Succeeding in Tharsis requires you to make the best of what you have, even if it happens to be a pair of snake eyes. Certain factors may be outside of your control, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome. Tharsis is not a game about facing the odds. It’s a game about changing them.
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Mixed (932 reviews) - 68% of the 932 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 11, 2016

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February 5

2/5 Build Update - Missions available now!

The first 5 missions are up and ready to go!

These are just the first, we're working on crazier scenarios and making tools to make stuff you haven't seen before. Let us know what you think or if there's something cool you'd want to see.

In this build we also added an indicator of incoming events to help you prepare better for your next turn.

Have fun, good like and stay tuned for more!

This is build (964481)

15 comments Read more

January 19

1/19 Build update with stability improvements and tip text

New build just went live 5pm 1/19 addressing crashes on boot as well as an issue that would leave the user with a blank OK button that couldn't be progressed beyond. Build #938540 on the main branch.

- Fixed crashes for users with specific DirectInput drivers.
- Patched save issues.
- Added Strategies in the Pause, Main Menu, and game over screens to assist new players.

28 comments Read more


“What sets Tharsis apart from other space survival stories is the meticulous attention to detail paid to its ever-worsening parade of disaster scenarios."”

“...extremely difficult and very fun dice-based strategy game...”

About This Game

A mysterious signal originating from the Tharsis region of Mars set us on a frantic mission. Who sent it? And why? Impossible questions, but in them lie the key to humanity’s survival.

Now, millions of miles away from home, a micrometeoroid storm has left us with a severely damaged ship, two deceased crew, and the sneaking suspicion this trip was doomed from the start.

Tharsis is a turn-based space strategy game. With dice. And cannibalism. It puts you in control of humanity’s first mission to Mars, just as it’s struck by a micrometeoroid storm. You must guide your crew through disasters, food shortages, and the unforgiving nature of space — all while maintaining your sanity amidst cryptic signals and warnings from Mars.

Defy the odds, make the difficult decisions, and embark on the most important mission in human history.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 x64
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 5xxx
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card (Intel HD 5000, NVIDIA GeForce 400 or Radeon HD 5000)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 x64
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 5xxx
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6xx or Radeon HD 7xxx
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 5xxx
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5000, NVIDIA GeForce 400 or Radeon HD 5000
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 5xxx
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6xx or Radeon HD 7xxx
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Very Positive (15 reviews)
Mixed (932 reviews)
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( 2.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
Full disclosure up front: You will lose, and you will lose a lot.

That being said, I really got into this game. Yes, there is a hefty bit of chance involved, but once you understand how the modules and character perks work, you actually find you have a lot of control over the dice. Then it becomes less "I'm gonna roll and hope for the best" and more strategic. Even decided which character you use in what order in what module becomes an important decision.

Once you start doing that, then you start playing against yourself, trying to better your score each game and last longer than you did last time.

Recommended for people who enjoy challenging puzzles and don't look at a game over screen as a defeat, but a challenge to do better.
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( 3.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
A frustratingly good game.

Enjoyable and challenging, well made and improving (with the introduction of challenges etc.)

Rated 5/5
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( 5.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 17
crisis management simulator
if the dice love you then your elite team of specialists can handle the tasks at least long enough to get to mars
if the dice hate you then your ship may aswell be a pringles can filled with holes, radiation and fire
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( 2.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 7
17 losses and zero wins. This game hates me. The feeling is mutual.

At the same time, it does keep drawing me in. The interface and design are great: clean and crisp. Music is good: suitably sci-fi inspired stuff. Rolling the dice -- the evil, evil dice -- feels perfect, like throwing some real bones across the table. I want to play this game. I do, despite losing... Every. Single. Time.

Eventually, I'll win a match. Surely, it's just a matter of grokking the rules so fully that play becomes intuitive?

I live in hope.
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( 12.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 7
I will give it a positive rating as it is incredibly rewarding once you work out what you're doing and how to get to the end. But it is an incredibly frustrating game that most of the time will have a unwinable sceanrio unfold before you. However, in the back of your mind is the lingerng thought you might have missed something that could have just got you through.

Remember, you only ever win by the skin o your teeth.

