Runers is a top-down rogue-like dungeon shooter where you explore a vast underground labyrinth and face fierce monsters and bosses. As the game advances further into the dungeon, you will gather Runes, which will be used to combine into 285 unique spells.
User reviews: Very Positive (194 reviews) - 84% of the 194 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 2, 2014

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“I just made a spell that lets me shoot rocks that I can control with my mind and I’m using it to squish a bunch of angry water mages.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Runers is a fantastic game. It boasts solid gameplay with tons of replayability. The game is difficult, but in a rewarding way.”
8.5 / 10 – Capsule Computers

“Runers is an immensely fun game for fans of the dungeon crawler to get excited about. Hardcore gamers will love what LGK Games have created with the diversity and variety of both the character selection and the enthralling gameplay.”
7 / 10 – God Is A Geek

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About This Game

Runers is a top-down rogue-like dungeon shooter where you explore a vast underground labyrinth and face fierce monsters and bosses. As the game advances further into the dungeon, you will gather Runes, which will be used to combine into 285 unique spells. Discovering new spells will unlock their entries in your Runedex; unlock them all! But be careful – if you die, your playthrough is finished.

We wanted to make a game that had a lot of replayability, customization, and discovery. Almost every design choice we made focused on furthering those three goals. We want the player to be able to choose the playing style that suits them: long range sniper, mid range run and gun, or an up close brawler. There are many features to facilitate this level of customization. When you earn enough experience you will level up and be able to choose from 4 random traits to make you even stronger.

Each floor is procedurally generated, so the enemies, rooms, event rooms, and bosses you face are all randomly chosen, making every playthrough different. You will not encounter everything in the game in one playthrough, or even five: there is always something new to encounter.

  • Each floor and room is completely randomized – each run will be a different experience
  • Choose from 20 Races and 20 Classes to customize your runs
  • Runes have unique stats that modify the spells you create with them
  • Choose from 285 different spells to build your own unique spell loadouts
  • Upgrade your spells to make them even stronger
  • 50 different traits to choose from when leveling up
  • 10 procedurally generated floors to explore and fight through
  • 15+ random bosses and 100+ random enemies to fight
  • Numerous Challenges, Event Rooms, and Achievements to complete
  • Defeating enemies unlocks entries in your Beastiary
  • 5 difficulties to increase the challenge

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or equivalent.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Helpful customer reviews
10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
12.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 29, 2015
So generally speaking, I enjoy this game. That is until I play it and remeber how frustrating it is. As someone who plays SPECIFICALLY to discover the cool and interesting spells, its difficult sometimes to come across combiners, the things you need to make new spells. Especially 4 of them to make a three way one. I think a simple fix is to start you out with one on the easiest difficulty, wimpy, and maybe even decrease the number from 4 to 3 on the three way combiners. I dont think thats too much to ask for someone who wants to play the game for the spells, not beating it. Because pretty much, thats the only thing this game has going for it.

Edit: After Playing a couple runs after I wrote this, I ran into the exact problem I was complaining about. The first run was great, as I had gotten 3 combiners on the first floor. I held out hope that I could get one more on the next floor, so I could make one of the cool, elusive, 3 rune ones. I got beaten up pretty bad for the majority of the floor and resorted to using them so I could survive. I died anyways, without ever getting another. 2nd run, Im making my way through floor one, and I found 1 combiner. I thought that that was fair, and I was content. Died without finding another. My final run, I took a different starting spell, so I was hoping for a combiner early so I could replace it, since I didnt like it as much. Cleared floor 1, didnt find a single combiner. Died on the first room of floor 2. Rage quit.

I cant stress enough how important these are to playing the game, at least for me, and how unfun it is without them. It makes me want to not play the game, because in the last game I played, there was literally NOTHING I could do about it. Good rouge-likes like Isaac make you work with what youre given, and every run has potential to be won if youre good enough/lucky enough. But imagine if all the items were only dropped by enemies, and the chance was rather low. It makes for a frustrating experience that you cant do anything about. This game is just so much wasted potential, because I cant even make it far enough to see what it has to offer. Idk maybe im just bad, and a whiner. Regardless, I think this game could be really cool if they werent so stingy with the combiners.

