Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator! With a brand new graphics and physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects transporting the Farming Simulator franchise to a new era.
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Release Date: Oct 30, 2014

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March 10

HOLMER DLC and Official Expansion 2 now available!

HOLMER DLC for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC...

Today, Farming Simulator 15 gets bigger and adds a new vehicle brand - HOLMER - to its long list of famous constructors. HOLMER DLC comes with new impressive vehicles and equipment that will bring sugar beet harvesting to a whole new level. This DLC is available today for download on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

...and Official Expansion 2 for PC

PC players will also be able to get these new vehicles and equipment in their favorite retail stores, as HOLMER DLC is part of the brand new Official Expansion 2 for Farming Simulator 15.

The Official Expansion 2 gathers all the DLCs released to date for the game, bringing an incredible amount of new brands, adding 50+ vehicles and equipment to your Farming Simulator 15 (normal or Gold Edition):
• New Holland DLC (+ Loaders DLC)
• ITRunner DLC
• Farming Classics DLC

PC players eager to create and add new content to the game will also be pleased to discover it also includes the PDF version of the Official e-book 'Farming Simulator Modding For Dummies'.

The HOLMER DLC is now available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Official Expansion 2 for Farming Simulator 15 (normal and Gold) is now available in retail on PC.


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About This Game

Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator!

With a brand new graphics and physics engine, Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects transporting the Farming Simulator franchise to a new era.

Manage your own farm: from harvesting to animal husbandry, and from the sales of fresh products to woodcutting, the benefits of your exploitation will allow you to develop, and invest in new and more powerful vehicles or tools.

Across hundreds of acres of land offered by the new Nordic environment, and a renovated North American environment, use and drive over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, from over 40 most famous manufacturers (including 20 new brands): New Holland, Ponsse, Case IH, Deutz-Fahr…

This new equipment includes a selection of vehicles and tools entirely dedicated to a new activity in Farming Simulator: woodcutting!

In multiplayer, invite up to 15 friends to help you develop your farm. Thanks to an active and passionate community, benefit from limitless new content: new vehicles, tools, and even environments!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.7.1, 10.8.1, 10.9.1, 10.10.1
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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Posted: January 2
Farming Simulator 15 is a simulator game developed by Giants Software. The game takes place in various locations across America and Europe. The goal of the game is to farm (surprisingly!), look after livestock and grow crops to sell. This is the seventh game in the Farming Simulator series releasing in May 2015.

2015 version of this game brings some new features, such as washable vehicles, 41 brands which work out to about 140 individual pieces of equipment. The game has two game modes, career and multiplayer; this review will be based solely on the single player career mode. You start out in the career mode with a very outdated farm, and you are tasked with expanding and improving machinery and farm buildings to make more money. The main way you do this is by growing crops and selling them. The tutorial at the start of the game does a very good job of explaining all of the controls and how you plant, grow, and farm crops. Once you are in the world, you are free to do what you want, wherever you want on your farm. You can invest money you make into new crops, additional fields, or equipment. Later in the game you can also add some livestock to your farm but you have to look after them as well as doing the other jobs. On top of the general up keep of your farm, you can also complete missions too, which are randomly generated, and normally come with some form of timescale on as well. Your rewards for completing the missions are usually money plus bonuses, depending on how quickly you finished it.

Even though I was playing on 4k resolution, the environment still looks fairly poor. The machinery does seem to have slightly better graphics though, with some crisp textures. All of the machineries animations are down to a tee though; allowing you to see all moving parts. This version of the game can also be modded though, with plenty of graphical mods available out there; you can increase the fidelity if you wish.

The game does have a very good tutorial, but the game still has a fairly high learning curve if you want to do really well. I had to read tutorials, guides, and help files in order to progress at points to help me build an optimal farm. This is by no means a bad thing though; the level of detail that this game has is quite impressive, and anyone who is looking to get immersed into a game, probably will enjoy the variety of options on offer here.

Whilst the game does not have an “end” to it; you can basically play it as long as you desire; I have been playing 21 hours so far, and feel as if I have got my worth out of it. There is a high level of replay-ability, but you could very well just have one farm and keep improving it on a single save.

I only ran into one major technical problem, and that was if you are playing the game on a resolution which is not native to your windows resolution, the mouse cursor’s alignment will be off, but this was resolved by entering windows mode, and re-entering full screen mode. I would have liked the options to rebind a few keys, and also a bit of an extra graphics menu. The mouse sensitivity really needs to be cranked all the way up in game also, as it is horrendously slow.