My advice for anyone is try to use as much dice as you can. This means if a couple of dice are left over always chuck them into research, even if you have to spend reserach points just so you can put the dice back over their now empty spot. If that makes sense. And unless you are after something specific, always try and make the most of your first role (this is not always an opton though of course). Actually, my best advice is to learn to cry and swear. A lot. I have only beaten this game three times on full and then all the missions (which are much easier). After many, fun but annoying hours.
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L2P N00B
( 8.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 5
Great game with lots of challenges - and yes, it's a hard game - which is the reason of the mixed reviews. You really need to master it and sometimes have a bit of luck.
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( 7.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 5
I offically hate this game but I can't stop playing it. You have to wat your crew!

Still not beaten it but been so close!
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( 196.8 hrs on record )
Posted: May 24
Tharsis is a dice rolling game, where the player is able to cleverly influence odds.
While it is strategically important to fight for food (dices) all the time, you have to make many small tactical decisions, that subtly influence odds.
Which character shall go to one room and what´s the best sequence of my actions ?
How shall I use my dice rolls or should I opt for a risky reroll ?
To know something about laws of probabilities helps and can lead to some player helplessly fighting against "bad" dice rolls (and writing bad reviews), while another one reaches Mars safely with no problems at all.
There are two difficulty levels in the game. While some people think they aren´t very different, I think the game changes on hard level.
On normal you can control everything, if your skill is refined and the risk of losing a game due to very bad luck is small. Mostly you made some bad decisions, if that happens.
On hard level this can happen without making a mistake und you will often have to take risks in the best way to get the best chances of survival. Luck gets a little bit more important here.
Characters could be better balanced, because some are clearly better than others, so chosing your party influences difficulty, too.
My conlusion is: Tharsis is a little gem, a very intelligent game, where subtle tactics and understanding of risks against odds makes the winner. Everyone who thinks, that the dice controls the game, hasn´t understood the mechanics of the game.
And as a little game for in between it has a lot of replayability.
Great game 10/10


Tharsis ist ein Würfelspiel, dem es gelingt, dass der Spieler auf raffinierte Art und Weise die Chancen zu seinen Gunsten beeinflussen kann. Während es strategisch notwendig ist, ständig um Nahrung (Würfel) zu kämpfen, müssen in jeder Runde viele kleine taktischen Entscheidungen getroffen werden, die die Wahrscheinlichkeiten unmerklich aber entscheidend beeinflussen.
Welcher Charakter arbeitet in welchem Raum und vor allem in welcher Reihenfolge ?
Wofür soll ich meine Würfel nutzen oder in welchen Situationen ist es angebracht neu zu würfeln ?
Ein Grundverständis für die Gesetze von Wahrscheinlichkeiten ist hier hilfreich und kann dazu führen, dass der eine Spieler hilflos dem Schicksal der Würfel ausgesetzt ist (und dann böse Reviews schreibt), während der andere wie durch ein Wunder alle Gefahren zum Mars umschifft.
Im Spiel gibt es zwei Schwierigkeitsgrade und obwohl der Unterschied dieser auf den ersten Blick nur gering erscheint, spielen sie sich sehr verschieden.
Auf dem leichteren kann man mit etwas Übung alles kontrollieren, so fast jedes Spiel gewinnen und sich voll darauf konzentrieren seinen Hiscore zu überbieten.
Auf der Stufe schwer muss man ernsthaft damit rechnen verlieren zu können und es kommt viel häufiger darauf an zu entscheiden wann man welches Risiko eingehen muss, um die größten Chancen auf das Überleben zu erhalten. So wird auch das Glück hier etwas bedeutsamer.
Lediglich die Charaktere könnten etwas besser gestaltet sein, denn die sind doch etwas verschieden stark, so dass auch die Auswahl dieser den Schwierigkeitsgrad beeinflusst.
Tharsis ist ein unglaublich intelligentes Spiel, wer meint, dass hier allein die Würfel über dein Schicksal entscheiden, hat keine Ahnung.
Und als Spiel für zwischendurch hat es zudem einen hohen Wiederspielwert - für mich wird es ein richtiges Juwel bleiben.
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( 10.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 22
This is not excactly the game for everyone. Tough Times and many turns await you. Roll the Dice and Take your Time! Also Think for the Best and hold on tight!

Pros: Dice game and Space layout. Use your thoughts because running and gunning works no where here. Alot of replay Value. Good Soundtrack.

