Five of you. Five of them. Face off in a battle where everything you build, destroy, construct or shoot has a devastating impact on the entire game. Build defences using a crazy range of block types and work together in this FPS where no game is EVER the same. NOW FREE TO PLAY.
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2017년 2월 28일

Community Arenas and Balancing Update

The winning arenas from the "Midsummer Madness" map competition have been added as options in Custom matches. The arenas "Blocky Resort", "Beach Bash", and "Cruise Boat" were all originally created by members of the Block N Load community.

Additionally, a small number of balancing changes have been made at the same time. For the full details of these please click to read more.

Beach Bash
Originally created by community member Alpha, Beach Bash is a three objective arena that scored highly in the Midsummer Madness map competition for the varied types of terrain in the map. Now that it is being rolled out in to Custom matches you can try scaling the mountains as Astarella, climbing buildings as O.P., or making use of the cover to advance through the middle as Sarge.

Blocky Resport
Created by △Triangle△ for the competition Blocky Resort seems to be a relatively simple two objective arena. However, don't let that dissuade you from trying it out as there are quite a number of options for alternative routes to be dug or built to get from one end of the arena to the other.

Cruise Boat
Cruise Boat was one of the more strikingly unique arenas that was submitted to the Midsummer Madness competition and scored very highly for the originality shown. Originally created by sanojLeOne, this three objective arena has a unique design to it which centers around the massive Cruise Ship.

After undergoing a period of testing on the Player Test Realm several changes have been made to a number of Blocks and Heroes.

Sweet Science
-Primary Weapon (Blitz Stance)-
There have been a number of comments made that Blitz Stance's alternate "dash" type attach can be used much more effectively to quickly deal higher damage by using two short uncharged attacks than by charging the attack up. This meant that there was little reason to attempt to use the charged attack against a player. We've now made a few tweaks to the alternate attack to try and change this.
  • Uncharged dash attack damage against Heroes reduced from 20 to 15.
  • Charged dash attack damage against Heroes increased from 20 to 30.
  • Uncharged dash attack damage against Blocks reduced from 30 to 25.
  • Charged dash attack area of effect damage against Blocks reduced from 60 to 45.
  • Charged dash attack now has 10 direct damage to the Block that it in the centre of the area hit.

-Secondary Weapon (Graviton Stance)-
Sweet Science's Graviton Stance pull has become much more effective with the new reticules showing the area it will affect. One of the reasons that arc for the alternate "pull" type attack was so wide was to make it easier to catch people. With the reticule now making that easier the arc can be reduced a little.
  • Width of arc reduced from 132 to 120 degrees.

Vander Graaf
-Hero Block (Tesla Coils)-
Massed Tesla Coils have been proving a little bit too effective, and we've made a few slight tweaks to them as a result.
  • Damage to Heroes reduced from 19 to 17.
  • Self damage when firing increased from 9 to 10.

O.P. 'Juan' Shinobi
-Secondary Weapon (Ninja Stars)-
It was previously highlighted to us that Ninja Stars were behaving slightly differently depending on whether you have Bloody Bleeding equipped or not.

We have now adjusted the timing so that throwing the Ninja Stars with Bloody Bleeding equipped results in the same timings as throwing them without the perk equipped.

This should hopefully mean slightly less of a ‘pause’ after clicking to attack with the Ninja Stars, but doesn't alter the amount of damage that can be done with them.

Towards the end of last year it was noted that some of the Blocks that can be placed instantly were in some cases out-performing similar Blocks and Devices which take time to construct. Of particular note amongst these were the wooden Crates, and the Caltrops.

  • Cost of placing a Crate increased from 2 to 3.

  • Hit points reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Toughness (damage resistance) reduced from 4 to 3.

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“ could very well rival TF2 for approachability, quirkiness, and staying power”
PC Gamer

“A creative and exciting first person shooter with strategic elements. You will be constantly surprised.”

“Block N Load [is not only] a lot of fun, but is even addictive and offers me a welcome alternative to League of Legends.”
9/10 – InGame de

게임에 대해

Five of you. Five of them. Face off in a tactical battle where everything you build, destroy, construct or shoot has devastating impact on the entire game. Build your defenses and charge into action to destroy theirs. Tunnel under the map or catapult over it, they’ll never see it coming! Be sneaky, be devious, be destructive. Be a large metal robot, twisted scientist, deadly ninja and more. Build using a crazy range of block types and work together in this FPS where no game is ever the same. Ready up! It’s time to Block N Load. NOW FREE TO PLAY.

Tell Me More!

  • NO GAME THE SAME: The game world is ever-changing and evolving throughout every match, as players creatively build and tunnel their way to enemy positions and onto victory.
  • UNHINGED HEROES: Character variety offers a robust mix of roles for full combat, defensive and supportive players in a team.
  • BRAINS AS IMPORTANT AS BULLETS: Every game has a blend of intelligent and creative tactics fused with strategic shooter action. It’s fast-paced yet strategic.
  • BUILD PHASE: Experiment and take the time to work on your defences, traps and setups before the team attacks truly begin.
  • MASTERS OF CONSTRUCTION: Creative use of a wide choice of blocks in-game mean your deadly and devious constructions can cause havoc with the enemy – and the map.
  • WHAT THE BLOCK!? Big bombs, turrets, bounce pads, poison traps, landmines, forcefields, speed pads, mortars, glue blocks, health blocks, ammo blocks and more. Everything you need for calculated mayhem.
  • MAP EDITOR: Craft your own amazing Arenas using the same tools the developers do for official Arenas. Share them on the Steam Workshop and play them in game.
  • CUSTOM GAME MODE: Set up your own game on the servers to choose your favourite map and build time. 1000s of player made maps available to try!
  • TIME ASSAULT MODE: Ready for a single player challenge? Take on deadly hero based assault courses, utilise your parkour skills and compete against your own best times & if you're fast enough win a top spot on the global leaderboards.

시스템 요구 사항

    • 운영체제: Windows Vista, 7 (SP1 required) & 8
    • 프로세서: Dual Core CPU 2.0 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2) or better
    • 메모리: 3 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: Dedicated graphics card (NVidia GeForce 8800 GT or better)
    • DirectX: 버전 11
    • 네트워크: 초고속 인터넷 연결
    • 운영체제: Windows Vista, 7 (SP1 required) & 8
    • 프로세서: Quad Core CPU 2.0 GHz (Core i5) or better
    • 메모리: 4 GB RAM
    • 그래픽: Dedicated graphics card (GeForce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7770 series or better).
    • DirectX: 버전 11
    • 네트워크: 초고속 인터넷 연결

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