Guide three sociopathic apprentices through an open world filled with caves, castles and underground cities as you search for your kidnapped teacher. Discover countless secrets, loot hidden treasure troves, and decapitate your enemies. Or immolate them. Or smack them in the face with fruit.
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Data di rilascio: 1 lug 2014
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"A 2D side-scroller action RPG with comedic dialogue. But the genius in this game is in its simplicity. *Has 6 Trading Cards*"


“From top to bottom it impresses, at once both fresh and fun, and suffers very few missteps along the way.”
Leaderboard #5 –

“Polished. If you had to describe Magicians & Looters in one word, that would be it.”
9/10 –

“This game is a testament to both sarcasm and self-awareness in RPGs. It's really really funny.”

Riguardo questo gioco

High above the lame Mortal Realm rests the cloud-wreathed towers of the Wizard Keep.
It is a place where robes never go out of style, and beards are totally awesome.

But then the badguys attack, and Versimos is kidnapped!

Luckily for Versimos, he has three students who will stop at nothing to get a passing grade, and if that means rescuing their teacher from the treacherous Morg Mountains, then so be it.

Brent - Wields a sword. Kind of boring.
Nyn - Wields two swords. Awesome.
Vienna - Commits murder with her bare hands. Talks to cats. Doesn't wear shoes.

  • Leveling system built around exploration, not grinding.
  • Abridged Mode will abbreviate all the game's dialogue, keeping the focus on the action.
  • Completionist-friendly loot system. All weapons/items have a reserved slot in your inventory and a hint as to their general location.
  • Equipment possesses both benefits and drawbacks. Creative combinations yield the best results.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP or newer
    • Memory: 600 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280 x 720 resolution or better
    • Hard Drive: 1500 MB available space
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7 persone su 7 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
5.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 20 dicembre 2014
This is easily among the best Metroidvania games available, so if you like the genre you'll definitely like this game. The controls, mechanics, and level design are extremely well polished, the dialogue is funny in a very silly way, and the overall difficulty is extremely fair. With three different characters and a good selection of unique equipment, there's plenty to play around with if you're struggling with a particular section or just want a change of pace. In addition to finding new weapons and abilities that let you access new areas, you can also find orbs that gradually unlock special perks for each character, further differentiating their play styles.

I have pretty high standards for Metroidvania games, and this surpasses them.
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4 persone su 4 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
13.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 17 aprile
Metroidvania with a really good balance between combat and platforming. There's a little bit of backtracking here and there but mostly for items and not actually progressing the main quest. The story, characters and script are original but the dialogue (especially among your party characters) can be hit or miss at times. The music score is good. It reminds me of the music in Super Metroid, mostly serving as background environment music, so you'll either notice it or you won't. (Except for the warp rooms. You'll always notice the music there.)

There's little reason to play this game a second time though, unless you're hunting for achievements. And if you're hunting for achievements, keep in mind there is an achievement that requires you to beat the game within a time limit of 2 hours.
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2 persone su 2 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
9.3 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 15 dicembre 2014
Though a bit rough in small places, Magicians and Looters is a thoroughly rewarding little metroidvania.

The combat is simple enough to pick up and play: each of the 3 characters have their own bonuses and styles that range from special movies to boosted stats. There is some magic, a rage meter, and some interesting equipment options, and it all feels solid. The platforming is also well done, which makes reaching new areas quick and fun. The 3 characters all feel distinct in their playstyles and tweaks so that one never outshines the others (too much... Vienna was probably my most used character)

The leveling up mechanic is interesting in that it is based of exploring (to find level up orbs) rather than grinding. This really goes a long way in keeping the pacing fresh for the game. Not only that, but grinding tends to cheapen the experience and spend more time on a game that is not necessarily fun after 20 hours of grinding. This mechanic is probably the most deserving attention because it highlights what the game does right: juggle characters and explore the environment.

The story is not to be taken seriously, but in a good way. The humor was more hits than misses, and that is quite the accomplishment given how subjective humor can be. I laughed a few times, snickered more, and grinned through most of the game. The characters were all likeable and I am ready for the sequel.