Con: Takes awhile getting used to, Burtal Hard.
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[DnB] Tristam
( 1.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 22
pay sum monaey and get 45 minutes of exasperation, frustration and lot of cursing. 11/10 wud eat my freind 2 surwive
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 7
17 losses and zero wins. This game hates me. The feeling is mutual.

At the same time, it does keep drawing me in. The interface and design are great: clean and crisp. Music is good: suitably sci-fi inspired stuff. Rolling the dice -- the evil, evil dice -- feels perfect, like throwing some real bones across the table. I want to play this game. I do, despite losing... Every. Single. Time.

Eventually, I'll win a match. Surely, it's just a matter of grokking the rules so fully that play becomes intuitive?

I live in hope.
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Not Recommended
8.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 16
Okay, Tharsis is an EXCELLENT game... in concept.

However, In execution it is a relentless, soul-blasting exercise in complete and utter hopelessness. The fact that there is a HARD mode beyond the standard NORMAL mode is comparable to saying that the sixth circle of hell isn't so bad because technically there's something worse.

The fatal flaw in Tharsis is the total lack of balance between potential player success to the imminent damage they are tasked with combating. The ship gains random damage, but the randomness of the damage doesn't seem to have any control limits, so it will quickly overwhelm your ability to fix it.

There are 4 player pawns, each with their own unique ability to fix the ship by rolling dice. The number of dice per pawn will be reduced every round through one method or another. In the dozen or so rounds I survived over five games, all my pawns maintained all their dice perhaps twice. PERHAPS twice. Every other round, I lost one die here, two dice there, three dice because a pawn died, you get the idea.

Now, these dice CAN be recovered by eating food or with some dice trickery. You get SOME food at the beginning of the game, but you'll eat it immediately after Round 1. After that, you have to spend precious, precious dice rolls creating food or (here's the fun part) eating your fallen crewmembers. Don't worry, they start you off with a corpse in the medbay, so the table's already set. Yay, Space Cannibalism!

Between each round you are given a Catch-22 choice. Something along the lines of "Option A) Get dice back, but the ship takes damage; OR Option B) Fix the ship, but the crew loses health." Usually, there is one choice that is slightly less bad, but in virtually every circumstance I thought to myself "I want to do nothing. Nothing would be better than either of these choices. Can I please do nothing?" The game would then cackle maniacally and whisper "Noooooooooooo." (Note: this happened in my head, not reality.)


However, here's where the game breaks. I don't mean "Awww, it's hard, and me liek eazy gaems." I mean IT IS SHATTERED UNTO DESTRUCTION AND LISTING ENDLESSLY THROUGH THE BLACK VOID OF SPACE.

The fatal flaw (...get it? Because you'll die!):
Your ship takes new damage every round. Every. Freaking. Round. However, before long the damage your ship receives becomes mathematically unfixable. I mean it. In every game played so far, even if I Qui-gon Jinned 50% of my rolls, it's a slim chance I would have survived. Of course you can't do that, so you're completely at the mercy of fate. Evil, jerky, space fate.

For those thinking "Suck it up, pansy, it's a tough game!" I'd like to say two things.

1. Don't call people pansies. That's rude.

2. In my last playthrough before writing this, after round 4 my ship had two damaged rooms remaining, with 10 and 11 damage respectively. During the mid-round, I had the choice of A) Killing two of my three remaining characters to give the ship 2 health and keep the last character's two dice OR B) Kill that guy instead to give the ship 4 health, feed his fresh corpse to the other two, and use their combined 9 dice to give it the ol' space college try. I chose the latter option. Then, In Round 5 my ship received 3 newly damaged rooms with a total of 76 damage (30/26/20). SEVENTY-SIX. For those keeping track, that's a grand total of 97 damage spread between five rooms that I have to fix with 9 dice. YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT. And yes, for those wondering, I prioritize the repairs in terms of severity.

Ultimately, Tharsis can be fixed, and it needs to be. Until it is, it's merely a way to experience the wild and frantic desperation of a gushing knife wound without actually being stabbed.

How I'd describe it: Yahtzee + FTL + sandpaper to the brain
Overall score: 3 out of 5
Reason: Concept is beautiful but the math doesn't math, and it really, really, really needs to math.

Quick Update 1/24/16: Raised by one star. Still an evil, evil game, but some folks like that kind of thing.

