Reunite the kingdom of Adventuria and defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj by recruiting Adventurers to send on Adventures for epic loot and rewards in this RPG/Management Sim with tons of depth, randomization, and customization options!
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Release Date: Dec 4, 2014

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February 28

1.0.06 Is live!

With a short delay, 1.0.06 is ready to go!

Change log:


-Fixed, if game was exited during ruler creation, the save file would be unusable and needed to be manually deleted.

-Fixed, graphical bug where if the mouse was at wrong position in a town panel, the "Hire me!" text would only show for one frame.

-Added a Jester dialog on the World Map that shows after 3 minutes of inactivity to gently remind you that time only progresses with Fast Forward on or while running a dungeon.

-Added text that says "Right click item to pick up", and only shows, when mousing over dropped items in the dungeons.

-Fixed a bug in the "Item Comparison Panel" that caused it go on vacation and not show up in the Character Sheet when requested by the King/Queen.

-Fixed bug where the jester would play an epic game of "Freeze!" in the Castle Screen causing him not to animate.

-Repaired dimensional rifts that caused shops to overlap.

-Gave all NPC's energy drinks to fix the "NPC delayed loading" bug.

Tutorial Changes

-Added two more rats (3 total).

-Added tutorial text explaining how to pick up your items that drop to the floor.

-Other minor Jester text/wording changes to suit new tutorial.

Sound Updates

-Added new Mini-Boss / Boss Combat Music.

-Added new World Map Music and crushed the crickets.


-Added actual text during the Intro that informs users that they can indeed "Hold space for speedy text".

-Cast "Reveal" on the invisible Auto-Adv luck upgrade at the Castle.

-Added the option to "Always show location names" on the World Map. (Towns Only)

-Adjusted starting music volume to make ears bleed less.

-Made options menu slightly larger.

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February 24

Upcoming Patch Notes for 2/27

The new team for Adventurer Manager has been doing an outstanding job at finding and eliminating some pesky bugs.

Here's the current Patch Notes for what we have slated ready to go in this week. We're still working on a few major changes that aren't listed here yet and hope to have those completed in time to make it in.

Look for the official Endless Tower DLC announcement in March! Can't wait to share the full details!


-Fixed, if game was exited during ruler creation, the save file would be unusable and needed to be manually deleted.

-Fixed, graphical bug where if the mouse was at wrong position in a town panel, the "Hire me!" text would only show for one frame.

-Added a Jester dialog on the World Map that shows after 3 minutes of inactivity to gently annoy remind you that time only progresses with Fast Forward on or while running a dungeon.

-Added text that says "Right click item to pick up", and only shows, when mousing over dropped items in the dungeons.

-Fixed a bug in the "Item Comparison Panel" that caused it go on vacation and not show up in the Character Sheet when requested by the King/Queen.

-Fixed bug where the jester would play an epic game of "Freeze!" in the Castle Screen causing him not to animate.

-Repaired dimensional rifts that caused shops to overlap.

-Gave all NPC's energy drinks to fix the "NPC delayed loading" bug.

Tutorial Changes

-Added two more rats (3 total).

-Added tutorial text explaining how to pick up your items that drop to the floor.

-Other minor Jester text/wording changes to suit new tutorial.

Sound Updates

-Added new Mini-Boss / Boss Combat Music.

-Added new World Map Music and crushed the crickets.

-Added different pitch effects to game sounds to "Liven things up a bit!" so they aren't so dull. (Dungeons)

-Added the ability to change the 'World Map' Music to any song that you've unlocked after clearing a dungeon. (Options -> Sound)


-Added actual text during the Intro that informs users that they can "Hold space for speedy text".

-Changed the filename of the executable to "Adventurer Manager". Note: The save location remains the same, only the name was changed to protect the innocent; and that this is indeed, not a beta.

-Cast "Reveal" on the invisible Auto-Adv luck upgrade at the Castle.

-Added the option to "Always show location names" on the World Map. (Towns Only)

-Adjusted starting music volume to make ears bleed less.

