Real-time combat combos, action RPG, and dungeon instances combine beautifully to form Divine Souls. Play alone or form a party with friends and strangers to slice, grab, combo, and clear enemy minions on your way to dungeon bosses.
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Release Date: Aug 15, 2014

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"Play alone or form a party with friends and strangers to slice, grab, combo, and clear enemy minions on your way to dungeon bosses."
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November 20, 2014

Major Update Patch for Divine Souls' Open Beta

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all your patience. The wait is finally over.

We are pleased to welcome all of you to join the Open Beta of Divine Souls.

Open Beta has now begun!

We appreciate your diligent help during our Closed Beta period.

The new version of the game has undergone much improvement, including major bug fixes and new content.

Here is a list of what to expect:

Bug Fixes

  • Disconnection issue
  • Time out issue
  • Fort Brookshell traps
  • Stamina bar
  • Localization
  • Guilds creation
  • Friends' List
  • Full party dungeon bug
  • Password issue encountered by 14 character passwords

New Content
  • CBT Tester Rewards for all returning players
  • Grand Launch Of Item Mall
  • GM run Events
  • PvP, including PvP Ladder mode
  • Battlefield (a Guild Vs Guild MOBA)

Not included are many items in BOTH categories that are behind the scenes and only the GMs would see. =)

Once again, thanks to all of you who helped us catch those bugs! There is a reward for all who joined us in CBT waiting in your Cash Item Inventory.

Please feel free to message our GM team or send a support ticket for any new bug, issue, or potential improvement you discover, or just to say hi!

Thank you.

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November 20, 2014

The Day Has Finally Arrived! - 5 PM EST TODAY!

The Day that we have been waiting for is finally here!

Invite your friends to join our official Steam Group:

Remember Open Beta starts at 5 pm EST today. =)

1 comments Read more

About This Game

Divine Souls is a real-time action RPG centered around completing dungeon instances by leveraging an extensive combat combos system. Gain experience from enemies to strengthen your character and to unlock additional moves that unleash additional combo options. Choose from one of four unique classes each with their own distinct set of gameplay mechanics and combos. Collect loot for yourself, trade with others, or list your items into the auction house system.


Dr. Hildeun has gone missing! Find out what happened as you follow your character’s investigation into Dr. Hildeun’s disappearance.

Key Features:

  • Perform beautifully animated combos with a system that is easy to learn. You only need A, S, D, and F keys!
  • 4 unique classes with more to come!
  • Play alone, party with your friends, or have the system find like-minded others using the party matching system.
  • Worry not, the tutorial will guide you through the game’s basics.
  • Complete dungeons for experience and loot.
  • Increase the difficulty to suit your skill-level or to challenge yourself.
  • Level-up to increase your character’s strength and to learn new moves that unleash additional combo options.
  • Customize your character with items obtained from loot. Or trade these items to others.
  • Increase your strength by enchanting your items.
  • Try alternative dungeon modes involving crystal or portal defense.
  • Pit yourself against others in a PvP battle arena that resembles MOBA games’ play-style.
Divine Souls is a free-to-play game!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Single-Core 2.4 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 7 Series or equivalent or later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Dual-Core 2.0 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8 Series or equivalent or Later
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: August 21, 2014
Early Access Review
This game is NOT new. Divine Souls was originally supposed to be released in 2010 for the North American and Europe regions by a small game hosting company named Outspark. This is the same company that held on to "Fiesta Online" for several years before discarding it and letting a new unknown company have complete ownership of it. Divine Souls was supposed to be an action RPG that would rival "Dragon Nest" and "Vindictus" which got few people (including myself) looking forward towards it. However, the game was mysteriously canceled for release and the dicussion forums for the game were completely deleted. There was no word given out for why this happened, but it did. It's cancellation left me disapointed but then I went to play Dragon Nest and forgot about this game.

Now 4 years later I see it on Steam as "EARLY ACCESS". Early access? It's been four years since this game's disappearance, what happened? Four years ago they planned to release this game in this stage? Honestly Divine Souls is terrible. It's as if it was supposed to be made in 2005 with it's sloppy controls, terrible animations, outdated gameplay and awkward battle system. It claims itself to be in early access but there's no way of improving something that was originally planned to be released at this stage. This horrible stage.

