Terrorhedron is the 3D, cooperative tower defense game for the PC. Unmatched challenge and complexity is introduced to the genre through 3 dimensional gameplay, micro-strategy through programmable turrets and 'edge of seat' gameplay is extended to multiplayer with up to 8 players online co-op.
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Release Date: Jul 24, 2014

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About This Game

Terrorhedron is the 3D, cooperative tower defense game for the PC. Unmatched challenge and complexity is introduced to the genre through 3 dimensional gameplay, micro-strategy through programmable turrets and 'edge of seat' gameplay is extended to multiplayer with up to 8 players online co-op.

Defend wave after wave of colorful Terrorhedron spheres within attractive abstract grid landscapes. Unlock new infrastructure, turrets, upgrades and tracks in your quest to achieve all the stars. Terrorhedron offers a fresh look, feel and an entirely new depth of experience to a popular genre.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Intel i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Posted: September 24
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Posted: June 7, 2015
Tower(Defence) = Guns / Turrets + Bullets(Lots)*Missiles

Tower defence games often follow a formula, whereby you obey certain rules and fulfill certain criteria. Good tower defence games make this process happen invisibly and provide an experience that is both addictive and challenging, games like the seminal Defence Grid, which is considered the benchmark upon which all other Tower Defence games must be looked upon.

Comparing Terrorhedron to a Tower Defence game isn't really possible, because if Tower Defence is a formula, then Terrorhedron is algebra. It is mathematical purity and brilliance, expressed in abstract form. In most Tower Defence games you have a fixed path upon which the creeps will run and try to get to your base, you may be able to mess with this path by placing towers down, or you may have fixed locations upon which to build your towers.

Wait, what, I have root? ... I have root... muwahahahhaha. I HAVE ROOT!

In this case you do have fixed starting locations from which to build upon, but where it departs from the norm in this case is that the tower build points are merely bases, and from there you add lego like snap connectors from which towers can grow, tree like from the root node. The game takes full advantage of this, with levels working on every single plane of a three dimensional maze, often weaving complicated, tangled paths over cubes or more complex surfaces, allowing you to maximise your opportunities if you're clever and are willing to be imaginative.

That's the key bit, because you can use the snap connectors freely, the only limitation is really funds and how crazy you can get with the tower layout, want to build mighty archways with laser turrets hanging off? Go nuts. I just did for a section of the first level, and it worked beautifully. Here, you -build- the towers, step by step.

Depth of field? Check. Abstract polygons? Check. Chiptunes? Check.

With such an expansive canvas, the aesthetic comes as a relief, being clean and abstract, minimalist but without looking amateur, game looks slick, well rendered, and has a thumping soundtrack, and doesn't suffer any framerate issues, regardless of what mayhem is going on at the time, and the clean design of the level layout allows you to keep focussed on the action. Doing the tutorial is mandatory this time, because Terrorhedron requires you to adapt to the fact that this game will have you building corners, arches, bridges, and all kinds of things to create your own defensive setups.

Enemies in this game are represented in a similarly abstract manner, simple three dimensional shapes with various colours representing their health, it keeps things simple and allows for absolutely ridiculous levels of enemies on the screen at once, when combined with the insane combinations of bases and towers, this can turn into an exceptionally busy game in a real hurry. It keeps scaling as you go, so when your carefully constructed strategy begins to falter, you may find that you have to re-engineer and expand to ever greater feats of lunacy to keep the enemies at bay.

Terrorhedron University is open, enroll today.

In Terrorhedron you take pretty much every principle you've learned from other Tower Defence games and then extend and amplify those concepts, turning them from basics to pure, abstracted concepts. In effect, the game takes the genre, strips away all the things that aren't needed and then refines what there is and adds a few key elements that in turn fundamentally require the player to abandon the comfort zone of "just build a tower", because it's never just a tower, not when you're perpetually adding and extending it. Tower defence is maths, Terrorhedron is the degree course.

Verdict : Essential, even moreso if you are a Tower Defence fan, or a Tower Defence player looking to improve their skills in the genre.

Writer and columnist for Just Reviews, where you can get similar fine reading material. Join our group, follow our curations, and throw me a like if you would like to keep up to date with our efforts!
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Posted: February 22, 2015
Fun game. Got my money's worth out of it.

Have noticed a few reviews hating on the art style. I like the retro 3D look. Does not distract from the gameplay.

Will continue to play higher difficulties and figure out new strategies.

Wish there was a construction set and / or Steam Workshop for more levels.
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54 of 69 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Posted: May 11, 2015
Bought this on sale for 0.29€. Spent ca 5 hours playing to 05:00 in the morning and I have school tomorrow. Best money and time spent.
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Posted: January 4
A simple game of polyhedron genocide in a 3-dimensional setting. The learning curve is odd, but you eventually learn all you need to know and take off.

Plus, I got it on sale for -$1.51! A total 151% off! How can I NOT give a game this cheap a 10/10?
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30.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 24, 2014
A new twist on the classic tower defence genre. Both challenging and entertaining, Ive been enjoying what ive gotten to play so far. Towers, upgrades, and maps unlock as you gain xp, and are persistant between maps. Upgrades are pretty standard with the level 1,2,3 system, however the level 3 upgrades seem to completely change the function of the tower, making for some new and interesting strategies. Cant wait to try out multiplayer! I strongly suggest this for any TD fan out there.
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11.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 13, 2015
- True 3D tower defense: geometric placement of towers is important
- Simple shaded graphics is easy on the eyes
- Open-ended gameplay with infinite number of solutions

- Indie game that is rough around the edges
- Balance issues: some towers are not worth their cost
- The EMP Turret, which slows enemies down, works permanently after one shot. That is never explained though and I wasted a lot of time building multiple EMP Turrets until I figured it out.
- Medium and Hard difficulties are available from the beginning, even though they are impossible until you unlock additional towers.

