FRITZ CHESS 14! The Ultimate Chess Software Play against FRITZ or play online at FRITZ CHESS 14 is the most comprehensive chess program in the world. Whether you are new to the game or a Grandmaster, FRITZ 14 is suitable for all skill levels!
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Release Date: Sep 22, 2014
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October 3

Wrong Serial Key? Please email me for the correct one

Dear Players,

It has come to our attention that 5 of our key codes for this application are bad and displaying in the wrong format. If you were one of the 5 people to have this incident happen to you , please email me a screenshot showing the wrong format serial code, I will confirm this with the table of bad keys , and I will issue you the right key upon verification. We are also working on correcting this incident as well.

We apologize for any trouble this may have caused.

Jason Carver
Community Manager at Encore Software

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September 22

Deep Fritz Multicore Engine available as DLC now!

Dear Players,

We have listened to you! We have closely worked with the creators with Deep Fritz and we are happy to add the multi core version of Fritz Chess as a DLC. For $17.99 (Limited time sale ) you can upgrade your version to a true version of Deep Fritz 14.

Here is the product description :

Single-processor engines are a thing of the past – that's why the new Fritz comes as a powerful multi-processor version right from the word “go”. Deep Fritz 14 features a 64-bit engine and can support up to eight processor cores simultaneously.

Thank you all for your feedback , regarding our Fritz 14 game and we are proud to bring this additional content to you.

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“…what is revealed is an incredibly deep, intelligent working and growing history of chess and the strategies leveraged while playing it. The coach option in particular is amazing, because it not only suggests moves to me, but does an excellent job of explaining why and also projecting upcoming 'best moves'...”
7.75 – Chalgyr's Game Room

About This Game

FRITZ CHESS 14! The Ultimate Chess Software

Play against FRITZ or play online at

FRITZ CHESS 14 is the most comprehensive chess program in the world. Whether you are new to the game or a Grandmaster, FRITZ 14 is suitable for all skill levels!

The top-ranked Fritz Chess engine adjusts its playing strength automatically, offers coaching at all levels, explanation of chess positions, color coded danger warnings, openings statistics, automatic game analysis and training modules for openings, tactics and endgames. Whether you’re a chess beginner, club player or professional Grandmaster, FRITZ CHESS 14 has it all!

Take your game into the cloud at and enter a virtual world of chess where players of all abilities can play and train using revolutionary new functions! -- not to mention a database of over 1.5 MILLION games! JOIN THE COMMUNITY!

Take advantage of “Let’s Check,” a database of over 200 Million extensively analyzed positions. This is a revolutionary new feature that allows players to join a giant, worldwide, community knowledge base for chess. Whenever you analyze a position in depth FRITZ 14 can send the main line and evaluation to a central server, to be shared by all participating users. Get deep analysis instantly for almost every position you analyze by the finest chess engines, running on the most powerful machines around. You will see the analysis of different chess engines and compare their results in the blink of an eye! This feature is available until December 31, 2015.

FRITZ CHESS 14 offers chess players all the world class tools they need to study, train, and play: a new and more powerful chess engine, a further enhanced ergonomic interface, detailed 3D boards and graphics, engine management, adjustable playing strength, coach functions, move explanation, game analysis and commentary, training modules for openings, tactics and endgames!

Key Features:

  • New and improved Fritz 14 engine (64 and 32 bit)
  • 6 months Premium membership to, the world’s largest online chess community. Play, train and watch online
  • 1.5 Million games database
  • Let’s Check! Database access to over 200 million extensively analyzed positions through December 2015
  • 18 different 3D chessboards, animated 3D opponents, 9 2D chessboards, 5 sets of 2D pieces
  • Complete video course by Andrew Martin: “The Two Knights – A Tricky Repertoire for White“
  • Play in Friend Mode, get hints and spy
  • Enjoy the Engine Match: Let the engines battle it out and just watch them crush each other!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
    • Processor: Pentium processor (or equivalent AMD® processor) 2.0 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1050 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
104 of 122 people (85%) found this review helpful
32.3 hrs on record
The user interface or engine is somewhat buggy but has potential. Fritz 11 SE seems to be the only engine included. The advertised Fritz 14 engine appear to be missing.
I know Chessbase since 20+ years and expect them to fix the problem.
For now, view this as Early Access.

