A Broken Land, shattered by the Wizards of old, the Fragments of the Old World are adrift in the Void. You must visit and restore each Fragment of the Void, only then can the World be rebuilt. However you are trapped in a crystal body, unable to act alone. Heroes of a Broken Land is a turn-based, dungeon crawling, town management RPG.
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Release Date: Aug 7, 2014
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"You love dungeon crawling? Town building? Multiple parties? Then try to rebuild the broken lands in this excellent game made by Winged Pixel. Good one!"

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January 2

Heroes of a Broken Land Updated

Version 1.10c has just been released, with some minor fixes and improvements:

  • World map can be panned by holding the right mouse button
  • Fix world map now opens to current view
  • Fix world map zoom level breaking click-to-center
  • Tweak some monster stats

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December 21, 2014

Heroes of a Broken Land Updated!

Version 1.10a just went live.

This adds an improved world map that allows you to easily navigate to discovered locations. The equipment screen has also been improved, allowing you to sort your equipment by quality, attack or defense value.

Here's the full list of changes:

  • Add ability to sort equipment by quality, ATK or DEF
  • World auto map improvements: now zoomable and fast access to discovered locations
  • Fix lizard’s Bezerk skill from displaying in skill list
  • Fix monster info from staying on screen after quick load in battle
  • Fix a few typos

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About This Game

Heroes of a Broken Land is a turn-based, dungeon crawling, town management RPG.

Explore procedurally generated worlds and dungeons with multiple parties of heroes. Ally with other towns to recruit new and more powerful heroes. Explore and loot countless dungeons on your quest to save the world.

  • First person, turn-based dungeon crawling action
  • Manage multiple 6 parties of up to 6 heroes each to explore the word
  • Manage towns, constructing buildings to upgrade your heroes and kingdom
  • Recruit heroes from the realm and turn novices into powerful adventurers
  • Each game is a unique world unto itself, with countless worlds and dungeons
  • Choose the size of your world: explore a small Fragment for quick adventure, or an enormous one for an epic quest

A Broken Land, shattered by the Wizards of old, the Fragments of the Old World are adrift in the Void. You must visit and restore each Fragment of the Void, only then can the World be rebuilt. However you are trapped in a crystal body, unable to act alone.

You must gather and recruit the many Heroes of each Fragment to act for you. You must explore each Fragment of the World. Delve into every dungeon to gather the resources and power needed to purify each Fragment. Expand your outpost to train and equip your heroes. Make allies with the other towns and settlements, convince them to join in your quest.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP with SP2 or later; Windows 7 with SP1 or later; Windows 8
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later
Helpful customer reviews
13 of 14 people (93%) found this review helpful
15.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 4
Heroes of a Broken Land
is one part TBS -in the vain of games like Heroes of Might and Magic- and one part turn based first person dungeon crawler lootfest. It promises infinite replayability with its randomized content and highly customizable world generation settings. It suffers from a similar manner of issues as A Valley Without Wind. They're highly ambitious rpgs with quite a few shortcomings, sadly. So, why am I giving it a "Yes", you ask? Well, enjoying the game depends on what you're doing, and I enjoy it a lot. There IS a lot to discover (things you unlock through buildings and special map locations spice up the game quite a bit). I'll present the different aspects of the game that I consider good, bad and some which I feel do not have a positive or negative impact on my decision. Onward!

The Good

+ Randomized heroes, equipment, quests, dungeon objectives, dungeon events, etc. Increased replayability since every world's layout is different than the last's.
+ Greatly customizable heroes (Want to teach a warrior to heal? You can! Want to make your cleric tougher or more deadly in close combat, or even teach him elemental spells he wouldn't learn normally and have him play like a mage/cleric hybrid? You can! Want to teach your characters to sense monsters, making them appear on the minimap so you don't have to look for them and waste your time? You can! Just experiment a bit. ;) )
+ You choose what buildings to build and upgrade in your town, it's an importan decision what to build because building spots are limited.
+ You can "control" more towns by earning their favour (so you can have different buildings you couldn't fit in your starting town)
+ Contrary to popular belief, you CAN customize your characters (you need a specific building in town)
+ Options to speed up exploration and combat in the game settings
+ Fast-travel within dungeons

To me, the last two are very important in games like this, since dungeons tend to drag on forever if combat and exploration are slow, I'm running at max speed on both. Fast-travel is also great for when you want to walk to a place you've been before within the same floor but would be quite tedious to go manually.