Basically Divine Souls is a game made for the year 2005 that was supposed to be released on 2010, dropped midway through development four years ago and just got picked up by some indie team who got it on Steam somehow.

We all know "Omer from". Go watch his video review for this game which was made during the actual release date.
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Posted: August 15, 2014
Early Access Review
As far as I'm aware of, this game has been released before under a different publisher. However, a move to a differen publisher doesn't exactly save a game.

This was an interesting and unique concept for MMO's a couple of years ago, having action based combat rather than your tab targeting and going through your row of hotkeys to cast spells, etc. Here, we see combat in the same style of Vidictus or Dragon Nest. The game also operates in the same style (go to hub, grab quest, go do dungeron until quest is done).

You'll create your character from an extremely limited selection of four classes and then, again, from a very limited selection of clothing and hair styles to pick (usually all of it just being a recolor). This is 2014, and most MMO's will provide you the tools to make your character feel different from everyone else, but here once I popped in game I couldn't really tell me apart from the others. This isn't even the worst sin the game has to offer.

I mentioned earlier that the combat is action based, rather than tab targeting. Seeing as I've played plenty of Vindictus and max leveled numerous times in TERA, I would consider myself a fan of the style. However, here, it feels really clunky. Poor animations and boring links between your attacks and skills make for a boring game. Action combat should be a fluid expierence, but here it feels like a jagged mess. Nothing flows together very well, and everything just feels "meh". I felt like my attacks had no impact on the enemy and that's just not good game feel.

For those who really care about asthetics, the graphics are subpar and the music is perhaps the most generic I've heard in an MMO. There's nothing here that should hold your eyes or ears.

Overall, this is an expierence you can pass up. There are plenty of other MMO's that provide a much better, fluid, and well thoughtout expierence.
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Posted: August 30, 2014
Early Access Review
10/10 Would uninstall again.
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Posted: December 3, 2014
I did not have any expectations for this game. I am aware it's not technically a brand new game.

It is however a FREE Third Person Action MMORPG with a ton of equippable items and a huge emphasis on combination attacks. The combinations can get pretty intense but it's all spelled out and even has a UI that displays different buttons you can push to continue a combination. Anyone who is familiar with combination fighting games should have no trouble understanding the mechanics of Divine Souls. The mechanics themselves are also pleasantly fluid and it's easy to engage in battles to unleash a punishing flurry of attacks. The special "charge" attacks are devastating.

The RPG element is very big as well and there are seemingly hundreds of missions (a primary story and tons of side-quests). The voice acting is humorous but it gets the job done (there are text subtitles). RPG features include crafting, enchanting, upgrades, an auction house and supports both multi-player and single-player battles. The graphics are not cutting edge but are still smooth and because of this I can run the game in it's supported 1920x1080 resolution with no frame loss.

Overall the game is easy to pick up and start having fun right away. I am level 27 right now.
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Posted: August 16, 2014
Early Access Review
Edit: After getting bored with my current games, I am going to put more time in this game, if only just to write a better review.

Edit 2: From what i have seen now, there are more combos than what I had originaly thought, but you mainly have to look down at the button option every 5 seconds to make sure you don't miss your chance at a combo.
Also: I have gone into 2 differnet dungeons right now, and have played both twice. Both game me 1337 exp every time, not sure if the game is just doing that, or if that is just "Luck". Will write more when I find out.

This game just didn't seem that well made to me. The Voice acting seems rushed (In the intro you can hear the guy taking deep breaths, and also many skips within that intro can be heard), and the Tutorial also seems rushed. There are 2 "Types" of tutorials in this game, and only one is useful, but it is the one almost no one will see.
At the start of the game, you move around, kill things, look around, kill more things, grab their loot (On which the game doesn't even tell you want it is/does), and then go to the main City. And that is when the Non-usful tutorial ends.
The useful tutorial is only displayed as tips on the bottom of your screan that you have to click on in order to see what they say, and even then, about 90% of the time nobody reads them.

