Run, jump and butt-slide into the glorious toy-filled world of Action Henk! Become a master of momentum and defy physics as you race against a band of ragged 90s action figures to once and for all prove that Action Henk is the fastest of them all!
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Release Date: May 11, 2015
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"Showed at PAX Prime 2014 - Toys come to life and slide around your bedroom in this beautifully-polished physics puzzler."
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May 27

Action Henk's first post-launch update is now live!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been 2 weeks since launch now, and we have been taking a bit of time off to recover from the hectic crunch time. However, we have already been sitting down and prepared a small update fixing some problems based on the initial feedback and bug reports we have been getting. Be sure to let us know if you still run into any issues, we are eager to fix any problems that arise!


  • You can now see what you did to earn a particular skin in the character selection screen.
  • Multiplayer chat window got an overhaul.
  • We disabled 3 achievements because they were handed out to some players without the criteria of the achievements being met. We’re looking into it.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash when switching levels in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where the player sometimes couldn’t add Workshop levels to a multiplayer server level rotation.

Community Highlights:
If you have a spare 2858 minutes, check out MANvsGAME’s 48-hour stream!
To honor MAN’s dedication we implemented an achievement in his name, all you have to do to unlock it is complete every campaign level (excluding city & bonus levels) in one session. This will also reward you with a MANvsGAME themed skin for Henk. Good luck!

Coming up:
There’s still a couple of things we would like to fix in the near future, like for example uploading personal bests in multiplayer matches that many people have been asking for. We also want to take a closer look at the performance issues some people have been getting on the Mac version. These are just a couple of the things we still want to look into, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into any bugs or issues, we will keep improving the game!

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May 11

Action Henk is Out Now!

IT'S HERE! Action Henk 1.0 is now live!

Be sure to check out our launch trailer:
We didn't want the final update to be just 'removing the Early Access label', so we really tried our best to make the full game stand out. We've added outdoor environments, improved online multiplayer, storyline videos, Twitch chat integration, new characters, new skins and a whole bunch more!

Developing this has been an amazing rollercoaster ride, and we hope you all love the end result as much as we are proud of it! MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who supported us during Early Access :D :D


- The RageSquid Team

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“...massively fun and replayable.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Oh my god, this is amazing! Why did I not play this game sooner?”

“It's the closest thing to a proper Sonic game I've played since 1994.”
Warp Door

Action Henk: Soundtrack Edition

The Action Henk Soundtrack Edition includes the full pumping soundtrack by demoscene musician Wiklund!

Action Henk: Challenge your friends pack

Save some cash and get the Action Henk Double Pack, perfect if you’ve got some friends ready to be left far behind in a blaze of butt-sliding glory!

About This Game

Run, jump and butt-slide into the glorious toy-filled world of Action Henk! Become a master of momentum and defy physics as you race against a band of ragged 90s action figures to once and for all prove that Action Henk is the fastest of them all!

With over 70 tracks all set in different environments, 5 playable characters, dedicated grappling hook levels, a whole host of medals to beat, and a full-fledged level editor, Action Henk is ready to be played on Windows, Mac & Linux.

  • Challenging levels: Tackle over 70 unique levels filled with jumps, slides, and tricky shortcuts. Can you master every twist and turn to beat your friends and gain your rightful place on the leaderboards?
  • Level editor: Open up Henk's toybox and construct dazzling levels only limited by your own imagination! Share your tracks with the world, and race your way through vast amounts of user created content!
  • Challenge your friends: Load up your favorite levels and race against your friends’ ghosts to see who is truly the best! Beat their times and instantly send them a notification to rub in your newly gained victory. Up for a real challenge? Use the built-in Twitch chat integration to take on up to 20 viewers’ ghosts at once!
  • Unlockable characters: Play as the slightly out-of-shape Action Henk or any of the five unlockable action figures, and race through the singleplayer campaign and bonus levels to earn a full toy wardrobe of distinctive skins!
  • Online Multiplayer: Tired of your local friends? Jump onto the internet for real-time races against speed fanatics all around the world!
  • Bouncing beats: A pumping soundtrack by demoscene musician Wiklund, a professionally voiced cast of ragged 90s action figures, and sound design by the critically acclaimed Power Up Audio.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 430/equivalent or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: High-range Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560/equivalent or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 430/equivalent or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: High-range Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560/equivalent or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 430/equivalent or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
    • Processor: High-range Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560/equivalent or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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3.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 15
Momentum, Momentum, Momentum!

