Dwelvers is a real time strategy game where The player takes the role of an evil Dungeon Lord who guide its minions through building their own dungeon, below and above the surface. Manage elaborate production chains, cater to the needs and quirks of each monster and lead them to battles against other monsters and pathetic humans.
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Release Date: Sep 10, 2014

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What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Dwelvers is a game that is being continuously updated. The development started in February 2013 and the road from there has been both interesting and fun. The early access process is not new for Dwelvers as it has been available for early access at the dwelvers.com web page for some time now, and it has been very popular. The main reason for early access is that the feedback we get with every update is invaluable. Dwelvers has become the game it is today mainly thanks to all the supporters that have posted both suggestions and bug reports.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Looking back at the year many unexpected changes have been made to the game because of suggestions from our forum users. We highly value the feedback from anyone that plays the game, and we are not interested in releasing a game that isn't up to everyone's expectations. The final release will probably not be until Summer 2017, but even after that we still want to keep on expanding on Dwelvers as its potential is endless.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Most of the planned features are already implemented but somewhat limited. New features that aren't included yet is that we will have campaigns, a surface world, and multiplayer versus and co-op.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current state of Dwelvers is extremely playable and could provide dozens of playing hours. However, it still has bugs and rough edges and is still far away from being considered a complete game.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will increase the closer we get to the final release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“As Dwelvers has been available for alpha testing for some time now we have already built a strong community at http://forum.dwelvers.com/. Here members have been posting bug reports and suggestions, and been getting updated on the process continuously. Updates, suggestions and bug reports will mainly be controlled from the Dwelvers forum even after the Steam release, but we will still answer all the posts on the Steam forum and try to keep the forum updated about the process.”
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September 16

Development updates

Hi all,

It has been some time since the last update, the reason for this is that I'm working full time on another job and therefore I don't have as much time to develop Dwelvers as I wish,

I started looking for a full time job because the income I got from Dwelvers just wasn't enough. From start I had some money put away to manage, but after three years of solely living of the income Dwelvers my economy went pretty bad.

My economy is back on track now, but I still can't go back to develop Dwelvers as I did before, because if I did then a couple months from now I would be in the same situation as before.

Since the last update I have been working on the game, but I haven't added any new features, instead I took the opportunity to just improve on the game and make the game engine more stable. So at the time being I have been able to work on Dwelvers about 10 hours a week. In the month of November I think things will loosen up a little bit more for me and I will probably be able to develop Dwelvers more than that.

Just know that even if I talk about that Dwelvers don't give me enough income I know it's just because Dwelvers is still in Early Access, and that I still haven't used up any of the promotions opportunities Steam offers. Therefore I know that Dwelvers will pay of financially in the end once it is finished, but I also know that it will be a couple of years from now probably. But I also know that I can't just drain myself focusing on finishing Dwelvers while having my economy balancing on an edge. Therefore I have decided to let it take the time it takes and do it properly.

I'm hoping that the next update will be out before the end of the year, it will be a big update in performance, graphics and stability. The new menu system will also be included in this update as well. I will not post any progress photos until then because I don't know how much I will be able to work on Dwelvers, and I find it extremely stressful when I need to post updates on a regular basis. So my plan now is to let the next release come with a big news update boom and with using one of the Steam promotions.

If you have any questions about anything just let me know and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your patience :)

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About This Game


Dwelvers is a real time strategy game where The player takes the role of an evil Dungeon Lord who guide its minions through building their own dungeon, below and above the surface. Manage elaborate production chains, cater to the needs and quirks of each monster and lead them to battles against other monsters and pathetic humans.

The most challenging part for the player will be creating an advanced production system so as to have enough food to keep the creatures well fed, enough weapons and armour to outfit their army as a force to be reckoned with, and of course enough beer to keep them satisfied with you as their master. A drunk minion is a happy minion! The theme of the game will have a lot of dark humour, and each creature will have its own personality, demands and fighting style; forcing the player to handle all the creatures in different ways in order to max out their potential. A happy minion is a useful minion!

