Dandelion -Wishes brought to you- is a female-oriented game developed by Cheritz. The game was released in South Korea in August, 2012. The English translation for Dandelion was released on Nov, 2012. Dandelion is known as a unique dating simulation with a sensational storyline and charming characters.
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Very Positive (341 reviews) - 92% of the 341 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 27, 2012

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Our service was interrupted for 13 hours due to a server issue. We apologize for those of you who were unable to play the game over the weekend. The game is back online now.

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About This Game

Dandelion -Wishes brought to you- is a female-oriented game developed by Cheritz. The game was released in South Korea in August, 2012.
The English translation for Dandelion was released on Nov, 2012. Dandelion is known as a unique dating simulation with a sensational storyline and charming characters. You will notice fantastic art work, beautiful music, and you will experience dramatic emotions throughout the game.

Dandelion ~ Wishes brought to you

  • Genre : Dating Simulation Game
  • Platform : PC/Online
  • Rated : E10+
  • Voice supported : Partly supported(Korean).
( CAST : Mira Yoo, Kyungmyung Lim, Nakyoon Choi, Seongil Lee, Myungjun Kim, Kyungtae Lee, Nayoung Kim, Minjae Gang etc. )

  • Release Date : 2012. 08. 27. in South Korea. * English version in December, 2012.


Heejung Kim moved out from her mom's house, who is obsessed with her education. Heejung tries to find her real dream life. Having the impression that everything would go well, she has been living a life obsessed with grades.

Majoring in business administration, average language skills, not that popular, decent school grades.
The only thing she is interested in is the Art Club.
As graduation approaches, she starts to worry about her future...

One day, Heejung wakes up to animal sounds.....?
After she finds these mysterious animals her story begins....

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Graphics Card 3000
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1536 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Graphics Card 3000
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2048 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6
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Very Positive (341 reviews)
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Ohayo Gozaimoron
( 12.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
In Dandelion - Wishes brought to you - you play as the slaveholder of five exceptionally attractive antromorphic boys who is trying to slowly romance the poor individuals into submission by working on achieving superior beauty and creative abilities. A truly vile game.
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( 34.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
This was much cuter than I anticipated. Its really much more VN than dating-sim, but its still quite an enjoyable game with great replayability.
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( 83.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 15
Dandelion: Wishes Brought To You Review

Since it seems dating sims geared toward female players (otome) all get glowing reviews from the majority of players it's hard guess what kind of game you'll actually be buying. Thankfully Dandelion does have a demo available on Cheritz's website and here on Steam plus plenty of player videos on YouTube. I only recommend watching (part of) a play-through if you don't mind having the story development spoiled a bit.

What sets this apart from so many other otome games for me is the main (really the only) female character. There was a lot of thought put into her character which I really appreciate. Unlike 99.9% of protagonists in other otome she isn't flat, transparent, nor more or less non existent. Any weakness or flaws she has are clearly explained/have a very clear reason for being. She's completely relatable (at least for me) and very likable... most of the time. Even if you find yourself being disgusted by her actions you are still experiencing a well fleshed out character not some cookie cutter archetype who's only actual purpose is to give narrative to a nearly non-existent storyline and when she actually does speak it's nearly always things like “Uuugh!” “Um...” “Yes” “No” and “......” if that last one even counts as speaking. The male characters are well thought out as well. They each have though own unique stories and requirements for a bad or happy ending. While there are a few fixed events none of the routes felt like a copy of the other. Unlike your typical visual novel you have more to do than just pick the answer that gets you (the most) relationship points with the guy you're pursuing. Though I must admit keeping up the MC's maintenance can feel a little pointless toward the end of the game especially if you aren't playing natural aka attacking the save and reload buttons like crazy to ensure you get the best reaction from the characters as possible. I think for people that play though without crushing the save and reload buttons the time between certain events would be adequate in order to ensure everything is on point for a happy ending.

