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La prochaine génération de jeux de puzzle est là! Combinez des calculs simples avec des cages colorées et résolvez des problèmes logiques, ce nouveau jeu fait en sorte que vous n'ayez jamais à deviner, et vous n'avez pas à être un génie des maths!
Date de parution: 9 oct 2009
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À propos du jeu

La prochaine génération de jeux de puzzle est là! Combinez des calculs simples avec des cages colorées et résolvez des problèmes logiques, ce nouveau jeu fait en sorte que vous n'ayez jamais à deviner, et vous n'avez pas à être un génie des maths!
Everyday Genius: SquareLogic peut calculer et afficher automatiquement les solutions possibles, vous permettant de passer plus de temps sur le jeu et moins de temps à tester ennuyeusement les possibilités. Avec des puzzles allant d’un niveau facile à astrophysicien, vous avancez sur la voie de l'illumination et vous entraînez votre cerveau à résoudre des problèmes avec Everyday Genius: SquareLogic.
  • De nouveaux types de puzzles encore jamais vu dans un jeu!
  • Plus de 20.000 puzzles, avec plus de 18 variétés et 6 tailles différentes
  • Supprimez l'ennui de jeux de puzzle de la première génération par des annotations et possibilités automatiques pour vous
  • Pas besoin d'être un crack en mathématiques; les solutions possibles sont fournies, vous permettant de mettre l'accent sur la logique des résolutions d'énigmes plutôt que sur l'arithmétique
  • Une pléiade de puzzles avec suffisamment de variétés pour tenter même le puzzle le plus sophistiqué du palais avec des cages cachées, des planches doubles, des comparaisons, des séquences, et plus encore
  • Le guide vous enseigne de nouvelles façons de regarder le problème afin d'arriver à la solution correcte
  • Des milliers d'énigmes à chaque niveau pour défier les joueurs de tous âges et toutes capacités
  • Excellent tutoriel

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows Vista/XP
    • Processeur : Processeur 1.0GHz
    • Mémoire : 256Mo RAM
    • Graphismes : Carte vidéo 32 Mo
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1 ou supérieur
    • Disque dur : 30Mo
    • Son : Carte son
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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23.7 heures en tout
This is the most addictive game I've played in months! Literally!

SquareLogic mixes the famous magic squares with some basic arithmetic rules, (equalities, additions, substractions, divisions), but also trickier combinatorial notions that require some logic (Straights, "Greater/Less than" sequences, Odd/Even numbers...) and some littles surprises I won't spoil...

However, don't be afraid! The game was designed to focus on logic more than mathematical skills; thus, all the possible answers are given, and automatically updated to avoid headaches to the novice. (This can be toggled off for a greater challenge and a "newspapergames-ish" feeling.) For not being a mathematics lover myself, I can guarantee this game is a lot of fun!

With 6 uniquely-themed locations, each of them containing half a dozen of regions, which themselves separately contain approximately ~800 puzzles, it's not less than 20000 puzzles SquareLogic offers, promising hundreds and hundreds of hours if you wish to decipher them all! The difficulty is progressive as the grids become bigger, and each region has its own variations that make them more enjoyable.

Probably one of the best time killers you can find, if you're into logic-based number placement puzzle games, with an almost-endless replay value.
Posté le : 11 avril
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59.5 heures en tout
Relax, put on some Chopin, and solve math puzzles that'd make Einstein weep.
Posté le : 13 juin
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84.7 heures en tout
Pretentious Title: SquareLogic is an abstract puzzle game that takes the concept behind sudoku and twists it to create something far more interesting and engaging. Like sudoku, the goal is to fill a square grid such that the numbers appear only once in each column and row.

SquareLogic's twist on the formula is in the cage system. Instead of prepopulating the grid with enough numbers to solve the puzzle, SquareLogic divides the board into arbitrary chunks, called cages, and assigns a mathematical rule to each. For instance, one cage may require its content to sum to 8, another may require its smaller value to divide the larger value 4 times. Other cages impose inequality operators on the divisions between cages, indicating that one square must contain a larger or smaller number than its neighbor. The puzzles have extra mechanics beyond the cages as well, including double-puzzles, where two grids contain the same solution but different cages, each providing too little to solve on its own, but enough to solve when paired with the other. Other puzzle types may leave some cages unfinished and require the player to paint them in as they go.

This formula would likely be overwhelming and tedious, especially on full-sized 9x9 puzzles (the game ranges from 4x4 to 9x9). However, the game automatically removes numbers from tiles when that number is used elsewhere in the column/row, and players can right click any number to remove it as a viable option. This effectively automates the more menial part of the puzzle, leaving the logical problem solving front and center. The game also highlights possible valid combinations for cages in a small window, so you don't have to constantly keep a calculator by your side to determine what factorizations are possible for a number set. Because of these features, the puzzles go by quickly and rarely feel like they're ever wasting your time.

SquareLogic isn't flawless though. The 4x4 puzzles are almost comically easy due to their small size, while the 9x9 and some 8x8 puzzles can become frustrating and tedious because there is simply too much information to pore over. It becomes less a game of applying logic and more of a mindless search for the next clue you can use. Luckily, the game still has plenty of 6x6 and 7x7 puzzles, which feel extremely well paced.

Another problem is the immediate error highlighting feature. When you first boot up the game, go into options and turn this setting off immediately. This setting causes the game to tell you the very instant you make a mistake. It's a feature that is quite literally too helpful, as it quietly encourages you to start guessing whenever you begin having trouble. With this disabled though, there's still an incredibly nice hint feature to help you out of jams. Rather than openly tell you what's wrong, it simply highlights a section of the grid where you should be able to either eliminate possibilites or find a correct number. It's especially useful on the large puzzles where it's easy to have too many options to pore over.

The one last problem is somewhat debatable. The game simply has too many puzzles. It has 6 regions, each with a staggeringly large number of available puzzles. The first area alone contains 4800. That is not an exaggeration. While it certainly means the game has incredible value, it can be a little disheartening to know that you're not likely to ever even come close to finishing all of the puzzles. Oh, and anyone obsessed with achievements would do well to avoid this game for that reason, unless you want to solve all 4800 puzzles in the first region for a cheevo.

Overall, for anyone who likes abstract logic puzzles, SquareLogic is pretty much top class. It's fun, mostly well paced, has a ton of puzzles and lots of good mechanics. Well worth the $5 asking price.
Posté le : 25 juin
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71.3 heures en tout
So glad this game is available again, its the greatest newspaper-style puzzler to come about since sudoku. literally more puzzles than I could fathom are contained within this game, ranging in difficulty from "bash your head against the keyboard to win" to "bash your fists against the keyboard becuase **** this is hard", however mistakes are never punished, and you can artificially decrease the difficulty at any point (automatically hide unavaialbe options for this row or column), or even ask for hints.

I've sunk more enjoyable hours into this game than I have into 99% of my steam library, its a fun way to unwind. There are so many puzzles. the difficulty curve is very gentle, but it ramps up to the near impossible. If you dont like impossible puzzles, dont worry there are tens of thousands of easier puzzles.

A great rainy afternoon game for when you're taking a break from HL2.exe engine games.
Posté le : 14 avril
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76.7 heures en tout
Sudoku lovers your dream has come true. A great way to pass the time or challenge yourself to good puzzles. I highly recommend this game. Unless of course you are bad at or hate math then you should probably stay clear of it.
Posté le : 27 mars
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