Grab a friend and try to escape from the dungeons of TRISTOY in this story-driven coop-platformer.
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Release Date: Jan 15, 2015

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About This Game

TRISTOY is a story-driven 2D co-op platformer designed from the ground up exclusively for two player co-operative gaming enjoyment!

Set in Tristoy, an ancient fortress in the middle of the Sea of Shards you play together as Prince Freedan and the Wizard Stayn. You and a friend are forced to team up to try and escape the dungeon and defeat a common enemy, the Witch Ink.

Explore dungeons filled with traps and monsters - puzzle, jump and fight your way out as you attempt to escape from Tristoy. Designed to be played together on one screen, Tristoy’s engrossing non-linear story features multiple endings and requires you to work together, testing your friendship and forcing you to confront moral dilemmas and make some hard choices.

Developed by German studio Uniworlds Game Studios, the game features a dynamic split screen, which moves, rotates and seamlessly joins back together, keeping you locked in the action. Play with a keyboard, controller or use your smartphone to control the game with the companion app.

Grab a friend and try to escape from the dungeons of TRISTOY in this story-driven co-op platformer. Play locally or over Steam. Meaningful choices and deadly consequences are waiting for you!

Key features

  • The ultimate couch multiplayer game for two
  • Metroidvania style story driven 2D platformer
  • Play locally or via Steam (giftable copy included - This will be available in your inventory)
  • An epic co-op game (for 2 players only)
  • Designed to be played together on one screen but can also be played via online co-op
  • Dynamic split screen that moves, rotates and joins together
  • Deep character play through individual story and dialogue choices
  • Engrossing non-linear story with multiple endings
  • Unique cooperative puzzles and quests
  • Numerous types of enemies, puzzles, quests and additional unlockable content
  • Full controller support or use your Smartphone as a controller using the developers own technology UNIPLAY (Android and iOS App available)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 gts or Intel HD4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Controller use is recommended
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Intel core i5 and above
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX260 or newer
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Controller use is recommended
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45 of 56 people (80%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 16, 2015
When I first read about this game it was a dream come true. A Co-op Metroidvania style game! Almost never done before! To my dismay this game did not live up to its promise as such a game. It only took the very core-aspects of that style of game and made it real.


The story follows two males who are trapped on "Tristoy" a prison island mean't for those who are traitors to the Iron King. They are forced to work together to secure their escape from Tristoy.

For better or for worst the story was actually quite interesting and the voice acting was absoulutely perfect! The interaction between the two main characters was hilarious. I was however disappointed at how little you get to know about the rest of the world.

This game is fairly short with me and my friend finishing it in about 2 hours so obviously it was a short story too.


The gameplay was declared to be similar to Metroidvania style but to be honest, its more akin to Trine style. You are a co-op team that must stick together to solve a variety of puzzles to progess through the levels. It is a linear progression throughout the game, I actually thought from the art in the background you would end up going down the Tower and then back up again! But this was untrue. Combat is short and is a not too in depth either.

At the beginning of the game there are a few decisions that can effect the amount of health divided amongst the two main characters. Honestly this made little to no difference considering all it allows is one character to take 1 or 2 more hits, almost every monster can 1-hit KO.

The conversational choices had NO impact on the story what so ever even though it you would presume so. I encountered many bugs within the game and especially in the end with such errors as "[story path not found]".


Me and my friend did have fun even though we felt 10 quid for this unpolished game was outright robbery, if not huge kick in the teeth. I do respect though only a handful of developers were on this game in comparison to others.


I LOVE the art-work and the music, they suited the mood very well and gave the game its own personal feel.


If the developers had added more content, more exploration and just maybe the ability to separate into different rooms, this could of been one of the most successful games around. Already pumping out a game with no single-player can be quite a risk in doing.

