A fast Action RPG at its core, I Shall Remain combines role-playing elements with survival and strategic aspects, and creates a blend never before seen. Through complex, real-time character progression and RPG system, over a hundred abilities to learn and shape your experience, dozens of weapons and enhancers, thousands of Infected, over...
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Release Date: May 9, 2014

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“I Shall Remain Early Access focuses on obtaining valuable game related feedback on features and implementation, at the same time allowing us to move faster with the product development. We are confident we will provide a better and more engaging experience with the help of the community and that the game will improve it in ways we would not expect to do so otherwise.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game will be in Early Access for about 8-10 months, the plan is to release March-April 2015.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version of the game will have all the content in (20+ hours of game-play for a straight play-through, a lot more for the adventurous player) and all promised features. Also, depending on the feedback, we will add any of the features the community suggests as long as it improves the overall game experience.

Here there are details about planned content and ETA

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current state of the game is stable Alpha and very playable. There's around 20+ hrs of game time for a first play-through but since the game already supports partly randomized loot and multiple levels of difficulty, one can play it for longer. There's also the Survive! the night game type which can be played for a few good hours as well and allow people to fast track through the RPG system and Infected types.

The current version contains all features specified in the game description. We might not be using all to the full extent in the currently developed content but they are there nevertheless, testing and improving alongside all other game aspects.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“It's possible that the final version will have a higher price.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We are all ears to the community feedback on forums and emails, we are considering everything they have to say (already few of the features we are working on is feedback community members suggested or agreed as being helpful) about the current game content/features.”
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"Atmospheric Survival Action RPG in an alternative end of WW2 scenario. Fight and loot various enemies, scavenge ruins, gather a team - very good game!"

Recent updates View all (28)

April 7

I Shall Remain - Beta Update (

Our second update in Beta ( is here. This update focuses on balancing and fixes. Overall, every aspect of the game has been adjusted towards making I Shall Remain a pleasant experience for the casual player as well as for the more experienced ones. Following there's a list of the most important updates this release brings:

Key features:

- Weapon re-balanced
- Unique weapons have fixed levels
- Infected levels increased starting Bellevue map
- Camera controller smoothness adjusted (should work smoother for everybody)
- New perks for teammates added (Vagabond, Nurse, Watcher)
- Enhanced attack effects adjusted
- Two new infected mutations added (Pierce armor, Protector)


- Went through most of the quests, adjustments to dialogs/quest text and adjusted them to make more sense
- Adjusted weapons template, reduce the damage gap between them.
- Added new perks for Andrea, Tommy and Jim.
- Adjusted the default controller for less tearing (now it should work fine for everybody)
- Proper quest translation
- Two new infected mutations added (protector and pierce armor)
- Show a green border around equipped weapon in player HUD for weapons that can use enhanced attacks.
- Reduce the loot weapon chance for leaders from 25% to 15%.
- Do not show "SHIFT + LMB to quick dismantle item" message when in trade mode.
- Fixed "couldn't brake door with unarmed weapon" issue in Beth-Israel map
- Few more dialog lines and quests added
- Adjusted some of the doctrines and teammates abilities
- Reduced sleep experience to 5%.
- Critical hit bonus damage starts from 50% (it was 100%)
- Enhanced attack damage was reduced by 50%.
- Reduced the value for weapons instant kill bonus to 1% for rare weapons and 2% for elite weapons.
- Adjusted some enhanced attack effects.
- Adjusted experience gain by player on certain actions
- Leader mutation increase rate is half now
- Zombie mutation probabilities adjusted
- Adjust blood-serum conversion rate.
- Missing bed physics in Memorial Kettering-Sloan Center map
- Fix for panning camera while paused (in both controllers)
- Add "weapon ineffective" message when your attack has lower than 30% chance to hit.
- Reduce the experience gain from blood-serum and running.
- Prologue map adjusted
- Removed on storyboard entry in East Side Safe
- Adjustments to some of the dialogs
- Starting story map adjusted for missing tree physics
- Adjusted trainers quests after adding quest text corrections.
- Jim's perks give also serum when sleep more at least 8 hours.
- Removed 'equip_human_mr_helmet.mesh' from all maps where it shouldn't be present
- Added one more scavenge in cp1
- Reduced the influence of intelligence in extra experience bonus from actions.
- Adjusted enhanced attacks effects.
- Adjusted On Guard on Constantinople doctrine effects.
- Fixed "triggered doctrines doesn't work as it should" issue.
- Show detailed tooltip for available doctrines in player HUD.
- Adjusted hardcore tooltip to contain difficulty info.
- Added perk info in teammate icon tooltip in dialog window.
- Unique weapons have a fixed level now
- Take instant kill into account when calculating weapon damage for tooltip.
- Take inflict weakness into account when calculating weapon damage for tooltip.
- Make main character icon selected (looks selected) when begin a conversation (in some cases alpha was 0.5).
- Adjusted unique weapons.
- Reduced experience gain in combat by 10%.
- Hide tank info when we exit the game (if we are still in the tank when we exit)
- Bellevue metro station infected level increased (and from there on until game's end)
- Memorial Kettering-Sloan map doesn't use weather presets with sun shadows in them (one newer preset was used and it shouldn't). It should have better performance on weaker machines
- Julia has ammo for sale.
- Adjusted "The Philippine Insurrection" doctrine (reduce range bonus).
- Do not show lines with teammates prerequisites if they are fainted.
- Changed Recruit button position
- Fixed a crash with the second controller when teammates fainted
- Mutations pierce armor/protector are now inherited correctly
- Added "Finish the game without using unique weapons" achievement.

