Dusk 12 is a first person shooter, full of action where the player will incarnate two heroes. One of the soldiers of the group, with unknown past and one of the infected men with the virus, who has strength, speed and fortitude beyond human limits.
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Mostly Negative (55 reviews) - 36% of the 55 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 28, 2009

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About This Game

The project to create the perfect soldier ran out of control, and turned itself into an incurable virus. The whole city is now under quarantine as the inhabitants transformed into blood-thirsty assassins. A group of Spec Ops soldiers are now trying to uncover the secrets of those aborted experiments undertaken 4 years ago...

  • Play alone or in squad mode as you control the mutated man or the soldier. Use your superpowers or give orders to your companions to aid you in the combat.
  • Take everything you want, break hundreds of objects, use elements of the scenario as weapons.

  • Several vehicles that you will be able to use for traveling through the scenario and transport your group.

System Requirements

    • OS: 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2 GHz/AthlonXP 2000+
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • OS: 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3 GHz/AthlonXP 3000+
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Posted: November 14, 2015
Now, I'll be the first to say but I actually LOVED Dusk 12. It's a crap game, there's no denying that - it is a really bad first person shooter but that badness is something special compared to a lot of other crap first person shooters. Orion Games have a way with developing games. While what they have made is almost universally crap, there's a huge dose of special charm to it that a lot of other bad games just can't seem to replicate. It's adorable and hilarious how it tries to be a good game, the dialogue is hilarious, the voice acting is laughable, the story is ridiculous especially with its WTF twist ending and the cheesy music that plays throughout - there really is a lot to love here. But as I look at what's been made here, I can tell love was put into the game, while the developer's incompetence speaks for itself you can tell they wanted Dusk 12 to go somewhere or at the very least, gain some kind of cult following. And I can safely say, I loved this game - had a smile on my face the whole way through and made me laugh quite a few times. And being interested in weird, obscure games, this was a must buy for me the second I saw it.

It's a Steam review so for those who are thinking about buying, I'll make a list of pros and cons for you;

- Fun, competent gunplay
- Funky enemy types
- Plenty of variety in level design all throughout
- Lots of enemies
- More akin to old school FPS
- Hilariousness all around (As stated above)
- Cheesy music

- Horrid visuals
- Very hard to understand what's going on in the story
- A few sections are annoying or confusing (Thankfully they don't take too long to figure out)
- Level design is confusing at times
- Gorin sections can be a pain, especially when dealing with the cat-monkey mutants things
- If you want nothing but gold in your games, you'll despise this

The game can be beaten is 3-5 hours so it's a very short ride but I ride I certainly don't regret - just know that depending on your tastes in games; your mileage will greatly vary. But it's easily one of the best worst games I've ever played; almost reaches Deadly Premonition levels of so-bad-it's-good but it's not quite there.
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Posted: January 29
Only crashed 25 times before I got to the title Screen. The game only allows its true believers to play it, presumibly has an amazing story, and flawless gameplay. I hope one day I will be able to see them for myself.
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Posted: August 23, 2014
Imagine you purchase a book that's 1,000 pages in length but you can't open it because you took off the price tag. Now imagine you put it back on, you can now open and read the book BUT pages 75 - 500 are blank pages. Yes folks this describes Dusk 12 perfectly.

Before you start the game you will get a window for all your options video, AA, shaders etc. Now if you touch anything and I mean ANYTHING even just moving it up one that's it you have screwed yourself and the game will not launch. Now let's say it does launch, think you're safe? Oh no. You want to hit escape to pause? Enjoy your frozen game. You want to skip a cutscene? Enjoy your game freeze.

Now if you dissable music AND cutscenes (video playback) and also install NVidia Legacy driver well then look at that you can play it, but what is the point of playing something where story points are blocked out? Well you could focus on what you get, but imagine in order to play Max Payne 3 you had to dissable loading scenes and cutscenes, you'd have no idea what the Hell just happened.

If you are running earlier then Windows 98 or newer then a Windows XP then that's it, no cutscenes to explain story and no music to set the mood, and having both of those off you will still wait to see if it'll even work or just freeze at a loading screen.