Action Henk is a racing platformer developed by RageSquid studios which recently left Early Access. In Action Henk you play as Henk, obviously, an out of shape 90s action hero trying to defeat his nemesis Kentony! Run, jump, slide and wall jump your way to victory with one of the five playable characters. Action Henk's gameplay is sort of like Speedrunners meets the Trials series, I'd describe it as Trials without the bikes.

+Nice graphics
+Hilariously imagined characters
+Fun gameplay, it really has the "one more try for gold" feel to it
+Some great references throughout ranging from Thunderbirds, to MIB to the Sanic meme
+Over 70 tracks (not to mention all of the community made ones)
+Five playable characters, each with different skins to unlock
+Great soundtrack
+Lots of replayability, especially if you want to have a gold medal for each map
+A good level editor
+A fun hookshot mechanic which is introduced later in the game
+Difficulty increases at a good rate
+Great controls (I played with KB&M)
+After completing a level you can challenge your friends to try and beat your time
+Friendly devs

-At some parts in later levels it can be difficult to know what you're supposed to do unless you watch how the ghost does it first


Action Henk is an absolutely fantastic racing platformer with nice graphics, great characters, addictive gameplay and loads of levels to play. If you're a fan of Speedrunners or trials this is an absolute must buy!

***This review was written using a key provided by the Developers for review purposes***

El K.
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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 2
Action Henk is a Trails-like racing runner where you play as an action figure named Henk. The story really isn't important, the game shines in its gameplay. Graphically the game is pretty 'eh' with its pretty low res textures, but the backgrounds are full of references and nice enough to where its not really a big deal that the characters, up close look pretty gross.

There are over 50 different racing tracks to challenge yourself on if your looking for gold or rainbow badges. The other 2 levels, bronze and silver, are super simple and if you have any exprience with this type of game you'll have no problem beating them. The game really shines when racing against ghosts of your friends or gold-level ghosts or higher.

The momentum in the game feels really solid so I don't really have any complaints there, except with the hook. It feels very weighty to me, so its harder to get used to. It works alright, its not horrible, but its definitely not on the level of something like speedrunners when it comes to its hook mechanics, but it does have strong momentum mechanics otherwise. The different boss levels are challenging and change things up a bit from the basic levels, as do the coin collection bonus levels you unlock after beating an areas boss. There is a lot to do in this game without even mentioning its steam workshop support with several different expert levels made by the community.

Overall Action Henk is a great Runner with very well done momentum mechanics, Highly recommended. This game is super underrated In my opinion, its like it got overlooked by some of the other great titles released around its time. But if your into games like Trails or Bit Trip Runner, you need to give Action Henk a shot.
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11.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 11
Action Henk charmed me from the word go grabbing me with a great art style and wonderful premise. You play as an Action Henk action figure who might be just a little bit past his prime, yeah he's put on a few pounds since his glory days but he's still every bit as great as he used to be. Right?

Let's hope so because the nefarious Dr. Kentony has just stolen Henk's prized 'Toy of the Year' trophy and Henk's gonna have to run, jump and buttslide his way across 70+ courses to get it back!

This game starts with a simple time trial gameplay mechanic and resists over complicating it with too many bells and whistles. Solid controls, well designed courses, functional multiplayer, decent humor, and a wonderful visual style all combine to make Action Henk one of my favorite releases from 2015.