The art was alright but nothing special. Sometimes it's really good and others it looks rushed. The images during game play are a mix between realistic portions and miniaturization which I found kind of cute. Mechanics wise the game worked just fine. I didn't notice any weirdness going on. The only issue that I think many might run into that isn't really addressed or admitted to as one is when you try to start a new route from a previous save. Most don't want to spend time going through the prologue five times over so they make a save file to skip over all that and start earning relationship points with the “animal” who's route they want to get. But, if you do this the game will probably ignore any stamps you collect making all the time you spent trying to get them null. If you want the stamps to count just sacrifice the 3-5mins it'll take to skip through the intro scenes. This is every so slightly annoying but not really a big deal (unless you've just completed a route only to find none of the 60+ stamps you collected registered). Speaking of the skip feature unlike most games in this genre I've tried the skip button actually works/you don't have to hold it down for it to work. One click and everything fast forwards, although it would be better if it just skipped entirely, but I'm happy with how it functions.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the game and recommend it to everyone who likes a good story I couldn't help being slightly annoyed by the number of grammatical errors. Some of them were borderline story breaking; prime example being the characters were consistently confused with each other. The second most common is repeating lines. The second most common is repeating lines. (See what I did there? :)) You're left wondering if the character said something relevant to the story or scenario taking place and mostly just why the heck are the there so many repeated lines? While the number of grammatical errors is moderate they occur far too frequently for a professionally done game. This is especially atrocious since it's been a good number of years since the game's release/more than enough time for the developer(s) to go back in and correct these things with a patch. When they transferred the game to Steam they di ddo some updating but it was mostly slight cosmetic changes/nothing that really improved the game. There are other minor errors in the game; you might see some script code a couple times for example, but that pales by leaps in bounds compared to the spelling and grammatical errors. One very good example of that is with Jiyeon who tends say things wrong a lot. With consistent grammatical errors already occurring, until it's pointed out you will likely just see that quirk as part of the overall lack of care in quality control. Again, while you are not utterly bombarded with errors and can follow the story pretty well for a game that is centered around text, particularly for those that are not fluently in Korean, the rate at which they occur is still very deplorable. Perhaps if this was a beta it'd be okay, but this is the finished product and has been sitting like this for years with not patch to correct any of it.

Oerall I found it to be probably the best compared to the currently available otome games despite obvious flaws. Although the voice acting is Korean only I think the actors did a pretty good job conveying the characters. The bonus material for completing the game is pretty interesting too. I'd be thrilled if this was made into an animation, manwha, and/or novel. If I got wind of it becoming available in English (with the assumption much better job would be done grammar wise etc.) it'd definitely be on my pre-order list.
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bernie sanders tampon
( 11.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 11
thats 11 hours of my life im never getting back
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( 28.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 3
I enjoyed playing this game a whole lot! I decided to give it a try when I saw Dodger and Cry play it on her Youtube channel. The storylines of all the characters were great, which made it easy to fall in love with every one of them. The art was also very nice and pleasing to the eye. The only thing that put me off was the large amount of grinding. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring after a while, but if you really enjoy romance, I would recommend this game.
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( 58.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
While I loved the story itself, and the characters quite a bit, I often was bored with it... Every single day, stress and pressure went up. Everyday, you had to choose what you wanted to do. Everyday, you can only do ONE THING (even though in real life you'd be able to do lots) and you have to decide which skill to increase or decrease, or to go out on a date.

The last 3 months of each character's story, I would just SLEEP or go on a date if it was the weekend. I wanted it to be over quickly by that point, because picking something to do everyday gets old fast.

That being said... Only 2 characters really interested me, even after playing all the routes and getting all good and bad endings. The art's cute, story is good, characters are too predictable, and the grinding is a pain.
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( 16.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
I honestly tried to like this game, but christ the grinding. Barely does anything to the story at all tbh.
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Perrilous The Destroyer
( 23.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
love this game. great artwork, wonderful story lines, and soo cute!
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( 40.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 12
I am a huge fan of Cheritz, so far I have loved all their games. This one seems to have it all, great story, lovable characters (even the "villian"), beautiful art and music. This game will warm your heart one minute and break it the next. My only complaint is that it was very slow with story progression. I would often become bored with the stat raising in between scenes. Though in the end it was worth it for the overall experience!
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( 27.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 11
Just finished this game not too long ago and I'm already missing it T^T FEELZ
200% no ragrets buying this game
GR8 GAME!!!!!!!
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Not Recommended
58.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
While I loved the story itself, and the characters quite a bit, I often was bored with it... Every single day, stress and pressure went up. Everyday, you had to choose what you wanted to do. Everyday, you can only do ONE THING (even though in real life you'd be able to do lots) and you have to decide which skill to increase or decrease, or to go out on a date.

