Marauder, is a squad based and tactical 3D game with RPG elements. It was released in late 2009, in Russia, and was developed by Apeiron with Buka as publisher. You may know these names as the former made Brigade 7,62 and the later also published Pathologic.
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Release Date: Sep 10, 2009

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"A squad tactics game of dubious quality. On sale for 75% off for the next day or so -- for a couple of bucks, it might be worth a look."

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September 26

Marauder has a crazy huge discount!

We are glad to announce you that Marauder has a 75% discount!
Don't hesitate to join Ahmed on his quest through post-apocalyptic Russia!

Enjoy and have fun!

P.S. Don't trust babushkas!;)

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July 11

Marauder has a huge discount for this weekend!

HUGE discount on Marauder this weekend!
Don't hesitate to join Ahmed on his quest through post-apocalyptic Russia!
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About This Game

«Marauder» is a tactical strategy with RPG elements. The game is based on the book "Marauder" by Berkem al Atomi and brings you to an alternate history where anarchy and endless strife have become a rule. You will play as a marauder who is trying to survive and settle a comfortable life. At first you have nothing but a double-barreled gun and a handful of shells, but in time you will gather "a family", arm it, and learn to stay alive in this constant war of everything against everyone.

Key Game Features:

• Game script and character dialogues written by Berkem al Atomi himself.
• A full-blown RPG system to develop your squad members.
• A small Uralian town with various different locales for you to explore (ruins, forests, military bases, underground bunkers); flexible system of weapon customization and a great diversity of items for barter and survival equipment.
• possibilities for tactical play and rich selection of combat situations – you will have to use stationary weapons, assault fortified buildings, operate at night, battle enemies indoors and outdoors and much more.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 MHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 64 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2.6 MHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 128 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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29.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 28
«No one wants to buy me for a handful of cereals! »
- Random woman in Bazaar

Marauder, also known as Man of Prey, is a title which has a very soft spot in my gamer heart. There are some minor bugs, the story cutscenes are constantly freezing on modern systems and some ethical elements in the story indeed leave you behind with a raised eyebrow.

But if you've got a thing for turnbased strategy games like Jagged Alliance 2 or Marauder's spiritual predecessors Brigade E5 or 7,62 High Calibre, then this game is totally for you. Because of its appealing post-apocalyptic setting even fans of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or the Metro series may take a look at this game.

The story, based on the same-named novel by Russian writer Berkem al Atomi, keeps you hooked for about 30 hours and is pretty unique. You control Akhmet, a Russian muslim and former army sapper, through the outskirts of a deserted city south of the Ural mountains. After a Russian political approach to NATO and the west, the US Army invades Russia under the pretext of a Peacekeeper Mission. The huge country therefore falls into chaos and soon anarchy spreads out. Akhmet and his lovely wife must now try to survive through this indeed chaotic cluster♥♥♥♥. As the game title already suggests, Akhmet does so in looting and fighting off bandits, stray dogs, corrupt policemen and even foreign soldiers. Interestingly Akhmet is not a good guy in the proper sense. He doesn't really care for the wellbeing of other dwellers or to bring justice all over the city. He only takes care of his family and its survival - whatever the cost. Soon he begins to fortify his apartment block against enemy raids...

Like in 7,62 High Calibre you control Akhmet from above and you can pause the game at all times. While the game is paused you can plan your next moves and give Akhmet (and later his companions) commands. Rather than taking away Action Points like in Jagged Alliance 2, all your actions require a certain amount of seconds, which will be counted down as soon as you un-pause the game. This gameplay element, called the Smart Pause Mode, may take a while to get used to it but works perfectly as soon as you progress. Once you also get your proper equipment the combat sequences are a blast - I've seldomly cheered so much while Vitek, our pro sniper in the team, scores another yet perfect headshot from hundreds of yards away. On top of that there is also a fancy skill system and upgradable character parameters. After levelling up you can invest points in better accuracy, stamina, barter skills or whatever comes in handy. The inventory, also similar to the one from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, is pretty simple and self-explanatory. In the Bazaar, the local city market, you can trade further equipment and even upgrade your weapons. Also note that, similiar to the Metro series, the local main currency in Marauder are 5.45x39mm cartridges, colloquially called «fives».

Even if all this suggests that Marauder is an open-world game, it sadly isn't. In fact the game is pretty linear and you move from one section to another while regularly returning to your house and the Bazaar. I wish the developers would had implemented more city sections back then, but even then it's an already quite immersive world.

