Explore deep circular worlds in this Physicsvania with couch Co-Op combat, crafting, and ridiculous physics fails! Also bring your own game ideas to life with the powerful engine and integrated game development tools. Each Planetoid is a whole separate game mode that you can fully edit and easily share!
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Feb 8, 2018

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March 14

RELEASE UPDATE THREE - the biggest one so far!

Holy moly, warm up your scrollwheels for this one! The Data Realms team has been cranking real hard on the third and BIGliest update since launch, totally crammed with improvements and upgrades that you have been pining for. Without further ado...

Most notably:
  • Fixed save wiping bug (really now); your old saves should even be loaded again now
  • Subscribed-to Workshop scenes appear as unlocked scenes in the Asteroid Belt
  • Added resolution and screen options!
  • Improved loading times
  • Improved performance
  • Much more useful Lua error messages
  • Visual debug mode for reactor logic
  • Game quits immediately

Full changelog:
  • Added Ctrl F1 performance measuring for c2d_update parts
  • Asteroid belt using scene:GetSceneExists(sceneName) again
  • Fixed all auto downloaded scenes being added to AB on build
  • Much faster loading of workshop on engine load
  • Removed light glow over planetoids in Asteroid Belt
  • Fixed potential lua errors spam caused by buggy WS pioneers
  • Added meta.getVanillaPioneers()
  • Scene rectangle fixes for menu
  • Set engine loading screen background to gray
  • Renamed reactor set joints lose -> loose
  • Renamed concrete construction items slightly to appear grouped in Blueprint menu
  • Updated scene is mappable check only when in main lib, auto mappable when in other libraries
  • Removed newline from no matching overload found err
  • Fixed including downloaded scenes in user config all scenes list
  • Fixed out of memory log in File class
  • Added lua error information when the error comes from workshop blueprint or scene
  • Throwing special lua error for Workshop stuff
  • Prepped asteroid belt for auto dl scenes
  • Added modal dialog warning "Out of graphics memory!"
  • Lua Docs: Fixed a bug that caused some functions to be ignored
  • Removed path from error and optimized debug.getInfo calls
  • Corrected a wrong control hint on controller
  • Also canceling abandon body hint correctly on controller
  • Canceling abandon body hint when doing so
  • Also added missing trigger on veh entered
  • Added forgotten to revert files lost in mar 1st incident
  • Committed bot spot to repo, used in Primoid
  • Using steam user name now when writing author to Blueprint or scene file, polished code storing and using one instance of mUserNameCompName in Userconfig only.
  • Print() stays for 10 instead of 5 secs and also stays after opening editor
  • Looking up asteroid belt scenes in Workshop for steam name as author
  • Fast game exit, not deleting objects, we'll use it for testing only
  • Added information about low memory for running the game
  • Using new func isSubscribedScene() in AB
  • AB: always unlocking subs, fixed 3 planetoids unlocked on new game, added unlock PS to some missing places, fixed a lua err
  • Added and bound c2d:IsSubscribedBP and IsSubscribedScene
  • Defined 'tostring' for all lua-bound classes
  • Removed new line from lua error report
  • Lua errors catch polish
  • Error handling for activity build/update
  • Lua error checking on engine side at some places
  • Got rid off compile warning, using string to pass workshop item id to lua and back instead of UINT64
  • Selecting or dragging activity Blueprint target now also selects it in editor list of Blueprint targets
  • Checking lua error occurrence by the first line only
  • Fixed lua error in reactor control tip caused by wrong PS name
  • Some more formatting polish of error message
  • Removed debug thing
  • Finished error handler and using everywhere
  • C2d_io: No longer throws errors because of a missing timer
  • Fixed AI Reactor's target names
  • Work in progress new lua error handler
  • Fixed lua error in bee nest
  • Added io debug, enabled with io.setDebugMode(set) or open editor
  • Cleaned up lua files build/update code, xpcall()ing for stack traceback in errors there too
  • Polished targets editing - bool value on click, string and number value shown next to target name if defined
  • Wrapped Light class to LightWrap, for improved stability
  • Added tag "Dont Save IO Events" and added to reactor trigger once to replace hardcoded exception
  • Fixed delayed trigger triggering wrong when activated on frame 0 and potential stack overflow
  • Io passes to reactor funcs if they were called during load
  • Dereferenced nil object error report via new lua error handling system
  • Prints always visible in edit mode
  • Picture man twin pictures optimization error fix
  • Activity and c2d build and update via new safe call
  • Added c2d_update.activity_and_c2d_build(presetID, objectID) and update to update activity from lua too
  • Calling also .Build and .Assembled via new safe lua call system
  • Blueprint:Assembled() can also be called lua side with new func c2d_update.blueprints_assembled(t)
  • Overwriting type() correctly using closure
  • Added and bound == operator for SoundSetMan
  • Added and bound SoundSetMan::type
  • Trigger In Area Loss revert after wrong merge