The last 3 months of each character's story, I would just SLEEP or go on a date if it was the weekend. I wanted it to be over quickly by that point, because picking something to do everyday gets old fast.

That being said... Only 2 characters really interested me, even after playing all the routes and getting all good and bad endings. The art's cute, story is good, characters are too predictable, and the grinding is a pain.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
12.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
In Dandelion - Wishes brought to you - you play as the slaveholder of five exceptionally attractive antromorphic boys who is trying to slowly romance the poor individuals into submission by working on achieving superior beauty and creative abilities. A truly vile game.
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145 of 148 people (98%) found this review helpful
20 people found this review funny
46.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 29, 2014
If pigeons weren't enough, now you can choose between BUNNIES and KITTENS. Well, kind of. Unlike the pigeons in Hatoful Boyfriend, these animals fortunately (?) don't stay animals forever. (I took a bunny with me to the beach; he was not impressed when I put on my $100 dollar bikini, the fruits of MANY nights of labor at the local art gallery. I would've been pretty weirded out if he was.)

Animal jokes aside, Dandelion is a lovely, very professionally done Korean visual novel aimed at a female audience. I think this may be the first Korean visual novel on Steam, and it's gorgeous, with fully voiced Korean dialogue and English text. I believe you can set the text to Korean as well. There are five different possible love interests you can pursue at the start, though at the beginning I swear it plays more like a pet raising simulator than anything else. Steambuns instead of Nintendogs, right?

But no, there's a mystery that slowly begins to unfold--and eventually romance. With people. Human people, I swear. Just ignore the occasional animal ears. Yes, the $30 price tag may seem very steep to a lot of Steam users accustomed to cheaper alternatives, but before brushing it off, try the demo (available on Steam right here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/323760/?snr=1_5_1100__1100). It doesn't take long to see how much work went into it, and how many visual novels on Steam have extensive voice acting? Not enough! I've only noticed a few small translation errors here and there, but they aren't nearly as common, noticeable, or cringe-worthy as a lot of the freemium VNs' rushed translations on iOS and Android. Overall, the translation is very well done.

Hopefully, if Dandelion does well enough on Steam, Cheritz might feel inclined to add Nameless, their latest visual novel set in the same general universe--but with dolls instead of cats and rabbits. Yes, dolls. How can any girl resist?

UPDATE after completing all routes, including Jisoo's absolutely TERRIFYING "bad route" (totally worth it for the extra CGs!):

Yes, I sank 35 hours into Dandelion. Yes, every one of them was worth it. I can't think of another visual novel/dating sim that left me thinking so much after completing it. After completing all 5 routes, make sure to check the bonus content! I was really interested in the mystery behind the story--who left me with these animals and why? The bonus content was the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae--and isn't the cherry sometimes the best part?

First, I have to praise the characterization of Heejung. I know most visual novels/dating sims use "blank slate" protagonists (sometimes without eyes--creepy!), but Heejung is the most relatable, realistic heroine I've encountered in a while. (I may be biased because I, too, wonder where my mysterious new bruises came from and how expensive it would be to install a TV in my bathroom when I take a bubble bath to raise my beauty and femininity stats in real life.) Who doesn't understand the pressures of "making it" and continuously doing things you dread solely to please your parents and loved ones, no matter your culture? Who doesn't fear being left behind?

The love interests are fantastic too, and are much more than their archetypes may make them appear at first glance (pretty bunny, baby bunny, snobby bunny, sweet kitty, glutton/pervert kitty), though of course I had favorites. I started with Jihae, whose route seemed like a good one for beginners (just remember to raise some affection with Jieun too!), and ended with Jieun because I was super stubborn about not pursuing a baby bunny. He's a baby! Heejung is a college senior! ...But his route was one of the sweetest and actually had the best ending. Jiwoo's was great too, especially if you've seen as many Korean dramas as I have and can appreciate how the game pokes fun at kdrama clichés. (Those envelopes of money! Candy Cinderella and chaebol romances!)