What really ♥♥♥♥ed me off is that the fancy story cutscenes always freeze on modern systems. This is already a well-known problem and nobody really knows how to fix it. Once again, it's an absolute impudence that the current publisher didn't give a ♥♥♥♥ about fixing all these problems before releasing this game on Steam. Furthermore there are a couple of other bugs and sudden crashes, but those are pretty minor or rather quite uncommon from my point of view.

Either way, please make sure to do the following steps before playing the game:

#1 If you've got a large monitor, adjust your resolution according to this guide.
#2 Adjust the poor camera controls according to this guide.
#3 Fix the grenade launcher reloading bug according to this guide.
#4 Please read Tin Tim's fantastic Let's Play Guide while playing. There you can watch all story cutscenes that don't work in the game itself! Furthermore it provides you with excellent hints and not too much spoilers.

The Good:
+ Quite detailed graphics
+ Immersive world and creepy Eastern Bloc atmosphere
+ Innovative story
+ Awesome combat
+ Lots of weapons (unfortunately not many NATO guns)
+ Good skill, trade and inventory management
+ Loot, loot and even more loot

The Bad:
- Pretty linear
- Some slowdowns during combat
- The final sections of the story are quite unpolished
- Those above mentioned bugs

The Ugly:
-- Story cutscenes not working on modern systems! Argh!

To put it in a nutshell, this game really grows on you if you love turnbased tactical games with lots of guns and a post-apocalyptical setting. It still has its minor flaws, but the rewarding combat system just does it for me. Period.


«The Democrats are to blame!»
- Random man in Bazaar, philosophizing about the cause of war
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Posted: July 14
It's a highly recommended buy, though with many restrictions and prerequisites. Yeah, game-is-not-for-everyone's-tastes.

First, you should really like squad-tactics games like Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm or 7.62 and DON'T BE a graphics freak who wants everything in 16:9 with 60fps. Game's a bit dated, see? And still, it can be successfully compared by gameplay options even with latest tactics games. That slow-paced genre never was too hard about graphics. Physics, mechanics - that's a prime, but high resolutions... meh.
Second, be ready for glitches. Game and engine developers now either dead or missing, so there is no help in asking for patches. Although for the most part, game is running okay, except for cutscenes.
Third and last is about moral - it's a game where a desperate man doing everything to survive, so if you like playing knights in white armor, that's surely a wrong game. Try "The Shining Force", maybe?

Now, what's it all about? Well, it's a game based on the book "Marauder", bestselling in Russia, which were telling a story about a smooth and easy diplomatic victory of NATO forces. Russia is no more, sold to "West world" by some puppets and oligarchs, with "all included". Some cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg remains almost the same - just to decoy everything else that is going on in the once-a-great-country. And what is going there? Every big force in former state like paramilitary formations, or even some villages coalitions is methodically observed and negated by NATO "peacemakers". They called "mistresses" there, in sado-mazo sense, meaning they are masters and natives are slaves... Russkies are living in ruins of cities, without energy, fuel, water, food supplies. Anarchy and "homo homini lupus est" rule is prior for everyone. Our "hero" Ahmed, with the collapse of the state, is off to search for every piece of scrap he can use or sell, marauding and killing for own survival. Oh, grim apocalyptic future! Maybe it's close by already. I mean, look at eastern Ukraine...

Anyway, although this game is constructed pretty linear, right along with the book plot, there is a little twist in the end, for which I'm so fond to this game. While in the book a protagonist fled away when his city was about to be "purified", in game we have a chance to strike back. To kill a slave in yourself! That's grand, really. Like killing Hitler or defending Alamo on your own.
I'm spending all that much space revealing you the story, because it's the ♥♥♥♥tiest part in the game. Not a story itself, but the way of its telling. Cutscenes are bugged, I don't know anyone who could see it all without glitch. More to that, translation from russian to english were surely made by Promt software, or something like that. Those who answered for translation, should be burned alive, since they were lazy enough to bungle even with a tutorial!

Okay, if you were able to read that all and still thinking "why I should buy it?", like I said from start - it's a good tactical game, highest evolution of Apeiron engine, knowing by "Brigade E5" and "7.62" games. Buy it with 75% discount, sell cards - and maybe you will have upper hand at the end of a deal, gaining more than spend.

9/10 successful missions. The sapper makes only one mistake.