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March 26

I Shall Remain - Beta Update (

Our First Update in Beta ( is here. For the past 10 days we have been focused on fixing most of the functional issues people encountered while playing the game. Key fixes/features follow:

- Game time is recorded now (shown in the player's tooltip in main HUD). The game now keeps track of your overall play time since starting a new game.
- Map entry direction has been corrected, camera will always face away the map entrance
- Camera tearing issue has been given another go at, it should play smoother for everybody. Combine with VSync also. (all other smoothness parameters functionality has been removed)
- Teammates follow you when you are far even if they have been given the Stop command
- Teammates won't trigger barrels now, this should make it less frustrating for people which have had issues with it in the past
- Teammates attack range is now optimal and they will be more proficient in killing infected
- Halflings running speed increased 2 times which makes them more dangerous
- MenKiller and Weaken infected status added. We know now which individual infected killed any men from your team and which of them have been weaken by your attacks.

List of changes

- The game time is recorded now so you will always know how much you've played since you started a new game (it is shown in the player tooltip in HUD)
- Camera rotates in the direction away from the entrance when we enter a new scene (fixed the issue with returning back to the scene after you entered a new one)
- Barrels are not taken into account now when teammates are shooting (so there should be no issues of teammates hitting the barrels and kill you)
- Adjustments to have the teammates work fine on Engage command (they don't get stuck anymore)
- Teammates now shoot towards enemies even if you are in between them (they won't take the main character into consideration)
- Fixed the issue with the teammates shooting while invisible (in some places, hidden teammates will still shot enemies)
- Teammates are healed when you sleep
- Halflings running speed increased 2 times, this will make them more agressive, you will not be able to escape them anymore by running
- Both controllers have a new method of camera movement with less tearing. Combine this with VSync to get smoother camera movement
- Mines/grenades and exploding barrels make noise and attack infected now
- Get more experience in Charisma from trading.
- Fix issues related with optimal distance from ranged weapons.
- Reveal map on Tommy makes it half transparent and differentiates between places you've been and places Tommy unraveled for you. Same thing applies to Safe maps since they are by default revealed.
- Fixes to Staten Island aberrations map
- if you get 30 units away from a teammate that has the hold command, he will come after you in regroup mode
- Added the aberration text
- Reduced the bonus chance for leaders to drop non-weapon/non-weapon enhancer loot from +50% to +20%.
- Fixed the crash when teammates has no weapon equipped and open character/doctrines window.
- Fix for properly spawning the radio when entering Staten Island bunker
- Fixed wrong physics Staten Island map
- Missing Chain aberration letter added
- Increase stamina cost for enhanced attacks.
- Decrease unique shotgun characteristics.
- Add extra health to 20+ infected.
- We do not apply loot bonus in case of loot weapons now
- Adjust De Rossi's attack speed to have proper attacks
- Adjust Mule advanced doctrine
- Add feedback for converted blood to serum (flying text is shown now when we pick it up)
- When sleeping add the bonus exp hours on top of existing ones.
- Correction when deciding when teammates have access to first ability.
- Function to get optimal range for ranged weapons added
- Fix with lockers being initialized properly
- Teammates attack infected from optimal range now instead of range
- Fix crash when trying to set achievement for teammates learning second ability without steam client active.
- physics fix in Lower Manhattan map
- Holland Sewer map adjusted and made more dangerous
- Take into account teammates when recording last weapon that hit an enemy now
- Holland Sewer map adjusted in an attempt to fix a crash which sometimes happened when we got to a certain place on the map
- Right mouse click cannot bind to other actions from Redefine Key section.
- Look in teammates inventory for "have weapon type" quest condition.
- Adjust some of the trainers quests.
- More beds added to bh1, ei2, jcmc2 and mskc1
- Man killer and weakness visual images support added
- Invalid units will get removed from minimap/map
- Add info regarding scraps in player HUD.
- Fix some issues regarding sleep bonus experience and sleep UI controls.
- One more map taken into account for the associated music packs
- Fixed an array of issues (if they were present, might be some singular stuff that happens in Holland Sewer) with spawners too close to the margin of the path map
- Fix for resetting command for teammates that are not under your control
- Sleep time max hours is now 12 and edit is read only.
- Unique weapons cannot be quickly dismantled
- Weak enemies can't run now
- In Newport Shelter CJ carry container has been moved outside map boundaries (it shouldn't be visible on map/minimap)
- Wrong scavenge place in jcmc2 fixed
- Change the font in options window.
- Fixed exiting tank while shooting remain shooting
- Fixed collision in tank Alphabet City scene
- AI planner doesn't update when teammates are fainted now
- Fainting animation now starts normally, no fading with the prev animation
- Adjust perks names and add bonus to avoid explosives to Sapper perk.
- Add info about weaken and menkiller infected status.
- Survive map adjusted, grass added
- Fixed an issue with zombies running on weak
- Adjust enhanced attack additional costs to weapon level.
- On hardcore die delete files before dead player state appear (to prevent Alt+F4 exploit).
- Items noise level setup again (all weapons and explosives)
- Noise is generated now on explosives as well (mines, grenades, barrels)
- Removed the smoothness ini parameters support (they are still in the ini files but they are not used anymore)
- Properly update teammates health and experience bar in player HUD (fixed the issue where the health UI bar wasn't showing what the teammates numbers were showing)
- Correction in Intro discussion text.
- Fix "melee attack type weapon enhancers doesn't apply to unarmed weapons" issue.
- SPEED console command added (this allows testing the maps very quickly since the movement speed of the player increases 10 times)
- We do not create inventory tooltip for non squad teammates starting now (this might be the case for a crash we hope it will fix)
- F2 enabled for the second controller as well