Now for the actual game. Dusk 12 has you controling 2 people, a mutant and a soldier. The setting is in a town that's been hit with something (but again we don't know because you are forced to dissable cutscenes.) Now, this is from a Russian company so all spoken lines are English dub overs (and we all know how bad those can be) so if you come in expecting anything other then cringe worthy then stay away.

The gunplay is standard, the progression is a little slow but the mutant powers are pretty good (night vision, health regeneration by draining life from enemies.) Gameplay it is simple point A to point B. Now if you've played any kind of Russian games you should know that the graphics are outdated, just look at this, this is from 2007 (released 2008.) The ragdolls are basic and the effects are nothing special. Overall I'd chalk it up to a no-frills standard shooter and a boring one at that. I'm not thumbing down because of the technical issues, I'm thumbing down because it's a boring game in general.
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Posted: May 4, 2015
before anything else, if you buy this game go and download the newest audiere dll http://audiere.sourceforge.net/download.php and replace the one the game comes with. they used an older version which is now outdated and this is the reason for those people who have trouble with turning the music or videos on -- with the replacement dll, the game runs and sounds fine. you may also need to install legacy physx driver. got it?

the game itself is pretty amusing; if you're into weird awkward fps games then it's right up your alley. the two protagonists really do play differently, which is honestly rare in those FPS games that promise multiple playable characters; soldier guy plays like a traditional FPS hero and the mutant is melee-only, but can throw things to a ridiculous distance. the first boss is a helicopter you must destroy by awkwardly tossing cars into the air in the hope that some will hit it. the voice acting is hilarious; the plot is confusing; the gameplay is entertaining if cheap. it's fun.
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Posted: December 17, 2014
Dusk 12 suffers from a ton of technical issues. The fact that you must to disable both cutscenes and music in order for the game to work gives you an idea of just how boned this game is. And even when it does run, it doesn't support widescreen resolutions (for a game released in 2007 thats still inexcusable) and I couldn't get it to play in fullscreen. All windowed mode, all the time... On these problems alone, I can't recommend it.

For those of you who do push forth through the technical headaches, you're not going to be in for a good time. Dusk 12 is a very rough game.

Visually the game looks fine. Gun models, character models, and the setting are all passable by budget title standards around the mid 2000s. The graphics and setting are the games biggest selling points.

You control 2 seperate characters; Gorin (the mutant) and Andrei Yagorov (a soldier).
Gorin doesn't use guns (until late in the game where you get a minigun for a level), instead he gets a few mutant abilities such as Time Slow, Force Choke, Force Push, Super Speed, and Night Vision. You will mostly be using the Time Slow throughout the whole game and punching people in the face. You can also pick up explosive barrels and wrecked cars to throw at enemies although many areas are not large enough to throw items and you'll be stuck holding something unable to throw it or put it down until you die or reload.
Yagorov controls like classic FPS; Health/Armor meters and number of guns with plenty of ammo to spare. While this is a welcome game play style, Yagorovs stages are by far the hardest. Health/Armor pick ups seem scarce or non-existant in some levels. Enemies with guns deal massive amounts of damage very quickly. Often the best strategy is to retreat behind a corner and wait for the AI to come around in single file and take them out one-by-one.

Apart from the double barrelled shotgun, all of the guns sound very weak. Because of the technical issues, music must be disabled in order to play the game leaving you with just the gameplay sound which leaves you with a very empty feeling experience. Voice acting and dialogue are all awful.. So awful its kind of enjoyable to a certain degree.

From the segments that made sense here is what I gathered: Gorin wakes up in laboratory, not knowing who he is but knows Colonel Daniilov is responsible for his new twisted mutant body. He wants revenge. Yagorov is on a mission in the town of Chernozk (I think) to gather information on the outbreak of the virus DUSK 12. Mid way through the game theres a plot twist so Gorin and Yagorov team up in a manner of speaking to stop the virus from spreading.
It's not great. And then the ending literally shoves its own head up its ♥♥♥ and says "naw this didn't even happen... Yet"If that doesn't make any sense to you, then my friend you just experienced the feeling of seeing this games ending.

DUSK 12 is an extremely broken and empty experience. It took me a little over 2 hours to beat it, and I've spent easily around 4 hours dealing with its ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t to get it to work. Even if everything worked as advertised, I can only imagine this game maxes out at "Just okay".
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