-Made options menu slightly larger.

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“For a modest $9.99 on Steam, you can purchase a wonderfully original title that will guarantee dozens of entertaining hours.”
True PC Gaming

“If you want to buy a ticket to see a game get made in incremental stages and enjoy JRPGs, Adventurer Manager is the best choice on Steam today.”

“This game has the most absurd quest details and dialogue you will ever experience in your life, and it’s the best thing ever.”

About This Game

The evil Illusionist Miraj has murdered your parents, the King and Queen, and has taken control of the Kingdom of Adventuria. Playing as the King's sole heir, you must recruit local Adventurers to complete Adventures to regain the loyalty of the various races in the realm. Only through reuniting your kingdom will you have the power to defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj!

  • Create Your Ruler to begin your story!
  • Recruit Randomized Adventurers from 7 races and 13 classes each with their own bios, benefits, and drawbacks!
  • Unlock Secret Party Bonuses by organizing your Adventurers into 4 separate parties and arranging their formation front to back!
  • Send Your Adventurers on Adventures to over a dozen different locations on a large world map!
  • Automatically Complete Adventures and...
  • Manually Complete Adventures for bonus rewards!
  • Turn-based Combat with dozens of skills and spells!
  • Level Up your Adventurers with attribute points!
  • Tons of Skills from unique skill trees!
  • Endlessly Generated Loot to equip your Adventurers ranging from common, uncommon, rare, legendary, unique, and mythical items!
  • Dozens of Monsters each with...
  • Resistances and Weaknesses to exploit!
  • Rare Monsters and Monster Packs each with randomized mutators!
  • Unique Boss and Miniboss monsters to challenge your toughest Adventurers!
  • Craft and Salvage Equipment to create the perfect equipment!
  • Upgrade Your Castle to impart benefits to all of your Adventurers!
  • Monster Invasions where you must defend your subjects!
  • Gain Your Subjects' Allegiance to receive upgraded Adventurers and more!
  • Adventurer Endurance that needs time to recover!
  • Adventurer University where you can educate and train your Adventurers!
  • Bestiary that tracks your Monster kills to unlock information and gain bonuses against them!
  • Harsh Death Penalty where resurrecting your Adventurers isn't cheap!
  • Retire your Aging Adventurers to impart fantastic benefits to younger Adventurers!
  • Ironman Mode where when your Adventurers die, they stay dead!
  • Achievements to track all the things!
  • Original Retro-inspired Soundtrack to groove to!
  • Steam Trading Cards to collect!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: WinXP or later
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: 2d sound compatible card
    • OS: OS X 10.5 or later
    • Processor: 1.8GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: 2d sound compatible card
Helpful customer reviews
5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
37.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 1
Honestly, I keep on forgetting there's an actual plot. I'm just having lots of fun managing the kingdom, going on adventures, getting loot.

Seriously, though, the loot in this game is not joking around. There's SO MUCH LOOT.

Fortunately, it's easy to manage all of that loot.

A lot of the game design is perfectly fine, in small numbers... but you can have up to 48 adventurers. 48! That's... like 12 parties of 4. I've only got... 20, I think? It's getting kind of ridiculous to manage it. This game could really, really use some better large-group management design.

Examples include, for instance, the university. You select an adventurer, and pick what he's going to learn. Easy, right? Yeah, it's fine if you've got like 4-8 people. At 20, I'm like... okay, someone finished the thing they were learning... who was it? Who's ready to learn something new? Wait, I have to go through this ENTIRE list, one at a time, to find the one guy who's ready to learn something?

I'm really at the point where I don't want to hire any more adventurers, because the management is getting crappy. I've got one favourite party, and the rest can go off with relatively random, fairly mismatched gear. Whatever. What would be nice? A big box, to put "Random Gear of Doom" into, and the adventurers can equip themselves however they damned well please, if you check an auto-equip box or something. Nice and easy! Dump in nice gear, forget about it, profit.