Final note: I've thoroughly enjoyed Terrorhedron. Part of its charm is that there is no fluff. The graphics are purely practical, so much so that the enemies are simple shapes. Everything on the screen has meaning that is relevant to gameplay, which allows the gamer to quickly become immersed in it.
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Posted: November 30, 2014
I've been playing TD games since the original StarCraft, and Terrorhedron is refreshingly unique amongst the genre. This is a fun and interesting take on Tower Defense which can be very challenging.

There are a variety of towers which you might expect in TD, such as single-target lasers, splashing cannons, and slow towers to name a few. Where it gets complicated is the limited numbers and orientations of mounting points along the map. This is when you turn to your 4-sided tetrahedrons and 6-sided cube pieces in order to expand your defensible area, which also allows you to place towers in otherwise-blind spots for coverage.

Upon the last enemy's death (or when it reaches the gate and you lose lives) the round pauses for building phase. Use this time to experiment with angles to maximize coverage of your turrets. Any pieces you place during this time can be sold for their full cost, but once the building phase ends, all of these pieces will only be worth ~50% from then on.

If you like TD and want a fresh, fun, and challenging new game to play, buy Terrorhedron.
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Posted: September 24, 2015
Terrerohedron is a tower defence game with a lot of promise and is very addictive!

The concept is of a standard tower defence game but the map is in three dimensions, at first this can confuse and be disorienting but after a few games you will be spinning the map round and planning your kill zones with relative ease.

I normally like TD games that allow you to maze and shape the route that the enemy takes TH does not let you do this but gets very tactical as you can build in three dimensions, you place extendable blocks and then place towers on them or more extendable blocks. This makes looking at the map in all dimensions and then thinking of how you will build a 3d kill zone in an area quite rewarding.

There is not a huge amount of variety in the towers but the game does give 3-4 solid different play sets with towers you can choose from, it feels good when you enclose a complete section and then have towers that the bullets bounce back and forth to deal a crazy amount of damage.

There are also some great additions that should be in all TD games, a damage counter for each tower for each round and a total so that you can see tactics that work better or towers lagging behind. A huge choice in different target priorities for every single tower, this is something that should be standard in all TD games!

The game has multiplayer also and at a recent lAN 3 of us spent far longer than we would have thought trying to improve our game and win together. It is a nice addition to the game and adds a lot more hours of fun to it.

The game is definitely a small indie game that is what I hope the first edition, I got it on 95% sale and paid 19 pence for the game and so my following niggles not so much pan the game but are improvements I would love to see on the TH2 and I will pay more than 19 Pence for it!

The units that you try to destroy are multisided shapes and you take off sides until they have no sides left and they are destroyed. This makes it quite hard later on to identify how bad the threat is as one moving unit could end up costing you the game as it has more than 100 sides and thus all your lives. I would assume this was done for ease but even some that glow would be helpful.

The camera can get very disorientating and annoying to use, there are hotkeys to mark camera points and I recommend you use them. When you build an enclosed box it is hard to select towers to build.

In multiplayer even the fastest game setting is quite slow and makes it quite slow to play.

There are quite a few challenging difficulties and an impossible mode, this is not for the feint hearted and one map took me nearly 3 hours before I eventually lost, unfortunately most of the time in this was trying to spend the huge amount of money I got each round and it would take 10-15 minutes to spend it all. This is a small gripe as this mode is not to played that often but a quicker way to build would be nice. Also anyone who likes Minecraft would love this mode as it turns into a TD version of it.

All in all, this game is very interesting if feeling like it has a lot more to be unlocked at some point. I highly recommend getting it even if you just play some of the easier settings on a few maps, it makes you think and mixes up the tower defence area.

Oh and I loved the soundtrack, one of the few games I play with music on. Make Terrerhedron 2!!!
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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
87.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 8, 2015
what an awesome unique tower defense; if you like TDs where it is all about the geometry and not about RPG elements or grinding this is a must. there is no mazing at all, but with the elaborate setups of platforms and towers you need to develop you get kind of something new here.

the game feels quite unfinished and lacks some more content but still is totally worth the buy.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: October 20
Product received for free
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2.5 hrs
Posted: October 16
worth it
especially in a sale
wont get many people play it online but its still extremely fun on your own
hard yet rewarding
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4.6 hrs
Posted: October 13
This game is very unique and honestly one of the best tower defence games I've played. The music is also pretty good. There are some things that could make the game better, but for the price of $2 (I got it for $0.49 on sale though :) ) its got all it needs. Before you buy it, consider that to play co-op, you need a virtual LAN software like hamachi or to know how to foward port your router; there is no NAT punching. Singleplayer is still fun though.
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20.7 hrs
Posted: October 11
Great game! Worth every penny
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85.8 hrs
Posted: October 10
To beat this game on impossible takes some massive 3D construction and offers a unique tower defence experience.
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9.6 hrs
Posted: October 9
cool music
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11.6 hrs
Posted: September 8
really funny
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0.1 hrs
Posted: September 5
Very Bad game...
Played only 5mins & uninstalled...
worst game ever seen -_-
Waste of money...
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19.8 hrs
Posted: August 27
This is becoming my favourite tower defense game... Even on Normal difficulty it's a challlenge. Cool levels, original gameplay and ideas, awesome soundtrack... No microtransactions. Just a solid game. If you like TD games get it.

I hope the creators turn this game into a series.
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