  • Multi Layered dungeon: The dungeons are not only scary, they are also deep!
  • Free form room building: Set the size and shape of your rooms and build the inside of them. no run-of-the-mill pre designed rooms, your dungeons is uniquely yours!
  • Monsters equipment: Craft and equip different weapons and armours for your creatures. some of those weapons can only be found through looting enemy rooms.
  • Below and Above surface: In Dwelvers, you will have the option of raiding above surface human settlements and seamlessly transit between the surface and below.
  • Extended production system will see you managing the production of several resources in evil efficiency
  • Hydraulics system that allows players to build elaborated traps and dynamically changing walls that are triggered by pressure plates.
  • Trade with off map settlements by capturing portals.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista SP2
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB of Video Memory
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB of Video Memory
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
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103 of 108 people (95%) found this review helpful
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14.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 12, 2014
We see a lot of games advertised as a Dungeon Keeper sequel. It keeps happening, but we get things like "Dungeons" (dungeon theme-park) or EA's recent "Dungeon Keeper" (please insert micro-transaction) game.

Dwelvers is actually, legitimately, really like Dungeon Keeper.

Gameplay consists of cube terrain chunks you can mine out or build upon. You can dig rooms out, construct farms, dining rooms, kitchens, prisons, and other things a dungeon should have. The game is also 3d in a sense. While you cannot built a multiple layer dungeon where one room is on top of another room, there is a limit to how steep of a wall a creature can climb. This means impassible cliffs are a thing.

Maps are randomly generated. You can select difficulty level and input a seed number (or accept the random number offered to you), so there's infinite replay in the game.

Your minions have needs. They need sleep, food, and booze. If their needs are not met they will become unhappy. If they get too unhappy they will rebel against you and attack your other minions.

Everything costs resources to build. The resource system is much like Settlers. Rooms can process resources (a kitchen can turn flour, water, and wood into bread) into other resources. There is also a trade system in game where you can send out trade caravans to exchange one resource for another. This trade system is nearly identical to Settlers.

Traps are a thing. Ever play Evil Genius? If you haven't, you should. Evil Genius was Dungeon Keeper meets Austin Powers combined with a hefty dose of creative trap components which you had to assemble into an overly complex, excessively slowly moving death machine that gave plenty of time for secret agents to escape from. Dwelvers has trap components you can construct any number of death machines from. Excessive complexity optional.

And on top of all of this, you have to of course defend your dungeon against various heroes and other monsters who will try to ruin your day. If you lose your Dungeon Heart, its game over man. Defend the Dungeon Heart at all costs.

One thing to keep in mind is that this game is early access. The core gameplay is there, but the game is not yet finished. Not by a longshot. The number of rooms, furniture items, and monsters is limited. The game isn't remotely balanced when it comes to defending your dungeon. You can be wiped out by the very first enemy you encounter in the first 30 seconds of the game if you're unlucky. There is also a surface world. You can see the surface world but you cannot yet interact with the surface world. Presumably there will be interaction between your underground realm and the surface world at a later point in the game, but as this is early access this is not yet implemented.

The game has all of the core pieces in place and functional. The game is stable, enjoyable, and entertaining. But because the game is early access it is still incomplete. Players may run out of things to do after a few hours of gameplay. Once you build up your dungeon, construct all of the rooms, and have the basic food supply chain going you've beaten the game and experienced all content in the game.

My verdict:

The game is an enjoyable and fun sandbox style dungeon builder, but you're going to run through all in-game content within a few hours. This is not due to a fault in the game, but rather its early stage in development. Presumably there will be more stuff to do implemented later on in the development cycle. More monsters, more rooms, more pieces of furniture, more enemies, and more challenges.
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47 of 49 people (96%) found this review helpful
16.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 26, 2014
Comparisons between this and War For The Overworld are, of course, inevitable. The fact is, however, that despite the basis of both games on Dungeon Keeper they are very different beasts and I heartily recomend both games to anyone looking for a Dungeon Keepers sequel.

WftO is a much more traditional Dungeon Keeper sequel type affair, despite that fact the the (lovely) devs on that team were legally obliged to shout at me whenever I mention that particular EA franchise in relation to their game. They're still great guys, though! :)

But Dwelvers is what we're here for so as well as just saying it's a great game I guess I should describe it a little and highlight the differences between this and Dungeon Keeper/WftO.

