Make fantastic discoveries and dare to go into the deepest depths of the moon to solve puzzles that will allow you to go back to Earth.
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Release Date: Aug 16, 2005
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About This Game

Play the eccentric Michel Ardan and go conquer the hidden face of the moon. Alone on the mysterious satellite, you'll explore the ruins of an abandoned temple and take part in surprising events... But are you really alone? Make fantastic discoveries and dare to go into the deepest depths of the moon to solve puzzles that will allow you to go back to Earth.

Discover magnificent dream-like environments on the hidden side of the moon. Experience a voyage that will give you a complete change of scenery, and a non-linear script that will go beyond what you could have ever imagined.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: December 2, 2014
Great game, But quite annoying to set up on WIndows 7 - Requires right-clicking the Game.exe and adjusting combatibility mode to Windows XP. For anyone interested in point-and-click adventure games I do recommend getting it though, especially because it is quite cheap with a coupon.

I played this game back in 2006 I think and am very happy to see it on Steam since I lost my old copy of the game. I found the puzzles actually very fun and the entire game is put together well with 360 degree views of certain areas in a good amount of detail, especially for a game from 2005. There is only a couple timed puzzles, though dying in the them does nothing except cause a small cutscene which is easily skippable - also being able to save at any point in the game is useful. The inventory system is easy to use, though organising it can be a little tedious. Also, there is multiple ways of solving most things, and some puzzles aren't even required to do until later in the game - (You might even solve a puzzle without knowing what it's for until later!)

Overall, A very good point-and-click puzzle-adventure game.

For anyone who can't solve puzzles and requires a walkthough there is a couple on the internet, and I have written my own in the Steam 'Guides' page if you are interested, it also explains how to set up the game on Windows 7, and it might also work for 8. (But don't hold me against it if it doesn't...)
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Posted: February 12
Overall: 7.6 / 10

Voyage: Journey to the Moon is a title that deserved more popularity than it had gotten in my opinion. This is probably one of the reasons the game never received its sequel which is in my opinion a big shame, even although at the end of the game you are given a small teaser for it.


Graphics: 7.5 / 10
- The game does look very beautiful from time to time, whilst other times it looks alright. There we're quite a decent amount of details put into certain parts of both the map and items. It is obvious the game was polished quite a lot considering its current state and the fact it first came out in 2005.

Story: 7.5 / 10
- Scary, fun and intriguing for the most part. Worst part of it was at the very start of the game where there were a few small loopholes as well as the fact that at one point you get into a "react or die" situation without any instructions, which is not that bad really, as the game allows you to lose a life in many different scenarios (including falling into an empty elevator shaft because you forgot to call the elevator first) but without any penalty. After death, you are not brought back to the menu or loaded in from the last save, but rather just a moment before fatal decision was made. However, game gets a lot better once you land on the moon.
On the way you learn about plant and alien life, as well as social organisation of the aliens, their language, writing and technology and their relations with the human kind. You may also reach earth by not doing everything there is to do, and thus skipping something or doing it a different way. I personaly found the story to be quite short, peaking up to 6.8 hours on record from start to completion with all the time taken to solve the puzzles on the way but overall, I loved it.

Puzzles: 8 / 10
- I found puzzles not to be too hard, although they do have a small difficulty curve as you progress, meaning they get harder and harder. This is good because I believe the game would be enjoyable to both a casual gamer and those in for a quick challenge. It is obvious the puzzles are made by a human rather than an inhabitant of the moon and should demand an avarage logic skill to beat. They blend into the story perfectly as no puzzle is there just for the sake of its existence but rather, everything has a meaning. They are not repetative either, so you should not feel bored during the game.

Sound: 7 / 10
- The strong point of the sound is definitely its soundtrack. Main menu music has a really pleasant and suitable vibe for the type of the game. Voice acting is fine and so are other general sounds, although they are nothing to point your finger at.

Fun factor: 8 / 10

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Posted: February 17
Voyage : Journey to the moon is a Point and Click game that tell us a story about a man that go to the moon, and must find a way on the moon to get back to the earth.