  • Got back lost changes by wrong merge
  • Added stack traceback to new Blueprint lua error handling
  • Polished lua object and preset registering to not use UINTPTR
  • Optimized Rocket Bob PS, contained huge and many smoke particles
  • Fixed Asteroid Belt ui creating lots of timers
  • Eliminated white rectangle on start
  • Reverted Reactor Add Control Tip
  • Fixed Blueprints Build and Update optimization, nil check
  • Applied the same optimization to Blueprints Build call on scene build
  • Bit more polish on Blueprints update optimization
  • Polished Blueprint update call optimization
  • Blueprints update optim wip
  • Added error to Asteroid Belt if missing primoid.png
  • Fixed lua err
  • Added wip c2d_update.run_Blueprint_function(t)
  • Protected calling lua folder builds and updates for better performance and avoiding error breaking execution of all builds/updates
  • Added and bound scene:ThrowLuaError(err)
  • 30 steps for c2d_update and update in just one step
  • Changed how various animals interact with constructs
  • Changed how various bots interact with constructs
  • Rover Carrier: Can fly higher if there are TOs nearby
  • The AI can attack planks that have been printed by the player
  • Trap Flamer can be turned on by sentry camera
  • Removed old trunks again
  • Pioneer passes self in toolActivate/Deactivate funcs
  • Tweaked some of the Asteroid Belt effect PSs
  • Added some effects to AB
  • Trigger On Pain & Sighting: Only triggers once
  • Another try to fix drawing to canvases due to Coherent render optimization
  • Constructions: No longer mounts to the Pioneer that printed it. Inherits team tag when printed
  • Construction Window: BG sprite is destroyed on death
  • Laser Assault Rifle: Can damage Construct Wall
  • Detection of constructs is improved on several bots
  • Construction Walls: Changed death conditions
  • Fixed looped sounds that are played via sound stream instead of sample, for sounds optimization
  • Construction Walls: Sprites look like concrete
  • Fixed picture twins optimizationa
  • Divided lua c2d_update.build() to more separated calls,
  • Pioneers are assigned a team based on controller ID insead of assy ID
  • Materials: Moved Reinforced Concrete from legacy materials
  • Revert of the wrong merge
  • Finished DefaultManExt and used everywhere where it makes sense
  • DefaultManExt, almost finished, committing to ensure not lose this
  • Added latest laval PSs from Anton
  • Reverted Blueprint Bot Imperatus rock head mistake
  • Rover Carrier: Can fly higher if there are TOs nearby
  • Bird Hostile: Does not steal tools from allies
  • Fixed a bug where 2 other random planetoids would be unlocked on first game start and bug with calculating when to unlock new ptoids
  • Print stays on screen 10 secs instead of 5
  • Finished picture twins optimization
  • Bird Neutral: Friendly birds steal enemy tools and bring them to the pioneer
  • Fixed Blueprint script revert after blueprint save - now removing it from blueprints cache immediately
  • Picture twins optimization in progress
  • Door Curved: MOs cannot get trapped between the doors
  • Added Construction Wall & Window Added material Reinforced Concrete
  • [added] ending draft for primoid, trigger it with `primoid_ending:start()` in console on primoid for now
  • Pioneer: Can create a custom pose for pioneers with unusually long legs
  • Pioneer: Can be set to FlyOutAssembly with a vehicle mounted to the world
  • Fixed pio shop showing wrong amount of aur substracted
  • Forgotten stuff
  • Mouse art for the remaining triggers and reactors
  • Added some mouse art to a few reactors
  • Removed most control tips from primoid script since they are replaced
  • Fixed control tip can not be started deactivated
  • Control tip reactor always starts activated
  • Added warning if action not defined in control tip
  • Fixed lua error in pioneer status reactor
  • Added trigger proximity construct
  • Added on menu opened/closed triggers to pioneerstatus reactor
  • Added reactor zoomed to limit
  • Control tip: fixed incorrectly placed tip, and tip getting stuck in air
  • Added range target to control tip reactor
  • Added percent setting and icon to area loss trigger
  • Added trigger on veh entered
  • Reactor control tip adds tip over pios in range if no target set
  • Optimization of loading and preloading pictures data - part 1
  • Mega Worm Long: Can be jointed to terrain with constructs again. Body segments scale up when eating an MO
  • Bot Imperatus: No longer has a rock for head
  • Better target names for reactor control tip
  • Added reactor add control tip, supporting future control changes through options and multi tips in local mp
  • Fixed file type in BlueprintsCache
  • Enabled little spark and rocket in Asteroid Belt for testing
  • Syncing in a bunch of new/udpated Audio and new/updaed PSs for metagame
  • Bit more optimization on BlueprintCache
  • Special optimization: Blueprints cache, for much faster loading of Blueprints and PSs
  • Fixed a lua error in grapple
  • Optimization: playing and loading audio files of size over 50 kb as audio streams, saved memory and load time
  • Using inner SHA to compare scenes and faster load, resaved all scenes
  • Added inner SHA for upcomming loading optimizations
  • Bot Walker: Increased toughness and damage output
  • Spider Climber: Can walk properly on MOs
  • Pioneer: Broken off MOs can always be atomized
  • Spider Climber: Lights are smaller Aurium & Fire Crab: No longer burns
