Your blocks, your castle, your world! Build anything you can dream up and explore with other players! Cubic Castles is a mini-MMO that combines the best of block-building and 3D platform action! Create fantastic parkour challenges, explore worlds made by other players, or even make new friends- the only limit is your imagination.
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Release Date: Aug 13, 2014

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October 17

Cubic Castles Version 1.01 is here!

As some may have already noticed we updated Cubic Castles to version 1.01 yesterday. Here are some highlights of the changes and additions we made to the game.

Player Vs. Player!
  • Wands! We've added a number of magic wands and a player vs player realm setting. Players can buy or craft them and use them to play against each-other.
  • There are 4 kinds of wands presently : Shrink wands, harm wands. heal wands, and knock-back wands
  • Realms are lockable now. But beware, locking your realm causes it to decay to your inventory if you leave it.
  • Chests and containers can no longer be opened by players without build permissions
  • There is a reporting button you can use to report bad players and realms
  • All new rooms are defaulting to ONLY ME permissions
And More!
  • There is now a cash register block you can use to make "safe" trades
  • A warp anchor block stops people from warping right to you or cheating in parkour maps
  • A rating block you can place in your castle to let players give you a star rating
  • New Skymap features let you sort realms by rating, or type of realm
  • New Dark environment skin and lighting blocks
  • New clothes and blocks

Also note that a few more minor updates are in the wings, and will probably drop over the next few weeks.

Thanks for playing!

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August 13

Server Status

I've edited this announcement so it's a little more current.

The servers are mostly stable now and running fairly well for most players. There is still occasional downtime and we continue to optimize / improve / and fix problems as they come up, but in most cases they should be running fairly well.

In order to update the servers we sometimes do have to restart them. So if you lose connection just try a little while later. Most of our restarts are pretty quick. (<10 mins) Also look for broadcasts in game or announcements on the forums for scheduled downtime.

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About This Game

3D Platforming Meets Open World Voxel Building!
Cubic Castles is an online game where you build worlds from cubes and other items. What kind of worlds? Anything you want! Role playing, 3D-platform gaming, or other challenges! What you make is up to you. Want to make a punishing parkour with slippery ice and deadly spikes? No problem! Or maybe a simple house on a hill overlooking a lake? That's easy too! Even after only a few days the open beta saw players create many fantastic and varied worlds!

Massively multiplayer in one large, persistent world.
You share the world with everyone! Find a plot of land, put a castle down, and start creating!

Super-playable 3D Platform Action
Cubic Castles operates with a fixed camera that you control, and the gameplay is anything you want it to be, from action platforming to artistic design.

Customizable Characters
Create your own unique look with hats, shirts, plants, glasses, and more!

Mining Resources
Mine resources in a variety of world biomes including forests, arctic wastelands, deserts, mountain ranges, and tropical islands, all with different resources you can use. More to come!

Intuitive Crafting
Just drag your raw resources and tools into a workbench to see what you can build.

Crazy Obstacles
Accelo-rings, mechanical spikes, quicksand, lava, warp doors, and tons more!

Generous Economics
Forget the grind! Our pricing is fair and reasonable. And cubits even pop out for free as you mine.