Magicians and Looters is a quite the hidden gem: great mechanics and lighthearted fun with excellent pacing. This a great, if a bit short, metroidvania that deserves a look.
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2 persone su 2 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
12.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 24 dicembre 2014
A fun and quirky metroidvania game. Entertaining dialogue and story, responsive controls and good gameplay. my only gripes are that it's a little on the short side and there is not that much diversity.

I have 12 hours on the game only due to leaving it on all day even while I took breaks. With no guide i had 99.80% completion and 100% items within 5-6 hours.

That seems short, but honestly theres alot of content and the map is a pretty decent size.

8/10 for the price. get it if its on sale and you like sidescrolling.
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1 persone su 1 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
10.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 26 aprile
This is definitely a 10/10

God damn this game was amazing! The music! The graphics! The world! The mindless banter of fruits and sibling rivalry!

Magicians & Looters is a deliciously crafted Metroidvania that is true to itself. It's full of soul and full of detail. Your attacks feel like they matter, and there are quite a few of them for each of the three characters you can play.

You can decide who to play as, but ultimately, as you explore for the opening to the next area you'll be forced to take the character with the ability required to progress. You're made to experience each character's abilities and move set, and made to adapt. Morgopolis have made the transition seamless.

The items and weapons you can collect throughout the game serve to test your play style, making you synergize and re-experiment for every boss. The leveling system is based on exploration, but doesn't punish you should you withhold its progress. The abilities provided through leveling up are quite nice, and unique to each character, which helps to make item synergies for each character based not only on their default stat values (such as attack speed or aerial strikes), but on whether they've got extra resources to a certain pool.

Magicians & Looters really got me. It's witty, charming, difficult, and tasty as ♥♥♥♥. Any Metroidvania fans out there would be missing out if they passed this game by.
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2 persone su 3 (67%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
13.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 26 dicembre 2014
This game is a metroidvania type game that is the most fun I have had in a long while with this genre. Reminds me of Castlevania SOTN. Good story line and funny dialogue. If you love Metroid or Castlevania games you will also love this one.
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1.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 luglio 2014
Magicians & Looters risulta pesantemente limitato da un comparto visivo sottotono e che difficilmente riuscirà ad affascinare i giocatori. Si tratta di un vero peccato, perché il gameplay e il design delle mappe è a tratti sopraffino, in generale solido e divertente. Proprio il divertimento è uno dei nodi centrali di questa produzione, grazie a dialoghi sopra le righe che vi strapperanno molto più di una risata. Il gioco è caldamente consigliato, a dispetto della grafica e dei controlli non sempre perfetti, a tutti gli appassionati di metroidvania che non disdegnino una componente ruolistica e la propensione per la risoluzione di semplici puzzle. Ci sentiamo inoltre di consigliarlo a chi cerchi un prodotto ironico e capace di accompagnare con una sana dose di spirito. Recensione completa @

+ Fa ridere, e anche tanto
+ Il gameplay è divertente e sufficientemente vario
+ Eccellente colonna sonora
+ Ottimo design delle mappe - Graficamente mediocre
– Bizzarra sensibilità dei controlli, ma ci si abitua
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28 persone su 35 (80%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
3.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 luglio 2014
This is a very fun game, I love combat platformers!

You start out with only a sword and a shield and must fight your way through the Wizardry school. Later on, you can switch to other characters at camps you find, in order to use their unique skills and moves to progress in the game. If you are pretty good at using shields/dodging in video games, you can avoid almost all damage. This game relies on player skill alot.

There's alot of dialogues/ story to read through ( you can choose to lower the amount of dialogues if that's not your kind of thing ) and you can play the game with a controller. There's also tons of secret areas/secrets to find! If you cannot complete a certain room, think about your other characters abilities or come back later when you find a skill that will help you complete that room!


-Good retro feeling.
-Good music.
-The art style is very nice.


-The character/monster animations are a bit weird.
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25 persone su 35 (71%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
1.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 luglio 2014
Art style is beautiful. Animations are fantastic. Combat is fluid and responsive. Story is very funny and well written. There are tons of small touches that really make the difference as well. Coins flying out of dropped money bags, leaves falling from trees as you jump through them, etc. Great game, definitely pick it up!

