Your blocks, your castle, your world! Build anything you can dream up and explore with other players! Cubic Castles is a mini-MMO that combines the best of block-building and 3D platform action! Create fantastic parkour challenges, explore worlds made by other players, or even make new friends- the only limit is your imagination.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (2,736 reviews)
Release Date: Aug 13, 2014

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July 3

Cubic Castles : Dungeon Pack & MOB Update

Cubic Castles was updated to version 1.3.31

In the new version...

  • Slymes - Build a realm with slyme monsters
  • Fairies - These now pop out of magic mushrooms and ferns. Catch them in Jars or just to get magic dust!
  • Dungeon Pack - Fire traps, skulls, bookshelves, manacles, masks and more. Build your very own dungeon of doom!
  • Phantom Foam - Spray blocks with this to make then non-colliding. Create traps! Secret passages!
  • New Door Stamps - Portcullis and blue and green magic doors
  • Necromancer's wand
  • Crates barrels goop and other new craftable blocks

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April 23

Version 1.28 - Slam Jump / Bumpers / Dice / Prize Dispensers

Cubic Castles was updated to version 1.2.8

In the new version...

  • Triple jump to slam down. This can activate Bumpers.
  • Bumper blocks. Slam them or knock them with your head or a wand.
  • Dice! Use these to play board games!
  • Hidey Bumpers. Play games where you hide your id. Or just hide!
  • Trick Dice. These blow up when you bump them.
  • Prize Dispensers! Want to reward people for finishing your maze of death? Put a prize dispenser at the end with awesome prizes!
  • Heal blocks - Bumper Version
  • Checkpoint Blocks - Bumper Version

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About This Game

3D Platforming Meets Open World Voxel Building!
Cubic Castles is an online game where you build worlds from cubes and other items. What kind of worlds? Anything you want! Role playing, 3D-platform gaming, or other challenges! What you make is up to you. Want to make a punishing parkour with slippery ice and deadly spikes? No problem! Or maybe a simple house on a hill overlooking a lake? That's easy too! Even after only a few days the open beta saw players create many fantastic and varied worlds!

Massively multiplayer in one large, persistent world.
You share the world with everyone! Find a plot of land, put a castle down, and start creating!

Super-playable 3D Platform Action
Cubic Castles operates with a fixed camera that you control, and the gameplay is anything you want it to be, from action platforming to artistic design.

Customizable Characters
Create your own unique look with hats, shirts, plants, glasses, and more!

Mining Resources
Mine resources in a variety of world biomes including forests, arctic wastelands, deserts, mountain ranges, and tropical islands, all with different resources you can use. More to come!

Intuitive Crafting
Just drag your raw resources and tools into a workbench to see what you can build.

Crazy Obstacles
Accelo-rings, mechanical spikes, quicksand, lava, warp doors, and tons more!

Generous Economics
Forget the grind! Our pricing is fair and reasonable. And cubits even pop out for free as you mine.

Active Community
We just launched the open beta, and already there’s a very active, vocal community. And we're listening!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher. Athlon 64 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x768, DirectX 10
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
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Posted: May 18
Very fun and addicting game to play (as you can see by my hours o.o) Would recommend to anyone who loves building games! This game is very unique in what it does and brings in ideas from right across the gaming board.
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Posted: March 28

Summary of the game:
It is basically a social, sandbox and ♥♥♥♥♥♥me, in short, minecraft online.

Gameplay: You start off inside a tutorial realm, which is called, cubic castles 101. The realm will teach you the basics of the game. Once you have left the realm, you will be given a starter castle deed. You will be finding a place for you to make a realm. Once the realm is placed down, you will of course enter you're realm. Gifts will appear in your realm; you must choose one, depending on your gender. Example, I choose blue and not red because I'm a boy and i want boy clothes and random starter materials. There should also be the last tutorial inside you're realm, which is about the sentry that protects stuffs, then the game will leave you alone and all the freedom is yours. You can now travel to different realms for resources or for adventure maps. It’s a sandbox game, so you can make pixel arts, games, adventure maps , you’re home or basically anything.

Community: The community isn't perfect, you will be seeing bad player's, you will encounter scammers, but overall, its good.

Cross platform: The game is cross platformed! You can basicaly download and play cubic castles on windows,mac,android and ios!

Grinding: It is grindy, depending on how you choose to play. If you choose to collect all the rare clothing’s or cosmetic items, then yes it is grindy. If you choose to build, then it isn’t grindy in some ways, why? well, you will be buying a bigger room for your big project which will take a week of grinding stuffs. It is like playing csgo, dota 2 and tf2 without bothering the skins and hats!

There is only 1 currency at the game, which is called, cubits. Cubits are earned by finishing daily quest's, mining random blocks or by making a shop and make business.

Does it force me to buy cubits using real money?: I’m goanna half to say yes to this one, not because it is grindy, but because they deserve my money.

P.S I haven't paid yet, but you get the point.