Anyway, aside from problems with scale, the game is just plain fun, and I'm really loving it. Hope you love it, too!
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9 of 13 people (69%) found this review helpful
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 2
Should be called "Adventurer Micromanager"

Seriously, guys, I was hoping for more of a "Majesty" level of management but you've got me checking each new loot item against my thousand equipped items to see if it's an upgrade for anyone. i'm not sure what the answer is but the filters seem to make it worse (rank 1 items are often more useful to me than rank 3 items). maybe some kind of an algorithm to consider what attributes each class wants and have it distributed giving priority to higher level heros? could be a cool "quartermaster" upgrade

also... the dungeon crawl gets tedious pretty quickly. how about giving my little heros some autonomy? i'd love to give them directives like "attack weakest" or "heal your buddies then attack" and just watch it unfold, intervening as necessary. also some way to speed up the walking sequences would make me smile, and clicking the map to run to a previously-explored room would give me great joy

overall thanks for all your work into this game it has a lot of great aspects and made me laugh more than once. i hate to not recommend it but i just can't
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A developer has responded on Feb 5 @ 12:23pm
(view response)
4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
11.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 4
I love turn based RPG's, this is no exception. Weirdly relaxing, and can be challenging when scrambling to find healthy characters to fight with when a friendly city is randomly invaded.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
13.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 30
Not a bad game, but I was hoping for something more like Towns, almost autonomous NPC that you sort loot for, build a base for and send on missions. This is more of a dungeon crawler than a management game. The management almost feels tedious actually, since you have to drudge through dungeons, sort items, then shift gear down so the parties you have automated (if you automate everything your allies get raided and you lose access to some classes temporarily) dont kill themselves while being able to progress. The dungeons are pretty bland too, weaknesses don't make sense to me either. They follow a lot of DnD feeling stat sorting (elves are good with bows, dark elves are best clerics, humans get boosted exp, but theyre greedy, etc), but then skeletons and other undead arent weak to holy. Everything I've fought I havent found a weakness for yet, just resisitances. It really feels like an early access game, but I don't think it is?

Overall it's not bad and I've only run into a few bugs where the UI sticks. If they make the actual dungeon feel more complete I would probably enjoy this game a lot more. Currently, if you go north, you move right. South, move right. West? Move right. Kind of kills the feel that you're actually controlling them.

I have played this game since the early stages of development, and all I got to say is that it only got worse, and worse.

- Lots of chances to micro manage things.
- LOTS of loot to sort through, makes you feel rich.
- Good variation of classes to build parties from
- Sems to be a lot of content to go through (though you will have to repeat some things)

- Not a very good UI. You have to click to access and exit everything. Hitting esc will only cause problems trying to clear your screen. Can be confusing when youre trying to leave a shop that doesnt have a door or when an NPC's hit box is bugged out.
- Dungeons can be long and boring. Some groups of mobs ahve taken me over 5 mins to kill because they dont seem to run out of energy, so they all heal one another over and over and over.
- Your own kingdom doesnt seem to matter aside from a passive bonus here and there.
- Remember the micro management and loot? You can have up to 48 heroes. You need to personally gear, choose stats, and skills for all of them. Every time they level, or they can't do anything new.
- Loot is unfortunately randomized with no way to salvage it. Example, scepters are cleric only, cleric wants wisdom, focus, maybe consitution. You can roll a Mythic sceptre with strength, intellect, and dexterity. The salvage and crafting system has felt really lack luster too so far unfortunately.
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A developer has responded on Jan 31 @ 12:01am
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
29.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 5
Leaving this as a negative review for the moment, I may change it depending on future UI and game updates.

Major cons, personally-

- Tonnes of grinding- as stated, they intend for us to grind a party most of the time we play.
(this is not a manager game, this is a repetative dungeon crawler game at that point)

- The dungeons are bland even the first time they are played through (let alone the 10th), and while the story is quirky and kinda fun like Knights of Pen and Paper, there is not nearly as much of it, and it feels lackluster in parts.