Active Community
We just launched the open beta, and already there’s a very active, vocal community. And we're listening!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher. Athlon 64 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x768, DirectX 10
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
400 of 519 people (77%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
~~~~~~~Edit: This game is also a mobile port, so none of the menus and even the whole game lacks that PC game feel. Might as well play Godus. Also, the only limit is your imagination? How about how deep your wallet is.

Let me give you a break down. This game looks innocent enough, nice voxel style that everyone is familiar with by now, and the game seems so innocent with it's tutorial setup. That is all a mask that the game pulls off almost as soon as you step into the real game. You start out as a white blob that you have named what ever you want. In my case, I named myself Pigeon Lord to follow my trend of fowl named stuff. I claimed a nice section of the Winter Wasteland biome, but then I found that my realm was not all snowy and beautifully glazed with ice. I found that my land had been struck with a massive case of Global Warming and all the nice winter decor was gone and replaced with a regular forest. I could get around this, if I hadn't decided to look at the upper corner with the little shop section. This game is laced with micro-transactions that seem to make EA look like it is a newcomer to the whole free-to-play section of gaming. The biggest bundle is $20 and gives you 50,000 of the in-game currency. This may seem like a lot at first, considering that mining random blocks has a chance of giving you only 1 Cubit (In-game currency name). The game actually sells some items like the House Pack, which contains some tems for 100 Cubits, but then you get the Almighty Cube Pack which gives you 1x Almighty Cube, and it does NOTHING! The Almighy Cube has no use except to show that you either grinded away until your fingers broke off and then used your nose to play the game, or that you decided to throw more money at Cosmic Cow, and the fact that the pack costs 25,000 Cubits is what makes gamers hate free to plays! This game also has a stunning lack to move the camera downwards from it's skewed angle, making it impossible to make any form of dungeon if you wanted to make a nice Castle RP Realm. The world only likes to look from an angle that makes it even impossible to decide where you want to make a basement for a nice building if you wanted to, for it lacks any sense of the word elevation. If you wanted to make a basement anyways, you would either have to make the walls out of clear glass to be able to see inside, and even then you have to cut out two walls to make sure you can actually make sure your character isn't running straight into a wall all the time. Then we get on the idea of how you would even have enough room for some of the amazing things they show in their screenshots above. The realms that you get are a decent size to build a small amount of stuff, and then end up ripping your heart out when you go to make a nice Bungelow, for the realms only go about 4-5 blocks deep, but if you buy the more expensive, larger ones you might have more space for building underground, or just have to buy enough blocks to build the whole world up and then put in your basement. This game isn't currently worth anyones time, and if you want to try it, then download the 31 mb and wait for the game to find a server, for that is another bug that exists. The game will freak out and not let you even play it's tutorial if it can't find you a server, and it usually take a good 10-15 minutes for the game to realize that you are actually able to connet to one of their servers. Until they fix the pacing of the game and how often the currency drops and if the worlds and camera learn the word elevation, this game isn't even worth the .9 hours I put into it.
Posted: August 13
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180 of 238 people (76%) found this review helpful
1.5 hrs on record
This game is horrible, you can establish your little peice of land as an instance on an overworld and go farming which is nice. The horrible part is that literally in the middle of me crafting at my anvil a random person goes into my instance that i created(because you cant make it to wherer only you can go in) goes to the crafting bench and takes the items i just mined for an hour. Evidently the crafting table is shared between people. Its nice that you can work for the currency in the game, but when you work for something just to have it taken shortly after(literally 1 min after I bought something someone stole it and dced). I would suggest staying as far away from this game as possible. Also, its not like you can quickly make the ingame currency.
Posted: August 18
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151 of 226 people (67%) found this review helpful
6.7 hrs on record
I have not been able to play enough to review the the game itself, but what I CAN review is this games horrible launch.

1. "Connecting to servers" - Most of the time it never connects
2. "Finding Server" - Takes minutes to find one
3. Random disconnects, bringing up a "Connecting to server" message.
4. Using a launchpad crashes and freezes the game. Ctrl+alt+delete won't even work, forcing me to log out of my account to shut off the game.
5. Using the Sky Map causes the game to run into a unexpected error.

But don't worry, the in-game store works just fine.

*This mostly has been fixed and the game is playable now, but the review stays... You know, can't let them get away with a bad launch.
Posted: August 13
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100 of 148 people (68%) found this review helpful
9.2 hrs on record
It was interesting and fun at the start, with the server problems out of the way. But I quickly realized that this game is nothing special, and basically 2d minecraft club penguin, or one of those ♥♥♥♥ty in-browser mmos. Not to mention you have to pay for a lot of the good stuff in the game, with in-game currency called "cubits" which are a very uncommon drop from any block, and they only come in 1, meaning items are ridiculously overpriced, forcing you to pay real money or spend hours on end of breaking dirt.
It might be fun to 10 year olds, or younger. To older gamers though it is nothing special.
So if you're 10 years or younger, get the game you might like it.
If you're 13 or older, don't bother...
Although, sometimes when you actually have the stuff to build, it can be fun, which is the only reason I still play it sometimes
Posted: August 15
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89 of 146 people (61%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Gotta love when I can't finish the tutorial because the game keeps losing connection to the server -_-
Posted: August 13
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