Unfortunately this game in its current state cannot be recommended due to it being 15 quid retail when this is something that could of probably better off benefited from being in early access. It is worth more along 5 - 8 quid in my opinion for the level of effort put into this game and the amount of bugs it has inherited.
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6.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 8, 2015
I may not be able to speak for everyone, but I'm rather excited at the resurgence of co-op games that seems to be happening from last year and spilling over into this year. Though multiplayer has become a huge aspect of the video game world, there's been a drought of co-op games for the past few years with the exceptions of a title here and there that managed to shake things up a bit. That's why when I had the chance to try out Tristoy, a co-op game claiming to revive the classic "metroidvania" feel I was ready and willing to check it out with a friend.
At the beginning of the game, players find themselves trapped on the island prison fortress of Tristoy; a massive tower high above the crashing waves of the ocean. In these bleak starting moments that the two protagonists, Prince Freedan and a wizard named Stayn, meet. They join together to free the girl and escape the tower.
Story-wise, it sounds pretty cut and dry but that is only because delving too much into it would reveal spoilers that would honestly lessen the story as a whole. There are plenty, and they are numerous. But what I can tell you is that - between all the banter between the protagonists and some of the other characters throughout the game - they've done well to bring to life a story that makes this game more than jumping and fighting through some appealing environments. Add onto that that this game actually has choices that impact the story, though mostly in minor ways, it makes the game feel like a slightly unique experience. It can also lead to some frustration between you and your co-op buddy, but it wouldn't be a co-op experience without a little dose of that now would it?
The gameplay feels like your standard platforming adventure affair, with the two heroes jumping and fighting their way up and down the tower of Tristoy. Don't mistake that as having a feeling that you've been-there-and-done-that however, because everything is better with a friend and this game is no exception. By taking a co-op exclusive approach, the developers have been able to create an atmosphere where both players need to be able to work together even when separated to conquer enemies and puzzles, and even some run for your life from certain death segments.
The push onward through Tristoy will have you splitting up quite a few times to solve puzzles, or taking unique approaches to bosses and enemies that sometimes cannot be bested by just one character or the other. There does not seem to be a great amount of difficulty, however, which may put off those looking for a challenging experience. It's fun with a friend, but it's also on the easier side of things. Maybe it was because my co-op partner and I were able to work very well together, so results may vary, but other than some error on a few jumps and a very brief snag on a puzzle earlier on in the game we didn't encounter major issues. It was a fun experience, but it didn't exactly leave a rewarding feeling for either of us. It was a great effort to provide variety in the different approaches to enemies and puzzles, but without that difficulty it feels like wasted potential in many cases.
That much makes it easy to see why this game was designed to be co-op exclusive. If it were handled in a single player approach, it might not be as fun as it turned out to be. Even now, most of the fun of the experience comes more from just playing a game with a friend rather than the game itself. As a single player experience, I don't think it would've been anywhere near as enjoyable outside of the art and story.
When the dust settles, what is left is a somewhat shallow gameplay experience almost hidden by the fact that your only option is to play with a friend. While the art style is easy on the eyes, the audio is well done across the board from music to voice acting and the co-op experience is one of the most fluid for a platforming title I've ever experienced, the lack of difficulty is glaring which can make the adventure go from fun to going through the motions after a few hours. Overall, it's a decent co-op experience - I just wish it was harder.
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Not Recommended
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 1, 2015
First of all, I love this game. My friend and I had a blast playing through this. Even so, this is objectively a bad game. Let's start with the asking price: It's daylight robbery, especially in Europe, even though from what I've heard you get two copies of the game (I got mine for free). The Co-Op is obligatory, so there's no way to play this alone (unless you have very limber feet..).

The controls feel like a swamp; jumps are floaty and attacks feel neither satisfactory nor fluid; there is a lot of animation lag , so even if you want to quickly jump away after attacking you can`t.

The sound design is a mixed bag. There are only a hand full (literally; I counted less than five) different tunes, though I really like the first exploration theme and the boss theme. On the other hand there is this piano tune every time you hit the enemy which, while distinctive enough to tell you if you've done damage, is not to everybody's liking, though I didn't mind.

The game, however, is NOT a Metroid-Vania. There is little to no exploration; you progress through the game in a mostly linear fashion from room to room, complete with a world map, even though you can backtrack once or twice to get optional objectives. There is no real level system either; You do have an experience bar which fills from killing enemies, but all you get upon leveling up is extra lifes. You restart the current room as long as you have extra lifes; if you don't you are thrown back to the last save point. However, there is a huge problem with this: When you save your game you also save your current number of lifes, which means that if you go game over you respawn with the same number of lifes you saved your game. Even worse, due to a bug if you die in the same room the save point is in you respawn at the save point and immediately save after. What this does mean if you go game over in a save room you respawn with ZERO extra lives, no matter how many you had when you first touched the save point, since your lives are always decreased by one.

