Guide three sociopathic apprentices through an open world filled with caves, castles and underground cities as you search for your kidnapped teacher. Discover countless secrets, loot hidden treasure troves, and decapitate your enemies. Or immolate them. Or smack them in the face with fruit.
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Data di rilascio: 1 lug 2014

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"A 2D side-scroller action RPG with comedic dialogue. But the genius in this game is in its simplicity. *Has 6 Trading Cards*"


“From top to bottom it impresses, at once both fresh and fun, and suffers very few missteps along the way.”
Leaderboard #5 –

“Polished. If you had to describe Magicians & Looters in one word, that would be it.”
9/10 –

“This game is a testament to both sarcasm and self-awareness in RPGs. It's really really funny.”

Riguardo questo gioco

High above the lame Mortal Realm rests the cloud-wreathed towers of the Wizard Keep.
It is a place where robes never go out of style, and beards are totally awesome.

But then the badguys attack, and Versimos is kidnapped!

Luckily for Versimos, he has three students who will stop at nothing to get a passing grade, and if that means rescuing their teacher from the treacherous Morg Mountains, then so be it.

Brent - Wields a sword. Kind of boring.
Nyn - Wields two swords. Awesome.
Vienna - Commits murder with her bare hands. Talks to cats. Doesn't wear shoes.

  • Leveling system built around exploration, not grinding.
  • Abridged Mode will abbreviate all the game's dialogue, keeping the focus on the action.
  • Completionist-friendly loot system. All weapons/items have a reserved slot in your inventory and a hint as to their general location.
  • Equipment possesses both benefits and drawbacks. Creative combinations yield the best results.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP or newer
    • Memory: 600 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280 x 720 resolution or better
    • Hard Drive: 1500 MB available space
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Pubblicata: 17 aprile
Metroidvania with a really good balance between combat and platforming. There's a little bit of backtracking here and there but mostly for items and not actually progressing the main quest. The story, characters and script are original but the dialogue (especially among your party characters) can be hit or miss at times. The music score is good. It reminds me of the music in Super Metroid, mostly serving as background environment music, so you'll either notice it or you won't. (Except for the warp rooms. You'll always notice the music there.)

There's little reason to play this game a second time though, unless you're hunting for achievements. And if you're hunting for achievements, keep in mind there is an achievement that requires you to beat the game within a time limit of 2 hours.
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Pubblicata: 3 agosto
I usually don't write reviews but this game is pretty awesome. Granted it looks like something between a Super Nintendo and a Playstation game but that is part of it's charm. If you are looking for a a good Metroidvania type game, this is it. Good grahpics, good sound, and mostly importantly a fun game with funny dialog. Also, full xbox 360 controller support. Beware the fruit!
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Pubblicata: 21 luglio 2014
Magicians & Looters risulta pesantemente limitato da un comparto visivo sottotono e che difficilmente riuscirà ad affascinare i giocatori. Si tratta di un vero peccato, perché il gameplay e il design delle mappe è a tratti sopraffino, in generale solido e divertente. Proprio il divertimento è uno dei nodi centrali di questa produzione, grazie a dialoghi sopra le righe che vi strapperanno molto più di una risata. Il gioco è caldamente consigliato, a dispetto della grafica e dei controlli non sempre perfetti, a tutti gli appassionati di metroidvania che non disdegnino una componente ruolistica e la propensione per la risoluzione di semplici puzzle. Ci sentiamo inoltre di consigliarlo a chi cerchi un prodotto ironico e capace di accompagnare con una sana dose di spirito. Recensione completa @

+ Fa ridere, e anche tanto
+ Il gameplay è divertente e sufficientemente vario
+ Eccellente colonna sonora
+ Ottimo design delle mappe - Graficamente mediocre
– Bizzarra sensibilità dei controlli, ma ci si abitua
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio 2014
This is a very fun game, I love combat platformers!

You start out with only a sword and a shield and must fight your way through the Wizardry school. Later on, you can switch to other characters at camps you find, in order to use their unique skills and moves to progress in the game. If you are pretty good at using shields/dodging in video games, you can avoid almost all damage. This game relies on player skill alot.

There's alot of dialogues/ story to read through ( you can choose to lower the amount of dialogues if that's not your kind of thing ) and you can play the game with a controller. There's also tons of secret areas/secrets to find! If you cannot complete a certain room, think about your other characters abilities or come back later when you find a skill that will help you complete that room!


-Good retro feeling.
-Good music.
-The art style is very nice.


-The character/monster animations are a bit weird.
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio 2014
Art style is beautiful. Animations are fantastic. Combat is fluid and responsive. Story is very funny and well written. There are tons of small touches that really make the difference as well. Coins flying out of dropped money bags, leaves falling from trees as you jump through them, etc. Great game, definitely pick it up!

Don't pay attention to my time played. Picked it up in the Groupees Greenlight 5 bundle and have more time in than Steam has registered.
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