TOP REVIEW EDIT, Jan 30: Thanks for all the comments, folks! Well, most of them, at least. ;)

The tips and suggestions many have made are excellent strategic advice, and I've implemented some of those already with varying levels of success. (I'd already used some before the review, particularly prioritizing repairs based on current health/dice/damage, but that made it boring as hell.)

The intent of the review is to inform and state my opinion so others have a point of reference. It's certainly not to tell everyone to make the same choice or have the same thoughts as I do. This is why I'm THRILLED that it encouraged some folks to BUY THE GAME!! May the fates guide your dice. Well... technically they already do, but... you know what I mean.
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73.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 13
If you don't like unforunate dice outcomes, stay away.
If you don't like solitaire board games, stay away.
If you like your games easy, stay away.
If you like to win a lot, stay away.
If you don't like being in unwinnable positions, stay away.
If you don't like punishing events, stay away.
If you don't like working with limited resources, stay away.
If you don't like to curse when things start falling apart, stay away.
If you don't like to watch stranded astronauts suffer, stay away.
If you're not willing to consider cannibalism for survival, stay away.
If none of that concerns you, then this may be the game for you.

Space is hard.

edit: Bad dice outcomes can be overcome by utilizing the game mechanics to their full effect. Unwinnable positions are something that you're probably gonna get your self into, don't blame the game for your bad decision making. lol
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Not Recommended
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 13
The vast majority of this game revolves around the following:
- 1 or more events ("bad things") occur each turn.
- All of these events involve a module of your ship becoming damaged in some way, with a consequence for leaving the module unrepaired and a certain amount of repair points required to repair it.
- Each of your crew memebrs gets a number of dice.
- You move one or more crew members to the damaged module.
- The crew members roll their dice.
- If the result is higher than the number of repair points then you successfully repaired the module. If not, you suffer the consqeuences of leaving it unrepaired.

If you have a crew member with some dice left over, you can engage in some of the other "gameplay" on offer, such as:
- Moving your character to the food module, then rolling their dice and trying to get 3 of the same number in order to get food.
- Moving your character to the communication module, rolling their dice and trying to roll >5 in order to reduce that characters "stress level".
- Moving your character to the medbay, rolling their dice, trying to roll >5 to heal your character.

Do you see where this is going? The entire game is the one single mechanic. Move a person to a module. Roll their dice. Either go "Yay. I did it." or "Dang. I failed." entirely at the mercy of RNG.

As a result of this, it feels to me more like I am watching the game play itself, with me just along to look at it (not helped by the fact that the game is not very pretty.)

I did not find this game very entertaining. I don't like being so heavily at the mercy of RNG. Maybe this could be forgiven a little if there was more variety in terms of the events that happen and the actual gameplay involved, but there is so little content. It feels like Early Access.
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22.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 12
"Einstein would turn over in his grave. Not only does God play dice, the dice are loaded."
Chairman Sheng-ji Yang
"Looking God in the Eye"

Tharsis is a Faster Than Light (FTL)-like board/card/dice game mix in which you guide a group of 4 survivors of a meteoroid disaster on their spaceship trip to Mars. Whether you will manage or not will be determined by your knowledge of the game, your skill and your luck.

If you have been wondering why the hell did I put that quote from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri in the beginning of the review, it is because it's just that - the dice are indeed loaded. The throws you make in this game are purely cosmetic and only give an impression of you actually influencing the game somehow. If the RNG decided that you will get a score of 15 with 4 dices, that is exactly what is going to happen, and you will constantly see dices taking weird bumps or even flat-out turning over to show a different number.

So what kind of game this is then? I would dare to say it is more of a board game than anything else. You draw a set of cards at the beginning of each turn that represent disaster events of various magnitudes and you need to deal with them smartly and carefully. This also means, that even if you do all the correct choices, you can still lose a mission through no fault of your own, because the dice rolls and the almighty RNGesus may totally screw you over.

So, as usual, let's take a look at the good and the bad.