There is a LOT of stat-raising, but if you focus first on raising your Stress/Pressure Relief abilities, that helps a lot, and soon you won't even notice your Stress and Pressure stats raising at all. Make frequent use of Quick Save/Quick Reload if you accidentally poke/show love/feed them fruit in the wrong place (sometimes deliberately...!) and get a bad reaction, or if you can't find the bunny/kitten of your dreams anywhere in the entire apartment.

If you're on the fence about getting Dandelion, definitely try the demo first--and then just get it. Unless you really, really hate bunnies and kittens (are you more of a dog and ferret person?), you won't be disappointed.
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Not Recommended
60.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 7, 2015
Let me start by saying that I like this game (obviously, seeing as I clocked 60+ hours on this thing). The various story lines are definitely entertaining with more than one little twist and turn that I honestly wasn't expecting and the characters are surprisingly 3-dimensional despite most of them being cat boys and bunny boys. That's right, ladies; after many long years putting up with the cat girl and bunny girl tropes it is now our turn. But wait, there’s more! Not only do we get eye-candy a plenty, but we also get actual personalities with realistic faults and flaws, (yes, even silver bunny and white bunny have their flaws, though theirs aren't quite as pronounced as the other three's). Even the main character has a personality – or quite possibly a severe mental condition that, in most cases, she manages to overcome without the need for expensive therapy and/or medication (come forth and bear witness to the mighty healing powers of cat/bunny boys!).

As for the actual gameplay: It’s pretty much a matter of grinding states to progress the story (mostly by avoiding a bad end). I know some people don’t care much for this aspect, but to be perfectly honest that was one of the main reasons I bought the game (that and Dodger). It does make the game pretty long, I admit, but for me it was kind of cathartic so I don't really see that as much of a downside.

BTW: Frequent and blatant abuse of the quick save/load feature is a legitimate part of the game. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So I would love to recommend this game. I really would. The story was quirky and interesting, the characters were great, the typos(which are regrettably frequent) are sometimes unintentionally hilarious, the weirdness is prevalent (which I quite enjoy), and the 'true ending' that you get after you complete all the rest was just amazing. I totally fangirled all over this game for quite some time (don't judge me), but after the most recent update I can't recommend it anymore.

You see, Cheritz seems to have graduated with high honors from both the EA and Blizzard schools of DRM ♥♥♥♥♥♥-baggery. This is a graphic novel. Albeit, it is a pretty good graphic novel, but there is, nevertheless, no possible need for it to require, REQUIRE, a constant internet connection. And yet for some reason you cannot play this game in Offline Mode; some people can't even play it when they ARE online because of all the other little addendums and bugs that have come with it. Oh you can do the grinding in Offline Mode, but the moment a cutscene comes up you're pretty much screwed. I honestly can't understand what logical reason Cheritz could have for this. I always thought that Steam WAS the DRM, but now even that's not good enough for you guys? Really?

I'm sick of it. I really am. This DRM bullcrap is getting into absolutely everything, isn’t it? Even effing graphic novels. Graphic novels, people! But hey, if you don't have a problem with all that and have a flawless internet connection (obviously you do not have the same ISP as I do, lucky) then go for it! It's an enjoyable graphic novel game. I just wish the company would rethink this entire thing and go back to how it was BEFORE the constant connection was necessary. If it ever does I'll change my recommendation and I'd buy their other game, Nameless, in a heartbeat. But, so far, that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Oh well. Guess I’ll just get over it and move on.
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12.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 1, 2015
So, I have finally found time to write a review to this wonderful game. Please, don`t look at the playtime displayed in my Steam account. I bought this game almost immediately after its official release on CheritZ, when it wasn`t available on Steam at all and used a special security server to play, and played it for around 6 months (completing all possible character stories, of course).
I actually love Dandelion. One of the reasons for it is the main character - Heejung. Even though I never was in the same situation is hers, I still can feel her sorrow and pain. She is not some lifeless female protagonist that we can see in many otome games. She has personality and we can see her developing during the game. If you have heart, you WILL want to make her happy, though the road to happiness for this poor girl is a really difficult one.
Now, after I have talked about my main reason to love the game, let`s look in details at what it offers.

