Proxy Blade Zero is a hardcore action game with technical combat. Play as Fenrir, a Guardian Proxy Blade, against the armies of King Anima.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (110 reviews) - 75% of the 110 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 28, 2014

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"Challenging Character Action game created by one dev team, a cool new twist on the genre."

About This Game

Proxy Blade Zero is a beat them all with technical combat. You will have to think fast to defeat the different enemies you will encounter. Parrying, using your boost and being creative with your combos are essential tools to your survival. Mastering Proxy Blade will require both your wits and reflexes. Be prepared!

Do you have what it takes to stop Anima and his army of rogue machines?

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista or superior
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5750 1GB or Nvidia GTS 250 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xbox gamepad recommended for optimal play
Helpful customer reviews
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 1
This was a game I had heard nothing about but took a random flyer on it during the recent Steam sale because it looked interesting and was only $1, and it's been a very pleasant surprise. Created by a lone developer, it's stripped down to focus solely on the combat -- a couple paragraphs of story, simple but functional graphics reminiscent of an uprezzed Unreal, no need to unlock moves, no bloated combo lists, no puzzles to solve, no RPG elements, just room after room of different configurations of evil robots to hack to bits.

Fortunately, the combat system stands up to the weight placed on it. You play some sort of robotic samurai, and can use a mix of standard melee slashes, special moves that work well against unshielded enemies, and powered attacks that cut through shields better but drain an energy meter that you also need to use for rocket dashes. The rocket dashes are one of two main defensive options -- they give you a lot of speed and maneuverability, but no invincibility frames so you have to make sure you actually get clear of whatever's attacking you. The other defense is a parry that blocks any melee attack and chains into an EMP blast retaliation that breaks shields and stuns the attacker, but a missed parry leaves you stationary and vulnerable. There's no scoring system, but effective play has a nice satisfying flow to it, and using all the available tools to pick apart varied groups of enemies is quite fun. It's especially nice to feel yourself getting better at the game when a particular encounter has killed you a few times and you go back and wipe it out with ease (I probably had a dozen deaths on the final boss before going unscathed when I finally beat it).

My biggest complaint is the controls not being remappable -- they're functional for the most part, but have some odd choices that took a long time to get used to (lock-on on LT, parry on X, attack on Y). Besides that, some enemy configurations wind up a bit heavy on passively running in circles while waiting for an opening to go on the offensive.

It's a nice, tight 3 hours (for me at least, playing on normal and getting a few game overs during that time), and ends right when it's explored the combat system and before devolving into excessive repetition. A real steal at $1, a bit more of a gamble at the standard $5, but if it clicks for you it'll justify that price. If nothing else, I'd at least recommend putting it on a wishlist for the next sale or watching for it to show up in an indie bundle.
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Posted: May 29
When I started this game up I had no idea what to expect. I picked normal difficulty figuring it couldn't be that hard. When I played the tutorial, I thought this game was gonna be super easy. When I played the first level, I enjoyed the challenge. When I played the second, I was so sick and tired of this game putting me through hell. By the end? I just wanted it to end. And then? I came upon the final boss. I had 6 lives left. I figured, I can take this chump. 5 lives remaining. I began to adjust to his moves. 4 lives remaining. I had his moves figured out, and then realized he had a "final form". 3 lives remaining. I tried to adjust to his final form's moves. 2 lives remaining. I got ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off and let my anger entice me into making some stupid mistakes because I saw a way to possibly end the fight quicker. 1 life remaining. I took my patient time and tried my hardest, and my reflexes failed me. No lives remaining. I sighed, I couldn't do it. I was going to lose this game and uninstall it in a frenzy of rage and despair. I got to his final form, I took my time, realizing there was only ONE safe point to attack him every 30 seconds, and so I let the time roll on and I got further than ever before. My adrenaline kicked in and I repeated my formula that had brought me this far. I got him down to a sliver of health, i cheered! But then I made some lousy mistakes, and we both hung on our final slivers. I saw my chance, struck, and won the game, just barely.

Proxy Blade Zero is a challenging third person action hack and slash. You string together combos, dodge enemies at the right times, and adapt to the moves of new enemies who slaughter you upon first contact, but you slaughter by the hordes towards the end.

+The game looks insanely unique graphically. The setting is greatly displayed.
+The combat is smooth, fluid, and responsive. Just perfect for a game like this.
+The enemy variety is more than I expected for a game as short as this.
+The level design is pretty cool. You have to find discs that allow you to open doors until you get to a master key which unlocks the end of the chapter, rinse and repeat until the last boss. With a new surprise awaiting you on every level.
-The game is also extremely short. I beat it in 86 minutes
-The story is really...not there. You have to kill some ultimate bad guy with an army and you mow through his army and fight him. It had no effort put into it whatsoever.
-There is no actual replayability since the level design is not random, but linear.
-The controls are ONLY visible when you have the game closed. Forget something mid-combat? "♥♥♥♥ YOU" The developers said. Along with not giving you a proper tutorial you have to exit the game just to check the controls, AND to change the graphics. Oh, that too...
-There's little to no graphics options. I know this is a console port but come on. MSAA and that's it? No textures? No Shadows? Lighting? Just that? This is PC. Not xbox. If you're going to do a port, then put some effort into it.

