Proxy Blade Zero is a hardcore action game with technical combat. Play as Fenrir, a Guardian Proxy Blade, against the armies of King Anima.
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Release Date: Jul 28, 2014
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"Challenging Character Action game created by one dev team, a cool new twist on the genre."

About This Game

Proxy Blade Zero is a beat them all with technical combat. You will have to think fast to defeat the different enemies you will encounter. Parrying, using your boost and being creative with your combos are essential tools to your survival. Mastering Proxy Blade will require both your wits and reflexes. Be prepared!

Do you have what it takes to stop Anima and his army of rogue machines?

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista or superior
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5750 1GB or Nvidia GTS 250 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xbox gamepad recommended for optimal play
Helpful customer reviews
19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
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Posted: July 31, 2014
Proxy Blade Zero is a simple yet satisfying robot swordfighting game that rewards quick reaction times and knowing when your attack opportunities are open (this aspect feels similar to melee combat in the Souls games - at least for me - as most of the time you can't just run in and mash the attack button). The combat feels good and pulling off a good string of attacks/dodges without being hit is challenging, yet fun. New enemy types have appeared frequently, enemy groups are nicely varied and it doesn't pull many cheap tricks either. Music is great, fits the tone of the gameplay very well and the visuals are done well too. It's not the most detailed look in the world but the animations are good, the robots look good and the lighting/attack effects have a bright, vivid design. If you think this game isn't worth $7 ($5.60 on sale) because of the way it looks then you're a baby, in a big budget cinematic game it's fine to expect top of the line visuals because the story and graphics have to make up for the linear, rote gameplay. This isn't one of those, it's a gameplay focused game. There's no filler, it's just you and the other robots trying to kill you. The only negative I can really think of is the length. Granted there is hard mode and the combat could warrant another playthrough so you'll definitely get your money's worth. Also there are too many pointless achievements (beat a mandatory level, kill 50 of X enemy, dodge 100 times etc).

I'm sort of disappointed in the amount of boss battles but it's nothing big, it's just that with how fun they were I would have loved to see more of them. Loved the voice acting and filters though, they fit perfectly, weren't too cheesy or trying to be funny and gave the bosses some personality. I'd personally buy a sequel or expansion with more stuff day one if that ever came about.

Last edit:
I played this on an f310 controller, I can't comment on how it plays with kb+m.
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Posted: August 17, 2014
What can I say about this game? It's hard and unforgiving. I enjoyed this game, I really did, but most people probably won't. The game has a good difficulty climb, everytime they introduce a new enemy, you fight it 1v1 before you fight it in a group. you have about 3 melee attacks, a boost, and a parry, not a block, a parry, so you have to time it right. The graphics aren't anything special, but nothing bad. This game requires good tactics and strategy of pure hack and slash which keeps it from getting boring. The game is devided into to "chapters" and if you get a gameover, you have to start the whole chapter all over again, which can get annoying, luckily, bosses have their own chapter. The bosses are actually the easiest part of the game and it's REALLY short. I can't recommend this game to most players because it's hard and you will die A LOT, but if you're someone that feels like you're trapped in a world of cake-walks, this game is for you.
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Posted: August 4, 2014
This game doesn't quite feel like it's a finished game, just yet. I'm uncertain if the developer understood what kind of combat system they were making.

See, while the greenlight page and the developer's blog both made suggestions that it's a similar breed of game to Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, it really isn't. The gameplay ends up being a balance closer to Ninja Gaiden, where one spends much of their time kiting enemies to leave one vulnerable enough to actually deal some damage. Between the wide area attacks, and large enemies with uncounterable (though not unblockable, as I first thought) attacks, and projectile attacks, almost every enemy in the game encourages the player to stay away as defense. This in of itself isn't a bad thing; it can lead to hit and run tactics, which I had initially tried, only to realize that it's near impossible to do so.

Except, the tools the player has aren't built for kiting, or for hit and run. They're built for dueling. One on one fights against enemies with complex patterns. The parry/counter system is actually fairly well implemented. The player has full ability to defend against melee attacks, and end a batch of them with a counter attack to reverse momentum a bit. It still needs some fine-tuning, because the larger enemies (such as the hammer guys, or the gun-type's melee attack) seem to have the parry window mistimed. No, where the game actually starts to fall apart is the dashing. It's unresponsive, with what feels like a 5-10f startup, it has a limited duration, and because it has a "special attack" associated with it, The player can't use it to reengage with an enemy. Especially since the dash attacks are the only attacks you have that can't be canceled with a parry. What this means is that the attack the player is supposed to be using defensively, to wear down enemy armor, is only useful AFTER the shields are down. The player can't dash in and out of range, because the startup is so long that the player will not have moved out of the way by the time the attack lands, assuming they're dodging from reaction, and not trying to predict when the enemy is going to counterattack. It means that the grenades end up being far more dangerous than they should be with the huge window you have, because the player can't use the only way to escape its range in time.