1) Characters. There is a lot of different personalities here: timid and dreamy Jieun, tsundere type Jiwoo, dark and "bad-boy type" Jisoo, mysterious and level-headed Jihae, charming Jiyeon (whom I started to hate at some point because....well, you need to play the game to understand what he really is). And of course the Wizard, a crazy person who is obsessed with Heejung in some way (or in all ways). There is also Heejae - Heejung`s friend from the university, but he doesn`t play any major role in the story.

2) Story. This one is quite interesting. As I understood, there are two words – the normal one, where Heejung lives, and the parallel one, where animal-people live. The main two classes mentioned are rabbits and cats: rabbits are royalty and wealthy all in all, and cats suffer from poverty and rabbits` policy. That`s the reason why Jisoo and Jiyeon – the cat-boys - don`t like three other young man (who are rabbits). Developers of the game did quite a good job showing the society of cats and rabbits. As far as the romantic part of the story is concerned, it is also worth mentioning. All male characters are really different and their attitude towards Heejung is different too. Some of them are pretty shocking, to say the least, for example, Jisoo`s one. He scared me at some point. However, I don`t want to write spoilers here, so I can`t add anything else without opening some part of his route. It is also really appealing to me that male characters develop along with the protagonist and that all of them are not what they seemed at first sight. Don`t trust your first impression, dear friends, because it will fail you. Every character is unique, so the game has great replayability. Despite having already completed the game I still decided to start it again in Steam, because it is better than many other otome games, its story is more consistent and it provides something apart from love story. Yes, Heejung has to fall in love with one of them but it doesn`t mean that everything will be in pink colour. There is great social context that will make you think about different things, including how to raise your children (Heejung`s mother is one of the worst possible examples, to say the least).

3) Voices. Something I really liked was that Heejung has her own voice. Yes, she speaks, and I like how she does it. She is emotional and sincere. Male voices are very good too, they suit the characters well and if I have ever to imagine them in real life, I would give them the same ones. Though I should also say that at first I found the language funny, no offense here, people from Korea. It is just so different from Russian, and the way some words are pronounced…that`s fascinating. Nevertheless, I got used to it pretty fast, so there is nothing to complain about.

4) Interface and game mechanics. Both were nice and easy to understand in the non-Steam version of the game, but in Steam it has become even better. I like how the Status of Heejung is shown, I like how simple the stats are that you don`t have to run around the map or house to understand what to do and how to improve the protagonist. Everything is simple and it is good. At the same time I can`t but mention that all this stat raising may become a bit repetitive. By the end of the third route (it was Jisoo`s one, btw) I have already learned by heart what to do and where to go to achieve what I want, so the story is the main feature that makes you want to play, not the process of playing itself.

5) Art and CGs. I love the style all characters are drawn. It`s neither childish nor too realistic. Heejung is not a super model and she never was presented as one, she is just a common young woman who is concerned about her future and current life. It is also worth saying that characters` emotions are well shown with both the art and the voice acting. The CGs are all well-drawn, I can see love of the artists who created them. Some are funny, some are scary, some are mysterious (remember the crazy Wizard?) and some are lovely and romantic. I strongly recommend completing all the routes and opening all CGs, because you will most probably love them.

All in all, Dandelion - Wishes brought to you – is worth its money and your time. I do believe that you will like the characters and the plot and that you will not be disappointed with any of the endings. There is no fairytale here, even though it looks like one. But there are actual problems of the real world that Heejung has to face every day.