When you enter the main city, a window pops up saying to go talk to someone (I think, all I remember is that it says to press T to talk to people). The person you talk to gives you a very generic quest; go here and kill X amount of baddies, and I will give you X reward. In this case, you have to kill around 10 goblins. Now, the only way the game presented players to kill said goblins was to enter a dungeon. This wouldn't be such a bad Idea if the options to make a dungeon weren't available right away. I found myself kinda wanting to choose other options, only because they were all present there for me to choose from. (What I am saying here is that they should either make the others un-clickable intill a certain level, or at least tell you in a more Direct way what they all do.) Then at the end of a dungeon, you play a game of Rock-Paper-Scisiors, that even if you lose it, you still get extra money and items.

Then with the combat system, oh boy. The game seems to want to sell off "Look at this awesome combo!" for the combat. All I had to do to kill everything in my way, was left click 4 times in a row. I did the same combo every time, because it was also the ONLY combo i could do. I tried to hold the left button longer, press it faster and more times, everything! But all it allowed me to do was swipe three times, and jump above them for a smash.
Also with the combat is a grabbing system, that needs to be re-thought about. You can grab anything that isn't a boss from what I have seen. But grabbing is also confusing for the point that when you grab the, you don't want to press left click, for that drops them doing no damage. You want to press the spacebar to deal any damage with the grab.

Then with the character creation... none. You choose what class you want to be, and if you want to be a Femail prest, or a male Mage... then you are out of luck. The genders are locked for the classes, which leaves little room for customising. The hair options you can choose from are Pre-colored, so even when changing the hair color option, you will still have the tink of Purple/Pink/Whatever that certain hair style's color is.
When "customising" your clothes, you only change the main color of your shirt, pants, gloves, and shoes.

The story also seems kinda bland, just read this: You are part of a nation (which one I am still unsure of, but I think Vermont) that is trying to save a captured War-Hero from terrorists.

... What? You wanted more story? Well that is the jist of it from what the game is willing to say at the start. Now I will say that story's like this are common for games like this, starts with something very simple, then works it's way up. (See every Final Fantasy game) But really, a fallen country now has a Terrorist group that is planning on bringing the country back from the ashes by... kid-napping the person who helped kill it in the first place? I'm not to sure what is going on in their minds, but I will let it be, since i have not played for even an hour.

The countries are also wierdly names. There is Syria, Vermont, some other country that I couldn't be bothered to remember, and Growl (Or ground? The voice actor seems to say both in the intro).

All in all, I guess this is a F2P game, that could get some work done on it to make it better, but for now it doesn't seem that good to me, so I would give this game a 2/10. I know there are some people who really love this game, and good for them! They found a game that they can enjoy, and it isn't even fully released yet!

Thanks for reading!
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Posted: August 15, 2014
Early Access Review
Not a bad game, its enjoyable for me at least
Easy to play.
Fun to play with group of people.
Difficilty adjustment.
Combos are fun to do.

Graphics looks so old.
Bad AI system.
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Posted: August 16, 2014
Early Access Review
The game itself in it's current state can't be considered good. While I do understand it is an Early Access Game (or so it says...), the graphics in this game reminds me of something from 2000 - 2004.

Good points about the game:
- Surprisingly Fluid combat
- Interesting attacks

Bad points about the game:
- Dated graphics
- Unattractive UI
- Missing many key features for online game (Chat channel filters, linking items into chat e.t.c.)
- Overall not very appealing to people who are used to fast paced combat like myself

I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, in it's current state because there are better, and more entertaining free to play games.
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Posted: January 26
Now, I know what mostly everyone else is saying. That this game is "not new" it is a old game but think about it do pepole still play pac-man, and the first super mario game? The answer is yes some pepole do, my point is that it doesn't matter if a game is old or new as long as it's good. Which this game is in fact one of the BEST mmorpgs that I have come across in a long time. If you like Aura Kingdom and don't want so much lag in the game, then my friend this is the game for you. Everything about this game is perfect! the combat is solid and you feel like a mega-boss when your fighting in dungeons there are so many combos that you can send out to your foes and I LOVE IT!!!! The only problem with this game is that the bad comments about this game are stopping gamers like you from playing it! so there are not alot of players that I've seen on it. Also if anyone is woundering, this game is absoluty free with no inside spending that I've seen so far.

