Mars Colony: Challenger is a 3D first / third person game that offers you the challenge of setting up a remote base on the surface of Mars. At its core, the game was derived from a simulator where everything is interactively tied together.
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วันที่วางจำหน่าย: 4 มี.ค. 2014

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7 สิงหาคม

Mars Colony: Frontier has been Greenlit

To celebrate our second game, Mars Colony: Frontier, being greenlit through Steam, we would like you to enjoy Mars Colony: Challenger at a special celebratory price. For more information about the upcoming sequel you can check out the Steam Greenlight page or our website

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Mars Colony: Challenger is a 3D first / third person game that offers you the challenge of setting up a remote base on the surface of Mars. At its core, the game was derived from a simulator where everything is interactively tied together. You will have to setup and maintain the equipment that supplies pressure and a breathable atmosphere to the base. You are also tasked with growing food, setting up communications and extracting resources in order to make the base self-sufficient. The game offers three zones, each with their unique challenges. There are 7 phases to each mission. Each of the phases expands the base and offers a new set of orders for you to complete. You advance through the ranks as you score points for your performance.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 275 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 275 MB available space
15 จาก 16 คน (94%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
1 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
4.7 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 9 มีนาคม
This is not a game that everyone will like. There is no debating that, really. It is slow and requires you to really think about what you are doing.
But for people willing to put some work in, and have patience, this can be fun. Its mainly a "pick this up take it there" type game with a bit of micromanagment of health, oxygen and heat. There are little mini game type things which, once again, with attention are pretty easy. Oddly, though, this game can be really engrossing if you are not a person who craves fast paced type games, you may find that you become engrossed too.
What makes this game even more fun is the fact that there are basically three challenges (three different martian bases) each one harder than the other, providing new challenges.
I would also recommend this to anyone who played "Moon Base Alpha" and enjoyed it. It is along the same simulation lines as that. (With a fair bit more complexity)
Advice: Play a little single player, just to get an idea of how to do things. And then get a buddy and play together.
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7 จาก 7 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
59.5 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 5 สิงหาคม
I have spent a few days playing the game and I enjoyed. It has a number of issues that many people have already documented. See the following post:

I have also found the ELS Module will sometimes have the buttons to enter it disappear in later phases of the game. While I have not needed the ELS it would be nice to have it function properly.

I have not figured out how to create additional nutrients for worms and mushrooms. It would also be very nice to be able to freeze and store meals for future use - kind of like MRE's. It would also be useuful to have someplace to store algae.

But it is clear since they moved on to a new Mars game that this game is now abandonded by Hyperkat. I can't in good concience recommend it. What a shame - it had real potential.
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3 จาก 3 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
26.7 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 9 สิงหาคม
I recommend it but only if you can get it at a low enough price as there are still a few annoying bugs. It's a borderline recommendation though as the crafting mechanics and rover repairs become tedious quite quickly .

Also it will probably only appeal to a certain type of person so you should play the demo first.

The good:
It's a slow paced survival game that does a reasonable job of capturing some of what it would be like to live and try and survive on Mars. A very unique survival experience that doesn't rely on zombies/dinos or some other form of being horribly murdered to create the survival expereience.

The Bad:
There are some bugs, the most annoying I encountered was when my dirt sample and drill samples stopped being recorded.
The gameplay is a little dry. Most of the time it consists of waiting for a green bar to fill. Which mostly works accept for the fabrication benches and the constant rover repairs. Which push it too far and it feels like needless time wasting instead of a gameplay abstraction.
The science is a little iffy in places. I'm not sure what's the point of the worms or mushrooms as you can only grow them once and I presume the worms would be part of the compost system and not kept seperately. Then there are the fish which seem to be the food eqivalent of a perpetual motion machine. I don't know if the worms, mushrooms, and fish were meant to be more fleshed out, but the gamedev ran out of time or what.

Processing of minerals seems out of place to the rest of the game in that it magically happens inside a machine. When all the other machines use equipment modules and are based on reality. In fact along with crafting chemical extraction/seperation could of made for interesting gameplay if it was more fleshed out, maybe with a puzzle element.
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2 จาก 2 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
5.6 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 15 พฤษภาคม
I have a love / hate relationship with this game. I love the concept but it could have been so much better if HyperKat games would get some help. The assets scream "one-man-job" with the sounds that you would mistake from something from 1995. So why do I still recommend it? Well its the only option out there of its kind. People that like sims and space, you might get your 10 dollars worth.

>Unique experience

>Poor asset quality

Not much to say other than that.
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318 จาก 428 คน (74%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
1 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
0.5 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 4 มีนาคม 2014
I love games like this concept. Building, space, technical complexity. Sounds awesome right?

So Ya, I took a look expecting that old NASA one where you repair a moonbase (Moonbase Alpha I think?). So I wasn't expecting anything stellar... But, this game really looks like it was developed in 2001 one like others have said, then not finished, and uploaded on steam for a cash grab... after playing it for 30 min I'm feeling like an idiot for not trying the demo first.

It's a very promising idea, that looks like someone a long time ago really tried. And then gave up.

> Graphics are poor, and creative style is dated. Interaction very point and click. Thing just appear and vanish - NO physics.

> Sound is poor, repetitive. Phone dialing constantly?

> Instructions are poorly written and unclear. (Ie. supposed to set up atmosphere, pumps and other gear... But where? I go in the base and there's already gear setup? Where I am putting things? I click on un-setup gear and get options to configure it... There's a set button, it really means set-down... why can I get the gear that's here running... and on and on...)

> What finally did it in for me? Lag. I have a newer GPU with 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of system RAM on an i7 (system was built last october), this game was obviously written for a system much, much older.

I really wanted this to be awesome, but in the end, I screwed up... shoulda tried the demo. Oh well. Lesson learned. Let my example save you $10.
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