To all who have wrong reviews, thieves can no longer scam you, because they can’t get items from you're realm by picking them up, opening storages or using crafting tables without access. Scammers cannot scam you now, because the trading system finally exists! (The game has been updated)
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Posted: April 16
Well, first of all I've got 650+ hours on the game, so I'm pretty experienced to say the least, giving me the right to give an honest review.

This game is somewhat minecraft based, having to craft a majority of items. While also interacting with other players in order to trade goods, or recieve them. There is an ingame currency, however it can also be earnt, and with the right knowledge, you can earn it easily with a marketing eye. For instance, I have a friend who has NEVER brought cubits (ingame currency), and yet always seems to have more than me; Of which, I buy the cubits.

Great support- With that said, I have sent plenty of reports in. They are answered fairy fast, usually in less than 2 days depending on how busy they are with tickets.

Friendly players- A lot of the players are friendly, willing to help newbies settle in, and even build if necessary. I personally love to help new players, and will donate them a few hats, and wings depending on how many I have in stock/and or spare. I'll ask if they need any help, and try my best to fill in that request. Many other players put themselves out there to do the same.

Events- There are plenty of events that take place within the game, although there is a forum to keep up to date with this, as well as a facebook page, ect. Easter, Halloween, and Christmas are what I've seen so far. It's nice to know that the devs go out of there way to make it just that much more interesting. Some of the events include free /limited/ hats, if you're lucky enough to catch the person giving them.

Updates- The moment a bug is spotted, and reported in, it is soon after fixed. Updates are frequent, and the game tends to run smoothly (depending on your internet strength).

Difficulty- When you start the game, you have no perks. (perks are basically abilites you get with levelling up, making gameplay more fun) and so it takes longer to do stuff, such as mining very slowing and not being able to jump very high makes parkour difficult.
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Posted: April 11
This game is AWESOME.

Ok, before I delve into any more detail, this game is NOT A MINECRAFT RIPOFF. There are a lot of people that are trying to capitallize on Minecraft's success(Believe me, I've seen my fair share on iOS and Android), but this is not one of them. This game's relation to Minecraft(Hereon referred to as MC) is like Unturned's relation to MC: Possibly inspired and similar with blocks and vector-based graphics. JUST BECAUSE A GAME HAS THOSE THINGS DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT IS A MC RIPOFF.
Now that I've got that out of the way, here is my opinion.

This game is like the Mario game series had a child with Minecraft, with Terraria as the godfather, with some awesome F2P buisiness strategy thrown in. It has a focus on platforming and building alike. Now, the F2P buisiness strategy. It is a fantastic model, where you can earn the in-game currency named Cubits through several methods. One, of course, is getting them with real money. Cubits(Often abbriviated to C or c, and will be referred to as CB from hereon) will also occasionally pop up when breaking a block. You can also earn them by doing quests or selling things. Yes, this game has a alive and THRIVING player economy. You can obtain blocks one of 3 ways: Mining them in the mines sprinkled generously around the HUUUUUGE map, buying them with CB(You can buy pretty much every block in the game in the store, as well as a few exclusive blocks) or buying them from another player. You can also complete offers on mobile to get CB. "Wait, what!?!?", I hear you asking. Why yes, the game is also availible on iOS and Android as well. The best part is that you can be playing on the computer, have to go on a trip somwhere, and you can pick up and play the game from where you left off on the computer. That is the icing on the dessert known as the Churpumple: A pie inside of a cake that is a dessert that is sometimes made in my family, but that's beside the point. Refer to the simple chart below for a TL;DR version and my dislikes:

-Awesome focus on platforming and building
-Epic, thriving in-game economy
-Many ways to earn in-game currency
-Only 1 currency, no gems or tickets or super coins or anything like that
-SOOO fun to play
-You can play on iOS and Android from where you left off on the computer
-You have to buy sentries to keep your rooms(Mini-realms that can be put in your realm) safe
-Getting blocks can be really time-consuming
-Hollas, game-wide broadcasts made by players, can be really annoying
-Quests can be as simple as mining 16 blocks of sand or as hard as doing hard parkour
-You need perks to do basically anything in this game, which means you'll have to pick between emotes appearing on your person's face, be able to have 1 more row of items in your inventory without your person slowing to a crawl, or the abillity to use a saw to craft
-Realms decay over time and dissapear(They get put directly back into your inventory though. (Thanks for pointing that out, BJDware!))

Very good in-game purchase system, not forcing you to pay to win. There isn't a premium membership that costs 10 bucks per month or anything, so it's awesome. Thriving in-game community and economy. Also, may I throw in that you can harvest liquids without any machines and liquids don't flow?(Not saying I WANT to have machines to harvest liquid, but it is kinda wierd)

Decision: Take all of this and put it DIRECTLY into my Steam account.
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Posted: April 17
One of the most awesomest game I've ever played, bought a laptop and installed steam for this :D, Updates each month, fun and nice players, nice mods, awesome friendly community and a beautiful game I would recommend :3
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