For me, this game has a great animation and gameplay. The puzzle is good but it needs high creativity and thinking that makes the puzzle too hard sometimes. I can finish this game earlier than I expected because I searched for walkthrough lol. I stuck at many points because the puzzle needs some rollback about what you saw earlier.

Anyway, this is a good game. Recommend this game for someone who likes science fiction story and point and click adventure game. (For my playtime, my game crashed when I almost finished the game and I didn't save the game for a 5 hours of gameplay and so my playtime increased a lot orz )
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Posted: February 22
Completely fantastic. To me this game epitomizes the heyday of the Myst-like era, and expertly pulls off everything that sub-genre is good at.

Large open world, explorable, and most important interesting and varied, world. The exact opposite of linear. You slowly unlock more areas, but also each area has its own specific uses, there is not a single location that you will not keep going back to over and over again throughout the entire game.

Incredible multilayed puzzles. Most of them containing three solutions (The full hard solution, the easier solution you can unlock by acquiring the appropriate key level [solving enough other puzzles], or just buying your solution if you perform enough gathering, combining, and selling of items).

Great visuals that hold up to the test of time.
Great classic scifi theme.
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Posted: January 8
the game amazing in art and the world that is making but its a bit confusing with realy weird puzzels that will find it to be hard to get going but it 's totally worth 5 euros and the grafhiks are nice for 2005 :3 its a 4 of 5 a would say :D
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Posted: August 29, 2014
I played this game for just under two hours. I found it interesting, but I spent at least half the time being stuck and not knowing what to do.
- It's another old (2005) point and click adventure from this publisher and developer, but the user interface is better than their other similar titles
- Your objectives are vague and it is easy to spend a very long time stuck and unable to make progress just by missing a single small detail
You have a pre-rendered 360 degree panoramic view of your environment. When you move to different locations your perspective will be that of the new location. I haven't played Myst before. But I've been told that this is basically what Myst is like.
-----You interact with the environment in order to solve problems and progress through game. You find many items which can be used with certain objects in the environment. Certain inventory items can be combined with others to create new objects. Not all items appear to be essential to progressing through the game. Some items and actions appear to unlock extras such as information about characters and lore about the alien species.
-----So you start in the very confined space of the shell which has been fired out of giant cannon to take you to the moon. It was an interesting location. But unfortunately I spent over an hour in this tiny little area area. This was because I often became stuck and couldn't figure out what to do.
-----Inside the shell you periodically get to the point where you are running out of oxygen and need to find a way to remedy the situation. Once this happens you have about a minute to get more oxygen otherwise you die. I died at least twenty times or so. When you die you reappear in the shell and you lose no items or progress, nothing in the ship resets to it's originals state. So dying from lack of oxygen didn't really serve any purpose except to be a nuisance. It took me quite me a while to find the solution the first time. The second time also took me a quite a while to discover. I basically found myself scraping the bottom of the barrel. I had to actually look up a walk-through. It turned out that all I needed to do was turn a small wheel. I had no idea about this even though I'd searched through the whole shell again and again. This is what I spent most my two hours stuck on.
-----Finally I arrived on the moon. Which was an interesting place. There were various colorful and animated plants, I came across some alien technology and you had to made great leaps across a chasm in order to navigate the environment.
-----But I soon got a stuck again for a substantial amount of time. Only when I was coming to the end of my two hour play-through did I figure out how to progress some more. Again it was something kind of obvious which I'd just overlooked. Things at that point got a bit more interesting again, but unfortunately I didn't have time to keep playing.
-----I know some people will be against this notion. But sometimes it can be too frustrating to get stuck for so long. It would have been cool if there were more specifics hints. This feature could be optional so that people who want to do it the hard way still can. Hints could have cool-down and only become available once you have been stuck for a certain amount of time in order to prevent over-reliance on them. But it's probably a bit too much to ask from an old game, and yes I'm sure some people would feel it would ruin the challenge.
-----When I stopped playing I'd found several alien machines. Including a coin operated telescope which was quite amusing. There is also a whole series of 'ideograms', basically alien hieroglyphics. You are able to decipher these in order to understand some of their meanings. I thought that was quite interesting. These ideograms apparently must play a role in understanding the operation of the alien devices and so on. I also caught sight of the aliens but I was unable to get close enough to interact with any of them.