I have other minor gripes with the combat, such as not being able to parry from the counter animation, which means that seemingly open windows for counter attack are actually just a chance to get wrecked. The player can parry from the parry's cooldown, but it can't parry from the counterattack. The overdrive system doesn't actually require variety. It's VERY easy to max it out using only the normal attacks, which I'd eventually resorted to, for reasons I've already stated. Lastly, the game has some minor issues communicating thus far. I didn't realize the grenadier enemies were different from the first enemies I fought until I saw both in the same fight. They have the same animations, and since both the initial weak enemy and the grenadiers have red heads, they look identical. The only visual difference they have blends into the background. The range of a grenade is illustrated by the red circle that initially appears around it, but when it explodes, the game shows nothing, except the player getting flung away. Only the player is thrown away, I should add. I presume it's an attempt to keep the player from using grenades against the enemies that threw them, except that similar tactics are specifically designed for use against the gun enemies when they appear.

Dragonsix, or Ben L. Grauer, whichever you would prefer: Redo how dashing works, or Rebalance the enemies for the combat system you actually have. Now, I'm far from an expert, and I can't very well crack open the code and see how well the changes I'd make would work in practice, but I do play enough action games to have some sense of what works and what doesn't, and why. Make the dash FAR more responsive by letting the player cancel into it. Maybe not let them immediately cancel out of it, but at the option to at least cancel into the dash would mean that a surprise grenade can be dealt with in time. In fact, you might very well be able to make the window tighter without interfering with the gameplay. Either remove the dash attack, or make its supposed anti-shield properties far more drastic. The player shouldn't have to worry about accidentally doing a dash attack and being unable to parry because of it. Don't punish the player for being risky, punish them for failing to take advantage of near misses. Other reviews have made suggestions of being able to parry the lasers from the gun enemies, and while that sounds pretty awesome, being able to dash in and out of the line of fire sounds far cooler. Take your pick. Tweak the overdrive system so that it actually requires variety, while you're at it.

tl;dr - Either let the player cancel into the dash so that they can take advantage of it in short bursts, or tighten up the parry system. I'd recommend the former, so you aren't wasting the mechanics you have. Tweak your visual designs so they communicate better. This game does NOT feel finished, just yet.
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Posted: December 18, 2014
Not gonna lie, after 10 minutes I was convinced this game sucks BIG TIME and was about to throw it into the abyss that is my "crappy games" category in the Steam Library. Turns out, after giving it a second chance, it somehow clicked and I actually enjoyed myself.

Basically this is a hack'n'slay that I would say is more on the defensive side of things, with combat leaning towards a hit and run style - not unlike, say, Ninja Gaiden. However, It is much more limited in scope and mobility. I do believe these limitations make it a success - because as soon as you figured out how to counter each enemy and got the timing for dashing away down you will be zig-zagging all across the arenas with boosters on full power and dispatching some nasty scrapheads. You can't really mash away at enemies though, each type must be carefully observed - but once figured out only excellent execution on your end stands between victory or defat. It may look a lot worse than Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae - but the short length, and the rather interesting enemy groups you encounter make it a lot more fun to learn and master. Basically, each stage introduces a new enemy type that you at first face alone, only to later encounter them in a group of various types giving battles different dynamics as you will have to adjust your gameplan accordingly. It's all rather compact and simple, but I found that actually quite engaging and entertaining.

The game got a few issues though, I fell through some areas in every single playthrough and the camera isn't always on point either. Especially when locking on to a single enemy, the camera makes sure it is a death sentence for groupfights.

Not exactly GOTY material, and pretty rough in places - it was actually engaging the moment it "clicked". Overcoming impossible odds with ease (once you gotten the hang of it) never gets old and this game delivers exactly that. No more, no less.
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Posted: August 18, 2014
Do yourself a huge favor - Play it on Critical from the get-go, especially if you've ever played reactive combat games before.

Two button combo system + a parry and a dodge+sprint.
Lives system - so no zerging. You need to have some degree of skill, but that's what makes it fun.
Decent music.
Visuals are basic but get the job done. If you're someone who can't enjoy a game under a specific polygon count, move on.
Bosses could use less voice acting - and that's just the first one.
Enemies or attack types are introduced in a single fight, then become part of groups.
Probably going to be a bit short for $7 - so again, play it on Critical first.
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Posted: August 6, 2014
In the neon post-cyberpocalyptic future one robot will swordfight a bunch of other robots to save the world from the robotic scourge.

PBZ absolutely does not waste your time. No dialog, no cutscenes, no stupid physics puzzles or jumping, what it DOES offer is a solid challenging action combat system of parries, jetting about like a madman (madrobot), and overall striking at enemies where they are weak and you won't take a robotic fist to the robotic face for your trouble. The parry window is generous, so you don't have to be a royal guard nutter to apply but you absolutely must fight smart.

