RADical ROACH is a fast paced shoot em’ up, set minutes after nuclear hell falls from the sky engulfing all but a few tough little bugs.
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Mixed (833 reviews) - 47% of the 833 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 16, 2014

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March 17


This update adds steam cloud saving to RADical ROACH.

Full list of additions and changes:

  1. Steam cloud saving added.

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March 11


This update adds 24 steam achievements to the game.

Full list of additions and changes:

  1. 24 steam achievements added.

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“Challenging game, terrific soundtrack”
7.3/10 – 3rd-Strike

“RADical Roach is a lot of fun, it's a charming and interesting game”
7.6/10 – Gamer Headquarters

About This Game

RADical ROACH is a fast paced shoot em’ up, set minutes after nuclear hell falls from the sky engulfing all but a few tough little bugs. Play as the super little radiated roach with new found powers, get to safety before the army of fleas gets you.



  • Controller support.
  • 24 steam achievements..
  • Fast paced shmup action in a cartoony world full of cute but deadly little bugs.
  • Venture four unique environments with diverse and challenging levels.
  • Spit through a huge variety of enemies and savage boss creatures.
  • Not easy for all gamers, fun but hard as hell.

Deluxe Edition Extras

  • Fully Remastered 19 Track Soundtrack.
  • 6 Exclusive Wallpapers in 1920x1080.
All the music from the game has been fully remastered. Every tune from every level has been lengthened into full a track and polished from the ground up.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Generic Sound Device
    • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    • Processor: Quad Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Generic Sound Device
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: November 14, 2015
Radical Roach is one of my favourite game types, side scrolling shooter and has an extremely cool concept with awesome cartoon style graphics. However, the Developers have failed to output the concept and gamemode into anything worth playing and here's why.

♦ Cartoon Style Graphics (This style of graphics will always appeal to me, as someone who has grown up reading comic books)
♦ Sound was decent (Wasn't repetitive or annoying)
♦ Many Free Steam Trading Cards (This is the best part about it)
♦ Controls seem to just work and be in an easy to use place (They seem to just work but you can't remap them)

♦ Steam Achievements added a year late (Achievements were added 1 year after the game was made, which is annoying as people have already played the game and now have to replay it just to unlock achievements, which they should've got first time through if they were added)
♦ No Difficulty Mode (In options there are difficulty settings but all are set to hard. Should be difficulty settings for those that just want to play without having a ridiculous almost impossible feeling to the game)
♦ Some of the earlier levels you can easily just camp the top or bottom of the map to win (This shouldn't happen in any game)
♦ Bosses seemingly have random attack cycles every time you die and have undodgeble attacks as you can't tell what type of attack they are going to fire so you can dodge them (This is terrible as you can't plan a course of attack and never know when to dodge or not)
♦ Storyline is weird (I say this as you’re randomly fighting things and then the boss comes and next thing you know you’re fighting a Chameleon for no reason at all...)
♦ No Points or Highscores (As a Side-Scrolling Shooter... the main reason to play this type of game genre is for the highscores/points to see who can get the highest... not having any sense of score or points ruins the Side-Scrolling Shooter Genre for me)
♦ Can't pause levels (Pressing escape in the middle of a level brings up level select making you have to start the whole level over again)
♦ Can't Skip Cutscenes (Really annoying having to watch cutscenes over and over again every time you close the game and want to come back and play)
♦ One hit kill objects no matter how many lives you have or if your shield is on (This is annoying as the hitbox on the one hit kill objects such as the tyre seems really out and nothing is more annoying than getting so far and hitting a one hit kill object and having to restart from the beginning)
♦ No Recovery Period after you get hit and lose a life (This is annoying as, as soon as you get hit and lose a life, you can get hit and lose another life instantly. There should be some sort of recovery period to give you time to adjust to being hurt and get back into the game)
♦ Can't remap Controls (There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to remap controls)
♦ Only has three really dodgy graphic options, v-sync on or off, Fullscreen on or off and HD on or off (This is really poor as there is nothing to justify what HD is in a PC game and there really should be resolution settings, not just Fullscreen on or off)
♦ No Sound Settings (This is annoying as multiple people like to be able to control volume from within a game)
♦ Price is relatively expensive for what it is (It would be a decent price if the game was worth playing)

Overall, the game has an amazing concept and a good Side Scrolling Shooter Genre but the Devs have lacked in output of the genre, concept and gameplay making me not be able to recommend this in any case. Also as there is way more Cons than Pros, I'd recommend only picking this up on sale if you want a lot of free trading cards.

PS: I haven't finished the game as there were too many cons for me to be able to. Also, I got to the first boss and couldn't for the life of me work out its attack cycle. Therefore, I couldn't plan to dodge the attacks and kept dying which made me give up... something no videogame should make anyone do. Also, I didn't give up due to difficulty, I gave up due to the boss attack cycles being broken.
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Posted: November 17, 2015
Putting the controller on my nuts while it vibrates is the most exciting thing I get out of this game
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Posted: April 14
Great concept, poor execution. Just like my standard gameplay.
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Posted: December 19, 2015
This is free flash level at best
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Posted: November 16, 2015
I received this game for free during a giveaway from Indie Gala this past summer. Had no idea what to expect from RADical Roach, and thought the titular character looked charming. But the game hardly matches the decent aesthetic that RAD has going for the little roach.

The graphics are amongst the best Decaying Logic has done, outside of Pixel Puzzles: Japan (but those are actual photos). This is saying a lot, considering how garish or sometimes horrendous the games look. (I was stubborn and needed to finish PP: Zombies even with the awful picture art.) The gameplay though? Totally misses the mark on the genre it's trying to be, and as a result I've found it to be the worst of their games.

It's a side-scrolling shoot 'em up. How do you screw that up? Well...
  1. You can't tell where your hitbox is, Rad is huge, and enemies are everywhere.
  2. There are virtually no invincibility frames, barely any signal that you've actually been hit.
  3. There's no score or leaderboard or on-going collective achievement outside of progress itself.
  4. Pausing doesn't halt progress, it kicks you back to a chapter select instead.
  5. Movement feels really loose, for both WASD and the x360 controller. Moves way too much with the slightest touch, and too fast.
  6. Options are super limited, difficulty selection is a freaking joke. Can't remap controls, adjust resolution specs.

Even with all of that, I was still enjoying it and continued right up until I hit the brick wall that is 2-2. Instant death spikes covering walls, flea soldiers with horrendously tiny bullets sprayed everywhere, no super laser, a joke of a shield... all of this turns into a formula for cheap, frustrating failure. Hard to gauge exactly how close you can get to the microscopic bullets, barely touching a direction sends you flying (relative to how you WANT to move), you have very little room for error and the game punishes you for the slightest mistake.

Honestly I don't mind not having score, or having a hard shmup, and I was really digging the aesthetic. Too many shooters now are anime / danmaku / etc, some harken back to good ol' spaceships, but barely any go in a different direction like insects. But I had to draw the line at the unfair difficulty. There's a fine line between being "fun but hard as hell" and "frustratingly difficult for blatantly ♥♥♥♥♥♥ reasons". Ikaruga, G Darius, Satazius, Jamestown, Jets'n'Guns... these are fun but hard as hell.

And RAD? It's a shame that the charm was only skin deep. I'm a mite upset I won't be able to see the rest of it.
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