Xeodrifter™ Special Edition Now Available! Featuring Renegade Kid's in-depth development diary, and critically acclaimed soundtrack by artists Roth Sothy, Matthew Gambrell, and Brian Altano!
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Release Date: Dec 11, 2014

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“Superb! This may be Renegade Kid's best game yet!”
9/10 – Destructoid

“Freshest Metroid-style platformer I've played all year!”
A- – Invisible Gamer

“Another Renegade Kid gem!”
90% – 8-Worlds News

About This Game

Xeodrifter™ Special Edition Now Available! Featuring Renegade Kid's in-depth development diary, and critically acclaimed soundtrack by artists Roth Sothy, Matthew Gambrell, and Brian Altano!

Xeodrifter™ is the story of an interstellar drifter traveling the stars on a simple mission of exploration. We join our nomad as he embarks on the investigation of a small cluster of four planets in the omega sector, after a collision with a rogue asteroid damaged his warp core.

A scan of the neighboring planets revealed a number of energy signatures, which may provide the special material needed to replace the damaged warp core and get back to cruising through the cosmos. However, what began as a routine away-mission to fix his engine quickly spirals into a dangerous game of search, shoot, and survive.

Blast your way through alien landscapes, seek out valuable secrets, and defeat ancient guardians to unlock powers from a legendary supreme culture in this exciting journey of mystery and adventure.

• Classic 2D platforming, shooting, and exploration gameplay.
• Unlock legendary power-ups and gain access to new areas.
• Epic boss encounters that test your skills.
• Collect upgrades to extend your health and equip custom gun enhancements.
• Navigate your ship between neighboring planets.
• Seek out special blocks, hidden pathways, and more to reveal useful secrets.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP +
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Graphics Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 22
The going into the background mecahnic has never been fun, the enemies are annoying and the bosses repeat. Was looking for a cool metroid like game, this is not one.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 12
PROS: Really good music, cool art style, fun gameplay, challenging

CONS: Fairly short (took me about 6 hrs to finish) and it is very hard (which I like) but it can be frustrating at times when you're dying a lot. Honestly though, any time I died it was my fault for pressing the wrong button or not timing something correctly, so it's not like the game was poorly made. Lastly, there isn't very high replay value. There isn't new game plus and I got about 90% of the collectibles in my playthrough... so you could probably get about 7, maybe 8 hours of gameplay before you 100% it

Overall, this is a really cool game that's worth checking out... I got it on sale for $2, which I'm more than happy to have paid.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
34 of 41 people (83%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 27, 2015
Metroid lite. Scratches that upgrade-based progression itch, but isn't very substantial.

Gamefeel is pretty nice, but there's no variable jump height and you can't move while aiming up, which are both annoying. Difficulty felt just right to me. Like Super Metroid, exploration is generally fairly easy, with moderate difficulty bumps for boss fights.

Weapon customization feels kinda pointless to me. Using anything other than the two DPS stats just seems like a waste. You also have to enter the menu to toggle your super blasty gun, and to swap gun stat presets. Why not use LB and back/select for these?

Exploration is pretty simplistic. Four small, fairly straightforward planets that you move between via a glorified level select screen. Keeps up the pace, but really limits the trailblazer feel that makes Metroid so satisfying.

Overall it's fun and well put together, but honestly kinda forgettable. Grab it on sale and play through it in an afternoon if you're into Metroid.
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23 of 26 people (88%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 11, 2014
Xeodrifter is a solid metroid-esque game than is fun from start to finish, the only problem being that it's very short.
Finishing the game in one sitting in little over 2 hours with 89% collectables makes it obvious that while the game itself is great, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Gameplay wise the controls feel solid enough (if slightly floaty), the difficulty is fairly challenging and the unlockable abilities and weapon upgrade trees are fun and imaginative.

All in all a great experience and definitely worth picking up, but even if you're a fan of metroid-like games, I would wait for the price to drop.
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33 of 45 people (73%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 2, 2015
Eeehh... this is definitely one for the "meh" pile, and what pushes it into negative review territory especially is the short length and the fact that you can do so much better for the money.