Update: Looks like the Fritz 14 engine is now available though it did not install automatically.
Posted: June 4
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46 of 53 people (87%) found this review helpful
37.0 hrs on record
For context, Fritz Chess 14 is my first foray into a chess application with such a rich feature set.

Fritz Chess is a tremendously deep chess program capable of world class play whose creation dates back to the early 1990's and whose lineage includes computer chess wins over IBM's Deep Blue prototype. The engine itself is separated from the interface which allows for custom engines including cloud based engines (accessible from within the program). The included engines are Fritz 11 SE and Fritz 14 (default). The programs capabilities are wide ranging and far too numerous to completely enumerate here and depending on your expertise you may not exercise many of the features accessible through the interface which brings us to the question, is Fritz Chess worth the price tag?

The Steam version of Fritz Chess, "Fritz 14", is a single core application as opposed to "Deep Fritz 14" which is multi-core and more expensive. Therefore, for the price Fritz Chess 14 provides a welcome nominal discount as most non-advanced users will not require nor miss the multi-core support. The Steam version has single core support but leverages 64 bit Windows natively and thereby provides an optimal experience.

Opening Fritz Chess for the first time, especially if you have not been exposed to such a chess program before and no Chessmaster does not count, can be overwhelming. As soon as the interface is displayed the player can instantly derive that Fritz Chess is a feature rich, high value chess application. I'll enumerate the features available just on the "Home" tab. The other tabs being File, Insert, Board, Training, Analysis, Engine , View and of course everyone's favourite; "Help", which you'll be in dire need of if you ratchet the difficulty too high.

"Home" consists of: Paste Game, Paste Position, Copy Game, Copy Position, New Game, Cancel Move, Replay Move, Move Now, Resign, Offer Draw, Stop Clocks, Infinite Analysis, Blitz Game, Long Game, Levels, Hint, Suggestion, Threat, Coach is Watching, Database, Edit Game Data, Load Next Game, Load Previous Game. The feature set can be overwhelming to new users though a help file is just a click away, however there is no manual available via the Steam download nor on the store page. An oversight which should be fast tracked and corrected.

Casual players are in for a real treat as Fritz Chess will no doubt help you improve your game. Under the Training tab there are a wealth of training options such as but not limited to Opening and Endgame Training though I would like to elaborate on two additional modes. The first, Handicap and Fun which is essentially as the name implies, a handicap mode. This mode consists of many sliders such as Playing Strength but more importantly Fritz Chess comes equipped with a multitude of pre-sets ranging from Careless and ♥♥♥♥♥ to the upper tier opponent skills known in the program as Steam Roller and Assassin (misspelled in the program's interface as Assasin). These pre-sets can be individually fine tuned allowing the player enormous flexibility.

The second option, Friend Mode is more of an adaptive artificial intelligence that consistently always plays just somewhat better than the player. Combine these modes (or just plain old New Game) with the ability to turn on the program's help system allowing for the display of recommended moves (and moves not to make) plus a comprehensive database of more than 1.5 million games and you have an extraordinary learning tool.

To answer my opening question, yes, Fritz Chess is a good value and Fritz Chess is not only a tool that you can learn from but given it's engine customization features it is a tool that will grow with you as well.

Edit: Sept 22, 2014 - The multiprocessor engine is now available as dlc.
Posted: July 6
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29 of 35 people (83%) found this review helpful
11.7 hrs on record
While not a strong player, (I not played chess in years) my main experience of chess programs have been chessmaster and some free programs. While Frtiz 14 program on steam has had its fair share of issues, they seem to be mostly fixed now, so what do you get with the steam version of fritz 14?

