Super Trench Attack™ is a goofball comedy twitch-shooter based in a World War setting.
User reviews: Very Positive (247 reviews) - 92% of the 247 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jul 24, 2014

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"Fun little game, stylized with the first world war in mind. 5$ could be spent on worse things, like cheeseburgers. Actually those two might compliment."

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August 6

Sequel out now on Early Access!

We're happy to announce that Super Trench Attack 2 is available now on Steam Early Access.

We have chosen Early Access for this title in order to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible, this is something we did with Super trench attack 1 and we had great success and fun working with the community.

For helping us test and improve Super Trench Attack 2 we think you deserve to be rewarded hence we have priced the early access version at a discount from the full release price.

The game is available here

Super Trench Attack 2

Thank you to everyone who has been waiting for this title and for your support. We're dedicated to making the best sequel we can!

Thanks for your time,

Paul Stephen-Davis
CEO Retro Army Ltd.

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June 25

Sequel needs your vote on steam greenlight!

Hi all!

Just an update on the sequel, we added Super trench attack 2 to steam greenlight yesterday. Please leave us a vote if it's something you'd like to see on steam.

We've been working hard on the sequel and are looking for a late july release depending on how long the greenlight process will take. The game is about 70% finished.

Super Trench Attack 2 is a turn-based squad game set in a fictional world war setting.

You are Ada Frost, a lieutenant of the blue army. You find yourself deep behind enemy lines, with the stolen black army plans in your hands, you can end the war. That is, if you and your squad can make it back home alive!

Of course the Black army won't let you escape that easily, They have dispatched their top general the evil Helmut, to stop you in your tracks. Fight through the desert sands, traverse the icy peaks, and battle through the muddy trenches, get those plans to H.Q before the evil general catches you!

Game Features
- Procedurally generated levels, and missions
- Over 2000 random events, no play through is the same
- Play blackjack and hunt for food
- Four different C.O's to choose from
- Recruit four different character classes to your squad
- Upgrade your troops with the flexible 'weapon pack' system
- Goofball humor throughout
- Enemy commanders have different tactics and A.I
- Fight through snow, deserts, beaches, cities and forests

Thank you for your time!

Paul Stephen-Davis
CEO Retro Army Ltd

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“Super Trench Attack shows a surprising bravura within the style of game it aims to be. I meant to play for about half-an-hour, but the time flew by, and I didn't check the clock until two hours later.”
Indie Statik

“Footshoots, headshots and dirty mags - everything a growing boy needs.”
4/5 – Pixel Judge

“Entertainment value of a video game is a thing, and immersion is another. I wasn’t expecting to have both in Super Trench Attack(STA) to be honest”
Rawket Launcher

About This Game

Super Trench Attack™ is a goofball comedy twitch-shooter based in a World War setting.

The Dastardly Black Army has invaded your beloved homeland! The only thing between them and victory stands one man. A crazy recruit with an eye for headshots and a boot for kicking the enemy up the....well you get the picture. Enter the crazy world of Super Trench Attack.

  • Unique targeting system, there's even footshots!
  • Smooth as glass 60FPS shooting action,
  • Full Xbox® 360 Controller support, for 'blasting action',
  • 4 huge open areas to explore, with many secret areas,
  • 16 varied missions, including giant bosses and shooting galleries,
  • Crazy Buddy AI character to watch your back,
  • 4 shops offering unique items, weapons and traps, for a variety of ways to play,
  • 33+ Resolutions, including 8:5 and 16:9 widescreen,
  • Qwerty, Azerty and left hand controls,
  • Goofball bonkers humor.

  • 24 achievements,
  • Full 360 Controller support,
  • Leaderboards,
  • New Latest version 3.4,
  • Fully optimized code.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6GHZ
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 196 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
6.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 17
A Review of Super Trench Attack! [Actual short review]

STA was a pretty fun short indie game about war except the developer made everything goofy. Its actually pretty fun and the graphics are also quite good along with a funny little story to keep it interesting. They also mixed up the gameplay by adding in another mode to this otherwised short campaign so it doesn't really feel that boring. Its a blend of shooting and lite rpg.

