Dark Sector coloca a los jugadores en el papel de Hayden Tenno, un operativo encubierto enviado a una peligrosia misión en Lasria, una ciudad de Europa del Este al borde de la ruina que esconde un mortífero secreto de la Guerra Fría.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 23 de mar. 2009

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Acerca de este juego

Dark Sector coloca a los jugadores en el papel de Hayden Tenno, un operativo encubierto enviado a una peligrosia misión en Lasria, una ciudad de Europa del Este al borde de la ruina que esconde un mortífero secreto de la Guerra Fría. Durante su misión, Hayden es atacado por un enemigo desconocido y es infectado por el Virus Technocyte, una brutal arma biológica que transforma a sus víctimas en máquinas de matar descerebradas. Tras sobrevivir al ataque, Hayden descubre que el Virus Technocyte le ha otorgado poderosas habilidades inhumanas como nada que haya visto jamás. Ahora, debe evolucionar junto con sus poderes, sobrevivir y llegar a ser un héroe.

  • Shooter de acción totalmente innovador y original - Durante el transcurso del juego, los jugadores serán testigos de la transformación de Hayden en algo más de lo que era a medida que lucha contra el Virus Technocyte, que intentará apropiarse de su cuerpo, y contra sus efectos psicológicos.

  • Poderes Evolutivos - Hayden obtendrá increíbles poderes superhumanos - incluyendo la mortífera, afilada espada que surge de su brazo, que utiliza con una precisión mortal. Hayden crecerá con estos poderes a medida que evolucionan, y se hará más poderoso a lo largo del juego.

  • Experiencia cinemática e inmersiva - Gracias a la carencia de HUD, unos controles intuitivos y un punto de vista en 3D por encima del hombro, todo en Dark Sector ha sido diseñado con el objetivo de mantener al jugador inmerso en el juego.

  • Innovador componente multijugador - Dark Sector incluye un innovador y excitante modo de juego multijugador que permitirá a los jugadores utilizar las habilidades que han aprendido en el modo de un jugador para poder sobrevivir en un entorno competitivo

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2/Vista®

    • Procesador: Procesador Single Core a 2.0 GHz

    • Memoria: XP 1 GB RAM

    • Espacio en Disco Duro: 6.5 GB Disponibles

    • Tarjeta Gráfica: nVidia GeForce 6600 o ATI X1300 o superior

    • Tarjeta de Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 9.0c

    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c

    • Soporte de Controladores: Controladores XInput (Controlador Microsoft Xbox 360 o Logitech Chillstream)
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Publicado: 17 de octubre de 2014
Dark Sector is a game clearly designed for console play (xbox 360) which means a few things: The graphics are good, simplified controls, and checkpoint style saving. The gameplay is actually very much like Resident Evil 5 & 6. The first thing you should do is make a modification to the games config file DS.cfg and insert the line below (if you have a 16:9 resolution monitor):


The game was messed up in converting to Windows and the 4x3 is actually 16:9. If you don’t make this change the screen resolution will stretch weirdly, and cut things off at the edges, unless you keep the resolution at 800x600.

The game’s story is not fully explained, kind of like starting to watch a movie halfway through. You play Hayden Tenno, some kind of international secret agent sent to the former Soviet country of Lasria to find and stop an evil guy (scientist?) named Mezner. Apparently Mezner is trying to spread a virus that converts people into mindless zombies and eventually mutates them into armored creatures. Unfortunately for you (or maybe fortunately) you get infected pretty early on and have access to a kind of drug that slows the infection while still keeping you from going insane like the other zombies. The virus still gives you powers though, such as a throwing glaive that pops up out of nowhere, and the ability to absorb the powers of some of the boss mutants you fight.

As I mentioned earlier, the game is very similar to the later Resident Evil games. For example it’s a third person “over the shoulder” view and the default movement is walking. You need to hold a sprint button to run, and hold a button to “prepare” your gun for firing. There are a number of weapons in the game which you can pick up from fallen (human) enemies but they all have an electronic device that disables the gun after about 15 seconds. That means you need to find another gun or stick to your personal pistol + glaive. The glaive is a large spiked throwing star (like the Predator throwing weapon in Alien vs. Predator) that you throw at enemies and flies back to your hand. It can be pretty powerful, killing most human enemies in one shot if you charge it up. It’s also used for various puzzle solving since it can pick up “elements” such as fire, lightning, and ice. Most of the puzzles are pretty obvious once you recognize what’s needed, but your first playthrough you might think you’re stuck a few times. The game doesn’t have a map or objective tracker so if you somehow get turned around, you might not know you’re going in the wrong direction.