Don't pay attention to my time played. Picked it up in the Groupees Greenlight 5 bundle and have more time in than Steam has registered.
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5.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 10 luglio 2014
Although it will feel very familiar to fans of the genre, Magicians & Looters is a very different kind of Metroidlike that stands out first and foremost for its irreverence. At a glance, you could mistake it for generic fantasy fare, but it's actually out to lampoon the setting, and unlike so many games that make an attempt at humor, it manages to be amusing. You get the feeling that these guys would say or do anything for a laugh with the jokes ranging from knowingly bad voice-acting to the quip-filled dialogue, but they hit the mark often enough that it remains enjoyable throughout. If the game did nothing else well, it might be worth playing just for the laughs.

You wouldn't be wrong to show some degree of skepticism towards a satirical video game. Games that parody other games have become dime-a-dozen, and frequently, their devotion to sending up their target leads to the would-be satirists committing the same crimes that they're supposedly critiquing. Magicians & Looters, however, backs up its parody with solid design of its own that usually manages to cleverly side-step the issues that it mocks. It draws liberal influence from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in particular, with several direct references that will make any fan smile, but despite wearing their fandom on their sleeves, Morgopolis have just enough ideas of their own to keep their game interesting.

The gameplay mostly sticks to the tried and true formula for Metroidlikes with the player exploring a series of caverns, forests, and castle interiors while gaining new abilities and fighting enemies with melee attacks and spells, but it's very adept at this style. Little things bring Magicians & Looters into its own, such as the inclusion of three distinct characters with unique play-styles, balanced leveling that makes it impossible to grind, and a Lightning mode that increases the player's speed and power, making them almost invincible. The power-ups, with one or two notable exceptions, are the reliable staples of the genre such as the slide, wall jump, and high jump, and the selection of items is not nearly as vast as what we've seen in the various Castlevanias, but the items that are featured all have their own advantages and disadvantages that cater to different play styles in a manner of which Castlevania really only played lip-service. The level design is also very good with backtracking being kept to mostly a minimum but also with enough to explore that you never feel led by the hand. The only major tweak I would have made to this aspect is to give the player the ability to change characters at any time as you can only do this in save rooms and certain routes require a specific character's abilities. This may have been done to increase the difficulty or to simplify the action, but considering that the game fails to make it clear when to use which character, the necessity of returning to the nearest camp to switch between characters significantly slows the pace of the game.

As strong as some aspects of M&L are, the game falters considerably in its production values, made all the more stinging by how much the Castlevania and Metroid games have excelled in this category. Now, I would be the last person to write off a game for not having state of the art visuals, but the art design is, to be frank, ugly. The drawings look very amateur, and the color palette is ghastly, full of shades of brown, yellow, gray, and orange. Furthermore, the characters, most especially the common enemies, lack distinctive visual characteristics, looking rather crude and generic. This game may have been low budget and farcical, but that's no excuse for such a bland style. Some people have suggested that ungraceful visuals were deliberate, and the even more rudimentary concept art that can be seen in the game's credits lends support to that theory, but if this was done for humor's sake, they should have realized that bad artwork is not necessarily funny artwork. Whatever the reason there may be for the poor style, this area of the game feels rather sloppy and does not live up to the pedigree set by others in this genre. The animation is slightly better than the art but still not great, and the music, while more adequate than the visuals, won't be remembered for long once the game is finished.

With games like Guacamelee, Valdis Story: Abyssal City, and Cave Story, there has been no shortage of decent Metroidlikes for PC in recent years, but even if it is lacking polish in certain areas, Magicians & Looters more than earns its place among them with its unique sense of humor and enjoyable gameplay. If you've never played an adventure-platformer in this vein before, it may not be the greatest place to start, but seasoned fans shouldn't hesitate to dig in. This love-letter to Castlevania is a real treat to behold.
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9.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 2 luglio 2014
This Review Will Cover most Parts of this game Including the bad parts which most reviews didn't talk about, and made this game sound like a wonderland

This is a greenlight voted game, i dont know i just felt like bringing that out

As you start the game you will feel a bit weird, i mean i had to turn Fraps on because i felt the game had a low Fps rate but no it was above 440+ its just the game animation is a bit weird but well you'll get used to it sooner or later

