Warrior Kings: Battles maintains the excitement that made Warrior Kings a leading RTS. It is a stand-alone title that adds a new strategic and tactical dimension to the series.
極度好評 (64 篇評論) - 64 個使用者中有 90% 為該遊戲做出正面評論。
發售日: 2003 年 09 月 30 日


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Warrior Kings: Battles comes complete with a full skirmish mode, boasting a proficiency of computer AI not yet seen in an RTS product. AI Generals build a functioning economy, offensive/defensive armies, correctly control formations, and intelligently probe your defenses, looking for your weak points. AI Diplomacy, a major new feature, makes you think you are playing a human opponent(s), giving a new depth to gaming.


Unparalleled real-time strategy gaming, using radical 3D technology to bring terrain, provinces and cultures alive like no other games in the genre

Use real military tactics with a supreme range of combat tools - select from cavalry, rocket launchers, catapults, spies, war elephants, arch druids, elementals, golems, summoned beings and many more! Strategically use terrain, arms and formations to beat all others

Advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) computer opponents probe your defences and find weaknesses unlike any other strategy game. AI Generals even seek to win alliances and will bargain with you to gain the upper hand!


    • 作業系統: Windows 98/2000/Me/Xp
    • 處理器: 733 MHz
    • 記憶體: 128 MB 記憶體
    • 圖像: 16 MB 3D card
    • DirectX: 版本:8.1
    • Storage: 800 MB 可用空間
    • Additional Notes: *Not supported for Windows 8*