The Bad

- Features a really small monster variety in contrast to the game's huge scope. This is the biggest issue at the moment, imho
- Wandering monster groups are a pain in the ♥♥♥, since you either have to run to them with your main group, or have a reserve party to dispatch of them, but they sometimes are too hard for your reserve party to defeat, so you need to train them too and that is something I really don't like, sadly. I wish they would add an option to disable wandering monsters. Also, monster strength estimates seem to be quite off, I beat a group of "impossible" wandering monsters with my group relatively easily, but I guess impossible doesn't mean IMPOSSIBLE, just very hard
- The world map doesn't feel lively, there's no competitors other than the aforementioned wandering monsters which are just an annoyance to me. Adding things like gods, civilizations/factions and hero dwellings where you can hire certain types of heroes could probably make the world map more fun.
- The game lacks a proper tutorial but then again I consider it to still be a work in progress, so a proper tutorial might be in order at some point, I guess

The ???

* Grindy gameplay. Some people swear by it, others hate it with a burning passion. Your pick.
* You have to run at least 2-3 parties to do some dungeons/bosses, some of which are mandatory to progress the main quest... :( That's really annoying to me, managing a group of 6 is a pain already, 3+ groups is just too much work to do for me atm.

Even though I love this game a lot, this is a tough recommendation. I'm going to give this game a YES due to the fact that recently the devs have taken initiative towards making gameplay more fun, with an increased enemy pool and more friendly UI updates. I really hope they keep making the gameplay less stale and convenient, because this game really is a flawed gem that deserves to become something better and I think a lot of people that like games like Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Hack, Wizardry, Grimrock would be interested in it.

P.S: I will probably return to this review to edit it in case there's new stuff to comment on.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
107.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
After 80 hours played, I can truly testify that this is THE NEXT GEN WIZARDRY game i have been waiting for since my high school days in 1990's.

Up to 6 party's each with 6 heroes. Ninja -> check Monk->check Samurai->kind of check

Travels the map in order to build bigger town and recruit exotic races and advance to Prestige class->

If only graphics is just a little better, like the character portraits then i can get into this thing even more
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
34.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2014
Heroes of a Broken Land is a RPG-Game.

Don't be fooled by the old-school look of the game, it offers hours and hours of pure gambling fun. It can be as easy or as challenging as you, yourself wish it to be. The world can be small, or exceptionally large. I assure you, you will always come back to get more of this world to explore. The world is procedurally generated, as well as each dungeon.

It merges several useful tools as a RPG what makes this game a very good bargain. You like to decide what your city is building and producing? It's in here. You like to manage several parties on a mutual quest? You found it. You love Heroes of Might and Magic Series? Oh, Wow-this is playing a lot like this game. You like Dungeo Master without the monty haul of later games? Yes, since your loots are also randomized on a maximal level.

The developer had the players in mind, as he created this game - and he also managed to balance the act of giving it an old-school look without making it look bad. I have to congratulate Winged Pixel for this very "cool" game. It is easy to play, without being easy to master. You'll still be exploring deep inside towers, dungeons, mines and crypts - and the game still is crisp as you enter your next challenge.

I strongly recommend this game to RPG afiocionados on Steam, it is a worth each single cent of the price.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
9.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 25, 2014
HOMM + Wizardry with an attractive piano soundtrack. The content can be a tad generic, but all-in-all, this is a surprisingly beguiling package and a terrific way to waste 20 min or a few hours.
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110.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2014
I originally purchased Heroes of a Broken Land (HOBL) about a year ago. In that time I've put more than 200 hours into it and now I'm ready to review the game.

HOBL combines the Civilization world map and its exploration, with first person dungeon crawling, and multiple party management familiar to RPG fans. It tacks on some light town management. I love it so much I had to wear boxers for the first three months each time I sat down to play it.

Its easy to get into, offers meaningful choices, requires good strategy, and benefits from a minimalist UI and retro aesthetic that all the kids are into these days. Like many other turn based strategy games it carries the risk that "one more turn" will mean that you'll be late for work tomorrow. Despite this risk the game plays well as a quick "cool down" from your Calls of Battlefield Honor binges right before bedtime. Its fun to play in short bursts, but can can consume your attention for many hours. The game is procedurally generated so each play through is different.

Keeping your parties equipped and trained, allying with distant towns, and running short RPG quests (which usually involve diving into one dungeon or another) presents plenty of variety to hold your interest long term.

