RPG Tycoon is a simulation game that puts you in control of a newly established RPG Kingdom. Build, expand and grow your kingdom. Hire heroes, complete quests and attract adventurers in order to become the greatest kingdom in all of the land!
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Release Date: Aug 4, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“During the process of greenlight, I'd had some great feedback from the community and it helped me develop the game further and make changes that people wanted before they'd even had a chance to play the game. I'd love for that to continue with their hands on it.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Initially it was going to be an early 2015 release but the game has scaled up significantly since launch on here thanks to everyone's feedback. I've already delivered numerous updates over the past months and so it's looking much more likely to be completed towards the end of 2015.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will differ greatly. I'm hoping to add more buildings, more quest options, more characters and just generally improve on everything that's already had framework implemented.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current version is early alpha with the basic game mechanics in place. I'd like players who really want to test out and support the development get involved.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“At the moment because the game is in its early stages the price is much lower than intender and will raise in price gradually as content is developed before a final price at release. It will remain fairly priced based on the content involved and will be priced to match its value.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I'm always looking to hear back from the community and would love feedback, so much has already changed thanks to response from the community. A feature suggestion thread is available within the community forums for the game.”
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Recommended By Curators

"Rough gem in making. Very much in the earliest access but the has the core awesomeness of great tycoon game. Already good and should be awesome later on"
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June 27

RPG Tycoon Updated to Alpha 0.7


So it looks like there's a few new fans of the game since the Steam Summer sale and I just wanted to say thanks for supporting the game. I hope you're enjoying it so far!

This update brings a few new changes to the way that the simulation and strategy of the building system is played, with one of the biggest changes being the new appeal system to stores within your Kingdom. If you place decorations beside a store, or another building beside a store it will become more appealing to Adventurers and they will be more likely to visit more appealing facilities. A handy tool should you wish to attract Adventurers to the new store that you've just built which happens to have a better produce value than the one you build four levels ago. Similarly you'll also get a bonus for connecting the front of a building to a road, because, where we're going we don't do NEED roads.

The update also includes a few optimisation bonuses thanks to updating the framework the game is running on to a more recent version. The most notable upside from doing this is the introduction of the scroll wheel on your mouse finally being able to control a scrollbar within a menu. (This was a bug that was infuriating me for a long time but is fixed with this update, so you can scroll menu's to your hearts content.) Huzzah! It has also made programming commands to right-click much easier, so for now you can right click on a Hero to bring up their menu, right click during building mode to flip the building or right click ON a building to access delete mode!

I've also updated the balance of various areas of your game based on your feedback and attempted further optimisations to different areas of the game, as well as various bug fixes and glitches you've reported to me in the forums.

Finally, the push to 0.7 also brings the introduction of the Event Plaza system. A new late-game object that allows your Kingdom to host events for a budget. These events will have different effects on your kingdom that will activate during, or after an event. It has elements of risk an reward depending on where you choose to align your budget and should offer something new to the game once you reach some of those higher kingdom levels.

If you're interested you can find a walkthrough of some of the new features in the video on the blog.

Update Notes

New Features
  • Added Brute Class Hero
  • New Archery Range Training Building
  • New Stocks Decoration
  • New Gallows Decoration
  • New Barrel Modular Decoration
  • New Event Plaza System
  • New Dialogue to confirm corrupt saves
  • Added A Bakery Store
  • Idle Heroes can work Buildings for a bonus
  • Added Music Manager to In-Game Menu
  • Added Hide Building Button
  • Added Appeal System to Buildings
  • Adventurers now Save & Load
  • Right Clicking on a Hero will open their Menu
  • Right Click during Build mode will flip
  • Right Click ON a building will trigger delete tool
  • Updated Help Section to include detail on new features