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Welcome to I Shall Remain!

First of all, thank you for showing interest in I Shall Remain. Don't hesitate to get involved and support the development if the game sparks your interest. Moreover, by choosing to support I Shall Remain in Early Access, you give us the chance to make it the game you want it to be.

Thank you and welcome to I Shall Remain!

I Shall Remain - Complete Soundtrack

Because of the appreciation our game soundtrack has been receiving, we decided to make it public. Enjoy!

About This Game

A fast Action RPG at its core, I Shall Remain combines role-playing elements with survival and strategic aspects, and creates a blend never before seen. Through complex, real-time character progression and RPG system, over a hundred abilities to learn and shape your experience, dozens of weapons and enhancers, thousands of Infected, over twenty mutations, tens of NPCs and teammates, within a twenty hour long story campaign, ISR offers plenty for everybody.

I Shall Remain is a Post Apocalyptic Action Role-Playing game with survival aspects. Set in an alternate history at the end of the Second World War, when Nazis managed to release a deadly virus over US territory, the game tells the story of two brothers and their intricate relation with the apocalyptic world that emerges in the wake of the disastrous Z0M81 pandemic.

Discover the truth about the infection and decide the future of the human race. Experience the story-driven, immersive gameplay enhanced by a dynamic real-time day-night system and the mood affecting weather system. You get to share your journey with as many as 7 other AI controlled teammates, each with their own story to tell, encounter multiple NPCs, traders and trainers and thousands Infected that you'll have to battle using over 30 weapons, from baseball bats to automatic machine guns and flame throwers and, from time to time, even tanks.

Weapons - The weapons in I Shall Remain are grouped in categories. We have melee weapons (knives, baseball bats, planks, crowbars), small weapons (pistols, submachie guns), rifles (shotguns, different kinds of rifles) and heavy ones (heavy machine guns, flamethrower, bazooka). The total number of weapons is over 30 with each weapon having at least 4 levels of configuration each level giving you different effects the weapon can have over the enemies and yourself when used or equipped. Ammo can as well be imbued with serum for additional damage.

Throwables - Aside weapons the player can throw grenades and plant mines for infected to step on and explode.

Pickables and explosives - The player can also pickup certain objects like barrels, crates and even other NPCs to carry and help. Some of the objects while not necessarily pick-able (some barrels are both packable and explosive) can be shot and they will explode allowing you to kill lots of infected without using resources. while others can be used to barricade yourself in small confined spaces.

Controllables - From time to time the game offers the player the possibility to enter tanks or other vehicles and use their weapons to defend himself or a larger area. Is up to the player to decide whether to use them or not and for how long.

Buildings - Many unique buildings throughout the city to explore, each you can use differently, find cover in or loot. There's a level of risk associated with entering an unknown building as well so you should be careful when doing so.

Character progression - In I Shall Remain the player gains experience as a result of taking actions. Each action in game, whether is shooting a monster, repairing a weapon or simply running will award the player with experience points in attributes and skills. The way you play the game will define what kind of character you are.

Doctrines - In I Shall Remain doctrines enable your character to improve your attributes and skills or give you new abilities. Each doctrine could be upgraded each upgrade increasing doctrine’s effects or even add new ones. Currently there are up to 128 doctrines in the game.

Economy - Serum is the center pylon of the game economy system and the exchange currency. Within the game there are various traders that you can interact with by selling or buying items such as weapons, doctrines, medical kits, water, ammunition, scraps, ammo and lantern batteries. Certain traders will also offer you special kind of services (buy ammo, increase your skills level or advance skill ranks).

Quests - Like mostly everything in I Shall Remain, quests tend to resemble real-life scenarios thus everything is in to serve the purpose of the world and the story. That being said, most quests in I Shall Remain are story related but perhaps as much as 50% don’t relate to the main story branch. That's why, defining detailed side quests and stories became an important tool for us to allow the player to immerse himself into the game world and make it more believable.

Dialogs - The Discussion/dialog system in I Shall Remain is fully dependent on your choice thus drastically shaping the way your experience develops. Whole side story branches might never be touched if the player chooses not to.

Infection - The Virus is actually the main villain in the game. Everything happens because of it and you will have to deal with it on a daily basis. You cannot cure it but you can always reduce it so it won’t affect your skills and your character performance. For that not to happen though, you will always need to have a steady flow of Serum.