1. Beautiful, comic-style artwork.
2. A very pleasant ship to look at and even fool around with it for a bit by opening hatches, using consoles, and so on.
3. Great music that totally fits the space theme. I love it, and I will be playing and enjoying it long after I am done with the game.
4. Voice acting that even if not really required by this type of game, is still a very welcome addition.
5. You always get that adrenaline rush when you roll the dice, even if you know that eventually the outcome is picked by an RNG-machine.
6. Thinking before making a move is crucial in this game. Smart decisions actually tip the scales in your favor, and can totally improve the situation you are in.
7. The game is winnable regardless if you're employing special tactics or not, which is nice for the people who just want to roll some dice and still have a favorable outcome.
8. A good amount of unlockable crew members to further the replayability of the game. There is no bad crewman in this game, albeit some special skills are more useful than others.
9. A single run takes between 15-30 minutes, which is great for a low-priced (9,89€ 34% off now) casual game, that you can totally sink some time into as a welcome break between all those AAA titles.
10. Good replayability.
11. Very engaging gameplay for a board/card/dice game mixture.
12. Great pricing at launch - you have time till 18.01 to grab it at 34% off, which is a way bigger chunk off the main purchase price than many other developers tend to allow for at launch.
13. You can reroll, hold on to, and use dices based on your crewmember special skill and the board setup. This can save you... or not. I still find it as a positive in this game though.
14. I would also like to add a 14th good thing now - I don't know if you noticed, but on the main menu there is a greyed out button names "missions" - so I guess there will be even more content coming our way, which is always a great thing to look forward to.
15. A few days after launch, I am happy to add a 15th good thing about the game - the developers really worked a lot to push a number of updates to address a plethora of issues various gamers had (like game not starting, black screens after logo, DX9 compatibility, etc.). I absolutely love it when the developers show that they actually care about their game and are willing to work for hours and hours on end to meet the demands of their paying customers. Well done, people. My hat is off to you. You could have easily taken a week off after launch, drank beer (or whatever their alcoholic beverage of choice is) and just checked your accounts to see the money rolling in, but you didn't. That's the way to do it.
16. People, after so many hours in the game, I can tell you one thing. The game is very easy to win once you unlock some additional crewmembers and let it teach you how to do it.

And now, the BAD:

1. It is a luck game, which means that you can lose it through no fault of your own. If you like games that you have better control of, this one is not for you.
2. This game can be frustrating as hell, turning a good run into a terrible one in just a single week. If you have a short fuse and get easily irritated, or have anger issues, this game is not for you. All I can say is that the sooner you accept this game for what it is - a casual dice-rolling FTL, the better for you, your health and the longevity of your PC/Laptop.
3. The dice are loaded - the whole dice rolling thing is to give you the illusion of you doing something or having some control. Now if you could like, kick the table, or bump it or something, in order to change the outcome of the roll, that's at least some control, but we don't have it here.
4. The story is very predictable - I knew what will happen in the ending halfway through the game when I saw the transmission from Mars - I am not going to spoil it for you, though.
5. The fact that you have very little control over the hand that is dealt to you - meaning research projects, disaster events, inbetween week choices, etc. - means that you will most of the time have to make terrible decisions which you don't even know whether they would be positive or not until you see the next turn. That is profoundly frustrating and may put a number of people off the game. You make a perfect choice for the situation just to see it ruined 5 seconds later. Not fun.
6. As a consequence from 1-5, the game is hard as hell. It may take you a crazy amount of retries to even get past week 5, let alone winning the game due to its serious learning curve and heavy RNG focus.
- To clarify: What I meant by a learning curve is for example you really need to learn which crew member to play from first to last in a mission depending on all factors. Sometimes it's good to go first with the captain, sometimes it's not. Also knowing when to use a research project or not, when to fix or not, when to sacrifice or not is also part of the learning curve. This game is way, way, waaaay deeper than it looks. It's not all dice rolls and completing events. Some low-risk events are sometimes better off left alone so that nothig worse spawns in that module, for example.
7. And this is purely subjective - I have a feeling that, more often than not, you are being dealt at least 3 or more unfavorable hands during your journey. Having 3 events worth 5 total ship damage of difficulty 20 or more on week 2, and one of those with a 1, 3 and 5 injury dice is a total ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t unless you aced the first week with flying colors. In my opinion, the game does a rather poor job at scaling the events, but then again, you can totally luck out and have a breeze with your run, so I guess it evens out.

So, the conclusion:

I am very pleased to wholeheartedly recommend this game to the gamers out there who like a good mix of a casual board/card/dice game. I would also love to give props to the developers for allowing us to purchase it at bargain price at launch, and not wait for the next steam sale.This game is the perfect on-and-off experience inbetween gaming sessions, or to just pass the time by "gambling" your way through it. However, if you dislike one or more of the "bad" sides of the game, I would totally stay away from it, as you will most likely get frustrated or disappointed by it easily.