  • Changed Sound Effect for Popups
  • Added 1680 x 1050 to supported resolutions
  • Updated Save/Loading Menu
  • Various framework improvements
  • Various Improvements to Building Mode
  • Removed Stock from Stores
  • Balanced Attractiveness to be more generous in various locations
  • Nerfed followers gained by placing Buildings
  • Adjusted reward amount given during Quests to scale better
Bug Fixes
  • UI Shortcut Key will no longer hide UI while on Text Input
  • Fixed bug that caused Game Difficulty and Duration to save incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that occured while navigating the inventory menu and using items
  • Fixed a bug that caused stats to raise continuously while saving and loading if a Hero is equipped
  • Fixed an issue that when loaded locked the player out of doing a quest if the
  • Hero was on a quest when saved
  • Fixed an issue with Achievements not tracking correctly once loaded
  • Fixed bug that caused Quest Data to remain from a previous game if a new game is started.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when loading if the game was saved with a bounty enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur in the Quest menu when choosing supplies if a supply was then removed/changed
  • Various UI fixes

As always the Save Files will be completely useless with this update and will cause your game to crash. So starting a new game is advised.

What's Next?
I'm trying to make each update more specific and hopefully more frequent. As the game gets closer to completion and becomes more and more playable, I'm beginning to create a more of a roadmap of what I want to achieve next. 0.8 will continue to improve upon some of the features added in this build and will improve areas based on your feedback. Focus for the update however, will be towards the new school system that should allow the player to create new Heroes from scratch, I'll also add more jobs for you to give to the idle Heroes in your Kingdom and I'll be re-introducing some of the systems needed to keep your Heroes happy.

Enjoy the new update.

All the best,



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May 31

RPG Tycoon Updated to Alpha

I've spent today correcting some of the final bugs that have been discovered by players. There's still a few I'm aware of and some others that are going to take a little longer to fix which I'll probably sort for the 0.7 build. Unless there are any other major issues, I'm going to focus development towards that.

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed bug that stopped AI Kingdom Heroes being loaded properly.
  • Fixed bug that caused attraction to be doubled upon load.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to close out of the game over dialogue when bankrupt.
  • Fixed bug that didn't reset resolution properly when timed out.
  • Fixed various bugs causing the game to freeze.
  • Fixed bug that stopped Stock Quality Achievements from unlocking.
  • Fixed bug that stopped Building Icons appearing upon loaded game when using an item in Inventory Menu.
  • Can no longer continue placing items when you can't afford them.
  • Items equipped to Heroes now re-equip upon loading.
  • Items now unequip when sold.
  • Various other minor fixes
  • Rebalanced various costs / limits to make the game less easy / generous.

  • Fixed issue causing Hero level not being saved/loaded.
  • Fixed bug causing multiple Heros to spawn on reload.
  • Fixed display issue with Tooltip within the Inventory menu and various other locations
  • Fixed bug causing Library to be displayed as a Store
  • Fixed issue causing Clinic & Theatre not to show front index correctly when flipped.
  • Fixed "NEW" text gradually raising higher with each Level.
  • Added Hedge Decoration
  • Added Stone Sculpture Decoration
  • Added a couple of new Tooltips in various locations.
  • Added a "Quest" Icon Type to Messages.
  • Updated Mouse Icons & Added Rollover Hand Icon
  • Added Notification when Kingdom Attractiveness is below 25%
  • Kingdom AI Buildings now restore on load.
  • Increased attraction gained from placing Decorations.
  • Decreased followers gained from placing Buildings.
  • Increased Most Building Purchase Price
  • Increased Most Building Maintenance Costs
  • Moved Achievement notification to the bottom of the screen
  • Various other minor bugs fixed

Original Post:

So it's been a long an arduous 8 weeks here at Skatanic Studios as I've worked my arse off radically overhauling the quest system and a variety of other core mechanics to have a greater focus on your Heroes.

This update welcomes the new "Mastery" quest system that removes the old slot system for supplies and replaces them with a much more simplified system of picking and choosing what, or what not, to take with you on each quest. There's a much larger focus on Heroes as they gain experience for undergoing different combinations of quests, settlements and focus's so that you can really tailor the questing to whatever you prefer and get rewarded for it.

Similarly, a big change with this patch is the Kingdom AI which I've spoken briefly about in the past and up until now the other kingdoms haven't had much of a presence. Now, however you are directly competing against them each year to be the best Kingdom in the land with a much greater comparison of stats at the end of each year, an ability to keep an eye on your competitors via the updated Kingdoms/Settlements screen and a whole bunch of new achievements that reward you for being better than those pesky other Kingdoms.

