As Leon, the world’s most dangerous bounty hunter, you embark on a mission to slay the world’s weirdest creatures, and save a girl from an awful marriage.
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Release Date: May 15, 2014

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“Fearless Fantasy Shows No Fear In Its Condensed RPG Design”
Hardcore Gamer

“It’s a strange, silly game that just so happens to also have a unique and unexpectedly challenging battle system.”

“A compact adventure with a focus on turn-based skill, a notion as unique as the whole game itself.”
9/10 – GameGrin

About This Game

As Leon, the world’s most dangerous bounty hunter, you embark on a mission to slay the world’s weirdest creatures, and save a girl from an awful marriage.

Fearless Fantasy is probably the weirdest RPG you’ll play this year. It’s a turn-based game that deeply involves players during every turn. You use gestures (with the mouse) to score critical hits, resulting in very involved and interesting gameplay on every turn.

  • Use gestures to score critical hits in a turn-based RPG
  • Most original character designs you’ll see this year
  • A full-on story with animated cutscenes and voice-overs
  • Upgrades and progression systems
  • Boss fights
  • RPG stuff and dances!

About the developers

tinyBuild GAMES Partnered up with Enter Skies to bring Fearless Fantasy to life. tinyBuild is an indie-friendly publisher and game developer. This is Enter Skies' first commercial game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP and up
    • Processor: 1Ghz and up
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: A toaster
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: An average one
    • Additional Notes: Not suitable for trackpads or trackballs. The game might run slow in power saver mode on laptops, be sure to disable visual effects if you experience that.
    • OS: Windows 7 and up
    • Processor: 2x 1Ghz and up
    • Graphics: A shiny toaster
    • Sound Card: A good one
    • Additional Notes: A good mouse is recommended. Touch screens are also supported and provide the best experience.
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5.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 10, 2015
Fearless Fantasy is probably the weirdest turn-based RPG I have ever played. In order to commence an attack, you need to solve a gesture based gameplay that is similar to Osu!. The game may intimidate some PC user because the gameplay is designed to play on the touch screen or on mobile. The character design is weird and the cutscene looks like it animated in Flipnote Studio 3D by a child. The story is short and had a weak plot. The item/weapon system is too limited.

The game didn't have the complexity of weapon/items/battle system of the JRPG but offers a unique type of gameplay.

Get this game on sale or if its free.

Rating: 5/10
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5.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 3, 2015
The combat in this game is built for touch devices - something that makes gameplay on a desktop much less fun.

All other things considered, this is a great, albeit short game - grab it during a Steam sale!

Art style
Light-hearted satire
Easy to play

Combat controls
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Posted: April 17
The game had potential, not a lot of potential admittedly but it had some.
Ruined by a ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ need to use dumb phone controls on a PC game.
No, I can't swipe and touch all around my screen like some ginny ♥♥♥♥!

I tried to like the game, I really did but its just yet another mobile game ported to PC with the sad irony being that the game came to PC first. What they should have done is put it on Nintendo 3/i/DS then ported it to mobile.

If you can get past the janky ♥♥♥ control scheme of swiping or tapping then you will have middling fun, middle of the road. Even looking past the control scheme the game is overall very solid and well done in many parts (yes that is a compliment) but its not captivating. Every time I failed a heal or missed an attack or performed an epic defense and still took a lot of damage I couldn't help but wonder if the game was done in this style so as to hide is awful flaws.

Overall, I can recommend this game (surprisingly) if you play on normal or easy and just have an itch for a Nintendo DS gimmick style game. Since, however, if you fall into that category then you either own a nintendo handheld from after the year 2000 OR a mobile phone, then you are already spoilt for choice aren't you?

Everyone else, stay away. Waste of your hard working tax dollars.
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Posted: November 22, 2015
This game. I can't even begin with how satisfying this game is. Whoever plays or has played Osu! will have a more enterntaining experience. The game's idea is awesome and the way the combat works is amazing. The cutscenes look wonky, but I personally don't mind it- rather it makes the game less creepy.
The designer of the creatures must've either had really bad nightmares or a really *bleep* up mind- love it!
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5.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 10

I love weird games in any kind of sense and Fearless Fantasy is such. The creatures are not typical, the battle system is not entirly typical. At first glance, it seems like another mobile port and to some degree it is, but make no mistake – it's defenently worth your time and money.