Regarding the firearms in the game, you can actually buy permanent weapons from an underground black market arms dealer. These guns have no automatic disable lock and can be upgraded with “kits” that you find as collectibles throughout the game. These kits are one time use and do specific upgrades such as increase damage, fire speed, or clip size. You also find rubles (money) throughout the game and use it for your gun purchases. Bear in mind that both the rubles and the upgrade kits are limited. You will only get enough to buy 2-3 guns even if you know exactly where all the money is in the game. You’ll probably find more upgrade kits than you’ll ever use though (guns can only be upgraded a few times), just make sure you find the ones you want (damage and fire speed!). Side note here, the gun turrets that you can commandeer at various points in the game are practically useless. In most games when you jump on a mounted gun, you can kick some ♥♥♥ until you need to move on. I don’t know if it’s because the damage is low or if it’s just wildly inaccurate (old style iron sight), but when you’re using one of these turrets, it takes like 20 seconds of spraying to kill anything. When the enemies use it, they can kill you in a couple seconds if you don’t get to cover. And yes, I did try using short bursts instead of just holding down the fire button.

If you’ve tried the Free to play game Warframe, you may recognize the hero’s name Tenno and the design of the armored creature that he’s slowly transforming into. The same game developer created both games so you can kind of think of Warframe as the distant future of Dark Sector.

+Interesting glaive weapon is used throughout the entire game even though it doesn’t really get “stronger.” Not overpowered, and not too weak. The various elements can look pretty cool, like throwing a flaming glaive will catch your victims in a fiery explosion.
+I enjoy horror games with hordes of zombies and interesting boss mutants. The bosses have weaknesses that you need to learn and exploit. You can’t just fire all your bullets at them. There is no difficulty setting in the game, and it can get pretty challenging at certain portions near the end.

-This is one of those games which can give you a headache visually the first few times you play it. This may have something to do with the dark (almost black & white) game environment, and the slow movement speed (when you sprint, the environment kind of blurs a little around you).
-Despite the fact that you can pick up guns from dead guys, there really aren’t that many kinds of guns. And the limited money you have means you will probably need to save up for a while to buy the “best” gun. That means you’re stuck with pistol + glaive for most of the game. If you just buy the first guns available, you’ll be missing out.
-The game can be kind of buggy. If I alt+tab out, I have trouble getting back into the game window. There are a couple times you get into a power armor/walker and the button to exit doesn’t work. Not sure what’s going on there. Also, the game’s visual resolution setting I mentioned at the start really should have been fixed in a patch.

I would recommend a controller to play the game, except that when you’re using a gun, aim is very important and I have poor control using my xbox controller. Even with my mouse, I miss a lot when shooting at distant enemies. There is only one sniper rifle in the game, and it’s the only gun where your aim drifts around when you’re looking through the scope (for realism). I don’t know who thought that was a good idea. Overall though, I’d say give this game a try if you got it in one of the Bundle Stars bundles a few months back. It’s not horrible but there’s definitely room for improvement. The game takes about 7 hours to complete.
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Publicado: 1 de noviembre de 2014
A rather good story of its time, the progress of how from a normal human Hayden slowly evolves to the end game character shows how much the story was thought out. The combat system works really well too, the glaive directional controls to the 2 handed combat with the throw star and a gun, it was just awesome.
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Publicado: 11 de marzo
Recommend at severe discount
Overview: Third Person Shooter

The Good:

+ The only good thing about this game is that it has multiple weapons to choose from that can be purchased from a vendor in various locations in each level. You can also find upgrades throughout the level that you can customize your weapon of choice.

+ The boss battle are somewhat interesting only because the rest of the game is so repetitive in its design.

The Average:

This game looks bland both artistically and technically. Each level looks and feels the same with very little variety between them. Textures seem washed out, characters are not very well detailed and the levels look very uninspired.

The story is mostly told in between levels. The story is very forgettable, characters are one dimensional and the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. The main character is boring and uninteresting. The story feels like it was created after the game was made as an excuse to kill things.

The level design suffers from 'corridor shooter syndrome', you go through linear hallways until you get to a wide open area where you proceed to kill the enemies and then proceed to the next wide open area...over and over and over again.

The gameplay and combat only make matters worse, there is nothing wrong with it on a technical level, everything controls smoothly but the combat scenarios change very little throughout the entire game. Nothing interesting happens in combat. The main premise of the game is that you get a glaive that you can use on your enemies and solve puzzles. The glaive is fun to use and it does feel satisfying to decapitate your enemies. As you progress the glaive gets upgraded making it more powerful and useful to use in combat. However you can only carry one sidearm and one two handed weapon thus your strategy in each combat encounter changes very little.