PS: to turn on camera rotation in game fix "camera sensitiveness" setting from zero to twenty, at least. And maybe it will be wise to turn on "windows xp" compatibility with "e8.exe". Peace, people.
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Posted: October 7
Quite a short game with many cool features but way to many bugs and slowdown issues to really be enjoyable. Especially the cutscenes where slow for me at least and just made you frustrated so I skipped them.
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Posted: October 2
If you like this kind of game you will enjoy Marauder!
The game itself is amazing, the story is good enough to keep you interested and the gameplay feels good.
It's not an easy game, you will die a lot, but it's all about tactics. Give it some time :)
Of Course there are minor bugs, It has some camera problems but you can fix it in 1 min. Other than that just a few fps drop in one mission or two and some unfair "position shoots". Ah, and the videos will reach almost 0 fps lol, just it esc and watch it on youtube/walkthrough sites, nothing to worry about really..
In conclusion, worth the money and you will have here at least 30 hours of entertainment ;)
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Posted: September 22
Marauder/Man of Prey is not for everyone.

If you like hard strategy games like E6 Brigade and Silent Storm, if you like the idea of using ammo as currency (a la Metro) if you like gritty Soviet ruin and the pending end of the world, then get in here, Stalker, and enjoy this game.

The tactics are deep, the gameplay is challenging while still being beatable, and the story is interesting and amusing enough to make you want to stick with it.

In one mission you're getting back at someone who double-crosses you. Another you're fighting off an entire block's worth of neighbors, another you're doing work to trade for a machinegun to place in your house.

Also, check the forums to see how to set the camera to freelook. It will make your enjoyment much MUCH better.

And watch out for dogs.
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46.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 26
If you dont mind a few bugs this game is well worth its price, just check out the forum for fixes, tips, guides (full cutscenes avalible in tintim's guide) etc
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24.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 18
The game does have some crashes, especially if you save and load a lot, translations have some issues and cutscenes will freeze up. But if you can overlook these issues and want to enjoy a great tactical game then you will have some fun. If you have played 7.62 and Jagged Alliance and liked it then you will enjoy this game.
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30.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 15
Marauder is a Real time tactics game and the indirect sequel to 7.62 High Caliber.
The scenario has you AKhmed surviving in a Post-apocalyptic russia where Nato forces had made deployments before chaos started to spread. You take control of up to 4 characters with numerous pact weapons.
This game is hard but often not for the right reasons as camera might get stuck somewhere, you find yourself spazzing through floors or glitching weapons.
But for me the satisfying combat, the good russian VA and the interesting story made it worthwhile for me.
buy it if your tolerance to bugs and bullets that instakill is high,
otherwise pass.
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17.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 25
When you buy this game there's somethign you should know, it's buggy and feels unfinished. I got the game on a sale, and it's totally worth the $2.49. $10 is on the verge of being to expensive for such an unpolished game. And the translation from Russian is plain horrible. That being said, and if you are able to overlook those facts, it's a really interesting game.

You play as Akhmet, this muslim crazy russian unabomber with balls as big as the great USSR, trying to survive as a marauder when the NATO invades Russia.

It's based on a book that I haven't read, so the story line is all new to me. So far, the game is challenging for many reasons. It's pretty easy to die, which makes it realistic and fun, and the translation is just horrible.

The biggest problem, as mentioned before, is the translation. Because of this, sometimes it's unclear what you are supposed to do. But it's also part of it's charm. You have no clue what are they saying, but the subtitles are ridiculous and laughable. Good Laughable.

You are called by many names by other characters, but by far my favorite is "beard".
"Hey, beard! Entrance ain't free. Gimme a five!"

Dealing with the traders is a constant source of laughter:

"Are you ill, my friend?"
"What the ♥♥♥♥ are you?"
"I'm a doctor. Was a surgeon in the hospital before, and doing the same here. Name's Gennady. So what bothers you?"
"I'm as strong as an ox. But pills could be useful. You have something for sale?"

Akhmet is cocky, but because he can. He's the soviet muslim Chuck Norris. It feels like the just added the language to make it more bad ♥♥♥, as there is NO REASON to be rude to this poor guy. Other characters use all kinds of profanities as well, just for the sake of it.

Afer the missions you go home back to your nagging wife. You are a lethal weapong with a heart of gold. All the killing you do, you do it to provide. That includes killing hobos and starving neighbours if they get on your way.

The game plays like many other tactical games, with a pause trigger that brings the game to a halt when an event requires your attention (No active task, enemy spotted, enemy heard, relevant object on your field of view, etc). Never played E5 or Brigade 7.62 but aparently they are similar (buggy as hell) but with more many guns.

It has RPG elements, specially in character leveling, where you can chose perks and specializations. There's some dialog options, but that's about it.

The AI seems pretty weak. So far I've been able to use doors and let them come to take care of most of them. As long as they don't come in mobs, it's pretty simple to get a slug through their chests. But it's always more fun to go on the hunt with your big iron balls and show them who's boss.

