Written over the past four years, journalist Geoff Keighley ("The Final Hours of Portal 2") chronicles the making of TITANFALL from Respawn Entertainment. This longform app features never-before-seen photos, video and concept art from early development versions of the game.
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購買 Final Hours of Titanfall



" (Digital Book) Final Hours of Titanfall tells us how it was developed, one of the most modern Source engine games"



When starting from nothing isn't hard enough, the creators of Call of Duty must overcome a billion dollar lawsuit and a toxic mix of office politics and creative struggles the build the next great videogame franchise.

Written over the past four years, journalist Geoff Keighley ("The Final Hours of Portal 2") chronicles the inside story as only he can with a gripping 25,000 word longform app. Featuring exclusive artwork, never-before-seen videos, candid interviews with over 80 individuals, and countless revelations about the twists and turns of development at Respawn Entertainment during the creation of Titanfall.

The Final Hours of Titanfall features:

- Never-before-seen videos from early development versions of Titanfall.
- Exclusive concept art from the first days of Respawn, detailing many of the abandoned concepts the team explored.
- New details on how the gameplay of Titanfall changed and evolved during development.
- Birth of a Titan: Find out how the art team "kitbashed" old model parts to create the 24-foot giant.


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張貼於:01 月 23 日
I really feel sorry for the idiots who bought this app thinking it was a game and then posted a negative review because they can't read.

I'm not even sure how they figured out how to use a computer with that level of intelligence.

I bought this app just so I could say this.

as mockingly,

as possible.
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張貼於:03 月 28 日
Everything you could expect from "The Final Hours" series!
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張貼於:05 月 8 日
what is this game abote
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 16 日
For the very first version, it has several 'bugs' within.

- It needs Adobe Air
- It needs seperate installation even if you 'installed' this e-book through steam.
it asks you to 'reinstall' after first launch.

- mouse control is very weird.

- wheel scroll moves more than a screen. I had to use scrollbars to read the articles.

- Some fonts are broken, affecting some layouts like "finding your titan"

- image qualities are bad, BAD.

EDIT : I have "less than an hour" record on this uncomfortable app.
It is not even a game, and I don't need "three hours" to judge it.
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 26 日
Doesn´t even install?

Bought it for my Mac in the Mac-game section but doesn´t install. The game info screen in my library says that this game is currently not available for my OS? What the...? I bought it in the Mac section so what the hell?
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 22 日
I'm writing this review as I'm going through this on Steam, and will serve as a log of my experience with using it.

Once Final Hours of Titanfall (this is the name it will be listed under when you look for it in your Steam library) is "downloaded", running the application will launch an Adobe Air installer - this will install Adobe Air onto your computer if you don't already have it, as well as the actual "book".

First attempt at running ended up causing an error and the install failed. After unckecking "Add desktop icon" and "start after install is finished", it installed successfully after the second attempt.

From there I went back to my library to run the program, a prompt from Adobe Air showed up, asking if I wanted to uninstall or run, so I chose to run the program.

From there going through the application is easy and simple - use the arrow keys or mouse to navigate, and close the window like you would any other window.

Obviously the people that would be interested in this would be those that would like to know more behind the history of Respawn and Titanfall, as well as getting a glimpse of some of what goes into making these kind of games. If you're into that stuff, I'd recommend it.

HOWEVER, if you're running a Windows 8 computer, I'd recommend using Microsoft's Bing Rewards program to get a $3 gift card for the Windows Store, and purchase it through there without having to worry about having to wait through the install process of Adobe Air.
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 28 日
A good read! It has a lot of nice concept art (some of which I've screenshotted in case you wanna take a peak) and cool videos showing the progress of Titanfall. Only thing negative I can come up with is the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ app it comes installed with. You have to install it twice and it takes up way more space than you expect it to.
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 29 日
I am a big fan of many games and Titanfall has been one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had in a multiplayer match but it takes certain type of player to do well in it and I would say Mirrors edge would be good training but back to this when i found Titanfall The Final Hours it was like finding gold for me because I love all the behind the scenes that people have been releasing these days and this let me learn a little bit more about the game.

I recommend the Final Hours of Titanfall to people who have a love for playing the actual game but not to the dark noobs who plague it.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 23 日
Why the ♥♥♥♥ does this cost money
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 16 日
This gripping drama gives insight into the controversies behind making the popular video game Titanfall. The story not only focuses on the developers but on the reporter himself. Seen as biased by his peers after the Dorito scandal of 1996, Geoff Keighley fights to overcome his alcoholism and shed some light on the new indie darlings at Respawn Entertainment.

A sexual harassment scandal soon hits Respawn Entertainment/EA, and it's up to Geoff to put his journalism magic powers to the test to figure out what REALLY happened. Sex, drugs, murder, concept art...The world of video game development is a dangerous and erotic place.

For only $2 you can't say no to this masterpiece. Heck, you've probably spent more on joke gifts to give your friends during steam sales. Treat yourself. This will definitely put a smile on your face.
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 21 日
An interesting read about how Titanfall came to be (or almost didn't come to be, really). If you read the Portal and/or Tomb Raider books as well, you know exactly what to expect here. There's some interactivity in it, but mostly it's just about the history of the game. But why the book is on Steam and the game is not I will never understand (ok, I do, but it's still weird).
Reading it completely will take you about 1,5-2 hours so don't expect a real book here, but it's interesting enough to read if you have nothing to do for a couple of hours.

[Rating: 79/100]
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張貼於:04 月 30 日
that is sooooooooooooo bad you do not get to play the game at all.
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 23 日
A great read and an excellent insight on the inner mechanics of A+ Game studios.
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 21 日
Really interesting read. Made me want to play the game about a year after release.
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 17 日
It's an interactive eBook on the history of the surprisingly troubled development of Titanfall. Yes, it's for a game that's Origin-only. Yes, it's done by Doritos Pope. Doritos Pope is surprisingly informative in the Final Hours and while an ad in the sense that it tells you that Titanfall is a thing, in the sense of being a fully supportive "rag" as some knee jerkers on the Steam forums have put it, the Final Hours doesn't really do that. It sticks to the facts of the development, both the good times and the bad times.

Especially the bad times.

And for a $2 purchase? I say get it, it's fully worth the read.
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張貼於:03 月 27 日
it's a waste of money even if it is cheap
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 17 日
This would've been an awesome documentary. With all the problems Respawn was going through it was a miracle this game ever got made. Highly recommended for fans and haters of Titanfall. A better story than The Final Hours of Portal 2 IMO. Solid Journalism and a good read. Definitely worth the $2
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張貼於:2014 年 04 月 17 日
Very good read. I was mainly interested to know the story behind West and Zampella's departure from IW, and this book definitely clears that up. I always knew Activision was more focused on making money than making good games
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張貼於:2014 年 05 月 11 日
yes but this is not the actual game
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張貼於:2014 年 06 月 30 日
Very cool game
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