To make matters worse enemy variety is also lacking. For the majority of the game you will face only two types of enemies, those that shoot at you and those that rush you. Every once in a while you face a third type of enemy that actually requires some strategy to take down, the problem is, these are introduced late game and are so few and far between it makes little difference in the end.


Everything about this game is average. It does everything right on a technical level but it feels so repetitive to play because there is little to no variety in the environment, enemies or combat scenarios. Getting this game on discount is the only way you will get your money's worth here.
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Publicado: 6 de octubre de 2014
many games copy a other in some way shape or form, but if they add in new and fun things and do it really well they will surpass the 1st game. in shot i will just say "i LOVE THIS GAME"!
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Publicado: 3 de junio de 2014
El juego es muy entretenido, si han jugado el resident evil 5 o 6 podrán ver un parecido con la jugabilidad de esta franquicia pero para los que no, el juego tiene una jugabilidad con cámara en tercera persona y nos permitirá usar dos armas como mucho, además podremos comprar nuevas armas y mejorar estas como la potencia, la velocidad de recarga y el tamaño del cargador.

La IA en el juego termina siendo simple, tal vez un poco tonta pero termina siendo una experiencia normal, si se le puede calificar con una nota del uno al 10 se le puede dar un 5 ya que en algunas ocasiones algunos enemigos durante el combate se quedaban completamente quietos y solo reaccionaban si se ataca.

En el apartado argumental se puede decir que es el mayor defecto del juego, es demasiado simple y puede terminar aburriendo.

En en cuanto a gráficos el juego salio en el 2008 pero no tiene nada que envidiar a juegos como resident evil 5 y revelations, al igual que gear of war en otras palabras esta muy bien,

Yo lo recomiendo para aquellos que le importe más la jugabilidad y no tanto la historía.
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Publicado: 21 de octubre de 2013
Que buen juego, practicamente desconocido, lo recomiendo mucho si quieren jugar un tps decente o saber más del lore de Warframe. Brutal y divertido, variedad de armas, personalizacion, poderes, la campaña es de 10. Tambien trae mp, lastima que sea solamente por lan pero bue, 8/10. Casi me olvido, un voice acting muy bueno por Michael Rosembaum (Lex Luthor,Smallville).
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Publicado: 15 de abril de 2014
Realmente hermoso , *-* , ! El mejor prólogo que he jugado , es de este game ! :D !(con tan solo el prólogo *-*!!)
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Publicado: 12 de febrero de 2014
No es un juegazo ni ♥♥♥♥♥♥ que gusta sino esa rara avis que existe actualmente de juegos que no son indies pero tampoco AAA y que sin embargo son buenos a secas. Gears of War pero con un colega con más carisma.
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Publicado: 9 de abril de 2014
Le faltan pulir algunos detalles, en caso de que cambie de opinion lo sabrán, algo anticuado pero divertido, lástima de falta de logros y mas caracteristicas de Steam
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Publicado: 7 de abril de 2014
It's exactly what it looks like. A good idea that's been hammered and melded and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ized by the publisher to resemble the games that were all the rage in 2007. The cover based third person shooter. The modern military shooter. More zombies yay.

The thing is the concept alone was enough to bring this on a slightly higher level. It's a ♥♥♥♥ port, so that brings it back down.

Still, if you play and enjoy warframe, this should shed some light on quite a few things. After all, Warframe is the game Digital Extremes were trying to make when they made this one. I personally LOVE warframe, so seeing little recognizable things here and there keep me playing. It's--It's kinda like the videogame equivalent of Agents of Shield. It's the content you go to the movies for, but filered through layers upon layers of bureaucracy and rushed out the door... But the chunks of the cool stuff the creators wanted to create make the whole thing a bit more special.