I wish you good game and hope my review will help you in any way. ^^

P.S. Don`t forget to complete Bad Endings too, they are more then worth it. As I said before, Jisoo`s one is pretty shocking.
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11.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 20, 2014
Didn't get to screw the bunny (Jiwoo) and instead got a trainwreck of emotions 10/10 would cry hard again.
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10.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 19, 2014
Well, first off, I have to say this is an absolutely beautiful game. If you’re looking for a subpar dating sim, you will have to look elsewhere, because Dandelion is very well put-together and a blast to play. The graphics are very nice and the characters are interesting and adorable in different ways. The stories for the different boys are very cool to learn about over time and the mysterious voice from somewhere is, uh, very mysterious. Very I-don’t-explain-anything-but-I-imply-that-there-is-a-huge-background-here-wink-wink-to-those-who-have-played-the-game-enough. So yeah, very mysterious to me. One of the only issues that I had with it was the typos that popped up sometimes, but overall the translation was well done. They did a very good job of maintaining the sweet, giving nature of Heejung while also revealing her struggles and discontent. She can almost seem too placid, but it is understandable, given her past, and as the game moves forward, she does show signs of a backbone as she comes in to her own (thanks, furry adorableness?), which I whole-heartedly approve of.

It takes some time to recognize the voices and names (very creative, Heejung…lots of J’s @_@) but once you do, it becomes very easy to know who is speaking during scenes that don’t show faces. The different colors help and the personalities are so unique from one another that it becomes clear pretty quickly. The stat system is very intensive if you want to buff them all out, but the options are cute and for some of the boys, it’s important to max out your stats as quickly as possible. Just think of it as primping and sketching your way to the top. I actually do enjoy the grind, because the little illustrations are cute and it’s nice to become beautiful just by taking a bath. Unfortunately there have been no side effects in real life.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind when playing this game is FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS FURRY AND CUTE DO NOT TRY TO GAIN HEARTS FROM ALL OF THEM. You may think, ‘Oh that’d be nice to be friends with all of them! I’ll just hang out with everyone and become a more well-rounded person!’ That is the quickest path to a bad ending, except in a few special cases, which I'm sure you'll figure out after a couple of hours of playing.


I was there.

Let me lay out the scene for you:
There I was on a different guy’s route, when I thought I would go out on the weekend and have a nice, friendly lunch with Jiwoo, you know? Just two buds hanging out and becoming even better friends. Maybe he’d even stop calling me stupid one day! During lunch, he says something about me feeding him, and being the desperate-for-points-and-new-interactions player I am, I chose the ‘Open wiiiide” option, thinking it was a little weird, but hey, I don’t judge friendships. Then he goes and says something about not dating any other boys. And if I were really Heejung, I would have stopped in my tracks and wondered, ‘You think we’re dating?!?!’ But of course, I am not her, and the game just continued on, unmindful to the fact that it had just rocked my world. When I started the game, I thought that Heejung was very oblivious when it came to boys, which was cute but almost a little much. Now, I know the horrid truth. I am JUST as oblivious and stupid about boys as a main protagonist of a DATING simulator. TT_TT

Let’s just say there is one bad ending in particular which is more than a little traumatizing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it last night. On the bright side, they did an excellent job of unobtrusively sliding you into an abusive and very dangerous relationship, with you torn between thinking there is something very wrong, and thinking that it will turn out okay once he calms down.

He didn’t calm down.

I am still a bit emotionally scarred and I have been hesitant to play his good route (I just need some recovery time…). I recommend you get all the good endings before you try to get the bad endings for completeness—that way you’ll still be able to sleep at night without thinking someone’s going to be hovering over your bed. Following you to the bathroom…not letting you talk to people…scarring the actual player for real…or maybe that’s just me. But, what the heck, do whatever you like! (It’s your funeral)

On a completely random side note, I like to pretend that the silver-haired man in the city panoramic scene that pops up once in a while is actually the main protagonist from Persona 4 (just to spice up the scenery for me). Unfortunately, no matter how many times I click on him, he does not become a dateable furball of cuteness. But I can just imagine him as a large darker gray-haired rabbit, majestically lording over everyone in King’s Game. X3 He’d fit right in with Jieun and Jihae!
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Posted: June 11, 2015
Ruined my life 10/10
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Posted: February 10, 2015
hot animal anime boys brokoro my kokoro :((((
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Posted: November 6, 2014
Amazing, amazing game. Finished it within 6 or so hours. I sat glued to my chair the whole time. This has been my favorite visual novel so far. With my first playthough being with Jiyeon..I think next time i will go for Jiwoo. It had emotions in it that brought me to tears a few times. Highly recommend this game to anime/visual novel fans. 15/10.
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