Reunite the kingdom of Adventuria and defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj by recruiting Adventurers to send on Adventures for epic loot and rewards in this RPG/Management Sim with tons of depth, randomization, and customization options!
User reviews: Mixed (303 reviews) - 66% of the 303 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 4, 2014

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"My little army of heroes, muwahahahahahahaha!"

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September 13

1.0.084 Patch Notes


Just a couple of quick fixes after some feedback. DLC still in development!

- Fixed the issue with the rooms freezing up while opening treasure chests
- New Level Up sound -- We're going through and revamping some of the music, so let us know what you think!
- Replaced the Config window image

Thanks for the feedback, and we'll keep making changes!

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August 8

1.0.083 Bugfixes!

Hi all!

We have fixed the issue with Invasions not resolving properly. A big thank you for all who contributed in the troubleshooting of this issue. That being said, check the general forums for my stickied post. We're looking for a couple of good folks eager to test new changes.

In order to fix the invasion, you will have to abandon the current one and let it sack your town. I know this sucks, but all future invasions you have will work properly, and give the proper rewards now.

Additionally the following changes have been made:

- Endless Tower will no longer be targetted as an invasion.
- When an invasion auto stops the fast-forward, the button is now properly updated as well.
- Removed the Music Selection option in the options menu, as that is an unfinished feature at the moment.
- New VA Logo! I hope you all dig it :)
- Added a small Adventurer Manager logo to the config menu.

I'm aware there is an intermittent issue with the game controls not drawing completely when coming upon a chest or event in a manual dungeon. We're looking into that right now, and once I have that fixed, I can finish the DLC!

Thanks everyone

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“For a modest $9.99 on Steam, you can purchase a wonderfully original title that will guarantee dozens of entertaining hours.”
True PC Gaming

“If you want to buy a ticket to see a game get made in incremental stages and enjoy JRPGs, Adventurer Manager is the best choice on Steam today.”

“This game has the most absurd quest details and dialogue you will ever experience in your life, and it’s the best thing ever.”

About This Game

The evil Illusionist Miraj has murdered your parents, the King and Queen, and has taken control of the Kingdom of Adventuria. Playing as the King's sole heir, you must recruit local Adventurers to complete Adventures to regain the loyalty of the various races in the realm. Only through reuniting your kingdom will you have the power to defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj!

  • Create Your Ruler to begin your story!
  • Recruit Randomized Adventurers from 7 races and 13 classes each with their own bios, benefits, and drawbacks!
  • Unlock Secret Party Bonuses by organizing your Adventurers into 4 separate parties and arranging their formation front to back!
  • Send Your Adventurers on Adventures to over a dozen different locations on a large world map!
  • Automatically Complete Adventures and...
  • Manually Complete Adventures for bonus rewards!
  • Turn-based Combat with dozens of skills and spells!
  • Level Up your Adventurers with attribute points!
  • Tons of Skills from unique skill trees!
  • Endlessly Generated Loot to equip your Adventurers ranging from common, uncommon, rare, legendary, unique, and mythical items!
  • Dozens of Monsters each with...
  • Resistances and Weaknesses to exploit!
  • Rare Monsters and Monster Packs each with randomized mutators!
  • Unique Boss and Miniboss monsters to challenge your toughest Adventurers!
  • Craft and Salvage Equipment to create the perfect equipment!
  • Upgrade Your Castle to impart benefits to all of your Adventurers!
  • Monster Invasions where you must defend your subjects!
  • Gain Your Subjects' Allegiance to receive upgraded Adventurers and more!
  • Adventurer Endurance that needs time to recover!
  • Adventurer University where you can educate and train your Adventurers!
  • Bestiary that tracks your Monster kills to unlock information and gain bonuses against them!
  • Harsh Death Penalty where resurrecting your Adventurers isn't cheap!
  • Retire your Aging Adventurers to impart fantastic benefits to younger Adventurers!
  • Ironman Mode where when your Adventurers die, they stay dead!
  • Achievements to track all the things!
  • Original Retro-inspired Soundtrack to groove to!
  • Steam Trading Cards to collect!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: WinXP or later
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: 2d sound compatible card
    • OS: OS X 10.5 or later
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: 2d sound compatible card
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: April 29
I really like Adventure Manager. I am of the generation who saw the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) come out when I was a kid in the mid-1980s and fell in love with video games since. Without fully realizing it, I was waiting for Final Fantasy to come out in 1991. Once that game came to America, it pushed every button in my video game life (pun intended). I knew then that I was a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) fan, and all I ever wanted since then was basically just Final Fantasy with more depth.

Adventure Manager reminds me of those days when I first discovered Final Fantasy: the graphics, music, and play style. Adventure Manager also fulfills my desire to have "Final Fantasy Plus" - extensions of the game concepts that use modern programming languages to enable greater customization, etc. I really think that the developer of Adventure Manager did a great job with a concise presentation of classic turn-based RPG elements and a fluid game concept. While Adventure Manager comes off as an homage to the late 80s and early 90s RPGs, it still goes one step further in areas like item crafting (not hard to do and somewhat rewarding), user decisions when leveling characters (stat allocation and special ability augmentation), and making questing be fair (two difficulty levels, Energy restoration after each fight, resurrecting dead characters after the quest, etc.).