- The tutorial is incomplete, never once mentioning the huge importance of reforging weapons.
(This seems to be a core mechanic, and for it to be left as an "advantage" for the players that go read the forum and know that it is a core mechanic... seems a little, eh, not good?)
(Will have to replay but I also don't believe it warns the player to use the fast forward VERY sparingly.)

- The invasions are very very very steep learning curves with a craptonne of luck involved in surviving without RNG blessings. Invasions also need to be sought out and clicked on the map, without it ever really telling the player about them (tutorial issue or much clearer identification, possibly a different color or pulsing aura?)

Overall, the generally clunky interface is not made up for with in game humor or the spark that makes indie games appealing, and the lack of really engaging, well, anything about the grinding, makes it a frustrating mess to me personally.

I can put up with a little grind for a fun story, and the reward of another new one liner or groanworthy pun every few minor tedius tasks (what made me spend so much time and money on Knights of Pen and Paper) can make up for a myriad of sins.

Even discounting the mix up between what I thought the game was, and some shaky wording from what I remember (something about avoiding grinding.) the lack of sufficient little QUESTS makes this game a meh at absolute best for me. Give us new bits of text, or, even better, new dungeon options or variety, and it would make grinding less of a chore or job. (Something I do NOT do for fun. As it stand I put this on the same tier as scrubbing a floor or cleaning the fridge in a dorm.)

The autoplay mechanic will definately salvage that, because I do not need to be bored to tears grinding the same exact layouts of 4 or 5 dungeons near endlessly to advance to the next dungeon... and do the same thing again there.

But as it stands? This makes it a negative review still, and a strong "Buyer really needs to be aware before buying" situation.

Saving original review so people can see it.------
I was incredibly frustrated, and, well,---------------
It felt like a bait and switch at the time.------------

It was pretty fun in alpha.
Now? Now it is horrible.
This is not what I wanted, this is the OPPOSITE from what I wanted.
Clunky mechanics, bugs everywhere, it forces you to micromanage every friggen aspect while doing all the tedious annoying grinding the game was supposed to avoid.

Best of all 9 times out of 10 at level 7+ you have absolutely no way to win if you accidentally trigger an invasion. Congrats, 45 hours in game for a town to be available to turn in this quest, because, whoops, all your adventurers died due to ♥♥♥♥♥♥ mechanics.

Oh, and don't bother trying to "retire" your adventurers or any ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ like that- no reasonable bonuses till way late in the game, and if you made it that far, you don't NEED them anymore, because you obviously cheated, or are a god of patience.

Lame as hell.

