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Die finale Episode "OUTATIME" steht ab sofort zur Verfügung. Inklusive eines besonderen Auftritts von Michael J. Fox!
Veröffentlichung: 23 Dez. 2010
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Just Released

Das Staffelfinale “OUTATIME” steht ab sofort zur Verfügung!

Inklusive eines besonderen Auftritts von Michael J. Fox!

Über das Spiel

Marty McFly und Doc Brown kehren in diesem komplett neuem Zurück in die Zukunft-Abenteuer zurück.
Sechs Monate nach dem ereignisreichen, dritten Film ist die Zeitmaschine DeLorean ohne jegliche Besatzung auf unerklärliche Weise zurück nach Hill Valley gekehrt! Marty muss erneut in der Zeit reisen, um Hilfe von dem beständigen Teenager Emmett Brown zu erhalten oder das Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum wird sich für immer auflösen!
Alle 5 Episoden jetzt verfügbar!
  • Episode 1: It's About Time
  • Episode 2: Get Tannen!
  • Episode 3: Citizen Brown
  • Episode 4: Double Visions
  • Episode 5: OUTATIME - Finale!


  • Ein besonderer Auftritt von Michael J. Fox!
  • Christopher Lloyd und Claudia Wells kehren als Synchronsprecher für Doc Brown und Jennifer Parker zurück
  • In Zusammenarbeit mit Bob Gale Film Trilogy Co-Creator/Co-Writer entstanden
  • Zurück in die Zukunft's “Ersten Familien.” Die McFlys, die Browns und natürlich die Tannens – alle Spielen Ihre typischen Rollen.

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    • Sound: Direct X 8.1
    • Betriebssystem: XP Service Pack 3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Prozessor: 2.7 GHz Pentium 4 oder vergleichbar
    • Speicher: 3 GB RAM
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    • Sound: Direct X 8.1

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47 Reviews
2.8 Std. insgesamt
Hier haben wir ein Point and Click Adventure welches uns auf ein Abenteuer entführt in welchem man sofort alle vertrauten Erzählelemente der Filme wiederfindet.
Es handelt sich aber um keinen Aufguss der Filmtrilogie, vielmehr ist es eine Fortführung.
Wir bekommen eine ganz neue Geschichte präsentiert.
Marty und Doc Brown wirbeln hierbei wieder kräftig die Vergangenheit Hill Valley´s durcheinander.
Um eine Ahnung des Storyumfangs zu vermitteln... Der 2te Teil der Reihe ist hierfür eine gute Referenz.
Aufgeteilt ist das ganze in 5 Kapitel die je bis zu 3h Spielzeit liefern.

Gefallen einem die Filme, wird man dieses Spiel genauso wertschätzen.
Mochte man diese nicht, wird man vermutlich auch keinen gefallen an diesem Spiel haben.
Verfasst: 25 Mai 2014
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7 von 7 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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2 Reviews
4.5 Std. insgesamt
"Back To The Future: The Game" is a "point and click" adventure from TellTale Games, coming from the famous "Back To The Future" movie trilogy franchise. The game is composed of a total of 5 episodes, each of them smartly connected between each other (like a TV mini-serie).
As a fan of Back To The Future, I think TellTale did a really amazing job to be authentic to the movies. From a graphic standpoint, however, it looks different to the movie but it has that usual charm you can encounter in TellTale games that still make it classy enough to not complain about it.
From a gameplay perspective, you have to manage mouse control and keyboard for moving, which is bothersome to me, but it is still OK to manage. I am not a big fan of inventory that are not available right away in front of your eyes, which sadly this game have. I believe the inventory system a little annoying in the game.
Story wise, it is very likable and rather similar to the movie structure, which is great. Actually I tend to even prefer what TellTale did with Dr. Emmett Brown than on the movie, he looks more human and not only kind of like the crazy scientist he was on the movies... Also, Marty McFly is definitely a great hero to play with and he is super awesome in the game. I like the introduction of new characters like Edna Strickland, Trixie Trotter and another family member of the McFly with Arthur...
I am not a big fan of the chase sequence at the end of most the episodes, it is certainly reminescent of the movie endings but it lacks any fun gameplay in my opinion. I adore however some sequences such as in Episode 1 in Emmett's Lab, this was thought very smartly.