As well as this I've added a bit more polish as I've overhauled a variety of the Menu's and UI''s to make them look a bit better, I've added some new transitions and animation states to the UI features and even introduced the ability to hide the UI completed with U on the keypad. (That's how I've captured those sweet new screenshots on the store page!)

Finally, adventurers have been tweaked with better pathfinding (try blocking someone completely and watch them wait for you to free a path for them) and a new emote system to show you their needs / wants. Adventurers will remain in your Kingdom until they are unhappy, out of money or run out of new things to visit so the more that you build the longer they will continue to spend!

Thats just a few of the new systems in place and there's plenty more mentioned below. I really feel like this update has brought many of the games systems together finally and I'm sure you'll agree that we're really starting to get somewhere now.

Update Notes

New Features
  • New Tooltip System
  • Ability to Custom Name Decorations
  • White Glow Added to Info Box when locked/focused
  • New Crate Decoration Added
  • New Statue Decorations Added (Modular)
  • Hide UI by pressing U on the Keyboard in-game.
  • New Kingdoms / Settlements Menu
  • Competing Kingdom AI Added
  • Improved Villain System Added
  • Improved Kingdom Inventory Menu
  • New Item Types added to Kingdom Inventory
  • Maintenance/expenses shown more easily each month
  • Emote System Added
  • Adventurer now have needs
  • Improved the loading screen
  • Made Pause Game more obvious
  • New Supply / Mastery System for Quick Quests
  • Camping Store Added
  • Book Store Added
  • Cafe Added
  • Accessory Shop Added
  • Clothing Shop Added
  • New Research options available
  • Bounties System Overhauled
  • Made Pause Game more obvious
  • New Animations in Main Menu
  • New Quest Types Added
  • Hero Stats now shown when selecting them for a Quest
  • Equipment now has required levels
  • Items Equipped to a Hero now shows in Info Box
  • Tooltip Displays Comparison between items when equipping
  • Epic Quest Level added / overhauled
  • Previous Quest History Added
  • Overhauled Build Menu
  • Store Information / Levelling Now Available
  • Confirmation now required before Deleting a Save
  • Archway added to Kingdom Entrance
  • Surrounding Fence upgrades to Walls when unlocked
  • Fatigued Heros now move slower
  • New Achievements Added

  • Made Pause Game more obvious
  • Improved active pathfinding & stuck states.
  • Adventurer AI improved to remember previous buildings visited.

  • Changed / Lowered how Settlements donate.
  • Adventurers now spawn based on Kingdom Attractiveness. (Raised via Decorations)
  • Heros now only go home to recover fatigue and wander the kingdom when idle.
  • Equipment updated to work on percentage increase.
  • Building costs increased.
  • Building maintenance adjusted.

Bug Fixes
  • Kingdom Expand limit now reset on New Game
  • Kingdom Happiness now limited to 100%
  • Build Mode now cancels when other menus are opened
  • Better saving / loading

As always the Save Files will be completely useless with this update and will cause your game to crash. So starting a new game is advised.

What's Next?
I'm really pushing for 0.7 to be mainly focused on bringing new content into the later stages of the game as I think it's really important to keep the game going once you reach the higher kingdom levels. There's a few buildings I want to add that should also bring some new features as well as a variety of other improvements. I'll also be improving the kingdom AI some more and diversifyng it a little bit, I'll likely add more for the harder difficulty and variate them based on some kind of intensity level too. As there's no real major overhaul work planned, I'm hoping it won't take too long this time around!

Enjoy the new update.

All the best,


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About This Game

RPG Tycoon is a simulation game that puts you in control of a newly established RPG kingdom. Start small, with just a simple space to begin with, convince heroes to work for you then build, expand and continue to grow your kingdom as your Heroes help surrounding settlements and rid the world of the evil that it contains. It is your challenge to use all of the resources available to you to attract adventurers into your kingdom and grow its fame in order to become the greatest kingdom in the land!

