Prepare yourself for an insatiable rain of bullets, bombs, and beams in Crimzon Clover. From Japanese indie developer Yotsubane, this retro top-down shooter is a wild ride you won't want to miss out on.
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Release Date: Jun 6, 2014

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September 1

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August 26

Crimzon Clover and More From Degica are Currently on Sale on the Humble Store!

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The sale will end in a little over two days, so hurry and grab those games!

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“Eye-meltingly ridiculous, and surprisingly enough that actually works. It's wild. This is really, really fun.”

“...when an indie developer [...] comes along and manages to out-shmup the King of shmups, people stop and take notice. That’s the case with Crimzon Clover.”

“Bullet Hell action at its best.”

About This Game

Prepare yourself for an insatiable rain of bullets, bombs, and beams in Crimzon Clover. From Japanese indie developer YOTSUBANE, AdventurePlanningService, this unique top-down shooter is a wild ride you won't want to miss out on.

Your first step in Crimzon Clover: World Ignition is as simple as choosing how you want to play, and which powerful ship will be yours to command. Choose your difficulty from ARCADE (true to the original arcade game) or NOVICE (better if these are your first step in the world of hardcode SHMUP) then choose your mode from Boost, Original, Unlimited, and Time Attack.

Original is THE main mode, where you blast your way through stage in search of the last boss. Boost Mode will adjust the difficulty based on how proficient you are at devastating your enemies. Unlimited turns each stage into an intense battlefield of bullets that only the most hardcore players will be able to survive. Time Attack pits you against the clock as you race to make the best score possible in about 3 minutes.

Take the role of a skilled pilot in the fight to destroy massive waves of enemies while dodging their unending rain of bullets. Each of the three ships has their own style of standard firing and a unique appearance. The firing style is translated beautifully as you amp your way into Break Mode and Double Break Mode! As you blast through your foes in each stage you can collect stars that will raise your score. Each enemy destroyed helps fill your Break Meter, which allows you to wipe the screen with powerful bombs or, if you have the patience, blast off into Break Mode to add a huge boost to your firepower and let you rip through enemies with ease. That's not the extent of your strength though, as having a full Break Meter while in Break Mode will allow you to enter the ultimately destructive Double Break Mode. Watch your enemies crumble in fear as you turn the tide and fill the screen with your own hellacious rain of firepower!

Having a tough time to clear the game using no continue? No worries. Hit up the Training screen to set up your own scenario using your choice of mode, ship, stage, and freely customize other variables to practice the fight for survival. Training doesn't seem like a bad idea after you see what the enemies are capable of. Can you pilot your craft through the bullet massacre the enemies have prepared for you? Find out as you play Crimzon Clover: World Ignition!

  • Refreshing Gameplay
    Crimzon Clover puts a much-needed polish on the classic Shoot 'Em Up genre.
  • Sky Blazing Graphics: Beautiful retro-inspired arcade graphics, revived for the modern gamer in HD (1280x768).
  • Super-Powered Challenges: Whether you are new to SHMUPs or an old pro, Crimzon Clover has something for everyone.
  • Cool Replays: Save your best plays to show off to your friends, or to check to see how you can get even better.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/vista/7/8
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.80GHz or better
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 800 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP/vista/7/8
    • Processor: Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz(2 CPUs) or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce7900 GS eq. or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
13.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 1
The game is a classic SHMUP type and is challenging enough to keep you interested and forgiving enough that even bad players like me can still enjoy the game.

The music is very nice and I reccomend that you play with this music and sfx, nothing else otherwise it ruins the game I feel.

The enemies have very interesting design and the patterns that come with their projectiles will keep you thinking through the entire stage, if you feel like the first boss is too bland, wait till you fight the third.

There are some issues with the game that I can see, being the star explosions are super distracting and almost cover enemy projectiles making it hard to dodge, and the lock on mode doesn't seem to have much use since the longer the enemies are alive, the more bullets come at you and it doesn't do a whole lot of damage either. I also get baited into projectiles trying to catch stars

Overall this feels like a classic arcade game, i'm not sure if it is but I could see this being a popular booth for less hardcore touhou fans. If you have a joystick or some kind of gamepad I highly reccomend playing this with it, just make sure its plugged in and on before you launch the game and there should be no problems.