What's the moral of the story? Publishers ruin everything.

tl;dr: If you like Warframe, play it. If you like Gears of War, play it. If you have a soft spot for the early last gen titles of 2007, which was arguably the golden year of that gen, give this a shot. If you're not tied to any of these, this game will do absolutely nothing for you.
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Publicado: 26 de noviembre de 2013
Interesting concept, but flawed game. It's not that is bad or anything. It's fun, but it could have been so much more than it is. The things that made this game "fail":
1-It tried to fit itself within the fads of it's time (AKA feel like a Gears of War knock-off) rather than try to have it's own thing.
2-The upgrade and weapon marketing system it's just there to make you look for bonus items and money, making the campaign a bit longer (hint: play the game only using the single handed guns, it plays waaay better)
3-Fighting the soldiers is more interesting than fighting the mutants, but in most of the time, you fight the mutants.
4-The campaing was too short (especially if you ignore the bonus hunting).
5-The story is a mess of events and characthers that you don't see most of it. Who is Yago, what's the beef with Nadia, what I did in the past that was so horrible and haunts me to this day? none of these are answered.
But, I still recommend it: tons o' fun, each single handed weapon (the pistol, the sub-machinegun, the revolver and the sawed-off shotgun) complety changes the way you aproach a level, and at many times, you'll feel like a boss when completing a mission. In short: this game coulda been awesome, but it's just... good.
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Publicado: 11 de diciembre de 2013
Personally, I enjoyed this game. The graphics, in my opinion, were relatively good, not very bad, though I tend not to be able to judge graphics very well, so, take that as you will. The enemy AI was relatively simple, typically they would just use cover, some would throw a grenade, some had shields and machetes so they would charge you, the AI overall wasnt too special, but not too bad in my opinion. The boss fights were all pretty simple, but still somewhat challenging, again, not too special, but not too bad. I found the glaive to be a fun and useful weapon throughout the entire game, being able to steer it mid-flight, throw it through fire, ice, or electricity to give it that element, and then explode that element if you wanted, and time your throws to do a power-throw, which did quadruple damage. The enemies were usually easy to deal with, except near the middle and end of the game, where there were a lot of them, doing a lot of damage, and taking a lot of damage. Though there were some problems with the resolution, which can be fixed through editing in the game's data, and a lot of issues with the controls, in some cases not even telling you how to exit a certain vehicle, *The key is X, by the way.* I still enjoyed this game overall. I got this game because of my interest in Warframe, and if you are interested in Warframe, or are just interested in Dark Sector itself, I recommend getting this game.
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Publicado: 23 de mayo de 2014
Warning! This game may contain Warframe aspects.

For your own risk, play this game.

P.S| You play First TENNO in this game.
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Publicado: 30 de marzo de 2014
Okay, i admit i haven't touched this game in a while but that is because i keep playing the MMO sequel (well the Devs did say that Hayden was the OG Tenno for that game.)
The game itself feels fluid in its movements and in my opinion has aged well.
The story is engaging to me as it has conspiracy written all over it where the protagonist is always caught in the middle, clawing his way out of the filth and lies.
The graphics are great and i simply fell in love with how the Glaive system works and seeing it slicing through your enemies is really satisfying to see.
I'm satisfied with the optimization options as well as the graphical setting options that it has, it is also a very interesting concept and take on the TPS genre.

Whether you pick it up on sale or in a bundle, its gonna be a fun ride. It is well worth the full retail price IMHO
8/10 Should play again.
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Publicado: 26 de julio de 2014
Dark Sector is from one of my favourite dev team, Digital Extremes (DE). Too bad I just recently played this game.
Well I didn't know anything about the game except the old trailers about a guy in a suit sabotaging a space station. Then they didn't annouce PC version just console one and I didn't bother to look after the game. Few weeks ago I played it and here's my opinion!
So the game changed so much since the old 2004 trailer but it's still a lot of fun. At first I didn't know what is this all about. Looked like a Metal Gear game but later it turned out to be a Resident Evil game. Especially simmilar to RE4. It's a standard 3rd person shooter game with over the shoulder view. The gameplay changes when you get the Technocyte virus and you gain access to the Glave. The Glave is a powerfull all purpose weapon you can throw and melee with. You can throw it into fire, ice barrels and electric boxes to steal thir effect. So you can electrocute,freeze, and ignite enemies. These elemental effects are also play big part in puzzles.
You have a pistol at first and a secoday weapon which you can pick up from fallen enemies. Later in the game you can find upgrade packs like +accuracy, +punch, double fire and so on. These upgrades are cool but you have limited slots for your weapons. The bad thing is that you can't buff your Glave and most of the time you only use the Glave not the secondaries. So my suggestion is to buy stuff for your pistols.
The enemy variaty is wide. You fight agains regular soldiers, shield guards, heavy soldiers and a large selection of infested citizens and soldiers.
The only big problem I have is the movement. It is really stiff. You can't jump, crouch and you can't turn or strafe while sprinting. Also the levels are stuffed with invisible walls and there are not many secrets. Other problem is the melee system. you can't move while doing it and you have to wait 'til the animation is finished. Also there is only one execution move / enemy. Also a little problem that you have one button for many things like melee/vault/action...
So yeah it's clearly a console game ported to the PC but at least we have it. The game lasts like 6 or 7 hours and has a lot of great moments. I recommend it when it's on sale.