Bottom line? Dwelvers is more in depth and complicated in terms of management of your creatures.

A bit more in-depth is to say that it takes the dungeon building of the original and expands upon it in a somewhat Minecraft-feeling type of way. You don't just mine outwards to expand your dungeon, you can also mine up and down and the massive levels very quickly become truly huge, with overland access points and monster rooms scattered here and there, as well as resource points and The Maze.

As well as the addition of the third dimension in terms of exploring, there is also a lot more to do to keep your creatures happy, fed, and equipped. Gone is the gold of the original which would fuel an automated chicken farm. Now you have to carefully manage your crops, mills, kitchen, fishers, brewers, and ensure there's enough space for everyone to get to the table laden with food. It makes it feel more engaging than the original and adds a big dimension that makes it feel like a living dungeon rather than a ... I dunno ... Almost like a franchise in the original? You threw gold alone at it and it worked however much you messed up your layout. This is a different beast and you should really be prepared to deal with the layout problems that will inevitably crop up.

Defending your dungeon is quite aa lot more in depth than the original as well. Or it can/will be at least. As well as your indirectly controlled creatures you also have your delightful array of traps which is where things get deliciously sadistic. As with Minecraft's redstone circuits, gone are the days of a line of automated cannons and it has been replaced with a potentially massively complicated hydraulics system.

Potentially? Yep. You can have a pressure pad which makes a cannon fire or a wall squish someone very easily, but you can also push the boat out and use the already impressive array of hydraulic systems to make gob-smackingly complex trap systems on mulitple levels doing all sorts of terrible things to your enemies. Blowing them up and squishing them are just the start, if you want to put the time and imagination in.

So, verdict?

This game is in alpha. It shows in the rough menus and UI elements, particularly the missing tooltips on some windows, but it's already lightyears ahead of Dungeon Keeper and a very different beast to War For The Overworld - If you're looking for a traditional DK then I'd point you toward WftO but if you're looking for something that builds on the original in terms of management and building complexity, Dwelvers is definitely for you.
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46 of 54 people (85%) found this review helpful
10.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 11, 2014
Feels like Dungeon Keeper with some Dwarf Fortress mixed in. The core mechanics are already very solid for an Alpha version. If you loved Dungeon Keeper, support these devs. This seems like it could be the real spiritual successor to the series.
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9.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: February 19
** Key was provided by developer for review purposes **
This review is of the 0.9f-3 version of the game
I will try to update the review when I can


Dwelvers is a fun mangement RTS where you create your own dungeon. I will add a TL;DR at the end.


Dwelvers is a dungeon lord game that is simple and fun. The game has multiple rooms, decorations, specific items, character types, and has a good management system. One of the things which was a joy, a true joy to notice was that you could use magic to posses a minion and this perspective it is a rewarding feature. As this is an early access currently there are bugs and problems which most likely will not exist in the final version. The gameplay is fairly simple and you can toy and find out how everything works, however there is a tutorial to tell you at least the very basics of the game although it would be nice if there was another tutorial to help understand every feature. Dwelvers even has some traps and the ability to equip each individual minion. It has enough features to easily add hours upon hours to your gameplay time in its current state. This game has a lot of replayability and freedom with customization which is key in any type of management game.


The graphics are fairly simple but also are a part of this game's charm in my opinion. This game feels simpler and more casual for it. The music is empowering to help delve in a game like Dwelvers. It has a type of fantasy and freedom feel to it. Overall the graphics and music are part of the reason I have faith in this game. (although mainly because I love some of its features)

Kickstarter Campaign

I decided to add this portion as the minds behind Dwelvers are launching their kickstarter campaign soon and I think this game needs to be supported to be able to rise above and beyond. Check out their campaign here to help add an idea of what this game is and going to be. I encourage anyone that if they like the game to support at least a bit of the Kickstarter.


Since I am a lazy person instead of posting my bugs into the discussions I have decided to put any bugs I find here.

- When pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open up task manager to check something else while in fullscreen mode cause it to act as a windowed program and be able to change it’s size if mouse in near the top or right of the screen. This along with being unable to move the cursor to a significant portion of the left side of the screen.