Avoid this game at all costs unless you absolutely adore mindless grinding without any real chances of progressing regularly, and a sense of overwhelming frustration excites you.
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A developer has responded on Feb 5 @ 10:46pm
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
11.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 2
TLDR: There's a lot of stuff that is good, but the UI is really rough around the edges and makes the game tedious.
So I Bought this game in early access and I really enjoyed it then. It was rough around the edges but it had a lot of potential. The dialogue is amusing and even though the combat was a little bland the quaint graphics and management system were promising enough to keep me playing for several hours and stil lwant to come back the next day. Then I took a couple month break and teh game left early access.
I hate the UI now, even though there should have been improvement in the way management works it got even more tedious. Instead of only having to deal with groups now there is a single list of all the heros you own which can make it frustrating and annoying to organzie people for a dungeon crawl. Not only that every single fight eats away at the stamina of your heros making it possible to do a couple main runs before they are completely out and have to sit around and recharge. Not only that instead of being based on real time you have to play with other lamer characters who you can't even do autoquests to level up with anymore. As a result you are left doing tedious grinding of the same dungeon whiel your main group is resting. As a reseult I haven't even managed to get past the first dungeon area because it's too tedious to run through the level again and again.
They have implimented a new crafting system, but i can't say how good or bad it is at the moment because it's such pain to even get there. Anyway hopefully in a few months i'll come back and it will get better again, but right now i can't reccomend.
oh wow I had no idea you guys had replied to my post, I'm so sorry for not responding. As I said I'll definitely keep checking you're game out and am definitely excited for the new patch. You make some very good points that thi game is supposed to be about multiple groups of heroes, and I think the endurance system is a good way to encourage people to get people to play with multiple parties. I also really liked how I didn't have to level up a bunch in the story to go visit different villages to get heroes. Instead of just spanking people on the butt for only wanting to play one hero group so to speak it might be good to offer a carrot to the horse so to speak. There could be something like story heros, who are slightly stronger then other average village heroes who you can get at the village, but they don't like to party with each other so you ahve to form new group for each of them.
I also did like that you guys added the university to the game, it seemed like it would remove a lot of the tedious grinding that I felt like i was doing the last time I played.
Oh yes, I did manage to find the blacksmith, I even figured out that you could break equipment to create parts for new stuff, I also saw the gems that you could find in the dungeons, but I jsut didn't see the point of actually crafting things, the loot from the bosses seemed better then anything I could make for where I was at.
Anyway, thanks for letting me know about the new patch I'll definitely play again in the next couple days abd hopefulyl change my review :D good luck guys I know you're working ahrd on the game and it's awesoem to see you replying to the reviews ^_^
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A developer has responded on Feb 5 @ 12:14pm
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 10
At heart this game has the potential to be fun but it only starts out that way. At first I was addicted, enjoying the aspects of micro-managing my own RPG folk in a SIMS like fashion. It quickly gets old and you'll find it's more fun to BE the adventurers than it is to be manager. Again, it has great potential, I think with more polishing and direction it will prove to be quite the gem but I feel at this point it is not worth the buy.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
83.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 13
At first I was enjoying the game and the EQ references, that is until I found out it was one of "those" games. Where devs feel a need to dictate how you play. I was NOT playing ironman mode so there really is no reason the save system should work like this.

I was allowing time to fast forward ahead in game to test something out and apparently, it would seem the game has it's own internal auto save mechanic which the player is not made aware of at all. Even end processing the game isn't enough to get around it. A save file I put a few days into is ruined now.

I wouldn't reccomend Adventurer Manager unless you enjoy being arbitrarily told how to play a product you paid for.
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A developer has responded on Feb 15 @ 1:36am
(view response)
116 of 141 people (82%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 11, 2014
Adventurer Manager is a neat concept, but poor execution killed most of my joy. When you name a game "Adventurer Manager," my first thought is that my job would be to outfit the adventurers and let them go on their way.

I didn't do my due diligence before buying this game exactly for that reason.

Instead, most of your time in Adventurer Manager is spent locked in slow turn-based battles or an equipment management system that takes just a little too much effort.

I'd rather be handling diplomacy, town economics, or really anything other than having to do yet another dungeon crawl.

No one likes a micromanager, but Adventurer Manager forces you to be one.

Update following the developer's response:

Hi there,

I appreciate your response. First, I'd like to say that this review is a gut reaction. It's not a mechanical critique of the game.

I admitted that I didn't research the game to drive home the fact that my experience is based entirely around impulse buying your game. I'd read an article on either Rock Paper Shotgun or PC Gamer about Adventurer Manager, saw that it was on Steam, and picked it up without a second thought.

Many reviews come from members of a game's community that either love or hate it. I'm a guy who bought it, played it for a couple of hours, and didn't end up liking it very much.

I'm definitely not accusing you of false advertising. You explain exactly what the game is and what to expect on the store page. Most of my issues with the game stem from core mechanical problems that can't be expressed through screenshots or gameplay trailers. I'd have had to watch someone play the game to see the stuff that left a sour taste in my mouth.

Having bought the game, though, I've also bought my right to share my opinion about it. Steam only lets me give a game a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but in many cases I'd probably pick a middling option.

I decide by imagining if a friend — someone I know who likes this type of game — asked me what I thought. If I could imagine myself saying "You might like it" at some point, then it's a thumbs up. If I can't imagine myself suggesting it to anyone who I know, then I rate it negatively.