It looks a little rough, yes, and is certainly not flashy, but if you watch the videos or get the demo on XBLIG you will certainly taste the craft and effort that went into the combat. There's a real, honest, though-out combat system here and I daresay that it certainly manages to be more interesting on a purely combat-systematic level than Metal Gear Rising. (Not to knock MGR, I love it dearly and it wins out on glamor, satisfaction, excitement, and bosses, but... really, the mook combat in that game was parry parry parry parry slash at giant HP soak enemies parry slice QTE. PBZ is much more grounded but the enemies just do so many more interesting things here in a gameplay sense. Enemies have reasonable health bars and each requires a slightly different approach.)
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Posted: July 31, 2014
I just finished this game on "critical" difficulty (with a lot of continues) so I feel like I have a reasonable idea of it.

I made a playthrough video that you can see here:

The focus of this game is the gameplay, the graphics aren't the greatest, but it still have its own style. It doesn't bother me much, of course if you can't absolutely live without new generation graphics, you'll have a problem :) A shame if you like fast action paced beat them all, since the gameplay is very interesting and full of finesse. Also I like the music very much and it was a pleasant surprise compared to many indie game where the music is terrible.

In fact, like DMC, Bayonetta, MGS:R, you can really go mad with this game once you master it. You can rush in the middle of an enemy pack, parry the enemy that attacks you from behind, dodge, combo and whatever and it still remains challenging.

The more interesting aspect of the gameplay is the dash gauge, and I agree with Bonsewswesa: it reminds me of Dark Soul. This gauge depletes itself when you make special attacks or when you use the reactor at your back to move faster. Parrying and attacking with all other attack types do not depletes this gauge, so you still have a wide range of attacks even if you have no more energy, but it is a lot harder to dodge without it. So, like Dark Soul, you should never completely deplete it (a sound is played when you are low on energy, which is a good idea, I could use that in Dark Soul :-p).

The game is not very long, but the replay value is here. I think finishing this game on critical difficulty without any continue is my next challenge. But I sure hope that the maker will make a sequel with more levels.

All in all, I think this game is well worth its price, and I'm really impressed that a single guy has made it, great job!
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Posted: October 9, 2014
Easy to learn, but hard to master.

The combat system is fairly basic but has a lot of depth. The game has no cutscenes, and almost no story. It just throws you right into the action after a basic tutorial.

Very short but satisfying game. My only complaint is there's only two boss fights. An extra one would have done wonders for this game.
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Posted: January 11
Its a fun game however it also doesnt seem like its for everyone and definatly has a learning curve. All in all not bad especialy for being made by a one man team.
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Posted: December 28, 2014
Really nice once you get past the tutorial. (Hint: to get out of the tutorial, press enter then escape.) The graphics are perfect for the feel of the game, and the gameplay is great. A great game all round. (Exept for the tutorial.)
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Posted: January 6
This is probably one of the hardest games I've ever played, and I rage constantly. For some reason though, I keep comming back. Super fun, intense gameplay. Go play it.
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Posted: January 23
This game will piss you off.

For starters, the difficulty curve just doesn't exist. Its either you are a ♥♥♥♥ing master at this ♥♥♥♥ or you die. I lost my cool when two heavy hammer wielding mongs cornered me and took turns slamming their hammers into me with their double attacks. Their attacks break your block and dont allow you to counter attack, and when i dont have enough time to recover my block before the next attack, that pisses me off.

Then there are those grenades. THOSE ♥♥♥♥ING GRENADES! Would it hurt for them to stun my opponents like they stun me? PLEASE?!? Honestly, getting gunned from a distance, slashed up close, and having some ♥♥♥♥♥ constantly throw grenades at me, the game is impossible.

And mind you, this was only Level 3 on the easiest difficulty.

My advice: Don't waste your money on this game if you get aggressive easily. I recommend saving up for a punching bag instead.
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Posted: July 31, 2014
A big mecha/robots fan... I really enjoyed this game, one of this robot remind me of Virtual On and Zone Of The Enders. The Controller's a little hard and all difficutly levels aren't easy. If you love mecha and playing in hardcore level, go to buy it.
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Posted: August 11, 2014
its like Metal Gear Rising with an Unique (kind of) robot fighting madness i love

This game ROCKS, buy it nao plox
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Posted: September 7, 2014
Whew...whoa...that end boss...

Thos game is a tough as nails hack n slash that requires an amount of strategy and reaction time. The game's shortness is more than made up for in difficulty. Craaaazy fun. Worth 7$ I like to think. Amzing.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
This game is awesome. Hard, but awesome.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
This is a really nice game. the visuals are cool and the fighting buttons and combos are understandable.
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Posted: December 29, 2014
This is dark souls/metal gear rising albeit with no money, if that doesn't get you moist I don't know what will. I thoroughly enjoyed this game!
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Posted: October 9, 2014
Fun yet challenging, almost like a better version of DMC. Graphics aren't built to impress, but the play is simple to learn. With the additional addon of multiple enemies that make you scream "WHAT THE F**K." And to top it all off, the game is no larger than 400mb.
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Posted: August 11, 2014
Very Challenging. This game surprisingly requires skill o.o

Makes you ragequit/10
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