I definitely felt in love with this game, despite it not being perfect, it has some kind of funny and yet enjoyable adventure that I was expecting to have with Back To The Future for a long long time ago.
Verfasst: 16 Februar 2014
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13 Reviews
3.6 Std. insgesamt
GREAT FIRST HALF OF THE GAME. I recommend this game to the people who watched the movie more than 3x's Haha. You'll get a kick out of what you are truly expecting.
Review: x1000 !!
Verfasst: 7 Juli 2014
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4 von 4 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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5 Reviews
5.3 Std. insgesamt
If you're a big fan of the original Back to the Future trilogy, you need this game. No, seriously, you NEED this game. Period. The storyline is incredibly good and feels authentic to the original movies, pushing the characters in interesting directions that I hadn't expected. It takes place after the movies, and as Marty McFly you'll end up traveling back to prohibition era Hill Valley after discovering that a prolonged absence by Doc Brown is due to his having been murdered back in the 30's. As expected, traveling back in time to save him leads to unexpected alterations in the timeline and a frantic hustle to fix one mess, only to create another. Overall it's very cleverly written and worthy of the franchise.

Aesthetically, the game takes a more stylized cartoonish approach to the characters rather than attempting realism - something that I personally rather enjoyed. And the voice acting - hoo man the voice acting is amazing! Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Emmet Brown, and though Michael J Fox does not reprise his, the person who fills in as Marty does such an amazingly good impression that I literally could not tell the difference. Seriously, I was genuinely shocked to learn it hadn't been Fox voicing him. Best yet, Fox returns for a couple of cameo roles in the final episode.

From a gameplay standpoint, it's a point-and-click adventure with pretty simple puzzles. Overall its approach is straight forward and only a small handful of times did I find myself getting hung up on a puzzle - however, the puzzles aren't really the point so much as that you're involved in an interactive movie, and this is made very clear by the fact the game has a hints feature that will outright TELL you the answers if you're well and truly stuck, allowing you to breeze through the story at a pace that's already hardly broken by frustration. At least, not in terms of the puzzles themselves. This isn't to say this game isn't without issue - things like movement is a bit buggy and aggravated me quite a bit, especially when switching between sceneries. The inventory is also kind of annoying the way it makes you have to scroll through it instead of having all items available at once. As inconvenient as this can sometimes be, it's hardly enough to detract from what makes this game shine.

Seriously, if you're a fan of the movies, put this in your collection. You'll thank yourself.
Verfasst: 21 Juli 2014
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5 von 6 Personen (83%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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2.6 Std. insgesamt
Back to the Future: The Game is a point and click adventure game which takes place roughly 6 months following the events of the third movie. In it, you play as Marty McFly, dealing with a variety of puzzles as he attempts to set right the past - largely dealing with the 1930s Prohibition-era Hill Valley.

This is a good game, but it feels like it could have been so much more. It was released prior to Telltale's The Walking Dead success, so it largely relies on their older formula of having a large inventory where you collect items, then use those items to solve puzzles, along with having a large number of items which can be interacted with, many of which are extraneous. There's nothing *wrong* with this, but given they were trying to provide a story more on-level with feature films, it ends up feeling like the gameplay is getting in the way of what they were trying to accomplish as opposed to complementing it.

Voice acting is excellent, the story was actually better than I expected (except for one or two areas which don't really "mesh" with how time travel is supposed to work in this universe). So basically, if you don't mind the way older point and click adventure games tend to play, and if you're not TOO invested in the storyline/mechanics of the BttF universe, it's probably worth a look.
Verfasst: 13 März 2014
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