only reliable way to ensure that the album art always displays. The included artwork can be added manually, but this requires user action.

Outside of the game, the Half-Life soundtrack has a good mix of ambient and action music to listen to.

Despite its flaws, this is an overall decent soundtrack release.
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10 of 10 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 12, 2014
This is a review for the Half-Life soundtrack as tracks to listen to outside of a gaming session.

Half-Life's music is predominantly electronic/mechanical tracks, mixed in with some ambient tracks. The music serves very well as background to the game itself, in that it merges with your surroundings, and doesn't really stand out all that much. A few of the tracks triggered some memories from playing the game, however, the majority of the music is not particularly memorable. That being said, the music on this soundtrack is rather pleasant to listen to for the most part, so it's worth adding to a collection.

Absolutely worth having for the price, and it's a perfectly serviceable album. Not one of the best game albums I've ever listened to, but definitely enjoyable.
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 24, 2015
Specs for Half-Life Soundtrack:

* Format: MP3
* Soundtrack length: 36m 40s
* Total size: 84.7 MB (including album art)
* 44100 Hz sample rate
* 320 kpbs bitrate
* Stereo

Steam downloads game soundtracks to a separate folder in your game's Steamapps directory. You can right-click on a game in your Steam Library, select Properties>Local Files and click Browse Local Files to access that game's directory.

Mainly ambient stuff with some more action-oriented tracks included, with synth and instrumental composition. It's all very good and fittingly evocative for the game, and the music in this download is of a higher quality than the in-game music.

Personally, I'm very glad Valve decided to release the music for the Half-Life and Portal games for free with any purchases of the games themselves.
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 18, 2015
To be honest, even though Half-Life 1 is my favorite game because I love everything about it, the soundtrack isn't something I can remember really. A lot of it is just ambience, which you don't always initially notice. But when I finally listened to it myself, the tracks I could remember were still kick ♥♥♥ and the ones I may have missed were great. The soundtrack is a great mixture of music you can jam to or get goosebumps from. A wonderful soundtrack to a wonderful game.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
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Posted: October 15, 2015
I feel like the Half Life soundtrack is under rated.
While in game the soundtrack adds that extra layer of atmosphere.
The songs sound just as good out of game, although some of them aren't as good out of game and are 10 second sound clips there to add to the moment.
However this does not take away from the quality of the soundtrack overall, atleast I think so.
In fact, you don't even need to read a review about this because it is FREE! If the rest of the things I said didn't convince you then that fact should.
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
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Posted: January 1
This soundtrack saved my life. I was on the verge of self-destruction from pills and alchol abuse and self-harm until I heard one of the songs on the soundtrack at my local pub last month. As soon as I heard it,i thought to myself, "This really connects with me and think its telling me something." That something was going to change my life. Then the song ended; but that wasnt the end for me, I spent 2 weeks night after night trying to figure out who made this or what soundtrack album it was, until one night. That night i was 1 week sober but recently relapsed because i lost hope on that soundtrack; but that fateful night i was stumbling down the sidewalk, then i heard something; i said to myself "THAT SOUNDS FAMLIAR!" i turn around and saw a fairly handsome large man in a bugatti driving towards me playing the music. As he passed me he stops and turns and looks at me and says "I am here my son." I ask him who he was, and he replied with " I am the mighty Gabe Newell, and i am your maker." Gaben hads me a small package, and says "This is for you." He looks at me, smiles and winks at me as he drove off in the distance. I look down at the small package, and saw it was locked. A old man walks up to me ands says "ifff you wannt too open it, you must pay two dolla fiddy centss.' i told him yes and blindly have him the money as he gave me the key, as i put the key into the box i hear clicking, I open the box and seen before my eyes was this disc, that disc was the Half-Life Soundtrack. Praise our saviour.
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Better than COD's DLCs.
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Gud old days of the 1999's
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Posted: July 30
ita a relly good soundteack
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vladimir pootis
Posted: July 28
gordon freeman's voice actor did a great job on this soundtrack. 9/11
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