  • Rover Spider Climber: Moves faster
  • Fixed SetAtomizable(Yes) when assy is broken off, at three places
  • Got back that feature SetBrokenOffMOsAtomizable code
  • Fixed saving/loading blueprint for the new feature
  • Commented out mSetBrokenOffMOsAtomizable
  • Fixed bugs in setting display modes
  • Added functions for setting broken off MOs to atomizable. Not bound to lua yet
  • Fixed settings prompt going missing if you opened planetoid panel with video panel open
  • Added sections of the video menu don't get visually removed, they just go low opacity and stop responding to mouse events/become unselectable
  • Fixed "dispalymodes" typo
  • Added gamepad support for video settings
  • Added (and then disabled cause it looks bad) friendly display name along with display number from sdl for each display
  • Modified fade for planetoid/settings prompt is 2x as fast [added] more video settings work - almost done
  • Fixed accidental double-bind
  • Added options select element for Asteroid Belt UI
  • Modified some bindings for the video settings+separated resolution and display number "should render" calls
  • Optimized reload texture, should shorten add assembly time in huge planet
  • Pioneer: Set all MOs to not atomizable again
  • Lua Docs: DisplayMode functions
  • Prepared display settings functions, polished and reworked switching modes functions
  • Added dummied-in video controls
  • Removed misunderstood target only reactor complete from the objective reactor (now all require reactor completion)
  • Fixed potential lua error in egg Blueprint when area goes from 100%->0% in one update (ie when crushed)
  • Fixed needless every-frame update of asteroid UI toggle for workshop enable/disable
  • Lms: fixed no arm hint on bots
  • Not displaying pause message
  • AB: fixed bug where new scenes could not be unlocked, fixed light not updating when unlocked, fixed unlocking deleted scenes, colored completed message green
  • Added and bound c2d:IsLibraryScene()
  • Updated C2DGame::GetGameSceneLoadedAndPlaying with GetSceneFinished()
  • Auto-sharing scnned blueprints in coop mode, also immediate sharing scanned mass when atomizng more players together
  • Added assembler scan to Starman
  • Trap Grinder: Added PS that do damage when the trap is on
  • Bot Worm: Wheels only do damage when rotating
  • Pioneer AI: Tools held in hands cannot get shot
  • Updated auto mounting and showing right the overlapping / automount
  • Updates: play sound on construction cancel, atomize while assembling
  • Pioneer AI: No longer tries to pick up broken off parts of weapons
  • Fixed Asteroid Belt name not correctly centered above scenes
  • Moving Platform & Trap Door Long: Added the "Interactible" tag and functions
  • Pioneer: Added code for ignoring up/down input when standing on an assy with the "Interactible" tag
  • Pioneer: The pioneer is pushed down when stopping, if the legs are not in contact with antything. The feet are not pinned when opening the Blueprint menu if the pioneer is standing on an MO
  • Increased resp station range so it works with vehicles
  • Testing pioneer only heaving jumps
  • Lowered pioneer skidding intencity so he doesnt slip in the air
  • Print() messages turn invisible after 5 secs of no printing
  • Pioneer also calls self.onInteractibleUp/DownPress() on interactibles overwriting input if found in target
  • C2d logger polish and thread-safe error log
  • Binding calls out of event, added mutexes to event handers for thread safety
  • Added disabled option and lua_check_obj to editor's textbox component, updated it in editors too.
  • Uncommitted file push
  • Fix for Auto-Download Content toggle to be toggled right on game start
  • Applied the fix to master branch
  • Fixed bug in new saving discovery maps
  • Removed another test scene
  • Meaga Worm Long: Added "Big Ailien" sound effects
  • Removed four test scenes comitted by mistake
  • Fixed Asteroid Belt not shwoing scene completed
  • Makes pioneer die if it's not mounted to an assy that has "Spaceworthy" tag when it reaches exit altitude
  • Steam fixes
  • Fix: RandomSeed sometimes got stuck at 0
  • Updated the space travel PS, and also added the ship explosion when player presses button to start
  • Fixed last merge
  • Reworked assembling update, fixed bugs and updated scan effect with the same rules as when assembling
  • Improved look/realism of the intro travel scene background PS, lots of planetoids instead of random images, as bob is traveling through the Asteroid Belt fixed a small cosmetic issue in Carnageoid
  • Tuned the stopping power force a little so it's not overly obvious
  • Pioneer: Reverted to only jumping when feet are touching the ground
  • Made "New Area" text smaller Added "SPaceworthy" tag on Ship Rocket, and made pp_game check for that on all attached assys to player pioneer when reaching the exit altiude, needs help from max to kill player if they're not in a craft Made abandon body confirmation text more clear
  • Bird Neutral: Detects tools held by Pioneer
  • Fixed placing hologram / adding it on build, assembly position and rotation
  • Fix: the same search and ray cast algo for aiming construct, assembler effect and assembling the hologram
  • Updated auto download from workshop
  • Incremented release build number!!
  • Synced in some PSs and latest Samroid to repo from pptest
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February 18