I once emailed the developer with a support question and was pleased at the promptness of his response and his willingness to engage in conversation. Even the gift of a Steam key was unexpected and demonstrates the developer's commitment. The game has been consistently updated in the year I've been enjoying it and each patch polishes the action further.

There is a woefully-out-of-date-and-not-really-representative-of-the-final-product demo on the developer's website for interested parties. I highly recommend this game to all fans of RPGs and/or turn based strategy games.
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46 of 54 people (85%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 7, 2014
Absolutely phenomenal RPG that is reminiscent of classics like Wizardry. I've played dozens of hours on the non-Steam version, and the randomly generated worlds, dungeons, and encounters offer incredible replayability.

If you like old-school, first person group RPGs, you owe it to yourself to pick this game up.
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6.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 7, 2014
So, I've played for just under two hours, completed a few dungeons, developed a party and explored the world a bit. I was a little uncertain that it was a good choice because it's a bit pricier than I would have liked =) however;
- It's really really fun
- Keeping track of and micro-managing my party's gear was a bit tricky and time consuming, my only albeit minor gripe

The world map you play on is randomly generated and you can adjust it's size and difficulty level when you start a new game. Initially hero stats are randomly generated. But you are able to choose the class for any level zero hero you recruit. I think it's best to choose a role which their stats most suit unless you really need a certain class. To begin with I took one of each class type. As your heroes gain experience by battling monsters and disarming traps they level up. Each level heroes gain attribute points which you can distribute into any primary statistic that you wish. I didn't stack these points into primary class attributes, I found that it was important to improve on the weaknesses of your heroes. For example sometimes I increased the defensive and evasive stats of my spell casters because they were really squishy instead improving their mana and spell power. Each level or so heroes also gain the choice of a new skill, the choices appear to be random. There are active abilities such as heal and passive stuff such as specific weapon specialties. Of course there are also different tiers of weapons and armor. Certain equipment can only be used by specific classes, some equipment is enchanted. Sometimes equipment provides a debuff (e.g. less health) as well as a benefit which have to consider, I like that sort of thing. The reason I found managing equipment a bit tricky and time consuming was that you have go to the town, see what's available in your shops, go out of the town, open your party screen, check what each of your heroes already has and then return to the shop in town while trying to remember what you needed. It's pretty typical sort stuff you see in RPG games. But I think it would handy if you had an overview screen so that you could just see quickly what everyone has equipped. So dungeons were really cool. It was easy to control movement and navigate them with the map. I liked combat, you can't select a target when you attack. heroes will attack the closest enemy to their portrait in the front line. Having your tanks at the front of your party didn't work to protect my weaker heroes as monsters appear to attack anyone in your party randomly. These aren't criticisms of the game I'm just saying how it is. One feature that I really liked about combat was that if you approach an enemy from the side or behind to initiate a battle it counts as flanking or a surprise attack. This allows you to take the first turn or even take two turns before the monsters retaliate. Dungeons are really fun to explore. It was cool to occasionally find a discreet switch on walls which open hidden passages. It's really satisfying to find a room filled with chests and crates of loot =)

So yeah the presentation is really basic. But it just doesn't matter to me. I still really liked how the game looked. Especially the introduction which is a series of images explaining background of the world.

So, I think this is a good game and I recommend trying it out. There are other games like this already out there but I haven’t played them all. So I unfortunately I cannot compare this to them to this. What I will say is that I think you could probably easily get your money's worth out of this title. After two hours I have only covered a relatively small area of the map.
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19 of 23 people (83%) found this review helpful
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 28, 2014
I do alot of scouring the interwebs for procedurally-generated, infinite games, especially those of the RPG type. Mostly what you find is roguelikes, and while I've played most of them and liked half of them, I'm always on the prowl for something.....more.

Enter Heroes of a Broken Land. Ignore the generic fantasy name, this game is a MUST play. I'm not exactly sure how to pinpoint what makes this game such a potent mix of addictive awesome-ness, but I'll certainly try.

Heroes of a Broken Land, (HoaBL), mixes a lot of different ideas together. It's taken elements of Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, Master of Magic, Wizardy, and various other classic fantasy games and melted them all down into one, all the while retaining what made those games such a pleasure to play.

But there is one major difference.

HoaBL throws out the complexity and tedium that plagued those games, and keeps the simplistic ideas that made them so utterly addictive. It is fully aware of where its roots lie, and you can really tell the developer poured his heart and soul into this game. You can also tell the developer must have been an avid old-school rpg lover himself, because there is no way a game of this content and quality could of been made by some mainstream developer.