Speaking of bugs, this game is riddled with it. Platforms don't work for one player while playing over the internet, hit boxes of fireballs, and spikes are seemingly arbitrary, which is especially bad with spinning platforms which sometimes decide to kill you outright even though you only touched the side without spikes. Even worse, sometimes when you die your partner dies immediately after even though he was in a safe spot, which means you lose two lifes even though you only died once. I even got the local co-op trophy despite only playing online...

The voice acting in this game is fair, and I found myself really getting interested in the story. There is a branching story system which, while really simply, is pretty engaging: You chose your own backstory for the game by your dialogue choices: The princess is either your sister or your betrothed, though most of this is fluff. If you can't get engaged in the dialogues this game won't be for you. I found the characters to be interesting enough to continue, though most of your choices don't matter much - though I'm really curious if you could have saved XXXXX by not mentioning her to YYYYY... You and your playing partner make choices for your characters, and at the very end of the game there is a pretty big choice which I won't spoil.

Sadly, though, you can not continue the game with a different partner when you're playing online - at least I didn't find a way to.

Again, most of you won't like this game, this is why I think you will be better off with not playing it. For myself, I will continue, even though I hope the very buggy last boss battle will be patched soon so my buddy and I can finish soon...
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Not Recommended
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 26, 2015
I don't know how to proceed with this review, I will make it short and simple.

I started playing it with my friend, first, we both played with keyboards online, BIG mistake, even if we're separated phisically, we have to use the defined layout controls (In example: WASD for 1st player, arrow keys for the 2nd) that was a big nono. My friend uses a keyboard without numpad, so it was impossible to him to do any action except move, since he couldn't bind any key at all. We had to swap to controllers.

I must say, we did not perceive any lag at all, which was definitely great! I took a step further and started downloading at 80% of my bandwith speed ( 800kb/s in a maximun of 1024kb/s ) lag was almost unnoticiable, even with a ping of over 400ms. No input lag, no screen tearing, that's pretty good! But let's go back to what playing the game is like;

We didn't play much, we reached the 2nd boss and after trying for the 3rd time stopped playing:

-The mechanic to kill most enemies is; 2nd player uses white fireball to knock them out/open their "shell", depending on the enemy they may spit fireballs that kill you instantly no matter what, or simply stay KO on the ground without moving. This is definitely boring, I will say that 90% of the times we lost, was because of the stupid fireballs and the horrible "double jump" mechanic(You can double jump with 1st character, but you can't double jump if you stood in the air for half a second more after doing the first jump) Basically, you miss every attack to 80% of the enemies, and you're in need of your partner.

-The first boss is stupidly easy, yet hard. I'll relate the fight:

You go into a room, and you find yourself with a giant bat with flying thingies around it, the only way to kill it? 2nd character's fireball to knock it out, then it goes to the ground, then you keep attacking. Repeat 4 or 5 times. Everytime it gets up, it spits fireballs that kill you instantly, and due to the slow movement, doublejump, etc, of the characters, it makes it hard.

But, here comes the 2nd boss. basically you reach a room where a sarcophage revives and starts spitting lightning everywhere, if you get hit you die, and you have to go left, pass a room where pillars come from the top if you step on the wrong one (Which you can tell by the 2nd character lightning up the rune of the pillar that is a trap), which is difficult even if you know which pillars are traps, because of the horribly movement/double jump.
After that, you reach a room with rounded pillars, and a save-game/restore life statue on the left behind a pillar that you can't pass. The boss comes, it blocks the way you came to the room, and you're stuck in a small place to fight it. But you can't come close to it because it instantly kills you, and 2nd player fireballs can't do anything(Or so it seemed the 2 times we repeated it), this is the point where we stopped playing.

-I have to say that the way the conversations progress is delightful, you have some choices of answers and you decide what to say/do, for example, 2nd character needs to feed itself, being the 1st character, you decide if resist or let him suck your life out, and he decides how many years of 1st char's will take, and every character you talk to will remember your decissions.