Release Build 2 - another MEGA update

Little over a week after launch, we have made an even bigger batch of improvements, fixes, and polishings on Planetoid Pioneers, based on your patient feedback and our observation of many hours of playtests.

Most notably:
  • Final preventative fix for rocket parts not adding up in Primoid
  • Improvements to Pioneer responsiveness
  • Fixed crashes and some other bugs in Co-Op
  • Fixed problems with resolution on some screens

What's next:
  • Further control and feel improvements
  • Reducing long loading times
  • General performance

Full changelog:
  • Fixed the save-wiping bug (hopefully the last one!)
  • Fixed AddBlueprintToMenuPartlyScanned returns false only when scanning already finished
  • Temp fixed rover min and shocks controlling when BP menu is open
  • Fixed pio getting pinned when opening BP menu in vehicle
  • Updated atomizing - now can atomize through voluntary mounted assemblies
  • Assembling now has better visual feedback of where placed holograms can be assembled right away
  • Fixed crash in coop when atomizing and assembling
  • Disabled J key shortcut
  • Fixed AddBlueprintToMenuPartlyScanned not triggering eff when parameter is false
  • Fixed ctrl:AddBlueprintToMenuPartlyScanned, fixed scan effect sometimes appeared without progress bar
  • Saving discovery maps to user config (also on cloud) and fixed loading / saving / cleaning discovery map
  • Removed gate XOR is in gate AND now, and replaced everywhere in primoid
  • Allowed atomizing/assembling in all rovers
  • Added new snowboard BP
  • BP Loot chest stays removed over save games
  • IO load warning only triggers once
  • Added screen_print.clear()
  • Added percentage target to BP chest
  • Pioneer: Added a magic force to make stopping more predictable
  • Fixed restart not possible when whole last pioneer gone
  • Added confirmation for abandoning body
  • Fixed take over hint showing on capsules with already taken over player inside
  • Made neutral birds more successful in stealing gun in beginning of Primoid
  • Fixed pioneer using interactibles with mouseclick too when liftable in hands
  • Gun helper does not give blueprint % on explosion if the blueprint can not be obtained from atomizing
  • Fixed carnageoid slowing down game when zooming out in wrong moment
  • Fixed bindleoid uncompletable
  • Mega Worm Long: Fixed lua error
  • Added Machine Camera Aurium. It has a green light and only detects pioneers by default
  • Spider Climber: Pioneer cannot burn while inside the rover
  • Savegame can not be overwritten anymore if load interrupted by lua error, showing warning instead and disabling saving
  • Showing if entered area is new
  • Fixed potential saving bugs where data could get lost and unloadable
  • Carrier Hover: Lift is decresed after ~20m above ground
  • Spider Climber: Cools pilot with PS. Cannot burn. Better movement
  • Fixed close blueprint menu sound not playing wehn closing with ESC
  • Added antons new flame effect to flamethrower
  • Pioneer jump grunt has only 20% chance to play
  • Added todds new descriptions and goals for planetoids
  • Pioneer: Increase the radius from 1.1 to 1.5 for mounting vehicles, so the Spider Climber can be reliably mounted
  • Plasma Rifle: Now use gun helper and needs one Aurium to fire one shot
  • Gun Helper: Activates and sets BrokenOffMOsFriction to 0.9, if not already activated
  • Pioneer: Better compatibility with broken workshop weapons
  • Added multiple settings tweaks
  • Added settings/planetoid prompt has "glowy" mouse hover image
  • Removed old html stuff from before coherent was understood
  • Modified: (x) for "start" button matching spec (and correct image)
  • Weakened impulse pioneer applies to things he walks over
  • Pioneer shop 4x cheaper, blueprint shop up to 2x cheaper
  • AB: turned off bugged time after completion, status messages appear under planetoid