Once you start playing, it is very simple to set up your party and get straight to adventuring. Again, the simplicity of this game is it's strongest point. You literally watch a tiny backstory scene right when you begin the game, and then you are thrust right out into the open to play and learn for yourself. It's friggin' awesome.

There is something about this game though, something that is difficult to put into words. It just hearkens you back to a simpler time in computer gaming, that warm, fuzzy space before Call of Battlefield Duty Honor Warfighter 2.0 OMGGGZZZ existed, (if you get my drift). Before the handholding. Before the giant gleaming yellow arrows yelling "THIS WAY TO YOUR NEXT OBJECTIVE BECAUSE YOU CAN'T JUST USE COMMON LOGIC AND REASONING TO FIND IT YOURSELF." That something is what HoaBL has in spades. It's like finding an old, dusty, coffee ring-stained copy of the Lord of the Rings in your attic and cracking it open to immerse yourself in some classic fantasy. You really need to get it and experience it for yourself.

TL;DR version: OH MY GOD HOLY ♥♥♥♥ BUY IT.
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6.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 10, 2014
It is more or less Wizardry + Civilization. It is not the most impressive graphically, but it is extremely engaging.
Also, the dungeons that require multiple parties to explore are very interesting.

Basically, it does things in ways similar to what Eador did, except replacing Heroes of Might and Magic/King's Bounty-like combat with Wizardry-inspired dungeon crawling. Absolutely worth trying.
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7.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 8, 2014
If you like first person dungeon crawl, this game absolutely fixes that itch. It touts itself as having a touch of city management and such, but that is absolutely not the point of this game. The randomized dungeons are large and fulfilling, and even on the standard normal difficulty it remains to be a challenge to overcome, that does not feel like artificial difficulty. The enemy types are slightly sparse, but otherwise the gameplay is top notch. One downside is that it is slightly clunky to cycle through your potions and skills, whether in combat or outside of it, but it has that retro charm to it, as most games that inspired this one felt that way anyways. This is an undeniable love letter to the classic dungeon crawl genre, and if you are a fan of those types of games, or even rogue-likes, this game is an invaluable addition to your library.
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8.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 14, 2014
Heroes of a Broken Land suffers from the age old design curse of not quite being sure exactly what it wants to be, do or specifically appeal to. In their individual parts, each "genre" of the game presented here is average at best - the options and classes in combat are reasonably limited, and you'll find yourself performing the same actions over and over again, with the exception of using particular types of magic against particular enemies.

Dungeons are procedurally generated, giving "limitless" adventure, but lack any real depth or charm - you'll see the same few traps, the same secret button in the same spot on the wall in each of the dungeon types. Within a few hours, I felt like I was treading the same ground over and over. I'm all for a "retro" presentation, but combining that with a retro interface that can't be scaled for modern resolutions that requires multiple, often unintuitive clicks to get things done wasn't the wisest of design choices.

The overland map lacks any sense of direction or purpose. There didn't seem to be any competitors or threats, even on the harder difficulty levels - meaning having things take "turns" on the map didn't make a whole lot of sense - if I acquire gold each turn and need X gold to hire a hero, buy something or build something, there's nothing stopping me from just clicking "next turn" until I have the required resources.

Maybe this penalises a "score" count at the end - I don't know, I'd lost interest by the time my characters were level 12 or so, and felt no real impetus to continue.

HOaBL is far from the worst in its class, but it's certainly not worth the $15 asking price. Pick it up on sale for ~$5 if you're bored, otherwise give this one a miss.
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
112.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 19, 2014
Funny mixture between M&M and the world map of Civilization. The game is very difficult and larger maps take forever to finish. A story would improve the experience, but even without one it still is a decent dungeon crawler.
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19 of 30 people (63%) found this review helpful
10.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 12, 2014
NOTE: since this review they have added 20 or so additional monsters. I'll revisit this whenever I get the chance to play it.

I'd like to recommend Heroes of a Broken Land as it is in many ways innovative, allowing you to create multiple parties with fun leveling mechanics in randomized dungeons with a pinch of city building thrown in.

The big problem with this game is that there is no variety at all. You're thrown into a world with enless dungeons, but they all look the same, which would be forgivable if there was variation in the monsters you fight, but you will fight rats, bats, slimes, skeletons, and elementals over and over. Each encounter will be the same as the last, and it will all blur together in a forgettable experience, which is a shame because there is a lot to like but in the end I quickly found myself dreading heading back into another dungeon or, even worse, defending my city from endless hordes of very easy but time consuming to kill armies of rats and skeletons that roam the open world portion of the game.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
20.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 12, 2014
Old school HOMM meets dungeon crawler. Neither are particularly advanced but together they make a decent game. I like the quick walk feature in the dungeon, saves some time.