The main character here is Leon, the best bounty hunter in the world. He's tricked by princess Alice to save her from arrange marriage and they start a quest to stop an evil king. Along their journey, the company is joined by Vonn, friend and fellow bounty hunter of Leon, to help them with their quest. Together they have to stop the bad guy and kill a terrifying monster. The story is cheesy, simple and there in nothing to remember, except the character interaction. The writing is surprisingly fun. Cheesy, but fun. Dialogs between everyone is good. It won't win any awards, but I didn't want to skip any of the cutscene.

The option are bare-bones. Sound sliders, fullscreen, dynamic camera and visual effects. There are non rebindle key, because it's entirly mouse driven game.

The developer put a little twist on the traditional JRPG's battle system for the player to be more involved. You choose a regular attack or special. Then arrows and/or circles appear on screen and with the mouse you have to slide and/or click on them at precise moment. Better you do, more damage you make. Different skill have different patterns. Some even takes quite a few seconds to do and this keeps you on edge. This is the case with the enemies. When they make a move, you will do the same thing. Better you do, less damage you take and later in the game, this may be the difference between life or death. All skill require energy. Sometimes character can be blinded, but you can still make a flawless move. I really like this battle system. It's not just click to choose, it involves you and it's awesome! But it can also make you rage-quit, if you mess up.

All enemies have description and from here comes the strategy part. Some enemies while they are alive, his allies receive less damage from range attack, but when they are left alone, they die and so on. So you have to decide to kill the other creatures first or the single one that provide this buff. And this is kinda cool.

The skill are acquired by leveling up. When this happens, you have one point to put in stats and one in skills. All skills can be level up 5 times. Their sound and especially visual design is great.

After a battle you will get gold. With him you can buy weapons, items and gadgets. All are pretty standard. You have to be at certain level to get better weapons, items and gadgets. I wish there were more things to buy.

Beside the battle system, the graphics and charatcer design is what caught my eye at first. Both are amazing!!! All creatures are non standard and I can't even describe them. A mushroom with a some sort of shotgun and an evil flower. This is the best I can do. They are really weird in a good way. A lot of thought is put in them. The backgrounds are great too. They have this oil painting style and I like it. It's different than the characters. The bosses are really fun to fight. All have some sort of support, like tentacles or other characters, that have some buffs and you have to decide from who to start. They require some strategy.

As for the level design, there isn't much to say. You have a static map and there appear the next level. You click on it, choose the difficulty, represented as stars, fight 3-5 wave of enemies and that's it.

The suprise for me is the soundtrack. It's great!!! I want to listen it every day. It's that good. All tracks are fast-paced techno and really fits the combat on screen. Sadly, you can't buy it or find it anywhere.

Sound effects are great. All have enough punch to feel satisfying and when you combine it with visual effects, they get even better.

The voice acting is really nice and I wasn't expecting any. I like Leon, he's bold, cocky, looking for a fight and he always have something to say. Vonn and Alice have their different personality. Non of them three characters are original or complex, but their conversations are fun to watch.

I have few problems with the game. The first and most important is the lack of any information about the debuffs you get. Some you can recognize, like poisoning, but others you can't, at least in the beginning. All have icons beside of characters name and with time you will know them, but I think it would be better if I hover the mouse over them to show me some information. The second is grinding. It isn't much, but had to repeat few level to get some money for new gear. Next is minor. When enemy is about to attack on screen you see “Tap when ready”. Come on, it's a PC game remove tap and put click. Next is audio in cutscenes. It feels really compressed. Other conversations have much better quality. And lastly the combat. I can't comment the mobile version, but the games feels kinda clunky when you have to use the mouse to execute the moves. Further into the game they become longer and complicated. It feels more natural to swipe with fingers. Despite that it's really fun. Oh, and tutorial for the combat is nowhere to be found.

Overall I had fun with the game. It's defenently worth the asking price. If it was more, I would say wait for a sale. The game is not super long. It will take you 3-5 hours to beat it. There is three star rating system and from here come some replayability. I didn't maximise all my skill and I still beat the game, so for me it's not worth on the hardest difficulty, because the fighting become faster and this can make me break my mouse. The battle system, creature design and soundtrack are really great and because of them you can overlook the shortcomings. I recommend it.
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