The reason why i am Voting this up is because it makes me laugh .. yes
The game is Not your "Serious Metroidvania, Hack and slash with an attitude Rip off Castlevania SOTN map" style no

it has a very good sense of humor with the Dialogues And whatnot so it really makes me laugh a lot and i like it for that
But still the problem of sluggish combat, Movement, slow maybe everything but it is something people might get used to.

it works with any controller and you can Redefine keys so its no biggy.

ah .. the artwork im not too crazy about it , they could have put more work on it i guess but ... well .. whatever.
The Story , so far its pretty crazy but highly entertaining and interesting , and the idea of switching between characters to progress with the level further is good and entertaining to change a character.

so i will try to sum it all up for you , If you are LOOKING for a SERIOUS ACTION game this is not for you.
However if you like a Comedy type game that will make you laugh then you might want to consider getting this

What i Like :
1 - The Level Design ( Not artwork ... just the maps and how they all connect and stuff )
2 - The fact that you can keep changing between characters (each has special abilities) to get through certain places
3 - Hilarious Dialogues, that you will keep waiting for "WHAT WILL THEY SAY NEXT" because its just great :)
4 - Boss Fights , not the typical jump to boss and attack , so i like it its good to have different boss styles in games

What is bad
1 - Artwork , i dont know if they wanted it to look like that to suit the comedy level its in but i mean they could have done a better job as an artist i think they could, but maybe they just know better than me that it will fit the game ...
2 - Combat and Movement they should use a better Engine ? or whatever to make it more relaxing to jump and attack to make it more smooth not looks laggy like it looks now .. after 2 hours of gaming you get used to it tho .. seriously lol
3 - Details , They should put more details in item drops and menu and just put a bright touch to the game to make it feel more alive but maybe thats just me.
4 - Animations are all bad for me ...
5 - Leveling up idea ... Monsters dont give exp so i pretty much skipped through them and could have finished the game in 3 hours ( I finished it in 4 and 29 minutes ) if i skipped through them from the beginning , they just give you money that you can buy a few things with
6 - The Character Switching idea is not really that great, because you can pretty much count on one certain character ( SPOILER ) Vienna with her high jump and wall-walk is good for probably everything in the game and can get by faster ...
7 - Enemies ... i can maybe count them all with my fingers if not including bosses ...

So if you read all of this you will probably wonder why am i voting this up ? because the story and dialogues made me laugh and i probably just played it afterwards for the story
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11.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 4 settembre 2014
I've played through Magicians & Looters almost twice now. (The first attempt was on Desura.) It's fantastic. Progress is exploration-based with items for experience rather than grinding combat. Backtracking is eased with gold-based warps and eventually a teleportation spell. A completionist's late game need for gold can be assuaged quickly with the proper items/locations. The three main characters play differently and can be switched at every save point.

Not being a member of the speed run community, I can't imagine bothering with the abridged version as the humor works and doesn't rely on its occasional parodies. The plot is simple, but the dialogue struck a chord. While there are some plot-based hard locks that will prevent full sequence breaking, the game moved along fast enough that I never minded.

The first time I played, M&L took all of my love and tossed it down the drain with its boss battles. I don't know if it was pattern recognition or balance tweaks, but I didn't find them as frustrating in the Steam version. I still dread Jocko's overlapping attacks, but the rest tended to be solved with the proper character and loadout.
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3.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 8 luglio 2014
I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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8.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 4 luglio 2014
Finally I could find another good Metroidvania to play! (I mean, they are hard to find aren't they?)

I think it is one of the most enjoyable games on steam. It has a great sense of humour. Dialogs between characters can make you laugh almost everytime. Also, the story is pretty enjoyable and funny as well.

But, this game has its own problems too. First, the artwork looks awful. Maybe it is an artistic choice but I don't know, it looks bad. (Animations are pretty good though.) Second, although the bosses are pretty fun to fight, I think there should be more of them. The map is really big but there are only 6 bosses. But the biggest problem is, I cannot rebind the keys while playing the game! It only allows you in the beginning of a new game. I don't know what made the Morgopolis Studios make it that way.