You get Fritz 14 GUI
Fritz 14 (single core engine)
fritz 11 SE (also single core)
crafty 23.05 (multi core engine)
Video beginner courses
Fritz 14 opening book (weighing in at 449 mb (not sure how many openings)
2013 database weighing in at 809mb and has nearly 3 million games
lets check database (subscription based)
and 6 months access to Premium membership to,

So for those wondering the difference between this version on steam and deep fritz, well the engine on the steam version is single core only, (apart from crafty) hence the lower price, otherwise I think there is no difference.

One thing I should point out is, while I do recommend the software, I don't recommend it for those new to chess, learning the basics, there are better ways to learn chess, Fritz is aimed at those that already have skill with the game, and want to go farther. So if you are a rank beginner and hope that Fritz will teach you the basics,, basic tactics and want good tutorials, I would look else where.

While Fritz does have training modes like Friends mode (which auto adept to your strength and play style), Handicap and fun, some opening and end game tutorials (as well as a few others) sparring mode that you can set the level 1400 up to 2480 and handicap position (removes pieces from the board) there are a few other modes too.

there are a few visual help options like spy, opening hints and so on.

Then we have a very powerful features of Frtiz, Full analysis mode and blunder check, (also have a infinity analysis mode too)

Two feature I just noticed, Fritz can also play chess 960 (where the chess pieces are randomly placed and with some extra rules) and givaway chess, (you are forced to capture any attacked pieces) these modes can be fun and access by the little down arrow on new game in the home tab)

You have a lot of options, so describing them all would take a lot of work. I'm only really covering the main features.

One thing I must mention is the extremely poor help file, it's just plain horrible, and doesn't really explain all the features of Fritz that well, even the PDF file seems to be more cut and paste from help file or vice versa, so some features (or many) might leave you head scratching on their purpose. So when you do start using the program, I highly suggest you check out videos done by Steve Lopez, as his videos have allowed me to understand a lot of features which would otherwise be unexplained or never used.

another aspect I will mention, Fritz does support UCI (Universal Chess Interface) engines, (free and commercial) so you can easy add more engines of your choice, (stockfish for example (which is free)

I think I will wrap it up by saying, I think the program deserves an 8 /10, but you should only get it if you know chess pretty well, but you also should only get this version if you not got a recent version of Fritz, as you may not see that many differences, (feedback from other players who have owned Fritz 13)

so after that, I don't think I have much else to add.
Posted: July 17
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13 of 17 people (76%) found this review helpful
34.5 hrs on record
ok so here's the deal. having fritz on steam is pretty awesome. but there's some things to consider:
if you already own fritz there's not much (if any) difference between this and the last few versions.
there is however a larger database so i'm assuming that's been updated from the previous version.
you're not getting deep fritz here so no multi core engine (atleast not fritz engine) if you want
multicore engines they can be used without a problem. so the real question is, is it worth it?
well that depends. do you already own fritz and have an active premium account for
if you do then this probably isn't a great option. however, if you don't already own fritz it's great!
if you do own fritz and your playchess premium account is about to expire, you're getting a serious
discount on extending the service. also, if you do have a previous version of fritz installed on your pc
it integrates very nicely and everything you had set up before is imported.
Posted: July 2
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9 of 13 people (69%) found this review helpful
25.2 hrs on record
Amazingly detailed Chess software. AI is pretty brutal. Even once you figure out how to turn it down it can still be rough. Casual Chess players might get more out of the free program WinBoard, but for serious Chess players, this is where it's at. If you are considering joining an orginization like the US Chess Federation, or any kind of club player status, owning this software can be a major tool for analyzing past games you have played.

Again, if you just want to play a bit of computer Chess, this may be a bit too beefy for you.
Posted: September 23
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