Here are some after-the-fact critiques:

I didn't feel like I was progressing very quickly. Most of why I play these lightweight, casual-ish games is to get the distilled seratonin that can only come with upgrading my dudes.

Tying class unlocks to reputation didn't feel fun. I'd rather just tell my rogue that he's going to be an assassin now.

I did some thinking during my commute this morning about what I actually meant by "slow" turn-based combat.

The auto-adventuring feature is a neat idea, but it's functionally identical to the vast majority of the dungeon crawling gameplay. I think my issue is that I'm only exerting agency over 4 of my 48 adventurers at any given moment.

Let's say that the game took a cue for FFVII's "active" turn-based battle system. The adventurers would handle the fights on their own, but the player's job would be to check in on them and reveal enemy weaknesses, give stat-boosting pep talks, and pull them out if the going gets too tough. The time-based turns combat would then give the player breathing room to swap between adventuring parties on the fly.

These automated parties could adventure simultaneously, and the total number of adventurers you could have in the world at one time would naturally be limited by your ability to multitask between however many parties were adventuring at any given moment.
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A developer has responded on Dec 11, 2014 @ 8:15pm
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1 person found this review funny
67.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 7, 2014
My halfling whirlwind barbarian named Chet, who only wanted to retire to be a duck watcher, died permanently in Ironman mode to a Crazed squatter. 10/10

This is a great little game that can be played in small chunks that quickly ramp up if you have a taste for roguelikes, old school jrpg dungeon fighting, and outrageous humor. This isn't a game that takes itself seriously, and yet endears itself in many ways. Every adventurer has his/her own bio that is completely randomized (and I do mean randomized. You may laugh at some of the combinations that crop up). The automatic questing system is a bit slow, but it's meant to be used alongside the manual dungeons where you can control toons actually fighting your foes, picking and choosing from dozens of abilities to win each fight.

There is much to do here besides dungeon fighting. You can meltdown gear you find, crafting the leftovers along with gems to tailor the optimum suit for your adventurers. You can build your castle up with a handful of improvements, send adventurers to University to earn dozens of powerups, and when they are ready to collapse, let them rest up for more forced dungeoneering.

If paper-dolling is your thing, you may enjoy this game for that reason. In addition to a ruler/adventurer barbershop, there's a great variety of different items to dress up your adventurers, along with several races that become available who have their own distinctive appearance. The different graphics that each tier of equipment brings to the equation really sells the idea of progression, and you might feel proud of your little pixel people as they go from rags to weapons and armor of mass destruction. Of course, the graphical style is pixelized, but the art style is consistent as far as I can tell, and will hearken back to the golden age of console rpgs, and yet this is more than a good, old-fashioned rpg. The management aspect of the game is very present, with the ability to send your characters on random adventures which will see them slogging through some menial task on autopilot, while you either fast forward, fight off invasions, or go manually dungeon delving.

Since release, I've yet to delve into the game as much as I'd like to, but there is much depth promised as the level cap is set to fifty, and if you play on ironman mode like me, it might be a while before you actually complete all of the content. As of release, or shortly before, they added the feature of character aging, which sells the progression aspect of it even more. It's an interesting idea to have your mortal adventurers retire, although I've yet to play enough to reach the stage where I'm incilned to retire them. Just the idea that your beloved pixel people might die really bursts with intrinsic story, even while it tries to be as silly as possible, it can't help but create its own story as heroes rise, age as the seasons pass, and eventually fall.

You can visit your adventurers who've fallen in battle in the graveyard, resurrecting them if playing normal mode. I'm unfamiliar with this feature as of post release, but I'm hearing that there's some sort of debuff that's applied when you resurrect them. Otherwise, you can strip them of their gear if you wish to dishonor them, or leave the gear, and engrave a tear-soaked epitaph that's sure to induce a fit of sorrow.

