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Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, a covert operative sent on a dangerous mission into Lasria, an Eastern European city on the brink of ruin that hides a deadly Cold War secret. In the midst of this mission, Hayden is attacked by an unknown enemy and infected by the Technocyte Virus, a brutal bio-weapon that...
Release Date: Mar 23, 2009
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About the Game

Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, a covert operative sent on a dangerous mission into Lasria, an Eastern European city on the brink of ruin that hides a deadly Cold War secret. In the midst of this mission, Hayden is attacked by an unknown enemy and infected by the Technocyte Virus, a brutal bio-weapon that twists its victims into mindless killing machines. Surviving this attack, Hayden finds that the Technocyte virus has granted him powerful, inhuman abilities unlike anything he has ever seen. Now, he must evolve with his powers, survive and become a hero.
  • All new, all original action-shooter - Throughout the course of the game, players will witness Hayden's transformation into something more than he was as he fights against the Technocyte Virus taking over his body and the effects it has on his psyche.
  • Evolution powers - Hayden gains incredible superhuman powers - including the deadly, bladed glaive that he can grow from his arm and use and throw with deadly accuracy. Hayden will grow with these powers as they evolve and become more powerful throughout the game.
  • Cinematic and immersive experience - Through the use of no HUD, intuitive controls and a 3rd-person over the shoulder viewpoint everything about Dark Sector is designed with the goal of keeping the player immersed in the game.
  • Innovative multiplayer component - Dark Sector features an innovative and exciting multiplayer gameplay that will allow players to utilize the skills they have learned in the single-player game to excel in a competitive environment

System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista 32bit
    • Processor: Pentium® 4 2.4 GHz or similar Athlon® 64™
    • Memory: XP 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 6.5 GB Available
    • Video Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible, with shaders 3.0 support (nVidia GeForce 6600 or ATI X1300 or higher)
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • DirectX® Version: 9.0c
    • Controller support: XInput-controllers (Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller or Logitech Chillstream)
Helpful customer reviews
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1 review
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Interesting concept, but flawed game. It's not that is bad or anything. It's fun, but it could have been so much more than it is. The things that made this game "fail":
1-It tried to fit itself within the fads of it's time (AKA feel like a Gears of War knock-off) rather than try to have it's own thing.
2-The upgrade and weapon marketing system it's just there to make you look for bonus items and money, making the campaign a bit longer (hint: play the game only using the single handed guns, it plays waaay better)
3-Fighting the soldiers is more interesting than fighting the mutants, but in most of the time, you fight the mutants.
4-The campaing was too short (especially if you ignore the bonus hunting).
5-The story is a mess of events and characthers that you don't see.
But, I still recommend it: tons o' fun, each single handed weapon (the pistol, the sub-machinegun, the revolver and the sawed-off shotgun) complety changes the way you aproach a level, and at many times, you'll feel like a boss when completing a mission. In short: this game coulda been awesome, but it's just... good.
Posted: November 26th, 2013
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1 review
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Personally, I enjoyed this game. The graphics, in my opinion, were relatively good, not very bad, though I tend not to be able to judge graphics very well, so, take that as you will. The enemy AI was relatively simple, typically they would just use cover, some would throw a grenade, some had shields and machetes so they would charge you, the AI overall wasnt too special, but not too bad in my opinion. The boss fights were all pretty simple, but still somewhat challenging, again, not too special, but not too bad. I found the glaive to be a fun and useful weapon throughout the entire game, being able to steer it mid-flight, throw it through fire, ice, or electricity to give it that element, and then explode that element if you wanted, and time your throws to do a power-throw, which did quadruple damage. The enemies were usually easy to deal with, except near the middle and end of the game, where there were a lot of them, doing a lot of damage, and taking a lot of damage. Though there were some problems with the resolution, which can be fixed through editing in the game's data, and a lot of issues with the controls, in some cases not even telling you how to exit a certain vehicle, *The key is X, by the way.* I still enjoyed this game overall. I got this game because of my interest in Warframe, and if you are interested in Warframe, or are just interested in Dark Sector itself, I recommend getting this game.
Posted: December 11th, 2013
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For what it's worth, it's quite an enjoyable experience. Classic third-person linear action game, a-la Resident Evil 4. If you have it in your backlog, or got it from the bundle but never tried it, I highly recommend it. Not really worth purchasing full price, though.
Posted: December 8th, 2013
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In my eyes this game is really underrated, a flawed piece of art. While it has quite some issues involving the PC port, some minor bugs here and there and the animations aren't quite there with some cutscenes, but HOLY ♥♥♥♥ING ♥♥♥♥ THE GAMEPLAY IS AWESOME!!!! The story is really meh, it's all over the place, the writing isn't particulary good and the voice acting could be better. Basically you're this guy named Hayden who comes to this one place with a mission but before he manages to complete it, he gets infected and gains really awesome powers and you also have to stop this Mezner guy (who looks a lot like the main antagonist from Crash Bandicoot). Honestly this story looks like an excuse for you to be running around as a dude with really cool powers, but it doesn't really matter since YOU'RE A ♥♥♥♥ING DUDE WITH REALLY COOL POWERS, which brings us to the elephant in the room when it comes to this game and that is the glaive, it's what defines this game as BADASS! As you progress, you get more and more powers involving your infection and some of them are for the glaive, you can throw the glaive around and control it in mid air to slice your enemies more precisely when it comes to the limbs and hear their pain in agony! You can also apply elements to it like fire, electricity and ice for some really satisfying results. While the special powers are cool, the guns themselves aren't particulary great, except for the shotgun and the revolver. Oh, and the boss fights are really good altought there are some that have attacks with insta-kills, which makes the fights a whole lot more intense but at times quite frustrating. Overall, I'd say this game is worth it.
Posted: November 17th, 2013
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This game is surprisingly good. If you are a fan of Resident Evil 4 or 5, or a fan of Dead Space, then you will enjoy this game. Although it is a little rough around the edges, Dark Sector is a gem that is severely underrated.

Gameplay: The game plays like other third-person shooters. It is cover based, so you will spend most of the game with your back against a chest-high wall while bullets fly all over the place. The weapons are pretty standard fare; you have some pistols, submachine guns, and some assault rifles. As you progress, you can find upgrades hidden throughout the levels that will let you augment your weapons at the black market dealer, as well as purchase entirely new ones. The most unique feature of this game is the Glaive, which is more or less a frisbee made out of sharp blades. You gain access to it after the tutorial level, and throughout the game you will gain new abilities, such as guiding it in flight or having it conduct electricity or fire. Guiding the Glaive through the air and slicing into enemies is very, VERY rewarding. Boss fights often center around using the Glaive to exploit a weakness of your enemy. Also, the Glaive can be used to pick up enemy weapons and ammunition from a distance, which is rather nice. As far as exploration goes, the game is very linear, with some puzzle solving here and there.

Story: The story for this game is average, nothing out of the ordinary. You play as Hayden, a special agent who becomes infected with a virus that changes him into....well, you get the point, right? Your infection grants you superhuman abilities, and the Glaive as well. Aside from that, it's a decent storyline that gets the job done.

Graphics: This game looks rather nice, maybe a little dated now, though. The enemies look good, and the envirnments are rather appeasing as well.

Overall, this game is well worth the money. At only $10, it's a steal. If it goes on sale, then you should definitely think about purchasing it. However, you don't have to wait until it's on sale to buy it. If you want a game that is in the same field as games like Resident Evil, or Gears of War, then look no further. It also doesn't just copy and paste those games, but rather it goes in it's own direction.
Posted: February 15th, 2014
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