Tiredness - Tiredness determines how much fatigue your character gathered, increased levels of tiredness affecting your health and stamina regeneration rate as well as your chances of aiming correctly. Make sure you always take time to regularly rest inside a building out of any outside influence the weather being the main factor for it.

Scavenging - Throughout the game there are hundreds of places you can scavenge for resources, you just have to find those places and take the time to actually run the scavenge operation.

Repairing - Every weapon in the game has a wearing off factor which determines how much you can actually use it until it breaks. There’s multiple ways of repairing your weapon, from doing it yourself using scraps or breaking other weapons to having a teammate do it for you or just get it to an NPC somewhere in the city to repair it.

Teaming up - There are as many as 7 special Teammates you can take with you in your journey. Playing alone is always fun and rewarding but playing with teammates will give you a different experience altogether. Manage them, give them weapons, increase their stats and choose their path. Is all up to you on what kind of team you will lead.

Senses - There's a certain threshold under which each infected type will not sense you. Walking will make you silent, using melee weapons instead of shooting ones will do it as well.

System Requirements

    • OS: XP
    • Processor: Intel one core 2.4 Ghz or similar
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 8600 or similar AMD card with support for 2.x shader profile (old Intel integrated cards may not work)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: any sound card with 3D support
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel two cores, 3.2 Ghz or similar
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia 9600 or similar AMD card with support for 3.0 shader profile (old Intel integrated cards may not work)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: any sound card with 3D support
Helpful customer reviews
31 of 32 people (97%) found this review helpful
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85.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
Early Access Review
I'll update this review later, I just wanted to give a sense of what this game is like.

1) Imagine a game that plays from a similar point of view as Nation Red with similar quality of graphics. Basically, it is a third person action, with 3 levels zoom in and out.
2) The game is pausable real-time. This allows you to pause the game at any time to check your inventory, your map, quest logs, Infected Monster Entries, Journal entries for tips on how to play or books you read or dialogs you have had which are recorded. You can review your Character Page with Attributes and derived skills, Your Doctrines aka Training etc.
3) Now Imagine that the game also includes a vast action RPG system that is similar to Fallout 1 and 2 or Arcanum's system but for this WW2 meets the Infected Apocalypse setting in NYC.
4) You increase your attributes like Strength or Accuracy and your derived skills such as Unarmed or Rifle skill through USAGE of that skill. Want to shoot pistols better, shoot them a lot. This will improve things such as Pistol skill and likewise related attribute of accuracy. It is all clearly explained with all the detail you need by browsing the various menus either via mouseovers while paused or a click on something for more info. Also explained in a narrative form in the Journal of C.J. that is provided in-game.

So what you have is an action RPG with the depth of Fallout Series with the perspective and look of Nation Red creating a deep game that feels much like a Post Apocalyptic Zombie Story. It's a bit like Dead Island/Diablo/Baldur's Gate with a skill system that feels like Arcanum/Fallout. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, well I don't know what will.

Now, there are all sorts of loot as well in this game. Sure you have the usual clubs, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, submachineguns, machine guns, flamethrowers, grenades, placeable mines, flares, carbines, rifles of WW2 type vintage but also each may have one to several modifications on it when it is found. In addition, you may find enhancement modification kits for them, then you can also enhance things with serum etc. It's as if Titan Quest or Diablo mods had gone WW2 on you, and runes had become kits. In other words, it's fun to explore and fight if only for loot. Areas eventually do respawn, the longer you are away from a map, the more likely and numerous the respawns. Meanwhile you have quests, safe areas that act as towns in fantasy rpgs, etc.

Balance is really well achieved. The currency is serum. Serum allows you to nullify for a time the bad effects of infection, but it does not cure it. Each time you take serum you will need more vials of it to push back the raging infection in you. Infection levels have detrimental effects and full infection leads to death. So serum is precious. You can sell and buy for serum. There are also scraps. Scraps allow you to repair items yourself, but you can also pay repairers to repair with serum or purchase or find repair kits. Likewise for infection you may find Infection Kits, but those are more rare. As mentioned, there are also Enhancement Kits as part of loot, these modify weapons with certain requirements and a scraps requirement, but then they act like runes in Diablo enhancing your current weapons by simply dragging the Enhancement Kit onto the qualified weapon. Loot therefore is precious in a multitude of ways and can serve many needs. Sell for serum as currency or to fight off your infection. Get serum by killing infected aka mutants/zombies all of which may have different mutations and traits as well as basic traits due to type of mutant, and there are many base types already. Batteries keep your flashlight juiced, and it can get very dark. Want to stay fresh, then don't get Tired or Fatigued by staying near campfires (barrels with fire to heat you up), or get into a fully covered building and get out of the elements for even quicker recovery. Any type of fatigue, stamina effect to aiming etc, it's all in there. It's all something to consider. Need more scraps, break down a weapon and scavenge its scraps to fix another you prefer, or if you can get to a trader perhaps you prefer to sell it for serum, then use the serum to pay the trader to repair the weapon -- but then don't expect your Mechanical skill for repair to raise as well. Decisions, decisions.

