La prochaine génération de jeux de puzzle est là! Combinez des calculs simples avec des cages colorées et résolvez des problèmes logiques, ce nouveau jeu fait en sorte que vous n'ayez jamais à deviner, et vous n'avez pas à être un génie des maths!
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Date de parution: 9 oct 2009
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À propos de ce jeu

La prochaine génération de jeux de puzzle est là! Combinez des calculs simples avec des cages colorées et résolvez des problèmes logiques, ce nouveau jeu fait en sorte que vous n'ayez jamais à deviner, et vous n'avez pas à être un génie des maths!
Everyday Genius: SquareLogic peut calculer et afficher automatiquement les solutions possibles, vous permettant de passer plus de temps sur le jeu et moins de temps à tester ennuyeusement les possibilités. Avec des puzzles allant d’un niveau facile à astrophysicien, vous avancez sur la voie de l'illumination et vous entraînez votre cerveau à résoudre des problèmes avec Everyday Genius: SquareLogic.
  • De nouveaux types de puzzles encore jamais vu dans un jeu!
  • Plus de 20.000 puzzles, avec plus de 18 variétés et 6 tailles différentes
  • Supprimez l'ennui de jeux de puzzle de la première génération par des annotations et possibilités automatiques pour vous
  • Pas besoin d'être un crack en mathématiques; les solutions possibles sont fournies, vous permettant de mettre l'accent sur la logique des résolutions d'énigmes plutôt que sur l'arithmétique
  • Une pléiade de puzzles avec suffisamment de variétés pour tenter même le puzzle le plus sophistiqué du palais avec des cages cachées, des planches doubles, des comparaisons, des séquences, et plus encore
  • Le guide vous enseigne de nouvelles façons de regarder le problème afin d'arriver à la solution correcte
  • Des milliers d'énigmes à chaque niveau pour défier les joueurs de tous âges et toutes capacités
  • Excellent tutoriel

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows Vista/XP
    • Processeur : Processeur 1.0GHz
    • Mémoire : 256Mo RAM
    • Graphismes : Carte vidéo 32 Mo
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1 ou supérieur
    • Disque dur : 30Mo
    • Son : Carte son
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Posté le : 24 avril
One of the best games I've ever played
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Posté le : 4 avril
First off: It astonishes me that this game has had such a long shelf life. I've been playing for years (prior to purchasing it on Steam), and the discussions board is still pretty active. Those who play it, generally keep playing it.

So, with a name like "Everyday Genius," it's pretty easy to be scared off; one could be forgiven for thinking this to be a hardcore math game. It isn't. It's more logic puzzle than anything else, although it remains unique. It is not like Sudoku, except that it uses numbers and the process of elimination to reach a solution.

Simply put, you're presented with a single grid (to start). Inside each grid is a series of puzzle boxes that contain different mathematical symbols along with the numbers 1 through 4 (I said math isn't really needed, and I didn't lie; keep reading). An equal sign (for example "4=") inside a box simply means the answer is the number 4. Two boxes reading "3+" means that the answer will be 3, and it is achieved by adding two numbers together (1+2). Like Sudoku (which this really isn't), numbers can only be used once in each row or column. Each puzzle within the grid can be several boxes, and they are painted the same color so that you know they are one puzzle (for example, 1x2x3=6, might all be painted green). You get the idea.

What keeps it from being less math and more logic is that mousing over any box will automatically show you all possible combinations for the solution. As you solve more puzzles inside each grid, these possible solutions will also change, due to process of elimination. Eliminated numbers will automatically disappear from each puzzle, and you can also manually remove them by right-clicking. Because of this, it really is possible to solve each grid without much math skill.

The variety offered here is stunning. You will use greater than and less than symbols; straights (3,4,5,6, etc); even / odd numbers; multiplication and division; and more. The real creativity comes when boxes arrive unpainted, leaving you to color them in with the correct colors. Color them incorrectly, and you'll be solving puzzles that don't exist, meaning your entire grid will be incorrect! Some times, you may have puzzles without any equations; other times, an entire 9x9 grid may consist of nothing but less than or greater than symbols! The difficulty level amps up until you are solving two grids simultaneously, with factors up to 9.

There is no time limit, the colors are vibrant, and the music that is here is soothing and ambient. It's casual puzzle solving at its best. There is truly nothing else like it, and it remains a classic...for those of us who actually know about it. Some people, like myself, are still playing it years later, and you'll not solve the 20,000 included puzzles (not randomly generated, by the way) any time soon. Even better, it can be played with one hand, for those times when my grandson falls asleep on my lap!

At less than $5 US, there is not a single puzzle game on Steam that offers this much game time per penny. Highly, highly recommended.
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Posté le : 11 avril 2014
This is the most addictive game I've played in months! Literally!

SquareLogic mixes the famous magic squares with some basic arithmetic rules, (equalities, additions, substractions, divisions), but also trickier combinatorial notions that require some logic (Straights, "Greater/Less than" sequences, Odd/Even numbers...) and some littles surprises I won't spoil...

However, don't be afraid! The game was designed to focus on logic more than mathematical skills; thus, all the possible answers are given, and automatically updated to avoid headaches to the novice. (This can be toggled off for a greater challenge and a "newspapergames-ish" feeling.) For not being a mathematics lover myself, I can guarantee this game is a lot of fun!

With 6 uniquely-themed locations, each of them containing half a dozen of regions, which themselves separately contain approximately ~800 puzzles, it's not less than 20000 puzzles SquareLogic offers, promising hundreds and hundreds of hours if you wish to decipher them all! The difficulty is progressive as the grids become bigger, and each region has its own variations that make them more enjoyable.

Probably one of the best time killers you can find, if you're into logic-based number placement puzzle games, with an almost-endless replay value.
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Posté le : 6 janvier 2014
Do you like logic games? Then you should play this game because it's amazing and has a ~ridiculous~ number of puzzles in it. It's also very calm and relaxing to boot.

Are you dumb? Then this game is perfect, because difficulty ranges from insultingly easy to challenging for autistics, with a nice difficulty curve that increases puzzle complexity as you go. You can stay at a difficulty level as long as you want, or you can jump to higher levels pretty quickly if you want. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING

Do you like sudoku? Then I'm sorry, because sudoku is an inferior baby game for babies. If you are a baby, then by all means go play sudoku instead, you big dumb baby.

This game is so fantastic that it will put hair on your chest, even if you're a woman, so if you're a woman and you play this game, enjoy your hairy chest and awesome puzzle game.
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Posté le : 3 janvier 2014
Hey, it's this game, and they finally started selling it again!! It's really addictive and a fantastic time waster. The game has gotten some kind of legendary status due to its extended absence from the steam store, so I'll say if you're expecting it to be the second coming of Christ in the form of a puzzle game you may be disappointed. But it's a really solid game that you can sink a lot of time into, and I'm glad it's back.
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