  • Horror Scifi elements
  • The wepons are cool and the Glave has solid mechanics
  • Story is good but not rly original
  • Challenging situations
  • Wide enemy variety
  • Staight console port
  • Clunky controlls
  • Limited movement
  • Some minor bugs
  • Invisible walls
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Publicado: 8 de diciembre de 2013
For what it's worth, it's quite an enjoyable experience. Classic third-person linear action game, a-la Resident Evil 4. If you have it in your backlog, or got it from the bundle but never tried it, I highly recommend it. Not really worth purchasing full price, though.
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Publicado: 28 de abril de 2011
Análisis de preestreno
...Probably one of the most exciting singleplayer TPS, even with it's linear story and creepy setting. If you like fast-paced shooters with zombies, mutants, government soldiers in badass suits, big guns and robots - that's the game for you!
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Publicado: 15 de febrero de 2014
This game is surprisingly good. If you are a fan of Resident Evil 4 or 5, or a fan of Dead Space, then you will enjoy this game. Although it is a little rough around the edges, Dark Sector is a gem that is severely underrated.

Gameplay: The game plays like other third-person shooters. It is cover based, so you will spend most of the game with your back against a chest-high wall while bullets fly all over the place. The weapons are pretty standard fare; you have some pistols, submachine guns, and some assault rifles. As you progress, you can find upgrades hidden throughout the levels that will let you augment your weapons at the black market dealer, as well as purchase entirely new ones. The most unique feature of this game is the Glaive, which is more or less a frisbee made out of sharp blades. You gain access to it after the tutorial level, and throughout the game you will gain new abilities, such as guiding it in flight or having it conduct electricity or fire. Guiding the Glaive through the air and slicing into enemies is very, VERY rewarding. Boss fights often center around using the Glaive to exploit a weakness of your enemy. Also, the Glaive can be used to pick up enemy weapons and ammunition from a distance, which is rather nice. As far as exploration goes, the game is very linear, with some puzzle solving here and there.

Story: The story for this game is average, nothing out of the ordinary. You play as Hayden, a special agent who becomes infected with a virus that changes him into....well, you get the point, right? Your infection grants you superhuman abilities, and the Glaive as well. Aside from that, it's a decent storyline that gets the job done.

Graphics: This game looks rather nice, maybe a little dated now, though. The enemies look good, and the envirnments are rather appeasing as well.

Overall, this game is well worth the money. At only $10, it's a steal. If it goes on sale, then you should definitely think about purchasing it. However, you don't have to wait until it's on sale to buy it. If you want a game that is in the same field as games like Resident Evil, or Gears of War, then look no further. It also doesn't just copy and paste those games, but rather it goes in it's own direction.
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Publicado: 17 de noviembre de 2013
In my eyes this game is really underrated, a flawed piece of art. While it has quite some issues involving the PC port, some minor bugs here and there and the animations aren't quite there with some cutscenes, but HOLY ♥♥♥♥ING ♥♥♥♥ THE GAMEPLAY IS AWESOME!!!!

The story is really meh, it's all over the place, the writing isn't particulary good and the voice acting could be better. Basically you're this guy named Hayden who comes to this one place with a mission but before he manages to complete it, he gets infected and gains really awesome powers and you also have to stop this Mezner guy (who looks a lot like the main antagonist from Crash Bandicoot). Honestly this story looks like an excuse for you to be running around as a dude with really cool powers, but it doesn't really matter since YOU'RE A ♥♥♥♥ING DUDE RUNNING AROUND WITH REALLY COOL POWERS.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room when it comes to this game and that is the glaive. It's what defines this game as BADASS! As you progress, you get more and more powers involving your infection and some of them are for the glaive, you can throw the glaive around and control it in mid air to slice your enemies more precisely when it comes to the limbs and hear their screams of agony! You can also apply elements to it like fire, electricity and ice for some really satisfying results. While the special powers are cool, the guns themselves aren't particulary great, except for the shotgun and the revolver. Oh, and the boss fights are really good altought there are some that have attacks with insta-kills, which makes the fights a whole lot more intense but at times quite frustrating. Overall, I'd say this game is worth it.
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Publicado: 4 de abril de 2014
Great classic game. Good story and gameplay and it gives off a horror vibe like resident evil. i would recommend this to any resident evil fan who wants a good game to play
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