Again, you raise skills and related attributes by USAGE. You TRAIN in DOCTRINES to enhance related abilities in those skillsets and attributes, which you qualify for by meeting certain attribute and skill combinations. It seems at first a little confusing, but just remember -- if you USE the weapons or RUN AROUND a lot, you will expect to soon be able to train related Doctrines, while also improving your related skills and attributes. It's more Skyrim than Oblivion. What you do alot creates your effective class, but there are no classes per se -- it all depends on how you play that character.

Different weapons have different base ranges and attack speed, they have different durability, etc. It's all there as you would expect, want, and hope.

Besides the Campaign mode, there is the Prologue which serves as a Tutorial, and there is Survival Mode. I have to say I enjoy Survival Mode a great deal as well. It's basically Nation Red with the above described random loot and skill development. Want to simply fight an RPG arcade mode fighting wave after wave ... I used to call this Hassle-Mode, but the beauty of it is there is no hassle RPGing ... you simply don't worry about the story but otherwise it's Nation Red with RPG and loot. So quick action fun is there and you also get to explore quickly the various doctrines and styles of play.

Ok, so the game is definitely at the level of most Betas -- it is playable and enjoyable, more polished than most, but it still has some minor bugs and is undergoing a lot of polish and development. It was fun already back in September. It's only better now and getting better.

What are the biggest weaknesses? Well, the main character may seem a bit drab looking, the rest looks good. It plays fast even on medium/high settings of a mere Intel HD 2500 gpu ... yes that's right, your heard me right. NO FRAMERATE ISSUES on that or better, period. The range of view is a bit claustrophobic, but it makes exploring very exciting. Most weapons are simply expected to be used within 20 meters or less -- often within 10 meters. But that makes it more Diablo 2 like and adds to the chance of being surrounded, so you have to stay aware tactically. Music is good, gameplay is addictive. Combat is not quite as visceral with impact as Nation Red, but there is a ton more variety to what you experience. I suppose it might be described as Fallout Tactics meets Nation Red with a story to boot.

Highly recommended especially given the sales prices such as during this 2014 Steam Winter Sale. The game is going to take at least 35 plus hours to complete one time, but you can play it so many ways and then there is survival mode. Finally, this is a newish developer trying to make a larger, unique, breakout game for the company. They are very involved on the forums, knowledgeable, caring, and quick to answer often in a few hours, but always in a couple of days if they can. They also seem very organized and thoughtful in what they have tried to do. They don't seem to fall behind schedule. Perhaps some of you, like me, remember the frequent missteps of companies like Troika. They made great games at least in terms of the many systems and concepts, but they constantly fell behind the contracted deadlines. The reason was they could not accurately estimate how much time the various concepts would take to implement and when to stop adding features -- publisher/money issues or not. Scorpius Games KNOWS HOW to MANAGE DEVELOPMENT.
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73.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 24
Early Access Review
As I got through the game enough, it's time for a review!
"Do you recommend this game?" What is this? Of course I would recommend this game even if it's an early access game.
It has zombies and it has progressive leveling; no shooting with a pistol and increase rifle skill when you level up, post-apocalyptic scenario, but these are personal favorites so here are more reasons:
- Great atmosphere which can be modified with the sepia tone option. One of the few games that can make me live in the skin of my character!
- Lovely complexity when it comes to game mechanics.
- You can kill zombies with weapons ranging from bare fist to sniper rifles.
- You can rush in zombies at lower difficulty levels, but also requires some micro management when it comes to harder settings.
- Doctrines as bonuses to your combat abilities, but these aren't free.
- You can play solo or grab yourself some team mates; it's totally up to you.
- Intriguing story! Really makes me read all the dialogue lines. :D
- Incredible music offered for free to the community not via a DLC as fashion dictates.
- Not a fan of AAA games so graphics aren't that important, but this one has a plus when it comes to it!
- Constant updates with extra story and a lot of bug fixes.
- Development team is active and answers any question so you won't feel alone in the field.

With all this said, I would give this game a 9/10 as there's a lot of work and balancing to be done, but I'm sure all of these issues will be fixed in due time.
Keep up the good work, guys!

This is for now, but will update this review when needed!
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
88.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 24, 2014
Early Access Review
I purchased the early access version of this game on sale from Humble Bundle and was pleasantly surprised by the current quality of an "alpha" game. First, the atmosphere is superb. At times desolate and claustrophobic, the levels demonstrate a nice variety with logical obstacles rather than invisible walls, and the sepia option (which is adjustable) adds to the period feel. Special mention should be made of the score: though at the moment the tracks are limited, the music is somber and beautiful.

In terms of gameplay, ISR includes RPG elements and a degree of character customization where your levels increase based in part on what weapons you favor or activities you perform. You can find, learn or purchase additional skills for further specialization. While each NPC teammate specializes in a particular skill or weapon class their specific attributes (endurance, strength, accuracy, weapons proficiency, healing, etc) can be developed as the player chooses.

