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Rush for Glory is featuring challenging and rewarding Tower Defense battles, in which players are defending their base against an alien invasion. By strategically building towers and upgrading them, the player can keep his base safely and further progress through the extensive singleplayer campaign.
Release Date: Jun 16, 2014
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Update and new language version (Brazilian Portuguese) added!

July 4th, 2014

Hey folks,

We are happy to announce the release of the newest update for RUSH FOR GLORY.

Beside a brand new and full localization for Brazilian Portuguese we also added a new feature that has been requested by our community here. Interv alia the user with the name SMEGGY made the following suggestion:

"when a player opens the tower placement wheel, it would help the ground would turn green where it is possible to build"

We fully agreed and added this feature to the game with this latest update.

We hope you enjoy these improvements and look forward to more feedback from you guys!

Immanitas Entertainment

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Spanish language version now available

June 22nd, 2014

After English and German we are proud to announce that the Spanish language version just went live.

More languages versions will be available soon - just let us know which one you are missing the most and we will try our best to deliver as fast as we can :-)

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“It's well balanced, it runs well, the graphics are alright, the level backdrops are interesting and well designed!”
Strategy Informer

“It does offer a few unique elements that tweak and improve the tower defense genre. Players like me who love this type of defensive gameplay will have a good time with Rush for Glory.”
4.5/5.0 – Game Industry News | GiN

“Rush for Glory actually does just about everything right along the way. It is not the best example of the genre, but Rush for Glory creates a challenging if short gameplay experience that is fun while it lasts”
7.25/10 – Game News & Rumors | N4G

About the Game

Plan your defense, place your towers, get ready for action!

Rush for Glory is a challenging and rewarding 3D Tower Defense Game, in which players are defending their base against an alien invasion. By strategically building towers and upgrading them, the player can keep his base safely and further progress through the extensive singleplayer campaign.

Over 30 types of enemies, terrifying level bosses as well as a wide variety of towers and upgrades are making Rush for Glory a unique Tower Defense experience.

The main features of the game include:
  • Campaign with 10 different scenarios
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Multiple achievements
  • 5 types of towers with 3 Different upgrades and 3 special abilities each
  • 5 power attacks. Dead rain, trap, slower, golden tower…
  • More than 30 enemy types with especial behavior PLUS boss fights
  • Attackers, healers, supporters, turbo types…
  • Game speed controller to make game speed slow and fast
  • Additional 10 mini games for each level
  • Elaborate techtree with more than 40 upgrade options
  • Additional cinematic cameras
  • Encyclopedia with detailed descriptions of all units, towers and weapons

System Requirements

    • OS: XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2.0 Ghz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c capable hardware
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 850 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c sound device
    • OS: 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI or NVidia card w/ 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 850 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X 9.0c sound device
Helpful customer reviews
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A decent Tower Defence game. It really is overpriced, I'd suggest 4-5 bucks for it. You build, you defend, you upgrade, you repair (never liked TD games where you have to repair your towers). Protect the base. You have 100 lives/people. Graphics are not much of an interest, music is nor bad nor catchy. Maps are a bit of challenge. Towers variety is poor, I'd say. Enemies are regular (No NecroTanks or something that makes you say "Wow!"). And the good thing is that no matter what all that together is fun. At least this game is more exciting than many of it's genre. I'd give Rush for Glory 6/10 in it's genre. Thank you for your attention.
Posted: June 21st, 2014
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nice TD game it is well put togeather!

my only probleam with it is that there arnt enough lvls, and some more vauluable end lvl rewards would be cool.

good graphics and no glitches

Posted: June 17th, 2014
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This game reminds me a lot of Savage Moon on the PS3.

Long story short, it is a tower defence game, but a good one. In the same way that savage moon was. I quite like the small camera rotation moments when you move back and fourth, gives it a little sense of a camera being there, not just movement around the screen.

You can also view the game from a turret perspective which is a nice little extra.

Though I like the little animations as you upgrade a tower, it would be nice to have an animation of the tower actually building on, for example, starts with 1 gun barrel, then animates and slowly grows the second gun barrel. I guess just like savage moon. I really loved that game on the PS3, which is why I love this game so much, its very similar.

I recommend purchasing this. I'm enjoying it so far.
Posted: June 19th, 2014
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I have played for about an hour and here are my first impressions of this game...

You start with 100 population in the beginning and everytime some enemies go through your defence, your pop goes down. So if you play bad for the first few level you are able to continue but at some point you are not able to do any mistakes because the game would end if population reaches 0.

There are 5 types of towers to place. A fast shooting machine gun for air and ground units, a mortar for aoe damage, some freezer to slow down enemies, one for air units and the 5th tower is like the first tower but it shoots faster and attacks only ground units. For killing units you get gold and after some time your towers receive enought exp by killing units so you can upgrade them a few times and they have a bigger range and shoot faster. There have to be some space between the placed towers, so you cant just spam many towers in a small area. Each tower also got a passive ability that has a special effect on each type of unit that activates randomly.

Each mission (i assume there are 10) can be played on 3 difficulties and you get either 1, 2 or 3 points for upgrading depending on the difficulty you chose. You can choose out of 40 things to use your upgrade points on. Things like earning more gold for kills or a lower re use of traps may help you to come back to precious played missions again to do them on a harder difficulty. Furthermore there is a minigame for each completed mission to get 1 upgrade point each. So it should be possible to unlock eall 40 things in the skill tree (10x3 points for missions + 10 for minigames)

That brings me to the next point: traps/skills.
When you progress in the game there are up to 5 special skills unlocked that have to reload after their use. They cost also some gold to use.

The graphics are pretty nice. Even though im not a big fan of super nice graphics because a good game counts more for me.
The sound of guns is pretty awesome too.

10 missions plus 10 mini games should still take some time to complete. On 2nd difficulty it is pretty challenging too and you do not get everytime 2 points (2 points for 2nd difficulty) when you let too many units walk into your base. So it may be smart to do every mission on easy and try again later with more skills unlocked.

Ok, there is no pause button ingame, so sometimes it gets a bit hectic especially when some enemy is close to your base and you have to think of what trap/skill or tower to use to stop it. But you can prevent that by not running the game on a high speed so you can look at it early enought.

So all in all it is a nice game of a small developer team and publisher. I would give it a 8.5/10 rating
Posted: June 18th, 2014
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
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For my online blog http://gamoha.eu i wrote an article in German about this game. Now i will sum up the results of our review and like to invite you to visit our blog:

With the Tower Defense Game Rush for Glory Immanitas Entertainment and Parseh Game Studios developed a game which is easy to understand and offers an uncomplicated start for newcomers and fans of this genre. The ten different levels of this singleplayer game provide different game play experience and fun while playing. The various opponents contribute to fun as well and challenges the player during the game again and again. For the future we like to a have multiplayer mode and additional levels, because ten levels are not enough :)

If you like to read the review in detail you can visit our German blog http://gamoha.eu/rush-glory-tower-defense-game-im-test/

Posted: June 24th, 2014
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