Marauder, is a squad based and tactical 3D game with RPG elements. It was released in late 2009, in Russia, and was developed by Apeiron with Buka as publisher. You may know these names as the former made Brigade 7,62 and the later also published Pathologic.
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Release Date: Sep 10, 2009

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"A squad tactics game of dubious quality. On sale for 75% off for the next day or so -- for a couple of bucks, it might be worth a look."

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September 26

Marauder has a crazy huge discount!

We are glad to announce you that Marauder has a 75% discount!
Don't hesitate to join Ahmed on his quest through post-apocalyptic Russia!

Enjoy and have fun!

P.S. Don't trust babushkas!;)

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July 11

Marauder has a huge discount for this weekend!

HUGE discount on Marauder this weekend!
Don't hesitate to join Ahmed on his quest through post-apocalyptic Russia!
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About This Game

«Marauder» is a tactical strategy with RPG elements. The game is based on the book "Marauder" by Berkem al Atomi and brings you to an alternate history where anarchy and endless strife have become a rule. You will play as a marauder who is trying to survive and settle a comfortable life. At first you have nothing but a double-barreled gun and a handful of shells, but in time you will gather "a family", arm it, and learn to stay alive in this constant war of everything against everyone.

Key Game Features:

• Game script and character dialogues written by Berkem al Atomi himself.
• A full-blown RPG system to develop your squad members.
• A small Uralian town with various different locales for you to explore (ruins, forests, military bases, underground bunkers); flexible system of weapon customization and a great diversity of items for barter and survival equipment.
• possibilities for tactical play and rich selection of combat situations – you will have to use stationary weapons, assault fortified buildings, operate at night, battle enemies indoors and outdoors and much more.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 MHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 64 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2.6 MHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 128 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
32 of 40 people (80%) found this review helpful
4.5 hrs on record
everyone you meet tries to kill you with a machinegun, and you trade the bullets for a tattered hat or maybe a bottle of water. a very accurate simulation of life in modern russia.
Posted: May 1
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14 of 21 people (67%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
This game reminded me of Planet Acatraz and Planet Alcatraz 2, which I enjoyed very much at the time they came out. And I hoped this would be something as good. Turns out it's not.

The idea and the story are great. The battle mechanics are a challenge and you can be killed by one shot from a Makarov to the head, which is the sort of realism I like, but the number of bugs in this game is just too damn high! Glitching camera, inaccessible buildings... It's like playing a beta-build. It's not quite smooth enough. Let's pray for amiracle and hope, the the devs will do something about them... Although, the game IS 5 years old. Who am I kidding?
Posted: May 3
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16 of 25 people (64%) found this review helpful
0.3 hrs on record
This game is simply too broken to be playable.
Controls stop working without any apparent reason and when they work are slow and cludgy. Even looking around the character can take forever. Graphics are pathetic and outdated, it doesn't even work in 16:9.
Posted: May 31
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9 of 13 people (69%) found this review helpful
127.4 hrs on record
It's a highly recommended buy, though with many restrictions and prerequisites. Yeah, game-is-not-for-everyone's-tastes.

First, you should really like squad-tactics games like Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm or 7.62 and DON'T BE a graphics freak who wants everything in 16:9 with 60fps. Game's a bit dated, see? And still, it can be successfully compared by gameplay options even with latest tactics games. That slow-paced genre never was too hard about graphics. Physics, mechanics - that's a prime, but high resolutions... meh.
Second, be ready for glitches. Game and engine developers now either dead or missing, so there is no help in asking for patches. Although for the most part, game is running okay, except for cutscenes.
Third and last is about moral - it's a game where a desperate man doing everything to survive, so if you like playing knights in white armor, that's surely a wrong game. Try "The Shining Force", maybe?