The levels are kinda small but they really immerse you in the game world.

Overall, worth trying it out...for the right price.
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Posted: October 6
A good game. It crashes sometimes for reason I can't tell you because the text box is gibberish for me. When it does work it's very fun to play! A linear story, but freedom within the game when you do get to where you're doing the missions for the story. You also have a wife who punches like Mike Tyson. Your characters kind of a ♥♥♥♥, but who wouldn't be if survival was on the line, right?
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Posted: July 19
Play as a Russian and do Russian things.

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Posted: July 23
This game is pretty hard core. I died like a million times on NORMAL difficulty. The game is really good though. I'm not a big fan of games like Jagged Alliance but this game is worth it. It is set in Russia after the invasion of U.S.A. and the UN allies. I don't think I'm far into the game yet, being at 15hrs of gameplay, but the story is really interesting and the overall feel is great.
WARNING: This game has broken cutsecenes, the visual part of the cutscene stops but the audio keeps going, all the stuff is spoken in Russian but they do have subtitles in English. Despite the cutscenes the game is really good. One thing is that the story is scripted, so it lacks the RPG element of choosing your own "destiny". Despite this the game is surprisingly well written.

If you are a hard core gamer that is looking for a game that represents the old games where they don't hold you by the hand then this game is for you! If you don't care about graphics too much, then this game is for you! For the price that it is going at you can't complain. So you either have it as something different to play or you don't. I personally enjoy older games more than the new ones that come out. This game is very unique and I respect that.
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24.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
I'm a big fan of both JA2 and 7.62 High Calibre. I'm really loving this game, it's very similar to 7.62, but with a great, dark novel as setting.

CAUTION: The Smart Pause System works more like a Turn Based Strategy game than like a Real Time Strategy. Only comparable to 7.62 and Brigade E5 (somewhat prequels to this game), or to Jagged Alliance (as far as micromanagment, guns and ammo go). If you buy this game expecting fast action and a slug fest, you are probably going to hate it.
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Posted: December 14
You can gain experience points from beating your wife! 10/10
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62.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 16
***There's a way to unlock the camera, Absolutely unplayable until you do that, took a minute to find it on google.
The cut scenes are bugged, So you have to watch them on youtube.***

This game actually respects the player, it treats you like an adult and tells you probability of a shot being 80%, but won't hold your hand and tell you "but you have to stand to shoot out of a window.". It also won't tell you "you can throw that gernade at a 90% accuracy chance, but it will most likely roll past him and down the stairs.".
Once you get used to the Respect (or realistic) engine that it has, you'll gain an appreciation for the way the game treats you. Bugs people complain about (save what i started with in this review***) are just user error.

The game Is great. Hard? No, this game is brutal.
Bullets actually hurt you, and you cannot heal away the pain by ducking for a few seconds. Some shots are grazing wounds, some are full frontal leading to a broken weapon and shock for 4 rounds, you think it's over when you're down? Nope! His friend is going to come over and put a magazine in you for good measure. If they're really good, headshots that lead to instant death.

Fear not! For you have guns too, best way to play is to roll you main character as EOD/tech/ heavy build. I say this because this is the most satisfying build.
-Repairing weapons
Not so much for ware and tear, but the moments your favorites actually get shot, you somehow make it through and need to fix them.
And Heavy/EOD
-One of the few games I actually got to set up proper traps and ambushes, with a variety of landmines, and supressive flanking.

(I call him the main character, because I dhon't remember his name, havn't played in a while. I'm only writing this because i saw the game at mixed in reviews and saw this as injustice.)

Not for the faint of heart or lacking of patience, it is brutal, and crushing. One wrong move and party wipe.
Your tactical ability will be challenged to the level of final fantasy tactics and early fallout titles with this gem.

Honestly I cannot remember being so tactically challenged since F.F. Tactics in 1998.

10/10 You're a man now.
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43.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 26
This game is Awesome.
Go and buy it, faster!

=== Russian translation ===

Адово рекомендую, например.

