Drifting Lands is an hybrid of classical horizontal shoot'em'up with a lot of strong gameplay elements coming straight from the hack & slash genre. Though Drifting Lands is still in development you can get a taste of the game via the free demo which is regularly updated!
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Release Date: Q4 2016

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May 18

Closed Beta evolution (0.10 to 0.12)

Version 0.12 (closed beta)

* New projectile types : mortars which are complex bullets spawning bullets, AoE or small mortars
* New enemies launching mortars : Drone Rings (modified) & Drone Launchers (new)
* A few new waves of enemies for the random generation system

* Improved the encounter with 2 out of 3 Drone Morphers (bosses) which are now a lot more interesting.
* The Drone Gunner firing sinusoid patterns of magnetic bullets has been nerfed.
* All Drone Rings now release mortars when they die instead of a bullet pattern.
* Plasma Mines now deal decreasing damages with distance. The friendly fire radius has been slightly decreased.
* Most painful flaws have been decreased in intensity
* Primary stats bonus from objects follow now a more linear progression. This should decrease significantly the problems of insufficient primary stats to meet objects requirements.
* All levels above 21 now have at least one opponent considered as a midboss.

Version 0.11 (closed beta)

* No more fixed levels (leaderboards are temporary disabled)
* Random generation system of levels is operational : all levels are random for now.
* A brand new notification systems replaced a lot of the verbose dialogues / tutorials
* New music tracks from our friend Louis Godart !
* Added a new weapon : the minigun.
* Added new visuals for all standard items : each item now exists in 7 versions of increasing power (level)

* The whole game system has been rebalanced to take object bonuses into account
* The difficulty balance has been vastly improved between level 50 & 75

* Added complete ships stats in the hangar screen
* New UI to check level progression
* New UI in the hangar to sort items & unload ship holds
* New UI in the store to sell objects by rarity
* States are now displayed at the left of the score for debuffs and at the left of the skill set for buffs
* Added a confirmation before buying skills / ships / storage tabs

* Fixed a visual bug with "attached" FXs
* Toned down the far too loud morphing SFX of morphing bosses * Fixed a duplicate item exploit with the ship hold
* Fixed plasma and magnetic mines which were not correctly placed in front of the ship

Following is a summary of all major changes brought by the last 3 updates of the closed beta.

Version 0.10 (closed beta)

* Introduction of the loot system : Drifting Lands is now officially a loot based game
* You can now equip items in the hangar to change A LOT of ship stats * The pause menu screen during a run now displays objects currently in your hold. You can 'airlock' objects to free some space.
* New location in the ark : the store to buy / sell items and create object from blueprints
* Blueprint system to create objects in the store
* Weapon system : you can now equip different weapons with different effects / geometries

* The whole game system has been rebalanced to take object bonuses into account. This is a new game really.

* New tutorials / dialogues

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About This Game

This game is in development but already playable through its demo. More about that after a short introduction!

Drifting Lands is an original mix of classical horizontal shooter with modern hack & slash standards. The base recipe to craft Drifting Lands:

  • take the core gameplay of a standard horizontal shmup,
  • open it up and extract most of the mindless auto-fire required to destroy enemies
  • replace this by a set of skills selected among the list available for your class
  • use these skills with various effects (dash, area of effect attacks, time control, etc…) during your runs with classical resources consumption and cooldowns management
  • add random loot, crafting...
  • ... and exhaustive inventory customization of your ships and weapons.Drifting Lands is designed to meet both shmup and hack & slash enthusiasts’ expectations.

Drifting Lands is designed to meet both shmup and hack & slash enthusiasts’ expectations.

With the choice of your pilot class, you’ll have the opportunity to take control of different ships, best suited to your favorite gameplay style

You’re a super player of bullet hells and don’t mind dying on the first few impacts ?

You’ll find a perfect class for you with high-damages / low-resistances interceptors. You’ll benefit from a smart customization of your gear, but your performances on the field will be mainly based on your skill.

You enjoy the progressive design of a powerfull build through skills and inventory optimization ?

Your class will offer more resistant ships, able to put up with a lot more impacts. But if you want to shine, you’ll have to be smart in the selection of your special powers and how you create synergies with your equipment !

Please note though that for the time being, Drifting Lands is still in early stages of production.

Since we wanted feedback from players to create a truly original and top quality experience, we decided to package as soon as possible what we had from the full game into a public demo. The complete project Drifting Lands is a hack & slash variation before anything else. It will feature randomly generated levels, random loot and a progression of your characters and ships over dozens of hours. But right now, there's no progression : no inventory, no persistance, no grinding or even no story line. What we present in this demo is the core gameplay of Drifting Lands packaged into a more classical competitive shoot'em'up with online leaderboards. However, we already offer some degree of customization : before you start a level, you can choose your build of skills among a list of defensive, offensive or scoring oriented powers!

The content of this demo will be regularly updated over time. This competitive mode will still exist in the final version but will only be a secondary gameplay mode. When we feel our game is worthy, we will release a pay-to-play version of the game. If you want to support our team or get access to the RPG/campaign mode, you'll then have the opportunity to buy a copy of the game. But the competitive part featured in this version will most likely stay free, indefinitely and entirely.

Want to report bugs, ask the team what is planned for this or that, suggest ideas or improvements, know what we're up to for the next update... come have a chat in the community section! We're pretty open dudes ;)

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP or Better
    • Processor: Anything for gaming bought in the past 2 or 3 years
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any AMD/ATI or NVidia with more than 512Mo of DEDICATED RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Anything that goes beyond bleep really
    • Additional Notes: Will most probably not work with Intel video cards
    • OS: Windows 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel Quad Processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any powerful AMD/ATI or NVIDIA card with more than 512 of RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: More fun with a pad though you can use your keyboard
    • OS: Still undefined
    • Processor: Still undefined
    • Graphics: Still undefined
    • Sound Card: Still undefined
    • Additional Notes: In a test phase on Mac
    • OS: Still undefined
    • Processor: Still undefined
    • Graphics: Still undefined
    • Sound Card: Still undefined
    • Additional Notes: In a test phase on Mac
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