+ Active development
+ Great amount of features
+ Every creature has a name
+ Good managing system
+ Great amount of free creativity with design

**Note as this is an early access title Cons are viable to change

- Tutorial does not explain very much
- Early access bugs and problems


Here are some suggestions I feel would improve the game

- Naming of minions
- Steam workshop integration
- Eventual multiplayer

Final/Personal Thoughts

Dwelvers is good game with active development and I do like it when a developer is really involved with their game, when they have a passion for it. I am fairly new to the dungeon lord genre myself and really like the current state of the game and where it’s aiming. Overall yeah I would definitely say I enjoy to play Dwelvers. I'd also like to appologize that it has taken me so long to create this review for this great game.


A good dungeon lord game that is set on a good path. Dwelvers is an enjoyable experience overall with all of its features and such, but as any early access game has bugs and problems. Overall a game I can recommend to people who like having freedom with design, good management aspects, creativity within the game, and like this sort of game. If deciding to buy this game based on this review make sure to check the news for updates and see what has been added since the time of this review.

If you liked this review or want to see more recommended games, be sure to follow our curator group: Follow Original Curator Group
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376.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: February 15, 2015
This game is Early Access at the time of this review, but this game has become one of my favorite hobbies. I love being able to contribute in the development process, and I have been playing this game since before Dwelvers was the decided title and it was a 2D playing field. The developer has always kept a good level of communication with the forum, and now here at Steam, and even though this is still an Alpha, it has been rare that I've experienced any game-breaking patches. Those have ALWAYS been quickly addressed, which is what you would expect from a responsible developer.

This game is inspired mostly of games like Dungeon Keeper & Settlers. The keys here are RTS and resource management. I would expect that like games such as Settlers that there will be a lot of resources to manage once the game has been completed, and balancing that with the elements of RTS makes this an interesting endeavor. I have and continue to enjoy this game as it grows, and I hope you will too. Remember this is NOT a completed game, it's an Alpha. I wouldn't expect things to always work the way I would a final release.
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40 of 52 people (77%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 11, 2014
A lovely game!
Now dont be fooled by my gametime i have played tons of this out of steam and i have really enjoyed it.

Its really far from finished it has many bugs and lots of problems but honestly its very fun once your past that.

This is early access so dont expect a full blown badass game!

Fun gameplay with the tower defence element
Building things works nicely.
A nice big world to explore.
An "Endless mode"
Much much more!

Buggy and has problems
Can get a little boring after building everything etc.

Overall its a nice game there is not much to say currently but im sure there will be more to come!

Goodluck devs!
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25 of 32 people (78%) found this review helpful
2.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 11, 2014
I've been playing before Steam and have about 20 or so hours put into it.

Excellent re-envisioning of Dungeon Keeper.

For being in alpha, there is already a solid base to work on.

Their forums at Dwelvers.com is very well put together and has constant feedback from the developer(s).

The graphics are unique, almost a Borderlands look. It adds layers and an economy, so think Dwarf Fortress.

Each minion has different requirements to be happy (Orcs need beer for example).

They put in the best of DK while adding their own unique flavor to the dungeon builder genre.


Still in alpha, so obviously there's a lot of material yet to be put in. Don't know if this is a con or fact of life.
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17.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 17, 2015
Dwelvers is a fantastic approach at recreating the magical moments in Dungeon Keeper and other similar games. You will spend hours glued to the computer playing this game. Digging tunnels has never been so fun, especially when you are battling the occasional cave-in which reveals nice loot or enemies under the earth!