The first problem I noticed almost immediately. Fixed jump height. No. Stop. Wrong. There's no reason to make jump height fixed, especially in a game where you have to aim while jumping. Way too often I was jumping higher than I wanted to be and hitting my intended target was more trouble that it was worth.

The second is that the game is very linear. You can explore around a bit, but there's always only one specific spot of the game you can go to, regardless of the fact that it starts off with four planets to visit. It gives the illusion of freedom without offering you the slightest bit.

The third is the boss design. For the one boss. That you fight seven times. Sure, he gets new attacks. That suck. Aww yeah, shield attack that makes him invincible and takes 30ish seconds each time it occurs, great. Oh man, slamming attack that is hard to figure out how to dodge and can take an eternity as well (though he's at least not invincible). Oh good, spawning more enemies that fire 2-damage bullets.

The fourth is the artificial difficulty. There is exactly one save spot in the game; on your ship. The only other checkpoints are entering/exiting boss rooms. On all but the first planet, there's quite a distance between your ship and any given boss room. And there's very little in the way of healing; there are hidden full heals sparsely scattered around the planets, and enemies that drop health spawn right before the boss room. What this means is that you have to go a fair distance without getting hit more than a few times.

And despite that, the game's still easy as heck. I cleared it in a few hours and 100%'ed it only a little while later. Hell, I didn't even go past 5 HP until right before the final boss and didn't really struggle much for it. The "secrets" of the game are all hidden passageways that give no real indication that they exist, and aren't even worth hunting down unless you're going for 100% completion. I couldn't be bothered to prod around the (not even that large) game map to find them all, because what's the point? They're no fun to find, there's no sense of discovery, you just have to poke at everything until you find what you're looking for. I got bored and just looked them up after a while.

I don't think this game is awful, though. It's far better than Mutant Mudds. It's decently enjoyable. But it's nothing special; the only slightly original mechanic is the multiple layers one from Mutant Mudds, and while it's done better here than there it's not that special of a mechanic; swapping between two layers has been done before in many other games, it's just visually displayed as separate layers here. Other than that you have pretty stock powerups; submarine for water travel, dashing and rocket jump, a charge shot, and a short dash that lets you phase through walls, that you only need to use about 5-6 times anyways.

I wasn't impressed. I don't hate this game but I'd say pass unless you're desperate for more vaguely-metroidvania-ish gaming, For an equal or lower pricetag you can get Environmental Station Alpha, Outland, Knytt Underground, and quite a few other better metroidvania-type games.
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49 of 73 people (67%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
4.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 31, 2015
Neat gun upgrade system
Short length (~3 hours)
Only 1 boss that you fight 7 flavors of that gains new more frustrating/boring moves. Special mention goes to the blue shield that renders them invincible for 30 seconds that they can use several times per fight. There is an upgrade than can break it, however.

5/10 get it on sale or in a bundle and have no expectations.
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20 of 27 people (74%) found this review helpful
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 14, 2015
Very cool Metroid-like game.


+ runs super smooth
+ controller support with good native control scheme
+ fluent controls
+ cool pixel art
+ fitting soundtrack with nice music through the whole game
+ leveldesign is smart and well thought out
+ backtracking is actual fun and not designed to be frustrating, while keeping exploration fresh
+ a good variety of enemies
+ really cool power ups that you use all the time
+ upgrade your main weapon to your liking, whether you want more spread or shot speed, its all your choice this is one point i really loved. You also get more slots to switch between different skill-schemes, and all points can be rearranged at any moment
+ balanced difficulty, its not too easy and not too frustrating


- with 3 hours in and many backtracking and multiple tries on the first 2 bosses.....the game is really short.
- the boss battle is recycled every time, just with additional attacks. I didnt mind so much, but it does take the tention away if you fight him more than once. I was way more prepared for the last fight and won first try. Personally it didnt bother me too much though
- I think the asking price of 10€ is too much. The game probably took some time to make as it is very well thought out, but its still such a short game, you can get more out of that money on steam with a different game. I got it in a 75% sale and am more than happy that I picked it up. Get it for 5€ its worth it.