Edit, Edit: Ok so maybe I was a little frustrated while writing this, and also pretty inexperienced. After selecting to upgrade one of my rune levels, I got a combiner, which made me pretty happy. My points still stand though I think, but I think Ill change the recomendation to yes instead. Whoops

Edit Edit Edit: So one thing that I really like about this game, is the upgrades to your spells. So basically, each spell has a bunch of stats associated with them, and you can upgrade them using more runes. Take the guided stones (or something like that) spell. Its combined runes are mind and earth, and it sends out a few rocks, that home on targets. Now to me, the fun parts of this spell are its high damage, and its ability to home, and using the rock and mind runes, respectivly, you can upgrade those aspects. And thats really nice. Another example is the droplet spell, one of the starter spells. Instead of being able to upgrade the damage, you can upgrade the AOE of the spell, which is probably why you have it in the first place. Its a nice touch that makes the game way better
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
56.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 7, 2015
Summary: Spray n' pray kiting
Multiplayer: 2 local (?)
Completion: 20 hrs
Cards: Yes
Cloud: Yes

Runers is a twin-stick style roguelike. Unlike most roguelikes, this one comes closer to being one. It's also crazy fast-paced. Being a real-time game, there's very little opportunity to plan out your moves and attacks. While you can pause the game at any time, the sheer speed and volume of bullets, enemies, hazards, and repositioning effects makes dodging difficult. Add to that a low invulnerability period when hit, and you will find it is very easy to die in this game.

I underwent a strange journey in my experience with Runers. I began with the curiosity phase. The game seemed simple enough - fantasy Smash TV with procerdurally generated levels. It sounded intriguing, and I gave it a whirl. After the tutorial, the game opens up with a fairly large character selection screen, my weakness. I made what I thought would be a melee character, a Dwarven Paladin. I started the Wimpy-level game, and noticed I was throwing ranged attacks. How odd! I tried to play him like a melee character, and while he did okayish, the only reason he survived was because of the generous life drops on the first floor. That didn't last very long, however, as the life drops became more and more scarce as I went down, and I finally died. After a few more class and spell combinations, and that's when became clear - this game doesn't have a proper melee combat system. Sure you can craft a sword spell, but you'll get obliterated pretty quickly if you keep that up. Fair enough, now was the time to experiment.

The next phase of the game was discovery. Having made my first double-rune spells, and seeing how much better they were, I got excited and wanted to make all of them and see what suited me best. I tested all the races and classes to see what they would bring to the table. The opposition was tough, but I was careful and prepared. I made my way to the first boss of the game, Blazia. After a long, dangerous fight, Blazia's tactics suddenly changed drastically. Her fire maze is where I promptly got my ♥♥♥ handed to me. The next run, I made it down there again, but instead found Dash. Dash was much easier to combat, and I beat him without much trouble. The next few floors, the scarcity of health drops did me in, as it seemed to do quite often. After a few more runs, I finally made it to the 10th floor, and beat the game. But wait, I didn't unlock anything at all! So I tried the next difficulty level. And, well, that didn't go so well.

Figuring that I would need the powers of triple-rune spells to make any meaningful progress, the time came to discover all 285 spells. This phase of the game was tedium. I can't begin to tell how grueling it is to get triple combiners. This process would have been so much more enjoyable if the triple combiners were not needed. It's not like players are going to find crazy good spells right off the bat, because there's such a large volume of lackluster triple-rune spells. When so much time is spent to waste one triple combiner with three runes that could have been used for something meaningful, that's just adding insult to injury. The Runedex helps out a little with this problem thanks to categorization, but you're still probably going to make a worthless spell regardless.

After forty hours or so, I managed to acquire and test every spell in the game. Now came the revenge phase. I planned out which spells I would want to use from now on, and forged my way ahead. Armed with the tools I wanted, what was once fiendishly difficult became manageable. The game is still plenty tough, but I successfully made it through a few more difficulty levels. Still stuggling with higher difficulty levels, I suddenly discovered something far more potent than any triple-rune spell. I can only assume it to be a bug, but this skill provided grossly overpowered buffs, to the point where I could decimate rooms at will. For this reason I was able to plow through Apocalypse difficulty, a worthy end to the crazy hard game.