  • Added steam altar to defendoid
  • Fixed chests decomression PS not stopping anymore
  • Fixed: showing master object points huge on some machines
  • Updated: allow burning and melting is set to MO when you change material, controls are close to material choosing so the change is visible
  • Fixed lua error in respawn code
  • Fixed waking up player falling asleep instantly
  • Added missing assembler scan PS to test dummy
  • Sparks from cable do not cause fire anymore
  • Maybe fixed parts of dead pioneers not Atomizable
  • Crazy bob doesn't cause error when deleting his eyes
  • Pioneer: Can aim tools that don't have a "Tool Mount Shoulder" joint
  • Drone Defense: Increased the req scanning mass to 700%. Added tag "Tier 3"
  • Drone Defense: Added sound loop. Fixed aim so the drone does not shoot low anymore
  • Lamps: Added on/off sound
  • Ice Bird: Moves at random when LOS to the target is blocked by friendlies
  • Bot Vendor: Follows the Pioneer that printed it even when not in hostile mode
  • Trap Grinder: Added sound loop
  • Fixed AllowBurning, MOs with value set to false didn't burn up but catched fire
  • Fix: disabled zooming on joypad when blueprint menu is open. also a bit smoother zooming with joypad
  • Fixed fullcreen was stretched on some machines
  • Fixed 'F9' hints in editor to reset scene
  • ESC closes blueprint menu
  • Bound controller:CloseMenu
  • Atomizer no more atomizes half made holograms
  • Ice Bird: Attacks with ice shards and drags the player to its nest Bot Phoenix: Increased durability
  • In coop pioneer stays awake when atomizing/assembling
  • Shield and welder drop in loot orb
  • Slightly bigger preview image in AB UI - can already see it in the AB though, maybe a bit pointless
  • Removed rewards description (they're the same each time) and a lot of vestigial code about unlocking/cost/reward
  • Description and goal are adaptive - they vanish neatly if empty strings are passed in
  • Incremented build number
  • Fixed lua errors in grenade cood and simple
  • Fixed lua error in pioneer
  • Pioneer: Feet are pinned to the world when opening the blueprint menu
  • Pop plant not liftable, pins to anything
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About This Game

Welcome to Planetoid Pioneers, a cooperative sci-fi Physicsvania where kooky old astronauts fall over themselves with QWOP-like action to explore the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars. It’s been built on the unique Crush2D physics engine and can be played on your couch with or against your friends in seamless pick-up-and-play Co-Op and PvP action.

You’ll trip over rocks, lose limbs and get your stuff stolen while fleeing from terrifying enemies that make you forget you’re walking right into the next trap. Come up with alternate creative solutions to the challenges thrown at you, or get your hands dirty and build some of your own Planetoids in the editors that are now all included in the standard edition, too. Laugh while others attempt to survive your carefully constructed carnage!

If you choose to purchase the Contributor Edition today, you will also get access to the official Contributor Community Discord server, where you can collaborate and share content with creatively-minded people, and also chat directly with the developers.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Dual core 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern graphics card with 1 GB memory
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any sound card
    • Additional Notes: Play with joypad or keyboard and mouse
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Quad core 3 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern graphics card with 2 GB memory
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any sound card
    • Additional Notes: Play with joypad or keyboard and mouse
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