While the cons clearly outweigh the pros, what matters the most is how much fun you're having once you are actually in the game. And I had a whole bunch of fun. This game earns an 7.5/10, brought down that far by its many flaws. But the core gameplay is there, and it is good. But before I give this a higher rating I'd need to see major fixes into all those negatives. If any of the negatives bother you, don't pick this up. This game is abandonware. I have never seen them update this game. If they don't bother you? Then pick it up! It'll keep you entertained for an hour and a half at least. I do hope for an improved sequel.
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Posted: October 3
this game is (almost) unplayable with mouse+keyboard. the
buttons of the controller are shown, even when you use the
mouse-keyboard combination. you definitely need a controller
(xbox360) or you will rage-quit.
i will replay it again soon (with a controller obviously!), but so´s not much fun at all.
graphics are also not the reason for you to get it. the fighting
can be fun though (with controller). exiting/closing the game
was only possible with Alt-F4...ESC didn´t work.

without controller: STAY AWAY
with controller: take a closer look (wait for a sale maybe)
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Posted: May 15
Before we begin, I'd like to inform everyone that Proxy Blade Zero is not your conventional hack and slash. Rather than killing enemies stylishly, the main draw of the game is your ability to weave between enemies, block, dash, and counter. In other words, it is more focused on how well you can avoid damage rather than how well you can deal it, creating a relatively intense and novel experience.

- No filler. There aren't any annoying puzzles (simple things like activate these 3 switches in 3 adjacent rooms), backtracking is minimal, no convoluted rooms, etc.
- Controls. Controls are responsive and work pretty well with either mouse and keyboard or a controller. I would like to note though that transitioning between the two is a bit awkward.
- Enemy Variety. There are quite a few enemies that you encounter that you develop specific ways to handle, each with their own behavior. Then the developer decides to mash up the composition of each group of enemies you fight, multiplying the types of combat situations you can find yourself in.
-Combat. Combat is very streamlined with only the bare essentials. You have a block, a directional dash, and 3 attack combos whose moves you can go to regardless of the combo you are in. The different combos have different effects with different trade offs between damage, mobility, and animation time. While most attacks are blockable, a few are not and require the player to dash out of the way. Mistiming a block or failing to do a dash can be punished with damage.

- Length. While my first run took roughly 3 hours, it would now probably take less than an hour now. It's a very short game with no new game bonuses (as far as I know).
- Graphics. It doesn't look very pretty with very few textures and models that have very few polygons.
- Difficulty. While fair, it has a high skill curve and floor. The game expects you to fully understand the block/dodge timings for an enemy only after the first time you see the enemy. Furthermore, difficulty is very simplistic and only fiddles with numbers like how much damage an enemy deals rather than change enemy behavior.
- Occasional AI issues. While very infrequent, sometimes enemies go into a "stupid" loop where they just move in circles and soak damage for no reason, killing the intense pacing of the game.
- Jumping. There is no jumping. It's by no means a necessary mechanic but it seems weird to not have it in a third person game.
- Bosses. Kinda underwhelming to fight one predictable opponent after you fight a horde of unpredictable opponents.

Overall experience:
The game tests you constantly. "Barely finished a group? Here, let me see you handle some from that group and some from this group." As a result, every time you succeed, it delivers little packets of euphoria every time you master how to respond to an opponent, every time you dive into a horde of enemies while perfectly counterattacking everything, every time you barely eek out of a mission, every time you whoosh around picking off enemies one by one, etc. It has this sense of elegance and precision as you need to actually understand each mechanic before progressing. This game rewards you not with score, not with experience and levels, but by changing you, the player, from a clumsy fool to a dancing, robot killing expert.

All in all, while this game suffers from the fact that it was made by 1 person, I'd recommend any fighting game/beat 'em up fan to pick this up especially if it's on sale.
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 22
A brilliant, short, somewhat challenging game for a low price, definitely worthy of my pennies - 10/10

I would love the game even more if it had a difficulty harder than Critical Mode or if it had some really hard achievements. and if it had challenge modes or other game modes. This is what I had in mind:

* Don't Game Over once from start to finish on [Insert Difficulty Here]

* A challenge mode were you die if you get hit once

* An arena mode were you fight a huge ammount of enemies (or bosses) you have previously beaten
(It would be cool to be able to fight two bosses at the same time, or maybe even three)

* A PvP game mode, This isn't really the best idea because I have no idea how it would work out but I'm sure it would definitley add tons of replay value to the game.

* Achievments for each challenge mode and game mode

This would definitley make the game a lot longer and more enjoyable, but none the less this game was good fun, I hope to see a 'Proxy Blade Zero 2' in the future or maybe an even better game, I will definitley be keeping an eye on the developer of this game in hopes he makes something awesome, that's all I have to say about this game other than the soundtrack and voice acting for the final boss being ♥♥♥♥ing spectacular! But that's pretty obvious if you have already watched the trailer.
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