1. Доставляющие диалоги и сеттинг
2. Отличнейшая механика (на действия тратятся секунды, ходы обрабатываются одновременно для всех персонажей)
3. Отличнейший инвентарь! 5 Слотов для вещей (шапка, разгруз, броня, ПНВ, рюкзак), две руки для оружия, два кармана для гранат, несколько вариантов разгрузок с разными кармашками, по форме и по количеству, несколько рюкзаков с разным объёмом, ПНВ правда один вид на всю игру, да и то на фиг не нужен, но неприятность эту мы переживём.
4. Система слотов преотличнейшая! В стволах предусмотрено место под магазин и 6 ячеек под навес (ЛЦУ, Фонарь (не понятно на кой, правда), Сошка, Глушитель, Подствольник, Прицел), в подствольнике тоже предусмотрена ячейка под гранату :) Магазины можно и нужно разряжать\заряжать, да и вообще расфасовка патронов занимает кучу времени, хотя и в радость.
5. Грабь-Воруй-Убивай
6. Можно ограбить корованщегов
7. Достаточно сложные миссии, на сложном уровне сложности :)
8. Жена кулаками усмиряет соседей, ШОК (ВИДЕО)
9. Треть всех миссий на оборону собственного дома, с растяжками и минированием. Что не может не доставлять.

1. Периодические краш-полёты на рабочий стол - лечится инстинктом авто-сохранения (F5)
2. Неудобная камера - лечится настройками конфига - на форуме здесь в сообществе эта тема вторая.
3. (по крайней мере у меня) во время массовых боёв тормозит люто. Не лечится?
4. Весь шмот после боя нужно в ручную искать и собирать и обменивать между персонажами, то есть нет глобального инвентаря на сектор, как было в Джаге 2 - лечится тем, что один персонаж открывает осмотр трупа, а другие через этот труп передают вещи =)
5. Периодически игра ставит в тупик - лечится тем, что идешь попить чайку или на утро всё находится само.

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Posted: July 12
Ireally do like this game. it's great for me to be able to listen to the russian spoken and try to understand it as well as use the subtitles for the bits i don't understand, however as sort of to be expected from foreign developers - there are a few grammar mistakes in the written english which could be improved upon, but it isn't a game-breaker. as i said, i really like the game and its idea. but there are a few things in the game which sort of frustrate me when playing. #1 is that the camera has a really short height ceiling making it hard for me to see what exactly is happening, however i do see the developer put some work in to help with this by making the player character highlighted through buildings in a marvellous gold colour. #2 is that everytime combat happens the game is paused. i understand that this is to give you time to give Akhmet(the player character) orders and so on, but for me the combat just paused everytime something happened, so i had to spam the space bar just so i could move. if this <pause upon enemy contact> thing could be reduced to just paused once in a battle and afterwards the player themselves could pause the game to make any changes to their orders, i think it would help the game greatly. but for now, the combat can be a bit frustrating. overall however, this game is great for anyone interested in the genre. 7.5/10
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Posted: July 15
Marauder: Man of Prey is a Russian game with a high difficulty level (not impossible, but I still recommend saving often), brutal and realistic combat, light RPG elements (you can level up and train your skills), loads of loot (including various weapons and their attachments, ammo, gear, explosives, food, tools, cigarettes etc) and a grim storyline based on a book with a setting that reminds me of Tom Clancy's stuff (if Tom Clancy was Russian).

As an old Jagged Alliance and UFO: Enemy Unknown player, I felt right at home with this game, even if it is RTwP instead of Turn-Based. It's a bit rough around the edges, with some bugs here and there, and the English translation is not very good, but I've been enjoying Marauder's intense battles and bleak Russian post-apocalyptic atmosphere immensely. The player character, a Russian Tatar called Akhmet, is not a regular hero. Actually he is more of an anti-hero, and not a very nice guy. Akhmet is not an evil man, but he is rather crude and his motives are mostly selfish. He will do almost anything to ensure his and his wife's survival. I really like this about him, as it makes him feel like a more realistic character, considering the setting where it's basically "every man for himself".

The graphics are dated, but good enough for me, and I like the small details like different gear changing the character's appearance and the gun's actually showing their attachments like scopes, lasers and silencers in the game.

Highly recommended for people who like games like Jagged Alliance 2 and Silent Storm. Just remember it is not a turn-based game. If you have problems with the game's videos freezing, find the game's LP from LPArchive to see the translated videos.

Edit: Some reviews are complaining about the extremely sluggish camera controls. I had a problem with this too, until I realized you can make the camera controls more sensitive from the options menu. Do that and controlling the camera will be easier. There are still some annoyances like trouble getting the camera through doorways or windows etc., but if that happens, just double click on Akhmet's portrait and the camera should take you to him (if you are far enough from him).
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Posted: October 4
Truly a hard game to master as the constant translation glitches are a pain.
The game is excelent at pitched battles and planning.Enjoy and save many times.
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Posted: October 5
I love scavenging. If you love scavenging and grumpy russians you will love this too.
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