Overall, if you like pixelized, old-fashioned rpgs or manager simulators, or just wacked out humor and are in need of a few hyucks, you'll probably find something to like about this game. There's a story filled with humor and over-the-top silliness, but more than that, there's some juicy gameplay.
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26.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2014
Game promise Adventure Manager. Game delivers Adventure Manager.
Genre is unique and difficult to compare with other games. Pixel style is something you like or dislike.
This one is pixel heavy and I like because it's done clean, original and diverse.

For me it comes most close to the first and fine combination of RPG and rogue-like genre in one game.
Amount of loot is diverse and stats customization is deep.
Don't have too many hours in the game yet, but want to give my support already by rating the game positive.

For me personal I don't like playing on the same world map all the time.
Lot of things in the game are random, but the world map is the same every game.

Hopefully see the next game or DLC with an option to start on a random world map.
Where you have to conquer some cities before you can rent heroes from them or have more different caves, castles and other quest objects on different positions every time.

Very nice to see that the devs are very active on the forum and for almost every detail the players ask for improvement have intention to deliver. Tons of AAA games wich cost over 30 euro what are abandoned days after release.
Not this one.

While it may look casual it's not. I can imagine some people think of this game like the next tablet/mobile game on PC because of the graphic style used. It's not. It's a deep and diverse game with tons of customization and requieres some knowledge of classes and stats of other rpg's to take out the max from your characters.
But that's what it makes a management simulator. You need to take some time to learn, to read, to try and experiment the same way as your characters do.

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38.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 18
One of the coolest RPG/Management Sim out on the market.

I did payed full price for this and to me its well worth it.

This game you create a ruler which you hire heros to go on adventures.
your heros do age in this one which older they get they have a chance
to die once they reach an older age.

It reminds me of an oldschool rpg games but this one is a RPG/Management Sim style.
nice music as well.
10 / 10 stars

Just to say this game is not in beta.
it was my mistake on saying so.
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25.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 3, 2014
Early Access Review
This game really deserves more attention. I didn't play that far. Actually I only reached ~ lvl 15 or so but I already spent 20h ingame and that's way more time than in most other games I own (and I own many). I am sure that I will sink more in it later when it released

The graphics are simple but noneless nice to look at. A feature that I think should be in every game is here: The characters appearence change depending on which equipment you wear.

The battle system seems deep for a indie game. There are a lot classes and races to choose from and combine. The bosses are unique and challenging (depening on the gear you have I suppose)

There is also a auto adventure mode, where you can train up to 4 parties at the same time and earn money/items.
The crafting feature wasn't fully functional when I played it in EA, going to check it out later. The management system (where you can extend your castle with various different stuff) is a nice addition.

If I had to rate this game I would give it a 8/10.

P.S. hope you don't mind my poor english. I am not native.
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Posted: December 4, 2014
Pre-Release Review
Fun game that's easy to get into. Don't look at my playtime, as I've played many more hours offline.

I greenlit this game a while back, and kept track of its progress. I can say the devs are NOT a "scam" and actually do update the game (quite a bit for that matter). The combat can be tedious at times, as there aren't THAT many things that make each character different, besides the 12 classes, but it is still unique in it's auto adventures, and has a nice Diablo-esq loot system that keeps you playing. The game's "story" actually will take a while to complete, which makes this game even better. There is also a good randomization system with many bosses and monsters.

8/10: Fun, unique, cheap indie game, but will get repetitive after time. Worth the $10.