Great game, that comes off a little bit too short, but also stands tall on its fantastic gameplay and soundtrack. I enjoyed every minute of it and hope that there will be a sequel.
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18 of 24 people (75%) found this review helpful
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 26
A short fun to play metroidvania game.
There are 4 planets to explore and you have to revisit them everytime you got new power-up.
You can customize your gun freely as you prefered.

I dunno why but I felt bad after finishing this game.
Maybe it's because of the final boss fight.
Recommended as it's fun.
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23 of 35 people (66%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2014
An okay game and a decent Metroidvania, hampered by being EXTREMELY short.

And I'm talking SHORT. I finished it in just over 2 hours, with 91% completion. If I went back to get the couple of powerups I missed it would probably be 3 hours.

There are some interesting mechanics and the gameplay is tight and fun, but just as it starts to get going it's all over.

As it stands for such a short experience I can't really recommend it at a $10 price tag, especially considering other games you can pick up for the same price.

If you can get it on sale for like $3-5, go ahead and pick it up if you like Metroidvanias and don't mind a short game.
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2014

Well, these are my initial impressions. Take them as you will. I will update this if/when I play some more.

- Bright, colorful artwork that pops
- Lovely underwater effects (sometime it feels like a tech demo for the effect - it's used a LOT)
- Cute designs and easy to understand enemies
- Great tone, mood, atmosphere


- It says "Alt + Enter" to Fullscreen. The first time I used it, the program crashed. Moving right along...
- No controller support to get through the introduction is a real bummer. Also, there are no prompts telling you what to press to continue. So, I found myself just pressing buttons until something happened. "ESC doesn't seem to do anything. How about Spacebar? No, that didn't work either. How about...Z? Yes, it's Z."
- Then is says that the A and B buttons have been calibrated, but pressing the A and B buttons do nothing. *sigh* So, I eventually went into configurations and set-up the whole controller myself manually. NOT the best of first impressions.

- Four planets to explore, and from what I can gather, there's only one checkpoint right before the boss (By the way, you fight the same boss multiple times in this game).
- Health does not refill upon death. So, if you make it to the boss with one health bar, if you die during the boss fight and respawn in front the boss door, you still have one health bar. I found this an interesting (not in a good way) design decision because this means that to refill your health, you need to work you way all the way back to your ship - or exit the game to the main menu and try again from a previous save. Why not just spawn back at the ship after a couple attempts at the boss ?(you're going to have to start again from the ship anyway) I guess that would have been too straightforward.
- There's no variable jump - just one big leap. This makes me feel like I'm less in control of the character.

That's all for now. Not really recommended at this time. Again, may update in the future.


- EDIT -
UPDATE 01.12.2015

- Alrighty, I just beat the game so I thought that I'd update my thoughts. I have to admit: I was wrong. Xeodrifter is actually a very cool little game, but it didn't give me the best of first impressions. Complete controller support not working 'out of the box' is a major turn-off for me, as well as respawn time taking longer than I would have liked.

Regardless, once I got into the game about an hour and a half, it really picked up. It went from difficult and frustrating to me BLAZING through it. I went from three heart tanks to nine in two hours. During this time the game was progressing so fast I wondered if it could beat the game the same night! So much fun! Discovering that the little enemies outside the boss room can be killed for heart points was an eye opener. I think I was at the fourth boss when I realized that. I was like, "What?! These things drop health? Nothing else in this game drops health." Haha! Love it.

All in all, a fun little metroidvania game with its share of surprises and challenge. As others have said, you fight the same boss seven times, but the boss adds moves each time, so it doesn't feel *completely* the same. >_< A fun little game that kept me coming back. Kudos to you, Renegade Kid. :)

Final Score: 7.5/10
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Recently Posted
16.7 hrs
Posted: October 27
Very metroidvania. A little confusing at first, but then it speeds up a lot once you get into the action. I definitely recommend it.
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4.3 hrs
Posted: October 11
Great Game! Quite an amazing follow up to Mutant Mudds
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0.1 hrs
Posted: October 1
An astoundingly simple Metroid impersonator that lacks the richness of atmosphere and depth of exploration that makes that series' weaknesses forgivable. The game provides you with no guidance on anything and every facet can still be discovered in 10 minutes; that's really all there is to this game. Not worth any non-zero amount of money.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: September 19

Lost in space and out of warp fuel forces Xeo (a drifter) to transport down to hostile locations in search of an interstellar gas station.