If you'd like to see some gameplay and hear my extended thoughts check out the video below:
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
12.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 7
Action Henk is an awesome game honestly very good connection in multiplayer never even crashed once!
Reminds me of those action figures in the 90's. Extremely creative characters the main character in this game is henk who is the original character in the whole game as you play the game the maps get funner and you unlock cooler characters.
This game is awesome 10/10 Buttslide to victory!
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4.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 26
Action Henk is an indie racing platformer developed by RageSquid. You play as Action Henk, a 90’s action figure who has let himself go a little bit over the years. It is your job to race against other action figures to prove that you are the best toy – I mean action figure

The first thing that pulled me into playing Action Henk is that it had a similar gameplay style to Sonic and SpeedRunners, both games that I love. Action Henk does not disappoint in this aspect, if you like Sonic and/or Speedrunners, get Action Henk right now! In Action Hank the aim of the game is to gain as much momentum as you can to get through the track in as best of a time as you can (although you do need to beat certain times to get a bronze, silver or gold medal) You run, jump and skid through the Hot Wheels esque track to reach the finish line. In later levels you are given a grappling hook style power-up which you use to swing through some of the track. The grappling hook is the old extra power-up you can get in this game, it is a very fun tool to use, but the game feels like many other power ups could have been included to change up how you play.

There are 9 different themed zones, each with 5 levels and an extra boss level. Each theme looks vastly different from each other and it is a lovely change of environment when you have just spent the past 100 deaths on the previous level. Each theme also has it’s own music, so you will not grow tired of the same song throughout the entirety of the game. The finishing boss battles are a race against another action figure, in this mode you do not try and beat a set time for a medal, you just need to beat the opponent (but your scores are recorded on a leaderboard, so getting a great time is always a good thing to strive for)

Action Henk has ghosts. Not the haunting, poltergeist kind, the helpful kind that gives you something to race against. You;ve seen them before, they are a semi-transparent character that run through the track to give you someone to race. The great thing about these ghosts is that they are customisable- you can race against the par time for bronze, silver or gold medal, so you know that if you beat the ghost, you earned the medal for whichever ghost you were racing. You can also race against your friends ghost (their best time) or your best time. You can even switch off ghosts completely. You also have the option to view the leaderboards for the world and watch an action replay of other people, however, you cannot seem to be able to race against their ghosts – which although I will never be able to beat them, it would have been a nice addition.

I found the progression of each level to be a little strange. The game starts off quite easy and remains quite easy up until the end, and then suddenly it seems to introduce new mechanics that I didn’t know how to do. Luckily I was able to watch someone else’s replay on the leaderboards to find out how to do it. (on the last theme there was this triple jump back-flip thing you have to do, which took me forever) I would have preferred a more stacked progression i.e. starting off easy, getting a bit hard, bit harder, hard, very hard.

Once you complete all the levels, which shouldn’t take you long (unless you go for gold on each level) then you may be bored playing this game. Actually, you won’t at all – this game has Workshop support with a built in map maker! At the time of writing this review, there are currently 207 custom user-made maps which will keep you entertained for a VERY long time. You can even try and make your own track!

Action Henk also includes a multiplayer feature, although I could never find another player to have a game with. There was 1 lobby open, but the person seemed to be away from their computer, so I easily beat them and got the achievement. It could have just been an off day, but at the time of writing there is currently 1 lobby open with 1 person -so maybe an off week? However, if you get a group of friends to play this with, it will be a blast, great party game!

Currently on Steam for £10.99, it is a little pricey when shown next to a similar game, Speedrunners (currently £6.99) but I still think the game is worth that price. Action Henk has wonderful graphics and the environmental scenery looks great. The music is catchy and since it changes style on each zone, you will not grow tired of it. It is a very fast paced, fun game and I’m sure that if you get it, you will have a blast. You can even grab a slightly discounted double pack to play with a friend! (or they can buy it themselves, the cheap b****rds)

Full Disclosure: We were given a copy of the game to be able to complete our review. This did not have an impact on our views of the game, nor did it have an impact on the review itself.

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