Combat features an impressive variety of enemies, each susceptible or resistant to certain types of weapons. In addition to firearms and melee weapons you can use grenades, landmines or exploding barrels to effect more strategic kills. There is a significant survival aspect involved as well, since in addition to health you must also manage three factors: tiredness, stamina and infection. If these are neglected for too long running, wielding heavy weapons and environmental factors such as cold and rain will slowly reduce your efficiency in combat and ability to regenerate health and stamina. "Infection" measures the amount of virus in your bloodstream (which increased with time or from attacks by certain enemies) and can eventually result in death. This is mitigated by the use of serum derived from zombies, which provides rare justification for whaling on infectious post-humans with a piece of wood.

Unusually, though the game does feature weapons durability it also allows you the option to break other weapons for parts. These parts can in turn be used to repair or reinforce higher-level weapons, which can be further enhanced with serum to increase the efficacy. Also there are flamethrowers.

As of mid-November of 2014 the only major issue is that the Survive! option, where one has a limited amount of time to prepare for zombie attacks before trying to survive the night, is prone to crashing. However, the developers are extremely active and this problem is being worked on.

This is an interesting little game with a lot of promise and a slowly unraveling story that, though clearly demonstrating the stresses of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world right on the heels of WWII, tends towards a somewhat more optimistic and cooperative view of human nature than the typical spate of Walking Dead/28 Days Later-type fare. While it has a ways to go, fans of the genre and those who appreciate the ability to shape their character to suit their playstyle should check it out.

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7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2014
Early Access Review
Note: This game is Early Access yet works perfectly at this point.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this.

This game has everything that I like - exploration, survival, action, role-playing, interesting story, a sense of strategy to the battle elements, randomized loot and boss battles (lots of holy ♥♥♥♥! moments), all in a really seamless blend. And probably the most important aspect - it has replayability value. It's a unique take on something that's been done so many times before and that goes to show that the developers are dedicated and passionate about what they do. They've tried to find their own niche and so far, they're doing a great job.

Buying a game during development is a risky thing, so the main reason for me being so happy about this is probably because I don't feel cheated whatsoever. It's a great game, its development is moving forward and the developers are dedicated.
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Posted: January 4
Early Access Review
this is a rock solid game. the enviornment is good. the story is good. they portray a good sense of desperation some zombie games don't achive. i really enjoy my fist few hours and dont want to stop playing. the bugs are kind of annoying but obviously it is early access and it will have bugs. i would recommend the game in its state. but if you want to wait for a more polished game that is understandable but the bugs are not that bad. this is a good game and a little more polishing i think this could be a great game. a simular game that i think this beats is how to survive.


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Posted: March 29
Early Access Review
It's a fun and addictive game. Looting and leveling up feels rewarding. The gameplay is good and I like the WW2 zombie setting.

Pro-tip: Mute the in-game music and listen to the Fallout 1 + 2 soundtrack while playing this game. Fits really well :)
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Posted: March 15
Early Access Review
I Shall Remain is great fun. It's full of RPG goodness with a rainy, gritty atmosphere.
Defintely worth the price.
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Posted: January 14
Early Access Review
I know this game is only in early access but I still find this worth giving a review (which it is very rare I do a review for a game on steam)

Is this open world? No, but it is partly open world
Does this game have online co-op? No, but it is just early access and the devs have said that once they got most of the stuff for the single player out of the way, they may start work on an Online mode.
Does this game have ♥♥♥♥♥ devs who don't get along with those who buy their game? No they are really nice guys to know and guess what it's only 3 of them who work on ISR!

I wouldn't let that fact it is not fully open world stop you from buying it, ISR is a very fun game, and the devs of it are some of the nicest guys ever. I've seen at lest one of them reply in every single discussion todate. Hell I even ended up in a nice little chat with them when I linked them a pic of my first version of the unique gun Unbreakable.

And to add even more to how nice they are. Due to how active I am in their discussion and how helpful I've been with suggesting ideas for ISR they added recently have added or will be adding in the next update a unique Iron Pipe called Nightshade which they have said is based off one of my past steam names Nightshade (Don't believe me? Check out the discussion I started in the Suggestions and improvements secton of the ISR discussions) P.S they recently changed it to from a iron pipe to a flamethower

Another user I know called Steve Blanner also had this happen to him where the devs have added a unique small machine gun (more commenly know to us as SMGS) called Steve Blanner's Repeater. Which I have the link of Steve's gun within the game https://www.dropbox.com/s/ht4l208jw717fhh/Zombie01142015_133528849.jpg?dl=0

As for the gameplay? Well if you've come looking for bugs, this is not the place for you as I've not had any gamebreaking bugs that stop me from doing parts of the story, only the old one or two bugs that caused me to miss out on a item but nothing that stopped me from doing the story.

There is also a large choice of weapons to pick from and doing pretty much anything including walking and running can level you up.

As for the weapons don't expect anything like lazer guns or like a small lazer dagger as the game is set in WWII time so all the weapons will be WWII ones till the devs say otherwise (but we do have flamethowers and I think soon a WWII RPG)

The controls are easy to use and get used to, that I don't even see why you would want to ask for controller support for ISR as the game is pretty much made for keyboard and mouse.

