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R.C. Cars is an exciting arcade racing game featuring the world of highly realistic toy radio controlled cars. Jump, accelerate, perform acrobatic feats in the air, and bounce on big hummocks, pits and bumps while contending with opponents for victory.
Release Date: Dec 11, 2003
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“"It looks damn good for a budget game. You'll get lots of nice textures, detailed car models, mobile obstacles like crabs, dogs, people, and vehicles, and fairly realistic water effects (most of the racing takes place on or near the beach). "”
7,5/10 – IGN

About the Game

R.C. Cars is an exciting arcade racing game featuring the world of highly realistic toy radio controlled cars. Jump, accelerate, perform acrobatic feats in the air, and bounce on big hummocks, pits and bumps while contending with opponents for victory. Win prize money for placing in the race, purchase car upgrades and participate on further tracks!

Introducing magnificent physics engine, three types of unique racing vehicles and ten off-road levels closely reproducing the real world, R.C. Cars is a real challenge! In the world of R.C. Cars participate in championship, quick race or ghost race. From looped tracks in different environments to real-life obstacles and outstanding off-road abilities, maneuverability and boost capacity of the realistic looking vehicles, R.C. Cars is a truly amazing racing/driving experience!

Key features:

  • 12 characters - each one with her own skills and motivations
  • Physics engine outperforming the majority of car simulators currently on the mass market
  • Fully interactive environment
  • Challenging tracks
  • Unique toy racing vehicles
  • Various upgrades and bonuses
  • Multiplayer support via LAN/Internet

    System Requirements

      • OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8
      • Processor: Intel Pentium III 600 MHz
      • Memory: 64 MB RAM
      • Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 8.1 - compatible 3D video accelerator
      • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
      • Additional Notes: „Customer may encounter slow input reaction in menus while playing on modern operating systems“
    Helpful customer reviews
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    Haha this game is great. Once I'd figured out how to get my gamepad working and turn down the sensitivity (a lot!) it was superb. The graphics are really good, and there are some amusing things like the people on the beach trying to kick your RC car out of the way, and a nice pumping soundtrack to get the adrenaline pumping. Love it!
    Posted: April 24th, 2014
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    Most of this review can be summed up one way, and that's by saying this is a 1C game.

    1C are Russian game developers characteristically known for how alien their games feel. They've gotten better in recent years, but this is an old school 1C game from 2003, back when you wondered if they were from another planet. If you want to play RC Cars, you're going to have to work for it.

    To get this game to work correctly, you primarily have to do two things:
    - Manually set the game's framerate (otherwise it won't run properly). I suggest 60fps.
    - Manually set your controller's analog senstivity AND the analog deadzone (otherwise, you won't be able to control your vehicle).

    Once you do this, you'll be able to navigate the game's confusing menu system and eventually compete in a race. The game itself is pretty difficult; the cars themselves seem to almost have sort of a simulation feel to them. What this means is that any little bump in the road will often fling you wildly out of control, just like a real RC car. But, with enough finesse, you'll eventually come to grips with it.

    Tracks are laid out in obtuse patterns. Early tracks follow the typical racing game format of circuits, but it's not long until 1C takes the "checkpoint race" concept in more esoteric directions, leading you down narrow dead ends and back out again. Tracks themselves take you across beaches, deserted ghost towns, mines, busy highways and active military bases.

    Vehicles can be customized, but not much. Each of the four or five available vehicles have several different paint jobs, and can be upgraded in three categories: boost, engine, and tires. Upgrades cost money, which can be won by completing championship races. What you might not realize at first is that you also have to pay to enter championship races; on one occasion I spent so much on vehicle upgrades that I had grind for more money just to do the next race.

    Would I recommend the game? Given that it's only $5, sure. It's not going to blow your socks off, and you might actually end up getting annoyed eventually, but it's just different enough from the norm that I think it's probably worth it.
    Posted: July 1st, 2014
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    I find the game fun to play despite the suspension going wild sometimes (always at the same spot in the track) but the menus are just so damn slow. It's so irritating. I think 2/3 of my Steam 'playtime' is just menu time. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

    EDIT : Change your frame rate in the menu to 35 or 40 and the menu will run fine. Great game now!
    Posted: June 20th, 2014
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    Ok, so, I know I have like no time clocked into this game, but hear me out on this one:

    I loaded up RC Cars and found the worst main menu of all time. It took 10 seconds to go from one option to another as the game slooooooowly transitioned between things. It was so bad I loaded up FRAPS to record it. But then it started working fine, so I closed FRAPS and went back to playing, but it was slowed down again. After some experimenting with it, I figured out the game ACTUALLY RUNS MORE SMOOTHLY when FRAPS is recording video of it.

    This game was obviously made by witches and you should not support the dark arts.
    Posted: August 13th, 2014
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    so far game is unplayable, all my RC racer does is bounce around the screen... do not recommend... if I find a fix to the problem, I will up date this post... horrible, just horrible...
    Posted: April 23rd, 2014
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