SHORT VERSION OF THIS REVEIW for any of you slackers out there, that are to lazy to read whats above

It's a wonderful FREE mmorpg download it now!! trust me you won't regret it!!
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Posted: August 16, 2014
Early Access Review
Although I'll keep playing this game and probably grind to the max level, I wholeheartedly cannot recommend the game in its current state. All the impatient folk who quickly get frustrated should not download this game. So ... here's what I think developer should fix ASAP - and I mean ASAP!

- Animation-cancelation MUST be implemented. Basically, if you're knocked down you're probably dead. And, since once you start the attack animation, you have to go through it, if some enemy accidentally flanks you (AI is pretty bad, so it won't be on purpose), and knocks you down it's ... gg. Even if you see it coming. So, roll should cancel all the animations and take the priority.
- Better animations in general. Yeah, they look cool and stuff but ... they're too rigid. Jump + attack animation barely looks animated actually. Even if there are a lot of combos, animations seem too clunky, even for MMO. I know it's possible to have fluid animations seeing as several games have already done it, especially in dungeon-crawler style of MMO games.
- Crashes / loading times. During my short gameplay of this game, the game crashed at least 3 times for no reason. As an Early Access game it's understandable, but developers should work on this as a priority. Even animations can wait. And then the loading times ... each time I go back to the main hub (and you have to, to turn in quests), I have to wait like a minute of a damn loading screen. Game's graphics and scale DO NOT justify such lengthy loading times. Also, game is filled with loading times. Each time you want to leave a certain area you'll be welcomed with a loading screen. Hell, there are loading screens in-between dungeon parts (by the way, if you're going to separate dungeons into parts, at least don't rehash the exact same locations. Thanks). So, yeah ... fix that.
- More zoom out. I know this seems like nit-picking but it's really bothering me. Camera is too close to the character. I just like if they gave players a bit more options, everyone could find their own style. And mine is to zoom out a bit.
- More character customazation. What we have right now is pretty much bare bone, and seeing as this is Early Access I know it will change, but I just wanted to point this out.

So, for all of you out there who get quickly frustrated by some bad design, glitches and stuff like that, I cannot recommend this game. It's still too rigid, animations don't flow the way you want them, game is extremely punishing to the point that if you get knocked down in the group of enemies you ain't getting up. Some combos look cool, they have a dude that wields scythe (which is always a HUGE plus to the game - I freaking love scythes) etc. but until they fix some key things, I cannot recommend this to a casual gamer who just wants to have a couple of hours of fun. Cheers.
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Posted: August 18, 2014
Early Access Review
Its not bad for a Dungeon grinding F2P..That being said,the game crashes every 10 minutes..Wait on this one.Also this is 2014 guys..gender locked classes in a game like this?..Thats a major dumb move.
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Posted: September 26, 2014
Early Access Review
At first I found the poor graphics and jerky movements to be surprising, until I read someone mention that this is actually a re-release of an older game.
Well, it shows. There's nothing interesting I could see, even the interface has aged (not well). There are way better Free MMORPG offers on Steam.
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 15, 2014
Early Access Review
I'm sorry, but the game's current issues makes it very difficult to enjoy right now: crashes every time I try to enter the city from the camp and loading takes forever when it does work. Just can't recommend it right now.

Granted, the fighting is kinda fun. It is rather cathartic to take down a dozen enemies at once, but for now, I suggest waiting until they work the kinks out before getting it
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Posted: August 19, 2014
Early Access Review
I love the graphics and the Fighting animations n_n! Defenitely recommending this to other MMORPG players :D
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2014
Early Access Review
Always Liked this game now they have re released it but it is still underpopulated. Good game to play but only if you have a party to play with! reccomended 50/50
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Posted: August 20, 2014
Early Access Review
This game needs so much work that it shouldn't be out for early access at all. Every single part of it needs a ton of work. None of the game has anything close to a finished feel. The mechanics suck. The aspect ratio on 5760x1080 is horrible. The graphics themselves are nowhwere near finished. Trading, crafting, enchanting is all wishy washy half ♥♥♥♥♥ done. Don't even bother trying to play until they do a lot of work.
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Posted: November 20, 2014
Game review:

-Although the game only has 4 characters (Fighter, Slasher, Mage, and Priest) Its unique game play and the colorful skills are eye catching.