P.S. This game is way more than dice, people. Let it teach you and stop hating on it solely because of the dice rolls :)
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Not Recommended
5.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 13
A dice (aka RNG) based board-game about a crew of four trying to survive ten turns aboard a ship that seems to have more defects then screws.
At first glance, an intriguing and interesting concept.
After a number of games you start to get frustrated about constantly dieing and being screwed over by the RNG lethality of the game. Some more games in, you start to grasp the underlying concepts and math behind the game and start getting closer and closer. Then you have one lucky run and breeze through the game with little to no diffculties.

And now I'm at that point and are mostly bored. It doesn't feel like me winning was too much of actual skill involved, but mostly just getting lucky picks with the dicerolls, the events, their order and the side projects. And I have no doubt that I will simply lose the next couple games again, even if I play just the same.

And that isn't even considering the fact that I would just play the exact same game again. Maybe switch out one of the crewmen, but that's all you're apparently able to do. The 'Missions - Coming soon' button hints there might be more added later, but as of now, the game only offers you simple 20min sessions (usually shorter, because death).

In total, a good concept, lovely crude RNG, but a complete lack of replayability and/or deeper learning.
And that for 10€? Urgh, I kinda hoped for more than just these few hours.

I cannot recommend this game outside of sales, it simply doesn't have the content to justify the price tag (heck, there's free flash games of similar quality and more content. For Free.)
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5.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 18
I really like it.
of course, sometimes all kinds of ♥♥♥♥ is gonna happen around the ship and it will look impossible to fix everything. But there's a way... Most of the time. It might sometimes be a long shot, but hey, it's a flight to Mars.

So, For example, you have this fire in the greenhouse, 29 damage to fix. Also, you get injuries when rolling a 4, a 5 and a 6.
And it does 2 dmg to your ship hull every turn. And your ship has only 2 hull HP's right now.
Well, it looks grim to say the least.
And of course, this isn't the only event going on. So, what to do ? Well, you could rush all your crew to the greenhouse and most surely kill them all trying to get those 29 points with rolls.
But no, you have to think laterally.

So, there's this other event in the maintenance. This one looks better : only 10 dmg to fix, and maybe void effect when rolling a 2. (void makes your dice disappear, rending them unusable for anything)
Now we can see the starting point for a solution to our problem in the greenhouse.

Let's send our mechanic there and roll some dice. With a bit of luck, he will avoid rolling too much 2s. Ok : a 1, a 5, and two 4. Those two four are interresting : in this room, we can use dice of equal value to increase the ship's hull HP. The first two equal dices giving 2 armor, a third one adding one more armor point.
Ok, so now the fire in the greenhouse won't destroy the ship. Not on this turn at least.
Our mechanic isnt done yet. Let's use our 5 to reduce the damage in the maintenance room, and the 1 on research.

Now it's turn for the Captain to work. Let's make him join the Mechanic in maintenance. He ate some food at the end of last turn, so he can throw five dices. Ok : a 2, a 3, two 5, a 6.
A 2 : void. But we had one assist point, so it doesn't take effect. No more assist points though, so we gonna need to build up some more later if we want to throw dice in the greenhouse without risking too much injuries.
With a 4 we could've finish what the mechanic started with his dices and and add a third dice to the hull HP, but no luck.
But with the 5 we can finish to repair whatever was broken in here, so that's that.
Now the only place to use the remaining dices is the research bar, let's do it : with the 1 from the mechanic and the 2, 3 and 6 from the captain, it's almost full, and we already have 4 points to spend on research bonus. Wich is good, because with two more points, we could unlock a sweet 28 damage repair bonus for one room.

Now the solution is clear : Build some more assist points to avoid injuries in the greenhouse, completing the research bar to get the bonus. The place to do that is the Laboratory. Let's send our Specialist there.

She only has two dice to roll, meh, but there's no event going on in the Lab, so we can rolll the dices safely.
Now it's all down to luck.
She might get a 4 and a 5, allowing us to complete the research bar right now on this turn. We could then send our fourth crewmate in greenhouse, use the bonus, and try getting 1 more point with dice rolls to finish the repairs; but with injuries on 4, 5 and 6, it could be very dangerous for him.
Or she might get a 1 and a 6. The 6 can be used to get 3 more assist points, but the 1 would be useless.
Or she might get two 5. With that we could still get the assist points we need, and the other 5 would be directed to research, to be completed next turn.