-The bugs. 1 hour of gameplay, 5 bugs that killed my character.

There's a place where 2nd character has to use his power to move a circle with 2 rounded pillars inside, so he moved the first pillar, I stood on it , he moved it a bit down and I instantly died. Okay, maybe I can't stand in a place when my partner is moving it. So we repeat the stage, and he completes moving everything, the pass is created, and we can proceed peacefully. WRONG. I died on one pillar for NO reason.

Another bug, when 1st character is on a fence hanging up, and 2nd character moves it(Which is the correct way to do it in the puzzle), sometimes 1st character falls for no reason, and if you have no reflexes or your hands are off your controller (Since it's a part for the 2nd character and you're stuck doing nothing for 20 seconds) you will fall to your dead,

Meh, I can keep going, but basically I don't recommend this game, it feels slow, it's one of those games where you don't feel you'll jump and let a character in the place you want, and it's stressing.
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Not Recommended
12.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 8
Other than the fact that the game is poorly made and is buggy beyond belief, the story is at least some what redeeming for the game.

The dialogue and the story in the game is absolutely amazing and the game play is actually some what enjoyable once you get used to it, which I doubt anyone has because it's almost impossible to even get used to. The gameplay is buggy to say the least and there is a lot of input lag. They have irritatingly bad descriptions for achievements that leave my brother and I in absolute frustration.

Good game if they were able to brush up on a the rough edges around the place. It had plenty potential to be an amazing game and it feels almost like it was set up for a sequel. I just hope that it can get out of the labs with a game that can properly function. I also hope they figure out how to explain an achievement so they don't leave the players, and especially me, theorizing on what they could possibly mean.

If you're someone who aims to complete achievements on games, this game will give you serious nightmares. Good luck to anyone who's brave enough to 100% it, you'll need it. Hopefully the luck won't bug out either.

It hurts my head... a lot.
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 15, 2015
Very cool co-op game! I was lucky enough to win a beta-test version of this game in a giveaway and got to play it a bit ahead of launch here on steam. It was a real treat.

(TL;DR at the bottom.)
I'm a really big fan of co-op games, especially local co-op as I play them regularly with my wife, and have played most of what's available on steam.
This one seems to have that special something that makes it feel like we are actually playing together, and not just going through a single-player game simultaneously.
You get to create your character in a meaningful way, through decision making both in action and in conversation, and it really feels like a well though-out system. You also have real interaction between the pc characters, which defines the story and makes the game much more immersive, which is something often overlooked in co-op games.

Graphics-wise the game is gorgeous. I really liked the art style, and all the animations seemed well done. There were some performance issues on my version, had to turn everything down quite a bit to run smoothly and not look like slow motion (although I did play on a laptop, but a powerful one), but once I got it going - it was awesome! I expect the final version will be more optimized and run better, and I knew this was just a beta version, so no points lost there.

Gameplay is interesting, if somewhat simple. I can't really judge anything yet though, as I've only scratched the surface of the game. I like the dynamics of the character interaction, but really need to see the game through before saying more (I'll update the review when I finish the game). The only thing that bothered me up to this point is how slow the boxes are moved, pushing them takes forever.
Controls are simple enough and work great, both on keyboard and controller. The game also supports using a smartphone as a controller, which is awesome. I haven't tested it yet, but will update the review when I do.

The storytelling is also one of the strong suits of the game, for some reason it reminds me of Steven Erikson's The Malazan Book of the Fallen. You also get to shape the story, both past and present, as you make dialogue choices. Again, I haven't gotten very far yet, but I can say my expectations are high.

All in all, one of the best co-op systems I've had the joy of playing and look forward to discovering everything this game has to offer!

TL;DR - I haven't really played enough of the game to get to know it fully, but from what I have seen, I'm pretty much ready to put it in my top ten coop games list (or even top 3 if it keeps going as strong throughout).
Great art style, great storytelling and awesome real co-op. Recommended to anyone who enjoys co-op games!
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7.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 15, 2015

TRISTOY is a story-driven 2D co-op platformer developed by Uniworlds Game Studios and published Headup Games.
The story focuses on two characters: the Prince Freedan and the Wizard Stayn. They are imprisoned on the fortress known as Tristoy. They must escape from the prison and explore the
dangerous dungeons of the fortress. During the game, the choices you make will shape how the story unfolds.