However, don't you even think the game is bad. It is not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. It offers one hell out of fun. And for this pricetag it's worth it.
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9.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 8 luglio 2014
Fun metroidvania with very funny writing. You get to switch between 3 characters with special abilities, but unlike Trine you can only do it at camp fires (checkpoints.) Not very long or hard - I finished it in 7.5 hours and spent a bunch of that time looking secrets & missed items.
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6.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 luglio 2014
A very fun game. A little shorter than I imagined but still a very entertaining game. I like that it makes you use all 3 characters. LOVE the music for it. I give it a 8/10. Aways making me wanna come back and play more. :)
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8.7 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 3 luglio 2014
Magicians and Looters is a really solid Metroidvania style platformer. Exploration is the name of the game, and exploring MAL's levels, packed with secrets, shops, items, monsters, and some light puzzles is a real joy. The game consists of three playable characters, each having a unique set of abilities and its own play style. New abilities can also be acquired by exploring the map. The player can freely switch between the characters and recover health by visiting camp sites. Each section of the game is punctuated by a fun set piece boss fight. The game's story isn't particularly serious, but is full of goofy humor.

The graphics in this game are serviceable, but not as pretty as some of its contemporaries. The game is a bit shorter than I would have liked (my original playthrough of the Desura version took around 10 hours). Overall, I found it to be a lot of fun, and I can definitely recommend it to fans of the Metroidvania genre.
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6.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 5 luglio 2014
Possibly one of the better games in the metroidvania genre to date. Light story, basic objectives but wonderful gameplay and enough brain teasing moments to keep you occupied for at least a good 5 hours straight.

Worth every penny :)
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12.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 3 luglio 2014
I'd first like to say that I don't play metroidvanias, but this game stuck out like a sore thumb to me, in a good way of course. Ever since I saw the trailers on greenlight a few months back, I knew this game would be awesome because of how different it looked from other metroidvanias I have encountered. Once MAL came out, I instantly bought it and boy did it deliver.

The game is a breath of fresh air, from the story line to the VERY SMOOTH controls. The game reccommends you play with a controller, but the keyboard works perfectly fine just because how accurate the movement is. Everytime I died was only because I was being too reckless.

MAL's storyline is cliche, but it is very well executed. I've always had a saying that cliche isn't bad, as long as it's well done and solid. The dialogue is well placed and the timing is perfect. It definitely made me laugh the whole way through. Also, I really liked how thee's a chance to see funny interaction between the three heroes when you go into camp.

The combat is solid, very easy to pick up and difficult to master. There's no super heavy ultra super sayian combos, but it gets the job done, especially if you play Vienna :D. Boss fights are very challenging and not some monster with a lot of K.O. moves. Enemies are fairly tough, you can't just run and there and expect to wreck everything. Recovery items are almost nonexistant, but that's a good thing because I don't like games holding my hand. Besides, you can always go back to camp to heal if you really needed to.

Level design in this game is great, as expected of a metroidvania. The secrets are moderately spread out and not too hard to find. All the maps seem to flow together seemlessly. I do often times get lost, but that's half the fun. I also really liked how
this game utilizes ALL THREE heroes, instead of just making one do all the work. The maps require you to use all the characters in order to find all the secrets and access different areas. However, one very minor grip I have is that aside from regular secrets, I wish there were like super hidden secrets. I know you guys are trying to make it completeionist friendly, but a few super secret loot wouldn't hurt :3 (unless there's super secret loot and I just havent found it yet. I'm on to you developers!! Just kidding).

The music in this game is great. It's not the best, but it definitely fits with the atmostphere of the game. Very mellow and ambiant. You don't really notice it being there, but without it the stages wouldn't be the same. But, if you do decide to stop and listen, it's well made and pretty darn catchy.

Art style and animation in this game is subjective in all honestly, but it is, however, very solid and gets the job done. That's all that matters. Long as it doesnt look like I'm playing a game at 2 FPS when the actual FPS is 60 or Vienna looks like a burly man XD.

I highly reccommend this game. 10/10
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3.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 6 luglio 2014
This game is true gem among platformers.
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