So that's it. Of course, you might be overwhelmed by terrible events all over the ship on this next turn. Or it could go well with only minor events, giving the time you need to fix the greenhouse and maybe even grow some food for the turn after that ...

Luck is important in this game. Be Lucky, be clever, and you might just make it ... for better or worse.

PS: im french, and trying to improve my english. I hope my text was ok for you to read. And thanks for doing it :)

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Posted: January 15
** Might be a good idea to read this all **
I dont normally write a review at low play times..unless its a Nostalgia game, a quick play or like this.. one that is more or less a modern version of old school. At this moment I ve had a few plays.. ending in the death of all my crew.. the ship destroyed and scattered to the emptiness of space...
Its a fun game.
Many reviews so far say.. Brutally Hard.. Bad Game.. Devs dont care.. blah blah..
HARDLY... This game is truly the closest I ve seen a blast to the past in the form of random.. fate controlled by not only your actions.. but the roll of the die... It even includes ways you can get a 're roll' and an ' assist ' ( Think old school ADandD saving throw to keep it simple.. or a boon from your sadistic DM )
I can think of a few games from back in the ' day ' that were much harder, geared to destroy the player and dice were the instruments of the evil games work.. but they were fun. I wont list a bunch of things that most of you have probably never heard of.. nor can even find these days...
The game is not out to kill you. Fate is fate. You can have a great thing going.. and lose it all.. or you can survive.. chance.
Unlike so many games these days, there is no ' strategy '. You have to look at the problems, look at what you have available in the form of your crew, and make your best decisions. Totally winnable. It just wont be easy, and it cant be done with a 'pattern' of behavior.
But if your doing things right, you can change fate.. via the 'save' in the form of 'assist'.
Normally I say here.. why play? This time I ll say why not.. THEN why..
If you simply must be able to win a game all the time.
If you cannot tolerate old school fate vs figuring out how a strategy works.. ( real life doesnt offer set place strategy either btw )
If you have to be able to reload a save when you dont like something.
If you never liked old school pen and paper, dice rolls and a sadistic chance chart.. definently stay away.
If when you do win, it makes you actually feel like you pulled one over.
If you remember old school.
If you like the feeling you used to get when life hung in the dice..
If you like making tough decisions that may kill a crew mate but allow others to live.
If you dont mind a bit of frustration, and sheer angst ( again, my feeling was like losing ol' Peter the Paladin many many moons ago )
oh... and yeah.. cannabalism is an option if it gets really bad... One falls so that others may live and all that...

BTW.. the first time you play... I d say you have a 99.9% chance of total death of crew.. but dont even worry about it.. that first one should be nothing more than "What the heck am I doing??? "
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Posted: January 17
"Sometimes, you can make no mistakes, do everything right, and still lose." - Jean-Luc Picard

The joy of this game is in the playing, not the beating, of it.

I think it's a shame that, as of the time of this writing, this has "mixed" reviews. I can see where it would not be everyone's cup of tea but there is nothing wrong with the game. The content is fine for the price and I experienced no technical problems.

There is no fun in making a decision that you always know for a fact will work out. That's how a lot of game puzzles are, pull the right lever and the door will open. This is not like that and the very fact that the game occasionally has anal sex with you against your will via the dice and/or the troubles that befall your ship is what keeps the game fresh and replayable. If this game only had the one mission it comes with and there was one, solid, foolproof strategy to use to win every time, it would be all but pointless. It's not a pure gamble, there are definitely good calls and bad calls but nothing is guaranteed. You always feel like you're "getting away with it" and that's fine because the fun of it all is making those decisions, figuring out the best possible strategy under the given circumstances. That's where the game is and that never ends because the circumstances are never the same.

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Posted: January 13
It's a dice game. If that's not your cup of tea, then you're not going to like it. that said.
This is basically a digital version of a single-player dice-driven boardgame. A nice looking and pretty fun one, at that. I like the little details in the presentation, and theme is pretty fun.
What you actually do is risk-reward & resource management. Add a heavy dose of random dice rolls, and see what happens. You can do everything right, and still die. You can have a free ride. Like I said, it's a dice game. I just want to underline that that is a Feature, not a Bug. I think if more people got this fact BEFORE buying, we would have a lot less negative reviews. =D
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