I don't like some dungeons and monster groups requiring two or more parties. The game isn't diverse enough to want to create 2+ parites. I made a second party to progress the game and just ended up with the same party makeup as before. Then when I needed 3 parites to do a monster quest I just stopped playing.
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78.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 12, 2014
Okay I've been waiting to write a review on this game, only because I wanted to make sure I didn't get tired of the game.

HoaBL is great, it does a real lot right and the dev is active on the forum squashing bugs and taking on suggestions.
You start out with one town, and can upgrade it with limited building slots, all buildings can be upgraded further. Multiple hero parties and some dungeons even need multiple parties as each has to unlock areas for the others to continue to move further. Solid turn based combat with up to 6 heroes per party, or even 3-4 parties of heroes fighting one boss.
It covers small amounts of town management with overmap strategies and a nice turn based combat/dungeon crawling experience. Huge amounts of weapons/armours/spells and items to equip and learn. Multiple classes to branch into as your heroes advance.

A nice feature is that you can import your own portraits to replace the generic ones. You just need to create a 'Portraits' folder inside the game one, should look something like this depending on where you have steam installed.
D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Heroes of a Broken Land\Portraits
Inside here you place any .png image you want and the game recognises them, there appears to be no size limitation to what the game recognises, works great :) Side note steam screenshots are by default saved as PNG images, want your favourite skyrim hero leading the charge? Sure thing quick screenshot toss him in the folder and you got yourself a winner.
To find the portraits ingame, just go to your adventurers guild (once purchased) and you can edit your heroes there.
Personally I really like this feature.

Replayability- Excellent, with fully randomised, worlds, town types, dungeons/caves/towers etc you keep getting drawn back in for another game, hour....what do you mean it's 4am.

UI- Simple but effective. Easy to jump around and get to what you need, nice quick move feature inside dungeons too.

Combat- Solid turn based party combat

General gameplay- Multiple parties, town management and good hero advancement systems with multiple class choices as they advance.

Graphics- There are what they are, the gameplay more than makes up for the 'classic' look of the game. With being able to import your own hero portraits I find I don't even really notice them.

I really recommend this game, I will continue to play it for a very long time yet, it's a nice time filler, easy to jump in and out of if you don't have long.
If anyone needs assistance with setting up and using the portraits just PM me and I'll help as best I can.
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Posted: September 3, 2014
I replaced the default portraits with anime portraits and suddenly it's the coolest game ever.
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17.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 23, 2014
A really fun experience, harking back to the days of Bloodwych and other classic Dungeon Crawlers, with just enough RPG progression for towns and party to fill it out.
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10.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 12, 2014
This one caught me by surprise. As someone who has been struggling for a while to get into first person dungeon crawlers, I greatly enjoy this game so far. It combines the hard as balls first person dungeoneering rpg elements of games like Wizardry and Grimrock with the open world, city management and infinite adventure of A Valley Without Wind, a game that's also high on my like list.

One thing that makes me a bit iffy is the emphasis on having multiple parties at once. In the game's current state, as far as I know, dungeons can only be cleared once, and the enemies never respawn. This means that training up a fresh party can be very difficult depending on how much of the world map you've cleared with your main party, but the thing is, you actually NEED multiple parties, because one of the main "plot" dungeons in the game are special towers that can only be cleared when 2 or more parties enter at once. I'm still new to this game, so I MAY be wrong about enemy respawning, though.

Also, the stat system is kinda wonky. The stats for your heroes are based entirely on random dice rolls, and oftentimes this can lead you to have a fighter with horrible attack and defense but great intelligence and willpower, or a mage/cleric with the opposite problem.

All in all though, Heroes of a Broken Land shows great promise, and is an incredibly well done experience you should try at least once.
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41.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 15, 2014
This is a great game. I like the fact that you can make several groups, and everything is random.
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2.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 8, 2014
Very cool game to begin with. Feels like a mix of many different types of RPG goodness. There is turn-based movement in the main world and dungeons. You can build parties lead by heroes to explore the world while conquering dungeons, finding loot, and leveling your party members up. Pick one of six gods to help save the world and do it in RPG style with this wonderful game. Highly recommended!
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