The game is exclusively made for either local or online co-op. If you don't have a friend to play with, don't buy the game.
The game can be played in three ways: with a keyboard, with a controller or with Uniplay, which is a system to allow some games to be controlled using a smart device or
tablet over the local WiFi network.

I played the game with my sister: she used the controller and I used Uniplay on my Android tablet. We had issues on multiple occasions when the game didn't register
some inputs from the controller or acted on its own.
The art style of the game is really good to look at and the main characters look really good, but the background is really dull and boring to look at.
The voice acting of the game is really well executed, and I especially liked the voice actor of Stayn. He reminded me of someone.
The music is, however, nothing special and really repetitive.

The game features quite a lot of bugs. The worst one regards the checkpoint system: after a while, whenever we died, the game started back to the last saved game, with the same amount
of lives. That was fixed once we rebooted the game, but appeared again after a while. Also, the game seems to be capped at 48fps: changing resolutions or settings was useless.

The combat features no real challenge, with enemies that just rush into the characters and predictable patterns in boss fights. You will die most of the times because you made a wrong
jump or an enemy's fireball insta-kills you. There are also many poor choices in the level design, with a 6 minutes long level where you had to push a block, jump on it before the lava kills you, and push it again, over and over, while you could actually rush the entire section without stopping once, making the experience more frustrating than enjoyable.

However, as with most games out there, the presence of your friends and family make the experience more light and fun.
Overall, I recommend this game if you want to spend to the three or four hours with a friend playing this flawed but enjoyable co-op game. Otherwise, don't play it.

Story: 7
Graphics: 7.5
Gameplay: 6.5
Challenge: 7
Sound: 7.5
Replayability: 6


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13 of 20 people (65%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 17, 2015
My buddy and I love playing co-op games, and we thought this would be perfect for us.

Sadly the idea is cool, the execution was a huge failure though.
Not only was the dialogue pretty terrible (especially the Prince's voice acting), but many choices we made didn't matter at all. We would have a conversation, die, then choose a different way to have the conversation and they actually said the EXACT same thing.

When we finally got to the end boss all it said was "Script not found", so there was a bug that actually made it so we heard no conversation, which honestly is probably for the better.

The "puzzles" in this game are not puzzles at all, no problem solving, really poor level design, hitboxes are completely out of wack. Just overall an extremely frustrating game with pretty bad combat and dialogue. All the "bosses" were extremely scripted, did probably 2 things, so once you learn those 2 things the fight is completely mindless.

Sadly We were very excited to play an only co-op game, was expecting an experience like Trine, but got a very frustrating, buggy, and poorly written game.

I highly recommend to not pick this game up, ESPECIALLY at this high price point...
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12 of 19 people (63%) found this review helpful
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2.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 15, 2015
After playing a few hours with my brother, (He with a gamepad and me with keyboard), I can say Tristoy is an awesome cooperative experience, It isn't only to kill enemies with a friend, the characters are different and you need the powers and combat skills from your partner to go through the rooms of the game, the cooperative features aren't only for combat because you will find puzzles where you need to split for a bit to help the other player to go to the same point where you are.

One thing I really like it, it is about conversations, when you talk with a character, sometimes you can choose between different answers and it seems this will have an impact on the story and future events and an awesome thing about this: the two main characters talk between them and each player can choose their own answers, this gives to the game a "role playing game " feel and the story is very interesting I want to play more to know more details about it.

The 2D art is good, the rooms feel very oppressive (of course, we are in a big dungeon!) and I like the voices, they give to the characters a lot of personality, the villain for now is my favourite.

The controls are simple, you don't need a lot of buttons to play Tristoy and it is easy to see when you need to use the special skill of your character.