I also read here on Steam that the developer is going to update the graphics and a few other features (including the "Auto Adventuring," which is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, if you've ever played that game). I am hoping that not too much of the current Adventure Manager system will be altered, though. However, as odd as it may sound, I do seem to have some faith in this developer's decisions, as I read elsewhere how they tweeked some initial elements of the game to result in what we have now. Also, the developer has made a game with great attention to detail - you can tell it's been play-tested and optimized. (For example, filtering item lists for individual characters, saving party formations for easy deployment, etc.)

To close, Adventure Manager is a game that I will be spending very many hours on. Yes, it is easy to pick up and play and learn how to optimize, and soon you will get the hang of how things are handled. You may even get into a groove that some non-appreciative folks might call "tedious" or "monotonous." But for fans of the genre like me, it's more like "doing work" so that you can build the "perfect cleric" or whatnot. It's like investing the time and effort to have things go a certain way so that you can bask at your end accomplishment. In other words, playing a game like Adventure Manager has had me pondering the future possibilities, which I love to do. So I guess this is a speculator's game. :P Nevertheless, for me, the ability to auto-adventure and the ability to create new characters and level them through re-playable quests/levels is the kind of "work" that I enjoy performing.

I've put in about 30 hours of game time in about 7 days of owning Adventure Manager, and I have found myself succumbing to the same issues I did as a kid. Things like arriving late for dinner, rushing to meet an appointment, etc. So I have appreciated both the nostalgia that Adventure Manager has invoked within me as well as the genre itself, which I love dearly. So I'd actually like to thank the developer for keeping something like this project alive, and I hope more will support him. Adventure Manager is the game I would make if I had completed my degree in computer science instead of changing it. And I paid $5 for this game on sale. I highly recommend that you do the same, and keep your eye out for other games from this developer. This is the kind of stuff that guys like me want more of. :)
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Posted: July 7
I gave this a try even after reading the reviews. Personal perspective is everything right? Oh how wrong I was, the longer it is, the more it gets to you.

+ The UI is so counter intuitive (buying/selling--where the buy button is all the way at the bottom and you have to click on the item, then go to click buy, for

+ University training--unless you actually memorized ALL the equips and recognize the sprite equip at heart then you'll have to manually go to the adventurer's page each time, but hey, there's only 48 adventurers and even if they die, you can just make new ones and remember it right? easy peasy.

+ Salvaging--for yellow tier items and up, time to repeat the process just like buying items.

+ Time-- Gotta keep a tab on all of those shop keepers' restock time. Wouldn't want to miss out all those RNG items

+ THE BEST PART. Did you know that this game has a Fast Forwarding feature? Oh it's great, OR WOULD BE, if you didn't get penalize for USING IT. Boy oh boy, best.thing.ever.
The only way for you to move forward the game is to manually get your butt into those dungeons and do it yourself. otherwise some very "overpowering" force will just come and wipe out those poor towns. I mean, it's not like the devs put that feature in to dictate how the game should be play anyway. Even if it absolutely and utterly feels like it. You know.
They have auto adventuring option, so if you want to grind and put all your groups into training, well then guess what? the only option is to use the fast forwarding option to move on.

+ This is not an adventure manager game but more like RPG adventure "manager"---emhasis on the fact that even though you're a ruler, still gotta go along with those adventurers you hired and tell them what to do EACH TIME.

Got this game for a pretty low price so I can't complain, but surely I could've use it to fund for another game.
End of note, I really can't and would not recommend this game for anyone.
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Posted: June 22
At first blush, Adventure Manager is charming and has an interesting premise. While it may keep your interest for a few hours, it never quite delivers and may even leave a sour taste in your mouth for the time it's taken from you.

One of the core problems in the game is the sheer amount of equipment grinding you have to do to keep your teams' gear up to par for the dungeons you're exploring. It artifiially extends the amount of time progression takes, and creates a constant gap between your adventurer's character levels and gear scores.

There are other nit-picky things I could get into as well, but ultimately I'll keep it short and just advise against it.
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A developer has responded on Jun 28 @ 9:36am
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Posted: June 26
It's not an adventure manager but some sort of (poorly executed) RPG... Not even an auto combat option. A long, slow grind.

I was thinking I will be managing some groups of adventurers, sending them on quests, managing the guild hall, etc. Instead I go around some dungeons and click "A" to kill rats then click on every single item to pick up and wait till the screen scrolls slowly when I try to go to another location :)

The most frustrating is that like half of these could have been easily fixed ("auto combat" option, "instant scroll between locations", "pickup all after combat" option, allow "Automatically Complete Adventures" from the start, etc).
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A developer has responded on Jun 28 @ 9:47am
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Posted: April 10
I enjoy this adventure a great deal. I think about new characters on the fly all the time and few games allow me to create and customize characters so quickly and detailed like this game does. I enjoy how detailed the game is, it is very akin to a 4x Game in that regard.

Note: This game is not so much for players who want a quick dungeon fix or some short-lived fun. This game lives from dedication put into it. You can tell that much even from the beginning.

What I like in particular is that this game is also a bit like a (very forgiving) roguelike. The dungeoneering reminds me a lot of Darkest Dungeon, but much more light-hearted.

If you want to play an RPG to sink 100s or 1000s of hours into, or if you want a Roguelike with stronger, more visible progression and a lot of management, this game is for you.
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