Inspired by some of the classic tycoon games many of us grew up playing, RPG Tycoon aims to create a familiar yet original experience for players of all ages. Giving you the freedom to develop your kingdom how you please... You can focus on questing, aiming to hire as many heroes as you can, levelling them and training them to be the best heroes in the land by sending them on quests, forcing them to complete bounties and slay villains or you can build and grow, turning your kingdom into a tourist empire with shops and facilities milking every last bit of gold from the adventurers you're attracting... Or you can settle somewhere in between. It's up to you, it's your kingdom.

  • Start small and slowly expand your kingdom size with gold
  • Hire heroes and send them on quests to earn gold and followers
  • Gain followers and level up your Kingdom
  • Unlock new buildings, features and abilities with each level
  • Build buildings and decorations to grow your kingdom
  • Attract adventurers and earn gold from your buildings
  • Compete with other AI kingdoms in the land.
  • Choose your play duration and difficulty
  • Get scored on how you play at the end of each game.
  • Custom naming of Heroes and Buildings

As of April, 2015 the game is about halfway complete. Most of the core systems are in place and the game is playable to completion with an endgame and scoring. There is still more work to be down however, including but not limited to:

  • Improved Quest System
  • Improved Kingdom AI System
  • Improved Adventurer AI System
  • More Heroes
  • More Adventurers
  • More Shops
  • More Facilities
  • More Research Options
  • More Epic Quests
  • More Quest Types
  • More Easter Eggs
  • Improved Building Management
  • Improve Weapons & Class Management
  • Water Tiles / Buildings

Since launch on early access in August, 2014 RPG Tycoon has grown exponentially (with 5 major updates so far) by using feedback from players to fix bugs, add new systems and improve existing ones. So why stop? There's still plenty more features to come to the game and each update hopes to continue using the great support and feedback from the community to finish developing this game on becoming another "classic" tycoon to add to the list.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (including 64 bit editions) with Service Pack 2, Windows 7, or Windows 8 Classic
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 44 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • OS: Mac OSX v10.6
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 44 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
Helpful customer reviews
4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 6
Early Access Review
This game is fun and enjoyable. The developer is constanly working on adding new feature/quashing unruly bugs, but still has time to answer questions on twitter.

The game plays somewhat like Majesty, where the player develops a town for adventurers to frequent, but has no control of the adventurers themselves.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 1
Early Access Review
-"Only the ones the prophecy speaks of can remove the Staff in the Boulder"
-Remove it.
-Come back years later with different people
-Remove it again

10/10 still the one the prophecy speaks of
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
20 of 25 people (80%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
9.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 15
Early Access Review
Really enjoyed this game! It has a lot of potential, and I want to support developers like this because they are passionate about their products and work very hard to produce content for the titles. Can't wait for the next update!
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 31
Early Access Review
I have seen and played the game all the way through it's life time and love the concept of running my own kingdom to thrive or to go bankrupt. The game has come very far despite all it has been through. the new animations are good with clear tweaks to the quest system making it all better along with the idea of land that you have to purchase. where it is today, i feel like i could spend hours playing and making my kingdom the best it can be. I say give the game a chance and support if you like it, i love the game and can't wait to pour hours of my time into this game. good luck to the creator, you have my best !
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
19 of 26 people (73%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 14
Early Access Review
All in all; if you want to support it because you think the idea sounds great go ahead. If you want to buy a game which is playable and entertaining now, don't.

Why don't i recommend this game? Well... My feelings towards it are a little ambivalent. On the one hand it can surely develop into something fun, but on the other hand everything - from choosing your skillpoint usage to building things in your "kingdom" - feels just a little too arbitrary. Nothing really feels like a step forward and I can't really see the logic of some expectations (E.g. if you send someone on a quest called Farmhand with less than 3/30 skillpoints invested in weapons and the same in armor they will give you feedback that you didn't have enough of those)

But the game is still in alpha. There is still room for a great deal of balance changes and introduction of new content.
Atm, 14.04.2015, I personally think that the game is still too unpolished and unplayeble. There are for example pre-designed quests (just as in Game Dev Tycoon the publishing contracts), but they are still lacking description of what you have to do in order to fulfill them. This issue keeps showing up in other areas of the game too. Additionally, text - if present - is poor and will have to be edited as well.
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