Anyways now that we got that covered, the gameplay is essentially you are a single brave soldier of Greenstar Army out to stop the Blackstar army. To accomplish this in your isometric view of the map you shoot the enemy, throw grenades at them and completing objective given to you by HQ. You can then use the money you acquired to buy meds, new weapons, accessories and armor.

While out on the field you can search for hidden stuff and location but for most part the money you get from the normal playthrough is enough to pay for weapon upgrades provided you dont get every single one each time. Helping you bust the enemies are also the random scattering of allies all over the map and your one dedicated Buddy.

Pretty much thats it for the gameplay, the graphics are pretty good looking in emulating the retro style without resorting to the low effort 8bit and 16bit style that often saturate the market these days. Sound design is also pretty good.

Option menu is pretty lacking though, You only got options for resoltuion and aspect ratio plus some others and thats it. Controls are a bit strange at first since the character slides around a little bit but I got used to it pretty easily.

All in all I would recommend this game, its goofy, its short, and its pretty fun. It helps that its pretty cheap as well.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
This game is just AWESOME.

-You'll never get sick of the simple combat system.
-You get gold to upgrade your gear, buy some ammo, or just lose it all playing black jack (all the games that involve any kind of currency should have black jack).
-You can even loot stuff to decorate your tent.
-The main feature: This game is so funny that i used to walk inside the gun "store" repeatedly just to talk to a crazy guy.

I recommend it for everyone. It's just a little short, but it's cheap and the second game was already greenlit.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
6.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 8
This was a rather good little use of a Saturday afternoon. The closest genre would be one of those old nintendo/sega RPGs like Legend of Zelda with shooting. You have your weapons you upgrade as you progress, items that'll give you bonuses, and you'll level up your health/weapon damage/etc.

The gameplay doesn't get stale thanks to the 6-7 hour length. The World War I setting / humor is what really separates this from other similar games. I don't think this would've been as enjoyable if it was set elsewhere but I loved it regardless. It's pretty easy to 100% the achievements as well.

My only gripe is that I wish it went further in terms of scope / variety and I was hoping the sequel that came out recently stayed in this style, but that's turn-based.

In the end the price of $5 is fully justified and I'm really glad I played this.
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 13
Super Trench Attack! Review

Game Details

Title: Super Trench Attack!
Genre(s): Action, Twitch-shooter, Indie, RPG
Developer: Retro Army Limited
Publisher: Retro Army Limited
Release Date: 24 July, 2014

Pros & Cons

Pros :
♦ Good story with a retro art style.
♦ Simple combat system.
♦ Crude humour.
♦ Mild RPG elements.
♦ Great level design.
♦ "Dirty mags" loving sidekick.
♦ Blackjack mini-game.

Cons :
♦ Story is short.


Super Trench Attack!, with its goofy humour and pretty solid gameplay, is a fun little action indie game. Its a bit short but it's worth the 5$ asking price. There is also a demo that you can try it out. Overall, I recommend this game to everyone wholeheartedly. You'll love it.

Personal Rating : 8/10
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 14
A very fun little indie game.

A short twitch based shooter with a cute art and story to it.
Its rather short i completed the campaign in 4 hours but i bought it for 2 euro so it was a total bargain <3

+Has a few RPG elements its not complicated at all but it does matter where you spend your points and gold.
+Its fun to play... between mission cutscenes and even laoding screens are pretty amusing.
+Its short and its a MUST have for any achievement hunter because its a sure 100% completition!

- Short. . . . a few more missions would`ve been nice so i can really start getting attached to my badass hero. The way it is now by the time i really gear up the game is over :S

Final thoughts:
Buy it in a sale and you`ll have yourselfs a fun afternoon playing this game.
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