Oh and unlike most devs the guys who work on ISR never just shoot your idea down the second you post it instead they say it may not fit well into the story or time of ISR but they never say they can't do it, hell sometimes they even think about your suggestion for the game and then come up with way they could add it to the game in a way that it would fit well into ISR

That is all I can say about the game (for now) but I will say this, you should really support this game and it's devs as they have my full support for 2 reasons.

1: It's only 3 people working on this game which I find very fun to play

2: As I've already said those 3 people working on this game are most nicest devs I've ever come across

So come on, what you waiting for? Support ISR as I for one want to see this game become a huge hit!

And I forgot to add one last thing

ISR runs so smooth it looks like you're playing a game that isn't even in alpha or beta but as if its a already be released as a full working game already. I've never had so much fun playing a Early Access game before
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Posted: March 18
Early Access Review
Highly entertaining game for the amount of money it costs. The Dev's work is definitely paying off for those of us that have been smart enough to buy this title and there is no reason why anyone else who hasn't as of yet, not do so. 5/5 for me.
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Posted: March 31
Early Access Review
Good game , Has a great Diablo 2 like feeling . I love the item pump-up system .
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Posted: April 22
Early Access Review
It's like Diablo/Torchlight2 in zombie apocalypse world

9/10 for me
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Posted: May 9, 2014
Early Access Review
Well...I'm really enjoying it at the moment. Imagine something like Zombie Shooter mixed with Project Zomboid in a way. You move around a city, collecting quests and loot and you're surviving against the undead. I've come across 8 different types as well as bosses [which actually feel like bosses]. The loot system is great [imagine Diablo with more of a weapon variety including Handguns and Shotguns] and I'm liking the chracter progression [level up and you choose the equivalent of perks to add to your skill-set]. There's also a noise system in the sense that if you fire a gun, they all know where to come to munch on you. You can stealth around them but the loss of XP is just too much for me to do that.
There's things I'd like to see though. Possibly some character creation or at least some customization with different armour/gear sets.
I also think this would be insanely good as a co-op/Multi-player game.

There's no many bugs as of yet. I've seen enemies clip through terrain and even get stuck within walls but nothing game-breaking as of yet. Also some of the animations are really clunky [especially the attack animations] and I've also found that when I go onto the screen to create a profile and then back out, the interface crashes and I have to restart.

All in all, I think this is a pretty solid alpha and I can see this being quite good with some work. I'm looking forward to the updates ^_^
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Posted: May 12, 2014
Early Access Review
Fantastic game! I thought it will be just another fun action Diablo-ish version of a game set in a post apocalyptic setting. Boy was I wrong! I found beneath all of this a very complex RPG system. With a lot of statistics, skills, doctrines and a very interesting game play. I love the play style of older games like Gothic, Fallout or Baldur’s Gate where you are rewarded for exploring. In I shall Remain this is wonderfully done by balancing this exploration feeling with the treasures and dangers of the unknown world. It always feels like an adventure to explore some new building or new map never knowing what you may encounter. Also the great ambiance and atmosphere provided by the music and art style augment this feeling. I also like the mechanics in the game, the scavenge, night-day, stamina and infested state are greatly enhancing the atmosphere and are very well integrated in the story and the survival feeling that you have when playing. I’m having a blast with this game so far and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good thrill but also for those searching for a game with a little more depth!
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Posted: October 31, 2014
Early Access Review
This is one of the best early access games I have purchased, right up there with Divinity Original Sin and Grim Dawn in terms of how much I enjoy it. I am very happy that I bought this game.

The game is a story-focused ARPG zombie survival game set in 1945. It also has a non-story based survival mode that I have not played yet. The gameplay is somewhat similar to State of Decay, minus vehicles, but actually smoother and more polished in this "alpha" state. Also there is an interesting twist in that your protagonist is infected and periodically needs serum to control the disease. The graphics are very nice. The game runs with no glitching or framerate choppiness.

I have not played enough to experience every aspect of the game, but so far I give it a 9/10. Now I am going to play it some more.
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Posted: May 11, 2014
Early Access Review
I highly recomend this game. Great looting system. Don't do what I did on my first playthrough of Episode 1 and use only guns. You waste ammo FAST and cant kill the bosses with close range weapons. I'm waiting for Darkwood which I belive is a similar game.

I only have one problem. I think my serum is bugged because it keeps going down even if I dont take it, causing me to become infected with out it. Unless loosing it is part of the game, the devs might want to fix that or explain that.
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Posted: May 11, 2014
Early Access Review
Picked this up on a whim, and it's really a lot of fun. I give it a pass for some of the 'alpha' issues, but I can see that there's a lot of variety in the gameplay.

I know it's lame to simply refer to games as 'a mix of' some other games, but I'll do it anyway. It reminds me quite a bit of Diablo + The Secret World + Zombie Shooter.

I can tell that the creators are very determined to put out a great product, and that is always the most important thing with these Early Access games. I'm going to keep playing this and look forward to seeing more.
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Posted: November 7, 2014
Early Access Review
"I Shall Remain" is an ARPG set in an alternate timeline, specifically at the end of WWII. Only in this universe, the Nazis managed to unleash a deadly virus over US territory. As a survivor, your goal will be to fight zombies, scavenge, gather allies...you know, all the stuff you'd expect to do during a zombie apocalypse. It has a lot going for it, what with character progression, inventory management, quests, and an economy that stresses the serum you'll need to keep from turning yourself. While the game is still under development and has some bugs, it's thoroughly enjoyable as-is (motion blur is my biggest complaint as there's no option to turn it off). I can safely recommend this one, especially if you enjoy survival games and ARPGs.