9/10 can't wait to boot up again GET IT WHILE ITS ONLY $2

btw ship speed > fire width
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
A fantastic shooter, a great intro to bullet hell shooters. You think it'd be inpenetrable and niche but its a blast for someone with no shmup experience. Great art and music, and it never gets old to enter "break mode" (essentially a hyper mode) and see your bullets literally fill the screen.

Never feels like you are being cheated.

Bought it on sale but would happily pay full price, would recommend for both fans and newcomers.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
32.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 29
A very solid arcade style shooter, and one of the best on steam. This game is also VERY friendly to beginners. Easy to complete on novice difficulty, but nearly impossible to master all around. You don't have to be into high scores to get enjoyment from this game, but if you decide to set some personal records, you will find it offers an entirely different experience in play style as opposed to just playing for survival. The system mechanics are dope. If you have a madcats fightstick lying around, it's time to dust it off and get ready for the ultimate in arcade experiences! I don't recommend using a keyboard but if that is your weapon of choice, I'm sure some people can destroy at this game with one. Try not to die and BREAK stuff!!!
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
103 of 107 people (96%) found this review helpful
96.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
First of all, I must say that I have played the Japanese original 2010 Windows version of Crimzon Clover for countless hours since its release and pretty much loved it. The game was flawless in every aspect: graphically stunning, highly challenging and most importantly, very well designed with great score / gameplay mechanics and sharp player controls.
The "World Ignition" version that just came out takes that great game and makes it even better, without changing its core that we, CC veterans loved. It now features more game modes, one extra ship, better graphics in higher resolution, TATE mode, plus many Steam goodies like Cloud, Achievements and Leaderboards. In my opinion, Crimzon Clover World Ignition is THE shmup of the decade and on no occasion should it be missed or ignored by gamers, shmuppers and non-shmuppers alike, that enjoy great video games made with care and attention by their dedicated developers.
Thumbs up, all the way!
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270 of 352 people (77%) found this review helpful
8 people found this review funny
11.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014

0% moe
120% explosions
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61 of 63 people (97%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
626.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 19, 2014
Let's face it. This game is one of the very best in the modern shoot them up world. If you like Cave games, then you won't be disapointed. It's a sort of mixture between Ketsui (little timer while you have to score before it reach 0 again) Dodonpachi Daioujou or Saidaioujou (with a Break mode, similar of the Hyper system), 4 differents modes to play in Arcade version (harder), 2 in Novice version (easy).

Boost most is a mixture between super fast bullets like Mushihimesama Futari Original when you reach the highest rank, only the difference is, rank is at maximum already at stage 2 if you played good, didn't bomb or die. Adding super sonic fast suicide bullets on top of that.

Original would be a mixture of Mushihimesama Futari Maniac and Dodopachi Daioujou/Saidaioujou. Slower bullets but more busy partterns. In my opinion this is the "easiest" mode of the game.

Unlimited is not for beginner, extremely busy pattern all the time, nothing comparable to this, it's all about cancelling the bullet with your lock before the screen gots too busy. Euphoric, yet very very very hard.

A Time attack mode is also available, only one stage that you have to score as high as possible before the timer reach 0.

To resume, it's a fantastic game that you can play (sort of) cajually or with very complex strategy to optimise your score. Be warned, this game is really really difficult ;)
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62 of 67 people (93%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
Oh My God it's full of stars

*baby floating in space to epic music*

The original doujin release of Crimzon Clover, which came out in Japan only in 2010, was nutso enough, with explosions and lasers galore, a shop where you had to buy continues, levels and even new ship types with in-game currency, and a punishing difficulty that set it apart from the other "bullet hell" shmups out there. WORLD IGNITION, a port of the later arcade release on NESICA coin-ops (again, only in Japan) takes that insanity and cranks it up to twelve - no, twenty.