-Divine Souls seems like it has a lot to offer with the in-game play; Items, rarity, enchanting, dungeons, party system, difficulties, item crafting, item dissembling for the crafting materials and much more! It is definitely an eye catcher and its unique style is worth of giving a shot to. With just over and hour of the game play I can see where the end game content can be fun and rewording, as well as challenging.

-Game graphics are realistic and very sharp, something not many MMOs have going for them.
-Controls are set for an Action RPG as the Divine Soul is, which allows you to actually kite the mobs and not just sit around waiting for the skills casted to end.
-The main city is is vast and quests are everywhere!
-Game tutorial and the beginner quests do an excellent job explaining the game basics allowing you to get to advancing your character almost right after finishing them, which doesn't take long at all.
-The game has virtually no lag or delay which makes the game that that much more enjoyable. Not having to worry about those two little things is every players dream and this game offers both of those small but very important features.

-I'm liking what I'm seeing right now. Its basically not your generic fancy MMO because of its unique combat style.
-Overall I would rate the game ★★★★½☆ just from quick experience in it, I'm sure my opinion will change as I keep playing the game and explore more of its content, both solo and teamed up with other players.
-Also for the final note, I would definitely recommend it and if you're liking my review, give it a shot,you will enjoy it as did I.

-I will post some game play reviews on my YouTube channel, and if you would like to see them make sure to Subscribe @

Additional information:

-Ok first of all after installing the game I've ran into a Problem.
"PhysX installation fail"
After Clicked "OK" It sent me to the page where I can install the new drivers for my specific Graphic Card.

-After installing the new drivers, restarting the PC, still did not help, same result.
BUT...!! I've found a solution to it.
Fallow the next steps to ensure the success in playing the game!
•Step 1: C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common
•Step 2: Copy the 8 files in that folder. (Copy all you see.)
•Step 3:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Divine Souls
•Step 4: Paste the files you've previously copied.
••Extra Step: If this did not work and you still got the same error go to
After installing successfully, fallow the step 1 through 4 again and enjoy!

-To login the game you use your Suba forum login and you create the character.
If you do not have Suba account simply go to and fallow the simple steps in making your new account.
-Enjoy the game!

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Posted: August 17, 2014
Early Access Review
Divine Souls is a real-time action RPG centered around completing dungeon instances by leveraging an extensive combat combos system. Gain experience from enemies to strengthen your character and to unlock additional moves that unleash additional combo options. Choose from one of four unique classes each with their own distinct set of gameplay mechanics and combos. Collect loot for yourself, trade with others, or list your items into the auction house system.
This is a unique game, definitely worth playing. Dungeon system is well made, so you can easily find your zone to level up.
The maximum level is 40. At level 40 you can either get pve, pvp or battle field sets with DP.
Even though Divine Souls is currently in Closed Beta Testing I'm sure it will have a big success.
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Posted: August 19, 2014
Early Access Review
Made an account and I can't log in. 10/10
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Posted: August 17, 2014
Early Access Review
I don't feel like there was much to this game at all. Hardly any customization to the characters, the classes are gender-locked, it crashes every 3 dungeons or so (And I am running on a Razerblade laptop with an Nvidia card), and there is really no difficulty to the game. I admit it could be fun for some people, but as someone who has played a lot of MMOs such as Aion, WoW, SWTOR, C9, Tera Rising, I just don't feel like it compares to those. My cousin and I got bored of it as soon as we were level 9, which actually only took us less than an hour because the game loads you down with extra XP items and the combat was too easy so we were going into the dungeons on max difficulty right off the bat. So overall, I don't really feel like this was an enjoyable game.
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Posted: August 15, 2014
Early Access Review
The slow pace and limited character creation, as it is now, kind of makes this game mind-numbingly boring. I could barely keep myself interested enough to play the game long enough to beat the first dungeon. Hopefully in the future it will be more playable.
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