UPDATE: A dev informed me that you can disable motion blur by setting "post processing" to "medium". Those who are motion sickness prone can now rejoice!



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Posted: November 19, 2014
Early Access Review
To all of my viewers: Buy it now... Oak's Quick Look video at the bottom of this review.

This game is a great example of Early Access games. Low price point. Very playable game. Plenty of content. Clear vision. Thoughtful dev team.

Most important factor: The game is fun and the mechanics are smooth. It’s not easy to combine multiple genres of games and come out with something that is isn’t confusing to the senses. I didn’t feel like I was playing a roguelike one minute, an RPG the next, a Strategy the next, an Adventure the next and an ARPG the next. Each time the mode of the gameplay changed ever so slightly, it was always appropriate to the situation in the game. Because of this, the game moved along fluently and without breaking immersion. The story held tight as a result.

Strong points of the game that made me enjoy my time:

• It’s a survival game with varying loot drops, like common, uncommon, etc. Those who are loot mongers like me and enjoy the loot variations of Diablo, Borderlands and Zigfrak will enjoy that fact immensely.
• The camera swings easily, the shots are true, and the interaction is spot-on.
• Great atmosphere from the wonderfully-appropriate music and sound effects right down to the creepy shadows that hide zombies and dirty look of the screen (which is indeed adjustable to your liking by the way). When you’re outside, it feels like it. When you are inside, the confinement adds to the claustrophobic life or death situation you are in.
• The gun reticule is appropriate to the gun you are using. If you’re using a pistol, the reticule is closer to your character; use a rifle and you get a longer aiming reticule and better accuracy. A great way to simulate aim difference in a top-down game.
• You can go it alone or bring in survivors to your fold and form a squad. You can then interact with the survivors in your squad much like Baldur’s Gate, Might and Magic, etc., by transferring items, sharing the carry load, specializing each member in ranged or melee, completely separate skill trees and so on. I highly suggest creating a squad. It really adds to the game play.
• An intense and well-written story that is gritty, but not too over-the-top set just after WW2 in New York. You consistently have a sense of purpose in the game. I was very surprised by the research the dev team put into character names. One such name is described in my Quick Look vid.
• There isn’t a CHANCE that you will get infected. You ARE infected and have to manage that by gathering a serum to keep your infection at bay. This same serum is used as currency to barter with NPCs for upgrades and supplies. There are consequences to your actions here.
• I can’t fall down open sewer grates to my death. The character stops at the edge. +1
• You are rewarded for exploring. I went off the beaten path a few times and was rewarded with a loot container. When you loot a container or object, there is a chance you will fail. There is a progress bar that counts down as you hold your spacebar to simulate time taken to loot. If you fail your attempt, you may loot again, but it takes longer each time afterward. This really adds to the “Oh Crap” factor when zombies are nearby. Loved it.
• When you are outside, you start incurring a tiredness penalty. The more tired you are, the slower your health and stamina regenerates. Nice touch. You can rest up in clearly marked buildings on the map (and mini-map) by going inside and getting out of the weather.
• There are varying mobs. Such as common, elite, boss, etc. Each tougher mob drops appropriate loot. And, you have a proficiency level in your stats that gives you a BONUS when killing each mob type after you have leveled up your kill count with that particular mob. Very, very cool.

There are more, but some are surprises that I don’t want to spoil.

What I didn’t like about the game:

The fact that the text sometimes auto-scrolls and I missed some of the story. I was quickly contacted by the dev after my review vid and told that I could have just paused the game. Very true and that wiped out the only thing I didn’t like.

All in all, I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a survival experience with good atmosphere, story and mechanics. This game is well put together. Here’s the kicker: At the time of this review, it was still in Early Access. Very impressive and very exciting for us. :) I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this game.

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Posted: May 12, 2014
Early Access Review
Well, played it and loved it. It has a different viewpoint from the other zombie games, also the story is nice and the music, special effects really keep up with the mood, very atmospheric. The inventory system, the journals, the dark vintage '40s set, the rain, etc. are nicely done, the shortcuts are at hand when needed. There are some small funny quirks for the alpha, but all in all, the game has all the bells to become a nice zombie game classic. I liked that you can barricade yourself from the zombies in a room :D. I would compare the mood it creates to Call of Cthulhu and HalfLife2 (certain moody and scary levels). Good job from the developers, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the genre or similar genres.
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Posted: May 20, 2014
Early Access Review
Just finished the Prologue, and I'm about the start the Story mode.

My first impression: I sure wasn't expecting such a game. The music and the day / night succession (especially playing when the game is at night) adds up to the already groovy mood of the game. I liked the doctrines / skill system, the easiness of the inventory management and the fact that there aren't as many keys needed in order to play the game.

The scavenge is a great feature, as it gives an incentive not only to follow the map to your objective, but to explore the world.

I'm going to start the Story mode and see what more the game brings.

Kudos to the developers!
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