This action platformer follows in many of the footsteps made by Metroid while also making some new turns along the way. Powers allow the player to jump between planes of play giving the level design an extra bit of needed complexity.

Boss animations are finely crafted to telegraph to the player the upcoming attacks, creating an experience that getting hit by the boss never feels unearned. Unfortunately, the game is quick to recycle the bosses.
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Waffle King
0.7 hrs
Posted: September 10
Premetroid Ejaculation
- An Official Waffle King Review

~Find more here.

Metroidvania style games are a genre mostly forgotten by pretty much everyone except indie developers. Nintendo hasn't cared about classic Metroid in a long time, and Castlevania is pretty much dead since Konami, you know, is ♥♥♥♥ing Konami.

But people still care about the genre, and you can still find some decent stuff like it to this day. Sometimes games on par with, or possibly better than the classics. Stuff, maybe, like Xeodrifter?

Haha, no, I wouldn't go that far. Don't be ridiculous.

Xeodrifter is a pretty decent take on the Metroidvania genre available on PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS, and PC. Coming to us from Renegade Kid, developers of some pretty great games like Mutant Mudds and Dementium: The Ward.

If you've ever played Metroid, well, it's kinda like that. Except it takes maybe all of roughly half an hour to finish. If that.

Xeodrifter is a one-pump chump. It's not a bad game at all. It's just, that's it. You start it, you explore a little, and it's done just as soon as you've started.

You get to explore 4 bite-sized planets, hunting for the minimal albeit cleverly hidden collectibles, and defeating the bosses which are all the same base enemy.

Each planet has its own unique theme, with vibrant 8-bit environments and catchy chiptunes. The planets will task you with many unique challenges, and offers quite a bit of variation in the gameplay. You can unlock the power to morph into a submarine, or run at lightning speeds to dash over lava. Each power is unlocked by defeating a boss.

The exact same boss. Every time. For a game in the same vein as Metroid, there's a startlingly bare-bones cast of enemies to fight. There's definitely Metroid-styled enemies, with their erratic movement patterns and design styles, but a diverse ecosystem of alien creatures is not here.

Each time you fight the boss, he does learn some new moves and ultimately becomes a force to be reckoned with. But it ultimately makes the final boss, who is also the exact same boss, a little underwhelming.

The repetitive bosses combined with the short game length ultimately make for a bit of a disappointing experience, especially when the game does such a good job of hyping itself up.

Morphing into a submarine is dope as ♥♥♥♥, dude. By far one of the best ideas in the game. Underwater levels are always the absolute worst, but the submarine's movement is smooth and unhindered and yet still distinguishable from land movement.

The gun upgrade system, which allows you to freely set skill points to upgrade different facets of your blaster, is another great idea. Was looking forward to upgrading my gun to fit any given enemy's attack pattern. But again, there's only one major enemy to worry about.

There's just not enough stuff. It's not long enough, and there's not enough girth. You can't leave someone satisfied with something like this. I finished it accidentally.

Now, I'm sure this never happens. I'm sure this is just from the alcohol, or I dunno, maybe you're just really stressed from trying to make a really good Metroidvania.

But really, dude, you got me all worked up and you couldn't even last longer than an hour. You're gonna need to buy me dinner to make up for this, yo.

Gotta be something classy. Not some Red Lobster-♥♥♥ joint. If you can't make a Metroidvania that lasts longer than an hour and can't afford something better than Red Lobster, we are done. Done.
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2.8 hrs
Posted: September 8
little five star review for a little five star game.

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Dr. Rockso M.D.
0.1 hrs
Posted: September 6
This game isn't quite as good on the PC as it is on the 3DS, for which it was developed for.

If you are looking for a better pixel-art sci-fi platformer with more depth, check out Environmental Station Alpha.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: August 25
♥♥♥♥♥iest Metroidvania game ever.
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