The game looks alright, keep in mind it is an old title. I think the pre-rendered graphics is a better alternative to 3D graphics which probably wouldn't have looked very good at a level that PCs were capable of running back then. Some areas can look a bit plain, such as the interior of the shell especially if you've been stuck in it for over an hour lol
-----Once I'd gotten to the moon, the game reminded me a quite a bit of the another old point and click adventure title, The Dig. That game was by Lucasarts and in it you also travel through space and spend the game on a alien planet solving puzzles to progress.

I like the game, but I'd find it hard to make the time for. Ideally this is a good game if you are prepared to spend a lot of time figuring out what to do and have a lot of patience in case you get stuck for extended periods unable to make progress. Otherwise you could refer to a walk-though to guide you. There is at least one available which is you can find on YouTube.

Click here for my YouTube gaming channel
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Posted: September 4, 2014
I've already played this game long long time ago, before Steam was created and, I recalled it as a good game.
What I forgot is that this is one of the hardest adventure games I've ever played.
Lot of imagination behind this game and, lots of headaches trying to progress in it.
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Posted: August 30, 2014
I played the first release in 2006 and recommend it to all adventure lovers. Combining items solve Riddles and a super amazing atmosphere that makes this Game unique. Since you can play it more than one time its worth the 5 bucks.
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Posted: September 27, 2014
a)I could not get it to run on my windows 8.1. Tried all the standard fixes with no luck.
I noticed others having the blank back or white screen problem.

b) After trial and error I did get the game to run. Please see forum message for solution.
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Posted: November 30, 2014
I would not recommend this game. There is a lot of time spent trying to figure out what the heck to do next. Little to no explaination as to what you should do to progress. I got to the moon, three hours into it. I got stuck (for the millionth time) and quit after 15 minutes of clicking everything I could. There are also certain things you need to find for achievements, but it's extreamly easy to miss them. (Throw something important off of the shuttle perchance? It's okay, you can restart all of your work.) I bought it on sale, it still wasn't worth it to me.
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Posted: January 3
im sorry it would be a great interesting and challenging game if it wasnt for two things. one:you could easily dipose of objects that are vital you have (then you start the game over because of it).two: i dont know whether its that i ave windows 8 or not but when i go to the menu (after playing a couple of hours on it ) its all glitched out and no sellection to save,new game options or anything...the graplics are still there but the screen is shortend and there is little blue screens coming up all around you still have your cursor but there is nothing to select! ....i love the game most of the time ( other than when im stuck) but i wouldnt recomend it to anyone who gets realy wound up about it not saving nd glitching or is not realy good at science to work out what to do.
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Posted: January 5
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Posted: March 1
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Posted: September 19, 2014
the game amazing but its a bit confusing
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Posted: February 22
Voyage: Journy to the Moon
A game based off the book, Journy to the Moon is a fun, creative charming point and click adventure. Whilest playing this game you will uncover ancient secrets and explore distant lands. The games art is beutiful (for its time) and the puzzles mind boggling. This games deserves much more popularity than it has gotten. 7.8/10
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Posted: February 21
I came into this game not expecting much to be honest but I actually found this game's story to be somewhat interesting. It's a point and click. For the first 1h and 30min I was in a space pod/capsule figuring stuff out until I landed on the moon and there are weird things there but I don't want to spoil anything. The game keeps on having puzzles and you need to figure out what goes with what. They have made it clear nothing in this game is straightforward. It is important to have patience and to have a casual outlook on how it is. If you lack patience you won't really get far and you will be frustrated. I like the light tone narrative and the mini art cutscenes of images.

Buy it on a sale or something if it's dirt cheap.
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