Now, you don't need me to tell you how to play a top-down shmup, it's like sucking eggs, everyone already knows how it's done. What's different about CC is the Lock-On weapon radar, which locks on to any enemies within its radius and showers them with homing lasers/rockets/sniper bullets of Death (depending on the ship you're using) and the Break System, which amounts to filling a bar at the top of the screen by shooting down enemies. When it's full you can press a button to instantly power up all your ship's weapons for a few seconds, and the display of wanton laser-green devastation is nothing but impressive. But wait - fill the bar again while in Break Mode, and you can press the button again for (wait for it) Double Break Mode, which is like holding a lit match to Magnesium - the brightest lightshow seen in shmup history. It's also good for your score multiplier, too, which helps.

It's a pity that the original game's Shop mechanic never made it back in - it was one of the most original things about the game, and made it a meaty single-player experience, but this seems to be a faithful port of the arcade release, which obviously didn't have the shop, so I can see why it wasn't included. Ah well, the meat of the game is here, and oh so much more, so rest assured that you're getting your paltry entrance fee's worth and more. Better than Jamestown? Yeah, by miles. Better than Ikaruga, though?...I'll have to get back to you on that.
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53 of 56 people (95%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 10, 2015
As someone who likes shooters, but never really had a taste for bullet hell, this is the most mechanically friendly and outright fun genre example that I've played.

Shooters are always a hard recommend to anyone who isn't already looking for one. It's a very niche style of gameplay that tends to play to a very small but dedicated fanbase. However, Crimson Clover makes for a great game to dip your toes into. The mechanics are easy to understand, and the difficulty curve is nice enough that it let's you come to grips with the game you are playing before it starts turning the screws on you. Yet it doesn't feel like an entry level game.

The graphics, gameplay, presentation. and soundtrack are all great. Maybe the only thing this game actually lacks is a co-op mode, but that's just a personal preference. At the price point the game is going for, I'd say pick it up if you are even the least bit curious.
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38 of 41 people (93%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
10.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 27, 2015
This is the game you will measure other bullet hells and shooters by.
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42 of 48 people (88%) found this review helpful
20.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
This is one of the best shmups ever made. If you are familiar with the DoDonPachi series, then this game is similar to that. Pick this game up and Ikaruga, which are 2 of the highest quality shmups you will ever find available on Steam.
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Recently Posted
18.8 hrs
Posted: September 10
Shooting game never die. Praying that the lucky clover will always be in your heart.
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1.0 hrs
Posted: September 9
Absolutely SUPERB bullet hell shoot 'em up!
Buy, buy, buy!
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Sparkle Magic
0.2 hrs
Posted: September 7
Apparently everyone thinks this game is great. On some ironic level it is. Theres more flashing crap on the screen than you can imagine. My onle problem is that the screen is like the size of an iphone. I feel like one of those dogs with an Elizabethan cone-collar, and when I look through it its just sparkles and discoballs.

If you want to play this game, and haven't bought it but wan to simulate what the experience might be like, let me help you.

First go get a piece of posterboard and fashion it into a cylinder about the size of your head. Now, go get a strobe light, a bedazzler, and a recording of the inside of a casino, where all the slot machines are. Now look through the cone while staring at the strobe light. Apply the bedazzler directy to your eyealls and play the sounds of the casino right into your ears.

Congrats, saved ya a 10$ bill.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: September 5
If you give me this game and let me play it without knowing its name and maker, then ask me who do I think made this?
I would answer you it's definitely CAVE.
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Mongoloid Mike
19.3 hrs
Posted: September 4
As dumb as the name
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0.7 hrs
Posted: September 4
This game is a big true cluster♥♥♥♥, I bursted out laughing because I couldn't realize what the hell was going on

Anyway, this is really funny, bullets almost hypnotic, nice colorful graphics
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.4 hrs
Posted: September 3
The author have done a great job of combining the best parts of the greatest shmups we have ever had. Strong resemblance to DoDonpachi series from CAVE and Batrider and Sokyu Gurentai from RAIZING. There are elements that resemble classic TurboGrafx games like GUNHED too. The overall balance is extremely well controlled.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.1 hrs
Posted: September 2
The game shows me that it is running on 60fps, but it is actually only 10-15fps. The controlls are laggy and the sound seems a little bit messed up. The whole game seems not to run well on a high end PC.
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