Winner of the LG Electronic Smart TV competition, Selknam Defense is more than an exceptional strategy game. It’s a gateway to the past that puts a nation’s destiny into your control. Do you have the skills to alter history and save the Selknam?
User reviews: Mixed (24 reviews)
Release Date: Jul 25, 2014
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July 29

Update 1.3.1

- Changes on tutorial, now shows how to move a unit.
- Healer now heals itself.
- Balance: Health points added to Selknams.
- Fix pathfinding on convicts.
- Minor fixes.

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About This Game

Join over 50,000 players in a quest to change one civilization’s fate in this award-winning tower-defense/RTS hybrid game inspired by true events.

Travel back almost 200 years to defend the Selknam people of South America against European colonization. Lead archers, mages and other warriors to fight off waves of attack in the dense forests, freezing tundra and lands you call home. Battle soldiers, pirates and other new-world foes to unlock powerful upgrades and customize your defensive strategy.

Winner of the LG Electronic Smart TV competition, Selknam Defense is more than an exceptional strategy game. It’s a gateway to the past that puts a nation’s destiny into your control. Do you have the skills to alter history and save the Selknam?

  • Hours of engaging defense combat inspired by true events
  • 24 levels across 4 lands, each requiring innovative and unique defense strategies to defeat
  • Stunning and vibrant artwork that brings the game’s narrative to life.
  • 4 heroic Selknam defenders with powerful upgrades and abilities to tailor your defense
  • 7 enemy types, from soldiers to pirates, each with their own skills
  • Bonus stage with an epic boss battle for successfully completing campaign mode
  • Survival mode to test your defense strategies’ endurance
  • 15 achievements
  • Keyboard and mouse or Xbox 360 controls
  • LG Electronic Smart TV competition winner, over 50,000 downloads

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2 Ghz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB of Video Memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6 and above
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB of Video Memory
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
173 of 195 people (89%) found this review helpful
3.3 hrs on record
A functional but rather mediocre tower defense game. The units are all pretty standard: warriors, archers, healers, etc. They can be leveled up in between battles, but this simply improves their stats; they gain no new abilities. You can also unlock new types of units with slightly different abilities. You level up and unlock units with stars. After each battle, you get 1-3 stars, depending on how well you did. However, you only get these stars once for each battle. So once you've gotten three stars, there's no reason to ever replay earlier battles. The gameplay is disappointingly simplistic. You cannot level up units during a battle or use "spells" to directly damage or slowdown enemies, etc.; you simply place your units and hope for the best. Moreover, the terrain has very little influence on battles, and you cannot create mazes to delay the enemies. In addition, some enemies are frustratingly unfair, such as bombers who can take out all of your units in one hit, leaving you without any way to defend yourself. There are also some annoying flaws in the units' AI. For example, healers will heal other units rather than themselves, even when they themselves are close to death, so they often end up dead when you need them the most. And sometimes they'll just stop healing units all together for no apparent reason. All in all, while there is some simple fun to be had here, it's a lackluster game overall, and there are far better similar games, such as Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten, Kingdom Rush, or Prime World: Defenders.
Posted: July 25
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14 of 22 people (64%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
Neutral: It's as formulaic as it comes, and it could have done more with it's setting then it does, but Selknam Defense is still a perfectly serviceable tower defense game, just a kind of bland one.

Note: To put it plainly, if this goes on sale for 2 or 3 quid, its probably worthwhile if nothing amazing, but at it's current price I just can't recommend it for the amount of content that's there and simplistic mechanics.

Full review is available here
Posted: July 30
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35 of 64 people (55%) found this review helpful
0.7 hrs on record
First Try on Selknam Defense!

Updates will be posted boldy in the respective part of the review
The video can be found here:

I'll start off by saying that the tag "mobile port", would it be still available, would fit here quite nicely. At least this game feels like one.

The options menu only consists of fullscreen(on/off) and sliders for sfx and music.

After a quick tutorial, you'll be released into the wilds of this game. One thing that is quite nice in my opinion is that there are 3 different input devices available for you to navigate and put down units(controller, mouse and the keyboard). Speaking of the controller, one thing that is detrimental though is that you can't accellerate the the game with the controller alone. Especially considering that this game first went live on the LG smart TV, you might think that this game was built with you sitting on the couch and playing it with the controller in mind.

Anyways, one thing I started to notice is that melee characters are not standing still. This good as well as bad at the same time. Because of that you can attack ranged enemies with melee characters, but at the same time, if you've placed the healer one square behind your melee warrior, it gets out of healing range.

Secondly the game introduces a suicide bomber enemy relatively early in the game. By the way it has to be said that the enemy variety in this game is acceptable, but let's get back to the bomber. The bomber runs towards your units, and if you build your defense lines as I do(melee upfront, ranged/heals at the back), you will loose a lot of manpower this way. Since I didn't find a way to tell my unit to back off and let the ranged units do the job, my melee lines get obliterated by one enemy unit. (Maybe a misplay by myself, but I will look into it again later)
Update: As this fellow pointed out in a comment on my video, you are able to reposition your own units, which is not shown in the tutorial or the game at any time. This way the damage suicide bomber units would do can be reduced greatly. At any rate, it should be included in the tutorial that you can reposition your units, which adds a bit of strategical depth to the game itself.

Apart from all of that I'd like to say that the game does what it does quite good, but that is all. It is not that the game is bad, it is not good either and what kills it for me is that this game has nothing that sets it apart from the rest of the free tower defense games out there.
This makes it nigh on impossible to recommend this game. If I google tower defense, I get to choose a overwhelming amount of free flash games that do pretty much the same as this game. I could even download Starcraft II for free and browse the arcade for tower defense games.

With that said, we come to the tl:dr...
Is the game worth it? I have to say, no. It is not worth the 10€ and I would even say even with 50% it is not worth it. The sheer amount of other free towerdefense games out there simply show that you might consider Selknam Defense just yet another towerdefense game and nothing more than that...
Posted: July 26
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33 of 64 people (52%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Having healers that bug up and don't heal 90% of the time makes this unplayable.
Posted: July 26
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6 of 11 people (55%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
There are 12 characters. Of the 12, only 3 can deal damage. The rest of the characters are specialized roles unable to deal damage. And all characters can be attacked, there's no hiding support characters off the main road to keep them out of harm's way. For example, within the cleric family, each character can cast only one type of buff (haste, heal, or strengthen) and cannot attack. Same with archers: the main archer can deal damage, but the slowing archer and poison archer can only add their effect. Since characters can only perform their one narrow role, buffs/support eat up more resources than they're worth.

Each character can be upgraded twice and twice only. And upgrades are done between levels. So in the beginning of each level, the characters overwhelm each wave easily, but by the third or fourth wave (of five), tables are turned and its the level three heroes who are easily overpowered.

For each role-character, there is an enemy counter. For example, within the warrior family there is a tank that can absorb but not damage. You can out a tank right on the path, but enemies can leave the path to go around the tank, and some enemies can go through the tank, and there are suicide bombers who can blow up multiple tanks in one hit. And even regular enemies can wear down tanks if the tanks aren't complimented with archers or warriors, because the tanks don't deal damage.

And all this wouldn't be so bad if the charaters could be instructed. For example, archers, focus on suicide bombers, or something like that. But everyone just focus on the most forward enemy.

This would be n uninspired flash game on kongregate or armor games or something. But on Steam? For five dollars?!? Pass, my friends. Pass.
Posted: July 31
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