Now, what's it all about? Well, it's a game based on the book "Marauder", bestselling in Russia, which were telling a story about a smooth and easy diplomatic victory of NATO forces. Russia is no more, sold to "West world" by some puppets and oligarchs, with "all included". Some cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg remains almost the same - just to decoy everything else that is going on in the once-a-great-country. And what is going there? Every big force in former state like paramilitary formations, or even some villages coalitions is methodically observed and negated by NATO "peacemakers". They called "mistresses" there, in sado-mazo sense, meaning they are masters and natives are slaves... Russkies are living in ruins of cities, without energy, fuel, water, food supplies. Anarchy and "homo homini lupus est" rule is prior for everyone. Our "hero" Ahmed, with the collapse of the state, is off to search for every piece of scrap he can use or sell, marauding and killing for own survival. Oh, grim apocalyptic future! Maybe it's close by already. I mean, look at eastern Ukraine...

Anyway, although this game is constructed pretty linear, right along with the book plot, there is a little twist in the end, for which I'm so fond to this game. While in the book a protagonist fled away when his city was about to be "purified", in game we have a chance to strike back. To kill a slave in yourself! That's grand, really. Like killing Hitler or defending Alamo on your own.
I'm spending all that much space revealing you the story, because it's the ♥♥♥♥tiest part in the game. Not a story itself, but the way of its telling. Cutscenes are bugged, I don't know anyone who could see it all without glitch. More to that, translation from russian to english were surely made by Promt software, or something like that. Those who answered for translation, should be burned alive, since they were lazy enough to bungle even with a tutorial!

Okay, if you were able to read that all and still thinking "why I should buy it?", like I said from start - it's a good tactical game, highest evolution of Apeiron engine, knowing by "Brigade E5" and "7.62" games. Buy it with 75% discount, sell cards - and maybe you will have upper hand at the end of a deal, gaining more than spend.

And kill a slave in yourself! Don't bound to anybody!

PS: to turn on camera rotation in game fix "camera sensitiveness" setting from zero to twenty, at least. And maybe it will be wise to turn on "windows xp" compatibility with "e8.exe". Peace, people.
Posted: July 14
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
53.9 hrs on record
This game has many technical flaws and it's definitely not well-polished, but the tactical gameplay is excellent and the plot is quite engaging although it's hard to follow because the cutscenes are glitchy. The Russian voice actors are quite good although I don't understand much Russian, they have character and combined with the translated dialogue, it creates a good atmosphere. The gameplay is kind of like very limited Fallout 1/2 with 3D graphics. The RPG-system is mostly about combat and this game and it's predecessor from Apeiron are often compared to Jagged Alliance 2 and XCOM. I have played too much of those games so I find the real-time/pause-battle system very refreshing and it's breath-takingly brilliant at best. The progression in the game is very linear and I was hoping it would have sandbox-gameplay with random battles but I guess 7.62: High Calibre is for that as it's almost the same engine. The camera is annoying to control and the game will probably annoy many western gamers who are not used to challenging UI. But this game is all about the combat and it's great. If you've played too much JA2/XCOM-games, then this game could blow your mind for a while as the battle system is more realististic and satisfying. It crashed a couple of times but the quick save works well. My dream game would be a polished, sandbox-style game that would use this combat system with better graphics and western quality UI etc. The plot was too short (could have had more battles with the yankees) and I really hoped there had been some mods available to continue the experience but at least I couldn't find any in English.
Posted: May 27
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119 of 142 people (84%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
Realtime RPG/Strategy with active pause (means, sheduling orders during pause is prefereble), worthy successor for 7.62/Brigade E5

Comparation with 7.62 Reload:
-better interface and graphics
-interesting story line and good voice guidance (note: I played russian version few years ago)
-almost no free choises or free battles (linear story line with close to no side missions and fixed order of combats)
-most of battles are in large enough, but extremely secluded locations (like buildings and alleys) with seriously limeted resources and huge difference in numbers of participants (you squad is 1-3 men), making combat somewhat different from 7.62 series (you will have to use mines and traps a lot more, rely on one shot kills instead of supressing firepower, element of surprise e t c)
-mostly same real time tactical combat system with active pause.
-slight changes to detecting system and RPG elements

P.S. Game is old, if there are serious lags, try compatibility mode with XP.
Posted: April 4
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