Now onto the nitpicking.
-The game is poorly optimized, even in low performance mode. There is ` drastic slowdown when a lot of action is going on, especially when you crank up the size of bullets and swarm the screen with effects.
- Global cooldowns in the game are not intuitive. When you have many low CD spells, some won't trigger because the game doesn't adequately explain about this.
- The lack of auto-fire for other skill slots seems pointless, since the game implements a global cooldown system for every spell.
- The races and classes could use rebalancing. I imagine many of them are unused because they are simply not competitve.
- Leveling up feels weak most of the time because selections tend to be poor. You don't even gain HP or other stats, unless you pick a skill that does so.
- There's far too many weak triple-rune spells. Either these should be buffed, or triple combiners should be removed. There's so many spells to learn, but if people rarely get to see them, what was the point in making them?
- I'm not sure if the game mentions that spells do not require combiners once it's in your Runedex. At the very least the game should probably mention this on the inventory screen.
- Every hostile room locks you in for a fight to the death. This gets old pretty quick. I'd kill for a spell that lets me open doors or something. Or leave some doors open to begin with.
- Occasionally monsters will spawn right next to the entrance of the room.
- Enemies use the same bullets you do. For this reason, it's difficult to tell when something belongs to an enemy or not.
- Some enemies leave lingering effects well after they die, such as Mud Golems. Oftentimes I re-enter a cleared room and still find the effect lingering there.
- Repositioning attacks are excessive. Spending lots of time not being in control of your character is unfun.
- Minibosses are oddly harder than real bosses themselves. At least tone down their firing rates.
- The damage output of some enemies is far too high, such as necro skeletons (which shouldn't be ranged!). Since there is a very low invulnerability period, you will often suffer multiple hits at a time.
- Most single-target spells are not competitive. In general it's best to use spells that can level entire rooms.
- The game as a whole is just too fast. Even some enemies are faster than you. Trying to dodge the fireball room without spells is just ludicrous. And because some enemies move so fast, it's bloody difficult to hit them with single-target bullet spells, which makes up a large portion of the Runedex. The ability to pause is no excuse for making everything move so fast.
- I would have liked equipment such as robes, and cash to buy things from shops.
- How about a way to mash 3 runes into a new random one?
- It would be nice if there was an icon above your character sprite to show status afflictions such as confusion.
- Allies or hirelings would be a fun addition (not including the escort or class abilities). Something more permanant.
- I found a couple game-breaking bugs.

Runers is a difficult game for me to rate. I had a lot of fun discovering spells at first, but to get all the triple-rune spells is nothing more than a chore. However, once you DO have all the spells, the game becomes more interesting.The devs clearly want this game to be tough as nails. While they may have succeeded, in doing so, the game becomes inaccessible to a broader audience, which I feel is a shame to an otherwise fun game. If I were to describe this game, it would be Kiting: The Game, because that's all you do. Unless you're using nuking strats, you're just circling around, spraying and praying to hit something, ad nauseum. I rate Runers a 7/10. There's a lot of room for potential, but as it is now, I imagine it will only appeal to diehard players.
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26.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2015
Fun game, but frequent issues with game crashes and corrupted save data.
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15.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 16, 2015
Runers is a more or less classical Rogue-like game, unlike most rogue-like/lite games it is NOT fun.

The basic idea of the game is that you are a wizard and you can make spells from runes that you randomly find, get as a reward or that are dropped by enemies. However you need double-combiners to make spells with 2 runes and extremly rare triple-combiners to make spells with 3 runes. In about 30 minutes of gameplay you can on average get about 1 triple combiner, and 3-5 double-combiners. The game has 285 spells and unlocking all the spells takes forever - also in your first runs before you unlocked some good spells you can't get very far. If you want to try to enjoy this game you NEED to use a wiki and look up the powerful spells because 80% of the spells are completly useless. I didn't use a wiki and eventually i called this game "disappointment simulator" as a joke but it really isn't far off.

Another problem is that is constantly crashes, in my 15 hours with the game it crashed at least 10 times, the developer also hasn't updated this game in over a year other than a language patch - so it will most likely never get fixed.

The combination of a grindy game with lots of disappointing spells and constant crashes makes this game terrible and you should avoid this game even if you are a fan of rogue-likes.
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2.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 1
Runers has a lot of potential. The runes and spell combining system is really cool! I liked discovering new spells and trying them out. Level up bonuses are....weird, but not in a bad way. There are some great ideas, but this game is broken by major, major flaws that never should have made it out of alpha testing.

1) The sound effects. Dear God. When you fire two bullets every 0.7 seconds, they should not each be ear-splitting "ZWOOOOOP"s. If you're killing fifty enemies every room, don't make every one ♥♥♥♥ing scream in agony. The sound design in this game is so bad that it's funny, until you're actually playing it and actually have to turn off the audio because it's hurting your ears.

2) Tedium. Why are there half a dozen destructables in every room that serve absolutely no purpose at all except to make you stand in front of them, mindlessly firing into them as they slowly run out of health? If you want upgrades, you have to destroy them all, every time. Devs, did you actually play this? Did you find this fun? Or was it boring as hell?

3) Cooldowns. You have a 60-second "big" cooldown in addition to your fast spells. The optimal play is to use it every room, then simply wait for the cooldown to elapse before venturing into the next room. Pro tip for devs: don't ever make the best play the least interesting (see point 2). Have all cooldowns reset when you clear a room. Basic ♥♥♥♥.

I cannot recommend Runers in good conscience. Reinstall Binding of Isacc and play that instead. It's better-designed in every way, and a heck of a lot more fun.
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