Action-packed death racing, this is what Speed Kills is about! Traditional, isometric, powered by Unreal Engine. Players compete in various championships, ranging from bootleg rallies on the outskirts of the galaxy to big-league circuits set against the goliath skylines of metropolis cityscapes.
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Date de parution: 16 mai 2014
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Action-packed death racing, this is what Speed Kills is about!

Traditional, isometric, powered by Unreal Engine. Players compete in various championships, ranging from bootleg rallies on the outskirts of the galaxy to big-league circuits set against the goliath skylines of metropolis cityscapes. You can purchase offensive and defensive vehicle upgrades, buy new cars, collect power-ups and earn bonuses.

• Classic gameplay, inspired by the 16-bit isometric racing games
• 5 planets/championships to compete
• Over 50 unique tracks
• 8 fully customizable and upgradable vehicles, ranging from beefed-up pickup trucks to futuristic hovercars

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel CORE i3 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon 5570 1GB/Nvidia GT 450
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel CORE i5 2 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6770/Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Super jeu.
Seul petit bémol, la position des touches des armes avant et arrière ainsi que le boost qui sont mal positionnées (ctrl / alt / shift)

Elles sont trop proche et parfois on utilise la mauvaise touche. ça donne des crampe auw doigts. Les touches de direction auraient pu être mise sur les touches (z-q-s-d). Suivant les clavier c'est plus ou moins compliqué de se diriger.

Cependant je pense que si vous jouez par petites cessions le plaisir y est quand même et la jouabilité reste quand même correcte.
Posté le : 22 juin
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3.3 heures en tout
While this game does have a lot going for it, and I am enjoying it for what it is, there are a lot of details that are lacking or completely absent that would prevent me from recommending this game to anyone that isn't madly craving isometric combat racing.

The good:
Multiple cars of 3 classes that can be upgraded and switched back and forth. Regret a purchase? Switch back to a previous car that is still fully upgraded and you knew how to win in. You can't sell any cars you own, but its nice to know you won't screw yourself mid-game with a bad choice.

Circuits are replayable as many times as you'd like. Try again and again to beat one, or replay a circuit as a cash-cow until you've got your funding for an upgrade.

This game does not use any resources from R&RR. It is the same game format and a similar concept, but there is nothing directly copied, so I can't see any takedown issues over this game.

Music is good, but repetative. Graphics are good, and show speed well. Opponents are good at blocking you in while the playing field is evenly matched.

The game concept is sound, and is exactly what you think it is... but...

The iffy and bad:
There is no map. There are signs before every turn that indicate the angle and direction, but without any way to see the full course, it is awkward trying to plan out the best path. Because the tracks are somewhat uniform, it takes a good bit of memorization to know when a turn is coming, and when is a good or bad time to use the turbo boost.

There both is and isn't gamepad support: my x360 gamepad works in the actual game, but not in the menus. There is no indication anywhere in-game of what buttons do what, and there is no way to reconfigure the gamepad buttons in the settings menu. For the record:

RT: accelerate
LT: brake/reverse
A: turbo
B: rear weapon
X: front weapon
Y: respawn from off-track

You will need to use the keyboard ENTER and ESC for any and all menus. There is no mouse-click to match to the ESC button, and several menus do not have a back function beyond ESC. This is annoying, but workable. A different controller might be more effective than mine, but this is what I have.

Weapons do not adjust for terrain. This game has a lot of ramps, jumps, and drops as you drive around the course, and even though some front-firing weapons do track after opponents, they frequently crash into a change in the track's slope. Again, track memorization will help, but that takes time to learn and there is no map to give hints to your location. Since weapons do not automatically reload to full between races, this can burn through your money.

Power-ups are plentiful, but they are always in the center of the track, and are frequently taken by the lead vehicle. If you're trailing, you won't often find them... if you're leading, you can keep hitting them every few seconds, and unless you make a bad turn, you will not likely see another car for the rest of the race. This is kinda game-breaking, as this type of game is the most fun when you're actively fighting against the other cars.

You can upgrade a car's armor and weapon count a total of 5 times each. You can upgrade a car's top speed and acceleration as a single stat, 5 times each... each time you upgrade, it will either boost top speed or acceleration. Not both, and you can't choose which one. Its a set path.

You CANNOT upgrade your vehicle's handling. Your car will always turn at the same rate, and as you're able to drive faster, mid-to-late game cornering means hugging the outside of a turn and using the wall to grind around the corners because you simply cannot make the turns. Letting off of the accelerator button does not make your car turn any faster. Tapping the brake won't make you slide around a corner, but it will slow you down enough to make a turn... but there's not really a point to that, since grinding around the outer edge doesn't damage your car, and doesn't really slow you down enough to matter.

You will spin badly in mid-air if you angle off of a jump wrong, and you will get turned around from collisions. Your car will roll forward off of some ramps, and there is no way to correct this, which will randomly slow you down on landings. While reverse does work, turning while backing up is VERY slow, and this cannot be improved. If you face the wrong way for more than a few seconds, the game will auto re-spawn your vehicle facing the right way in the center of the track... it will sometimes do this while you're in the middle of a turn if you aren't facing the correct way, and has happened to me twice, so far.

The conclusion:
The opponents are not very challenging once you've upgraded your cars a bit... get ahead of them, and keep your car in the middle of the track whenever possible, and any race is yours. The unmapped tracks, weird landings from the many jumps, and lack of handling are far more of a threat than any of the other cars. Without being able to play against other opponents (at this time), or increase the opponent AI difficulty (I have not fully beaten the game, that may be an option after 1 completion, but I don't see anything for now), this is not a very challenging game.

If you're absolutely craving this kind of game, then get it, but be aware of what you're purchasing.
Posté le : 17 mai
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5.4 heures en tout
a true successor to Rock&Roll Racing
it has some flaws but most of them can bo sorted out with updates

- the gamepad support has some issues like you can't choose any option unless you press enter with the keyboard
- you won't find the power-ups if you are trailing, everything will be taken by the front cars

overall the game is really fun and i would recommend it for sure to any R&RR fans and i hope the developers
would fix the minor issues with future updates

Edit: some achievements are bugged, didn't get 4-5 from the latter stages even though i should
have got them
Posté le : 18 mai
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4.2 heures en tout
This game is really fun. I'm really enjoying it so far.

However, there are lots of room for improvement: First of all, this game NEEDS a multiplayer mode. I hope the developers will include this feature in the near future.

While the races are fun and the gameplay is perfect, the menus are awful to say the least. The fact that you can play the game in your controller, but need to go to your keyboard just so you can select options in the menu is annoying. There's also no way to configure the controller layout for the game.

Overall, the game is worth the money. As I said before, it's really fun once you start playing. I just hope that the developers will work to improve some of its flaws (Please fix the menus!!!!)
Posté le : 18 mai
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0.4 heures en tout
Do you remember good ol' Rock'n'Roll Racing? With all it's great cartoonish graphics, sensitive and good controls, AWESOME music and competitive gameplay? Me too. This game brings... NOTHING of it. The controls are horrible, the game mechanics are buggy. (I had a moment in the game where I had to jump the trampoline to continue the race. It took me 5 tries! Ok, you may say I'm a noob. But. The opponents had to do the same! Can you imagine? 3 cars respawning 5 times in attempt to make the jump!!! )
The graphics are nice, The characters are new, ok. Everything else is "meh", I'd rather stick to Death Rally remake avaliable on Steam. It feels better.
TL:DR; Feel nostalgic? Wait for a bundle.
Posté le : 29 septembre
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