Edit 1: Thanks, Strikes, I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!
(Devs say that new content will "remove any potential crazy-repetitive-frusterations.")
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Posted: October 11, 2014
Early Access Review
Adventurer Manager is an entertaining and promising mix of retro-style RPG and city manager. Yes, some elements feel redundant and grind-y after a while, but the game, even as it stands, contains plenty of other features to play with if boredom kicks in. The gear-forging system is fun, and the mad lib-style generation of auto-quests and character bios is a cute touch. I also enjoy the way skill points are distributed. Rather than gaining a tree of progressively awesome skills, you're allowed a certain number of skills to drop points into as you please. The number of skills allowed (as well as proficiency in those skills) progresses with level. It isn't without flaws; the gold-earning system is a little unbalanced, and as others have mentioned, the combat gets repetitive pretty quickly. However, considering the depth of the game in its current unfinished state, I'm excited to see how it develops.
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Posted: November 3, 2014
Early Access Review
Im stocked, this game is just fun. It plays a little like Final Fantasy, but you choice who your heros are, name them, arm them and send them out to fight for your kingdom. You can choose to control the battles or you can have your heros auto quest. You can try and make better armor and weapons or loot it. There are a good amount of classes to pick from.

Some you have to earn. Its a fun relaxing game and for $4.99 its a steal. Its in beta so I hope there are more to come.
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Posted: November 21, 2014
Early Access Review
This is a very great game, If you love the Diablo series item style then youll love this game. If you love turn based d&d style gameplay youll love it. You can manage several characters, share weapons, destroy stuff you do not need to create better items you can use or pass the weaker items to your low lvl characters, you also have the ability to have each character personally trained to better himself/herself on the battlefield or train the characters to have better gold/magic find, exp quicker etc,etc. Anyway Great overall game do not pass on this one.

This review has been brought to you by Grower the Bane of games.
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Posted: December 6, 2014
Probably the closest you'll get to Disgaea on the PC. Make tons of characters, level them up, give them awesome equipment, boost their power in various ways, and do this ad infinitum. The game is very much a manager game. While there are dungeons, a lot of your success depends on fielding as many parties as possible, sending them on auto-missions (while you do your own thing) and reaping the rewards. Without this support system, the game can turn into a bit of grind.

So don't expect to get into this game, and skimp on that aspect, it's very much 50% dungeon 50% manager, which entails a lot of menu and item shuffling. I would say, as of right now, this is the game's biggest flaw. The menus are not sufficient for managing (maximum) 48 seperate characters. Otherwise, the game works, and satisfies that obsessive compulsive power building, party constructing itch.

So if you're into that sort of thing, (I am!) the game is satisfying, and you could do a lot worse for the price.
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Posted: December 6, 2014
Ok, it's fun and I would recommend it to others. Getting your heros and raising them from nothing gives some satisfaction, and its not like you are left twiddling your thumbs while you wait for your heroes to return. But there is one thing that does get to me, and its the silliness. You see, there is silliness and then there is 'Oh god' silliness. Sometimes the encounters and the quests has the latter and it can get old real quickly.

But if you can overlooked that, I give it a thumbs up.
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Posted: September 28, 2014
Early Access Review
I love this game. I've put up with restarting with each new build because the new features are worth it. It's low stress and interesting enough to keep bringing me back -- I feel that even if I only have a short amount of time ready, I can do something meaningul, whether it is character / gear management, party assignments for auto-questing, or taking charge of a group and running through a dungeon myself.

A surprisingly deep turn-based combat system with interesting abilities and a push-your-luck element to dungeon exploration as you try to best manage your group's health and energy. Good variety of different classes and it's fun organizing parties to auto-quest, seeing which combinations work well together, or if you can tackle a high risk dungeon run with lower level characters to try and level them up quickly. Good variety of choices both in and out of the dungeon mode keeps the management aspect from getting too repetitive.

It's less a game to focus on intently and more of something to have on in the background. It's the perfect complement to a lazy weekend afternoon spent watching baseball, or having the auto-quests progress while working on another project, or toggling back and forth to the game while playing something else. But even with that, it's still worth it -- especially for the price.

That said, I would have liked a bit more variety among the classes / race combos, so that once you unlock a new race (like elves) there was a greater incentive to create new PCs using those races. If you play for a long stretch at once, the gameplay and your decisions can feel like you might as well be on auto-pilot.

Ultimately, I think the game delivers what it says it will. The publisher has shown a commitment to improving the game and has done a great job providing value in a pre-launch title. I cannot wait to see what the final game has in store.
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