I went into this game with no prior knowledge of the series, no knowledge of farming at all, and felt I came out of the experience with at least a basic understanding on what goes on at a farm. The game is pretty slow paced and people who have little patience for this type of pacing will probably be better off staying away, but for someone who is looking to learn something new and have some fun doing it, you will definitely get some enjoyment out of Farming Simulator 15. The game’s full price is £19, 99 – given that I have played the game for 21 hours, I can’t complain too much, but I did purchase it whilst on sale and feel I have got a bit of a bargain now. The sale price of £7, 99 is definitely worth considering if you are on the fence about this genre of game.

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Posted: December 23, 2015
Biggest challenge in the game: Finding friends new to farming simulator to play this game with.

"Farming simulator?♥♥♥♥ off"
"Are you joking or what?I can't tell."

Seriously how tf do you explain this game to your friends without them already laughing at the title.
10/10 would try to convince friends to play this game again though
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Posted: January 30
Overall, a good game. However, if you have any plans of running your own dedicated server, you should reconsider before buying.

"A separate Farming Simulator 15 license is needed for each Dedicated Server. You can't play with the same license key as a client on a server." - Dedicated Server Documentation

This should be unacceptable from any game developer, as dedicated server support should be a selling point of the game, not a way of leeching money from your playerbase.

The idea of rentable multiplayer servers is fine, as it is an option for anyone without the resources to host their own. However, requiring that an entirely separate copy of the game be purchased, with the soul purpose of running a dedicated server, NOT playing the game, should not be tolerated. To add to this, Steam does not even support owning two copies of the game, you would either have to buy it through another retailer, or create another Steam account just for the purpose of running a dedicated server.

I am absolutely appalled by the fact this is accepted by the community.
Games like Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Half Life, Just Cause 2, and an entire list of games providing the means for runing a dedicated server included with the purchase of the game.

Mod support will only get you so far when you spit back in the face of the same player base with a policy like this.

As an end-user, great game. As someone in IT who cares about the direction games are headed, 3/10. Most people with look over this and blow it off because it does not affect them. However, if you play any multiplayer in this game, someone, somewhere has paid extra to allow you to.

This will be the last game by Giants I will own unless changes are made in the future.
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Posted: January 2
I don't have any reason to farm in real life anymore...
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Posted: April 26
It's time to plow some fields

I love relaxing games, sometimes you want just sit and relax and this game can be really fun and relaxing, but it suffers from a few problems.

First i want to say that i don‘t dislike this game, but on steam you choose either positive or negative review. I would rate this game a strong 6, so giving it a negative rating doesn‘t mean the game is bad, it‘s just lacks many things. Mainly i‘m giving a negative review for lack of effort from developers while making this game.

The gameplay is the same as in previous game. Except this time there‘s a forestry. Well, i thought so, but you just cut down trees growing on the side of the road and throw them into a pond to receive money. It would be nice to have real forests. The tree cutting physics could be better and more accurate. Sometimes it‘s too difficult to do everything from cutting the tree to throwing it into the pond. Physics are just off a bit. Talking about physics, this game doesn‘t shine in physics department. The tractor handling is very arcadey, the whole game is very arcadey. I want handling and physics to be something like Professional farmer. That game does some things better than Farming simulator, but sadly it‘s too buggy to play and developers abandoned the game and moved on to the next one. Another thing Pro farmer has done better is seasons. In this day and age it would be nice to have such simple feature. Considering the sale numbers this game has, developers should have more than enough money to make this game better.

This game fails at career...again. Career is simply a sandbox mode without any goals. You‘re the only farmer in the village and companies compete with each other who will pay you the most. It‘s just stupid. The map feels very empty. You don‘t have any control over your company, no management, nothing. You can hire a worker, but he appears when you hire him and disappears when you let him go. Your workers doesn‘t walk around doing things, it‘s like they‘re not existent. At least it's good the game has achievements so they will keep you occupied for some time.

Graphics are slightly better than in 2013. The tractors and equipment now gets dirty after some time. Also they look pretty good. But that‘s it. The environments are terrible. Trees are ugly, they don‘t move, leaves are static, grass is low quality too. The worst is the sky. It‘s so bad it‘s ridiculous. People the game is made in 2014! The whole sky is one and the same flat sky texture which changes color depending on the time of day. There's no real lighting, the clouds are static flat textures and they don‘t move, sun is at the same spot all day, but shadows on the ground are still moving. It‘s really horrible and is unacceptable in this day.
Plowing, seeding, harvesting is still fun. It‘s repetitive but relaxing, if you had goals in the game it would be much more fun. After hours of doing the same actions it gets boring.

I would recommend this game if you don‘t own the previous one. You‘ll have some fun, but if own FS2013, this game doesn‘t offer anything new or different, it simply lacks improvements.


Gameplay is kinda fun and relaxing
Tractors/equipment models look nice


Outdated graphics
Forestry lacks depth
No proper career mode
No management
Too arcadey
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