Great dungeon builder and management game
Plenty of rooms to build
Crafting armor/weapons
Raid the surface for supplies and fight humans
Train your troops (awesome)
Set up trade routes to other areas
Traps FTW - moveable fake walls, cannons, and more!
Combat is actually cool to watch. Wounded troops will try to run away before they are killed, covered in blood (haha)
Surprises while digging, such as cave-ins leaving goblins stranded in the depths below, or revealing enemy monsters or humans digging themselves.
Cell shaded graphics in my opinion look good in this


Normal difficulty seems a little too easy, but hard difficulty is really hard! (Can't imagine what Nightmare is like)
Lots of minions as you expand, might be a bit overwhelming for some
Might be a little confusing as to what's going on sometimes
No hot key to rally troops, but you can do so from a wheel menu by right clicking (takes a little bit longer)
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17 of 23 people (74%) found this review helpful
3.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 11, 2014
This game has a very entertaining feel to it, and I do rather enjoy that the mother is voiced by a man... Its voiced by some random british guy (at least the accent sounds british to me), and I rather enjoy the concept of dungeon Keeper, and really applaud any attempt to keep games of this type alive. I have not yet had the ability to afford it more time, But, I can say the few minutes of the tutorial I have played so far were quite enjoyable, and I'll definately be coming back for another round, when I have more free time. I would reccomend it, and I do believe that this game has a lot of potential.
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14 of 19 people (74%) found this review helpful
3.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 14, 2014
As of v0.8d Alpha:
Dwelvers is a dungeon manager sort of game.
On one hand it has Dungeon Keeper-esq idea of being a dungeon lord who rules the underworld full of creatures that you cannot influence directly.
On other hand it has needs of those creatures and the dungeon itself.
While the building and fighting part is pretty solid at the moment, managing needs is still quite rough.
A bit of minor mechanics bugs here and there, soma annoyances in AI behaviours and slightly buggy building included.
But, heck, it's still alpha and all of those complaints are pretty minor.
If you are willing to play with them and like Dungeon Keeper-like games - this one is pretty damn entertaining.
If not - well, at very least, keep an eye on this one, it's a promising one!

More detailed look in the video:
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Recently Posted
158.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: September 19
I love this game.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Akari Tsukimi
17.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: September 6
The developers went MIA for five monthes.

EDIT: The developer just recently returned, no changes yet, but you can expect it in the future.
So, due to the return of the developer, it is ... a bit more safer to buy this game without it being a cash grab like some games were.
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0.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 24
Allows great customisation, but lots and lots of bugs make it a bit unplayable atm... Wait till BETA then buy it straight away :B
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Randy Marsh
2.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 22
good idea and concept but iam suspicious if this project will be finished by just one guy. it is in a very early state so only pay the fullprice if you want to support this game.
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0.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 15
This game has a lot of potential dont get me wrong, but in its current state and with the lack of updates I can not recommend it at full price
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0.2 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 9
EDIT: My mistake, I meant to compare it to The Nations 2, not Settlers 2.

Tutorial is basically non-existant, people keep saying it's like Dungeon Keeper, but really it's like Settlers 2.

Will happily update review as the game becomes more complete.
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0.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 5
I like Dungeon Keepers, but I've always felt like I'd enjoy them more if there was more depth on the simulation/dungeon keeping and dungeon planning side. Dwelvers is shaping up to be the game I've wished for. Production chains, elaborate hydraulic traps, ability to dig vertically and construct moats are right up my alley and I've not seen features like those in any other modern DK-inspired games. I've seen some people saying this game is like Dwarf Fortress Lite, and it is not a bad thing at all.

(I own a non-steam version of the game too, I've played more than 0.4 hours.)
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0.5 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: June 15
A Good idea that falls short. Enough said
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2.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: June 4
I'd love this game if it worked well, but at the moment some things are either bugged or don't work intuitively at all, especially things related to fences around areas. Even after doing the tutorial and trying for 2 hours I couldn't get a basic production to work. I know this is early access, but early access is for fleshing out the game according to customer feedback, not an alpha build that contains bugs. Can't recommend this as is.
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0.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: June 2
I got this game about a year and a half before it came out on Steam and supported it long before it was ever on kickstarter. The game itself is great, it's got everything you could want, it IS rough around the edges right now and at times it shows and at other times you won't even notice it, but it's early access so that's perfectly fine.

The best part of this game that I wanted to commend was the developer, he is as honest and down to earth as they come, and genuinly cares about his game. In todays age I think that something like that deserves more praise than I can give with just one thumbs up, so please get the game, and give it a try if it looks even remotely fun. With the steam refund system you literally have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time and what you get out of it is the possibilty to help support a developer and a game that speaks to the best part of the gamer in all of us.
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