For couch play or online play, Tristoy is a great game if you like exploration and combat with an amazing atmosphere thanks to the story and characters.
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4.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 26, 2015
What to say about this game? Well, first of all, the trailer starts with an outright ...uh ...misinformation about the lenght of the journey to expect. My friend and I finished the game in 4 hours without hurrying that much and it's a shame because it builds up the potential for a much longer adventure.
Tristoy is a pure coop game für two persons, preferably local because you will have to communicate a lot. This will be a turndown for many who don't have anyone to share the gaming experience with, but given the rarity of decent local coop games on PC, it was a great thing for myself. The hand drawn-looking graphics are nice and the whole setting is quite athmospheric, so is the sound design. The story and dialogs play a huge role, which is great at the beginning, but becomes turndown toward the early end of the game, where the whole drama that was built up feels cut short and the choices left to the player within the dialogs don't seem to have that much of a consequence on the turn of events. I could be wrong on that last part, though.

I can recommend this game to anyone who has a couchpartner to play with; however, I really miss the button that's neither a 'yes' nor a 'no' for this one as it feels unfinished due to the shortness of the story and the lack of any other playing options than campaign mode. I purchased it at a very low bargain price and it was definitely worth it but I would have felt a bit cheaten, had I bought it at its regular price of 6,99€.

Nevertheless, Tristoy has enchanted me enough during its short gameplay to give a thumbs up. It's very unique in matters of style and gameplay, despite its flaws and overall shortness.
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Recently Posted
2.3 hrs
Posted: October 21
is good
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0.3 hrs
Posted: August 19
ONly co.op mode, no singleplayer. 10 keyless keyboard does not help either.
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2.4 hrs
Posted: August 10
This game was ..... rough. We did not finish it, the game glitches after dying many times in a row and then we had unlimited lives but couldn't progress. We decided that was enough.

The game has come cool concepts, but a lot is not explained. For example, early on the girly prince is asked to give up life for the ghost guy. After doing this two or three times, I, the girly dude, only had 5 health, and EVERYTHING i touched killed me. At one point I jumped and hit the ceiling and died.

Yelling at each other to move somewhere was a good time for a bit, but having to redo boss fights over and over to understand how to beat them wasn't great. Though it brought back good memories of old school gaming. Overall, the contact just isn't well defined, and this really takes away from the game. There is a part where you're on a fence being lowered down a shaft and the other player has to make you dodge fireballs, the fireball went clear other the character, but I died anyway. Some of the ledges have a slope at the corner and if you land on that part you simply fall to your death. When the girly dude jumps up to a ledge then holds his hand out to the big guy, he often flies through the wall or ground, with no boundaries.

Perhaps we didn't get far enough, but there didn't seem to be any consequences for the various dialogue decisions you make, even though the games lets you know the character will remember that. The story did seem pretty interesting and original, albeit creepy.

The game needs some polishing. If there were an update to fix this, I'd give it another shot. Otherwise, I won't be playing this again.

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2.1 hrs
Posted: July 5
only play if u have friend who can play with you

this is forced co-op game
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2.7 hrs
Posted: May 20
If you want to enjoy some weirdness with a friend for like an hour (more if you keep dying like I do) pop in and give this a go! It's a pretty fun dynamic for the two.

Grab it on sale tho
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Paladin Widdershins
2.7 hrs
Posted: May 20
This game was a great way to spend a night with my friend. It's a co op only game, so you will need a buddy. However your purchase gives you two copies of the game, which is fantastic. The boss fights were interesting and challenging. It was short, but a lot of fun, give it a try if it's on sale.

Some people are complaining that it didn't run well on their computers, but me and my friend didn't have any trouble with that.
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-=LCS=- Dignified_Arab_Gentleman
0.4 hrs
Posted: April 14
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Maniacal Gunshot C
1.4 hrs
Posted: April 10
BUGGY, not hints and too hard.
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2.6 hrs
Posted: March 27
My friend and I had a lot of fun with this game. It's a litle clunky at times and playing online had a little lag but I'd still recommend it. There's some fun choices and decision making that goes on and there are multiple storyline branches to explore. Not sure if it's worth a second playthrough but as far as a concise, fun, two-player experience I recommend TRISTROY.
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Absolutly Ghastly
0.2 hrs
Posted: March 26
The game is too demanding of your system. my game lags like a motha f**kah even when i have more then what is requiered to run it. Not only that is that it has a very odd imput lag for controls.
I would not recomend this for people who are looking 2D platformer for a begginer's pc as it will not run well if not at all.
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